Kip’s Bar and Grill

2439 Durant Ave, Berkeley
(510) 848-4340

Recent Reviews

Ankit Bhawsar

Sleezy bar. Terrible vibe. It's already uncomfortably hot, paired with steam cannons and a packed crowd, it's unbearable.

Arturo Ortega

Great for watching college football on game day. I've heard it's a club at night too, but seemed very laid back during the day.

T.R. S.

A Berkeley institution. More of a club now than a restaurant but a great place to people watch and have a cold beer.

Vanessa R.

I've only been here once but I had so much fun (to be fair it was during undergrad in Berkeley and one of the first times I was finally able to go to a bar & legally drink with friends). I had a fishbowl with my friend and then a pina colada & shot of tequila - don't remember if I liked it but it did it's job haha There was a DJ and it was super crowded but it was fun being able to dance! So if you're into that, then check it out It's also important for me to mention this was all the week before COVID hit & we all quarantined in March 2020 so my memory is foggy but I know I had fun

Shn S.

Dj going to play nothing but mexican music, nothing english, Shots overpriced for and a fee to get in. I wouldn't recommend if you want to hear english music. Terrible mexican dj.

Bella M.

They're alright, like you're probably going to stop by if you're hitting bars in the Telegraph area on a weekend night, but the cover fee is kinda wild and the experience is mediocre. There's a dance floor which is cool, lil of a creepy crowd sometimes. My main reason for a review though is to warn that the Fishbowl is NOT gluten free!!! I did not see this noted or marked anywhere in the establishment nor in any reviews and my weekend was ruined :( It would be very inclusive and cool of them to add the little gluten free symbols to things on their menu (and on the rotating screen of drinks etc) so this doesn't happen to more people.

Jocelyn S.

Would definitely recommend their Taco Tuesdays, when they have $2 tacos and $30 margarita fishbowls. You'd probably want at least 3 people to finish a fishbowl. The dance floor's music ranges a lot, mostly pop of course, but I think you can check their Instagram for the music theme that day. They also do no cover on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Sundays, and karaoke on Wednesdays and Sundays. Definitely want to try them. The only con at Kips is that on the busier weekend nights, there tends to be creepy men standing in the sides of the dance floor and just... watching. Kinda strange.

Nathan G.

Can be a really fun place if you don't care about your well being. Definitely a creepy crowd, and the bouncers are included. I've seen bouncers make comments that border on sexual harassment towards women in line and during the search.

Christina S.

Extremely comfy floor !! I was feeling so sleepy and it was exactly what I needed in the moment

Salvadorean P.

I took some friends here from out of town and asked the bartender to surprise my guesses. He made the best drinks I ever had...very accurate. Great experience!

Esteban B.

most homophobic place ever the bouncers are a bunch of FUCKING CUNTS dumb fucking bitches loolololop

Stacy K.

You need to know what you are looking for when you go to Kip's. As an adult, military veteran and former student at Cal, I loved this place. It is truly a dive with a decent view of the street (it's upstairs), pool and karaoke. The bar food is bar food - if you want something upscale to impress your date, this is not for you - we're talking about nachos, wings... you know, a dive! Pervs? Maybe - this is a DIVE. I have never been touched inappropriately, nor have any of my friends. Then again, we are all vets, so... Also, one toilet per gender, so you might be waiting. At least it's a red light in the bathroom.

Kayla G

I have never felt so disrespected against and discriminated against. I will never be returning to this venue again. Manager was disgustingly rude and discriminatory and as a black person I feel embarrassed to have given even one second of my second of my time to this business.

Alex Siegel

Terrible business run by money hungry people. Low quality people run this place and the entire setup and experience reflects that

Parker G.

Beware of scams that this place is conducting!!! To summarize why I believe this place is attempting to scam people: I came here and ordered two drinks - one for myself and one for my partner. The bartender proceeded to make three drinks instead of two, and when I told him that I only wanted two, the bartender yelled at me very dramatically and insisted that I pay for all three. When I refused, he yelled at me more and then told me that I am just drunk and don't know what I asked for. Now that most certainly isn't true, as I hadn't even had a single drink yet. Not very sure how I could've been drunk if I hadn't even had a drink? He then continued screaming and called over a security guard, who ordered my partner and I to leave. I didn't even do anything at this point - we just calmly walked out and left, as they continued yelling at us and ordered us to never return. I can assure you that nothing I ever did warranted any of this behavior. Warning if you go here: the bartender that did this to me was an older gentlemen that wears glasses. Definitely watch out for him if you do go. I don't want to read too deeply into it, but I really can't think of any explanation for the way that I was treated by the staff here, except to say that it was homophobia. Also, the actual bar itself really just isn't that good. I don't know if they're trying to save money on AC expenses, but it's incredibly humid and stifling hot up there. Combine that with a space that clearly is not maintained, cared for, or cleaned ever, AND a ridiculously high cover to enter?! Be my guest if you want to go. Just know that all of the employees here - security and bartenders alike are all incredibly rude and hostile towards people and are also openly attempting to scam customers, in my opinion.

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