King Yen

2995 College Ave, Berkeley
(510) 845-1286

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Elliot Gann

Not great Chinese food, anyone who is saying “the best” hasn’t been to Great China or Shan Dong, or is getting very different food from me. This was the second time I’ve been here, the first time I went with an open mind and was underwhelmed and disappointed. Lacking flavor—if I got this same dish (Broccoli and Chicken) from either of the aforementioned restaurants I know it would tastier, and about the same price. For this price point it’s not worth it unless you are out of options. $42 for for a soup and a broccoli and and chicken (and rice) seems a bit steep.

Barry Boston

Wonderful food. Never greasy. Protein always good quality. Good sized portions. Great hot and sour soup.Vegetarian options: Many vegetarian options both spicy and not spicy.Kid-friendliness: Kid friendly and able to place families with very young children a bit away from purely adult diners.Parking: Parking can be a problem but we’ve always been able to park within a block of the restaurant.Wheelchair accessibility: Wheelchair accessible.

Kevin Salazar

came with my girlfriend and ordered 4 meals to taste the menu. At the end left a tip of about ~15%, the waiter ran towards me and said to tip more for the kitchen while pointing at the $10 in change. Felt forced and pressured to hand it over. Haven’t come back in a few months and never plan on doing so. Service and food was good up until this point.

Fredi Moehl

Good food. Good service. Corkage fee of $25 is steep considering they don't have a wine list to talk about.

Natenapa Serdynski

Excellent food and service! Fried rice and wonton soup are a must! Fish dishes are superb! Everything is large portion so you will have a left over. Strongly Recommend!Food: 5/5

Itay Volk

the food was great, the service was fineFood: 5/5

Audio F.

I've been eating here for many years, this is one of the last great old school Chinese American style restaurants around, this restaurant and generally most have gone up in price considerably in the past few years but here it is still worth the extra price you pay as the food is cooked fresh and portions are rather large too, I would say it is a place to eat with family where you share everything, but I've gone by myself many times here as well. Some things I recommend here are the szechuan prawns / chicken, cashew chicken, grilled salmon steak, pot stickers, chicken/combo chow fun, mushu chicken / beef, sizzling rice soup, the lunch specials, and many more!!!

Gabriel Jensen

I highly recommend fresh fish filet and pan fried chow mein

Laura M.

I love going here the food is so delicious and I've been eating here for years now! The people who work there are also very pleasant.

M Z.

We had a great meal at King Yen. Not pictured is the Hot and Sour soup which was soooo good too. We will definitely be back

Bill M.

Old school Chinese food like the type I grew up with in the 1960's and 1970's. It is good place for family to go and eat. Waiters are friendly and attentive. My only compliant is that when splitting the bill, they should give you back the itemized bill. I tip on the price of the food and service, not the portion of revenue handed to the state and local government. I am a business person of many, many decades and have learned to do this by paying taxes to various concerns. It just makes sense and is the right way to do things. People do not want to pay for things that they did not receive. When I am handed a bill that has been split, I like to know what the pretax total is so I can tip accordingly. The past two times I have accidentally under tipped because I got confused and could not look at the itemized bill when tipping. They do not hand it back to you again if you ask them to split the bill. If they think that they can always expect people to leave a tip based on the after tax total all of the time, they are sadly mistaken. There are still alot of people like myself that do not believe on tipping based on a total padded by state and local taxes the restaurant is paying. I would like more transparency at the time of payment. Otherwise, this restaurant is great if you are in the mood for Chinese food.

Laura E.

My mom and I came here after not having been for years. When we arrived around 6:15 pm, the restaurant was empty and we got one of the few tables outside. More people came around 6:45-7 pm so we were lucky to have arrived when we did. We shared the veggie potstickers, shrimp dumplings, and Mongolian prawns with a side of white rice. Of the two dumplings, we liked the shrimp better than the veggie. The veggie potstickers seemed to fall apart easily while the shrimp ones held together. Mongolian prawns were tasty. This amount of food was perfect for the two of us and I even took some home for leftovers. Service was friendly and efficient. Would come back to try some of their other dishes!

Ricardo F.

this place was introduced to me by my uncle that has been coming here for a long long time. the staff is way beyong great. they always make you feel like youre at home and not at a restaurant. i will keep coming here until the day i die. great food and flavors. best top 5 restaurants for chinese cuisine!!!!!

Robin R.

Always love king yen! Very fresh food and great service! A hidden gem in berkeley, so great!

Mello Wilsted

Always such a perfect experience. Wonderful considerate staff and comfort food.

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