Kip’s Bar and Grill

2439 Durant Ave, Berkeley
(510) 848-4340

Recent Reviews

Tomy W.

Amazing service and amazing staff highly recommend food my family love it .covid-19 these guys still working hands down.

Limey Limecake

I tried to order pancakes with my fishbowl and was subject to humiliation and stern disapproval. They laughed at me and told me I am nothing but a stupid lime. Safe to say I will be ordering my midnight pancakes elsewhere.

Aman Yadav

The mood really sets in after around midnight. Will definitely recommend for a lively weekend night! There is one pool table at the back. Even though it was hard to make your shots because there were girls dancing in the pool table space, I enjoyed my time playing here.

maher ayyad

Great bar in Berkeley, no complaints here!

Isaiah Ramirez

Really nice place to go to for a fun outing of drinking , music, and great energy.

Ngawang Doongtso

I been to this club Last tear New year Eve with my friends and me and my friend we really enjoyed and Love it ,This time we want to go to same place .

Shannon C.

I only ever used to know Kips as the place to be on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights. The bar itself is not really kept up that well, but it adds to the overall experience and quite frankly, enhances it. The dance floor is always a good time, and they play great music from current hit tunes to salsa night--aka music you can't not dance to!! Their fishbowls are a great way to bond with friends as there are about 10 straws in one bowl (there's an assortment of flavors too including the Pineapple Express which is pineapple juice and malibu I think). THEN, I found out about their food and Sunday bottomless mimosa brunch. The food is amazing and the tacos are delicious. Whether you're looking for good brunch food or you're in the bar and needing a lil bit of a snack after dancing, Kips has got the food for you. If you just want a good time dancing your heart out, Kips is the place to be. Just watch out for wandering arms and eyes but going in a group will give you a grand ol time and you'll want to be going back before you know it!

Nancy K.

Greeted and seated right away. Friendly waiter, fast service. The burgers and tots were delicious but the garlic fries were pretty hard, past Krispy. Nice sports bar to get away from the craziness down below. Would definately recommend!

Jordan M.

The drinks are okay. Didn't ever pay 45$ for a fish bowl that has pinnacle in it . What makes Kips a bar I won't be returning to is the fact that they demanded a state ID (as opposed to a student ID) to borrow pieces to a game. Upon returning the game pieces, we were told that the ID was never turned in and eventually the little man with the glasses ADMITTED he lost it. After a tough talk I demanded $40 for the replacement (he tried to offer a free drink ) he said he would like for it. To which my response was "when you find it, I'll bring the $40 back". He told me it cost $20 to replace an ID eventually he realized he was wrong. I will hesitate to come here again...or anywhere for that matter because I don't have an ID

Yuki Nishiura

I’m living around here. This bar is TOOO NOISY. I have been to this bar as a customer once. Bartenders are very nice and friendly to customers. I would love to go again. However, music is TOOO LOUD. I’m not able to fall in sleep until 2am because of this LOUD MUSIC! PLEASE ADJUST MUSIC VOLUME WHEN ITS MIDNIGHT.

Michael Hoang

Great customer service! Way better than pappys

Kevin Kirkman

Great place to prediction close to stadium

Ed P.

One of my go to bars in berkeley for sports or to kill time while we wait for our seating at other restaurants. The place is spacious and there are plenty of TVs and games. During happy hour, the well drinks are only $4! Be sure to check in on yelp to receive a free order of tater tots!!

Ronnie Lewis

Nice calm atmosphere in the middle of a college town

Mattin D.

It's always Kip's-o'clock! AMBIANCE: I wouldn't exactly call it clean, but I feel like this isn't really the place you should expect to be spotless? The crowd is pretty hit-or-miss but usually pretty fun, and in my opinion, they play the best music out of Berkeley bars. Lots of hip-hop/rap and some R&B, along with some Spanish music and misc. bangers. SERVICE: Johnny (Jonny? Johnnie? I really wouldn't know) is one of the best bartenders I've ever had. The others are really cool too and everyone knows what they're doing, but Johnny's just a star. Not sure how else to put it. FOOD/DRINKS: I've never had their food, because I always get there after the kitchen closes :-( With regards to drinks, definitely get a fishbowl if you're with a group. It's always worth it, and the classic blue one is probably the best. It's super sweet but masks the taste of the probably ~25 shots worth of alcohol in the fishbowl (the glowing ice cubes are also a huge plus). I like tequila, so the AMF is a solid choice if you're into that. They also make rum and cokes pretty well, and the Blue Hawaiian is SO good. I always feel guilty about how much sugar I'm consuming when I get it, but it tastes sooo nice and tropical that it's hard to resist. Definitely recommend trying it! If you're a Berkeley student, bring a Cal ID to waive the cover charge when it's busier! Otherwise, the cover charge is kind of harsh ($10). Torn between looking forward to my next visit and dreading it, but it's always a fun time at Kip's!

Taline Mendonça De Sousa

I love you

Shauntrice Martin

We had a BALL! Great people great drinks, cheap tacos (shout out to Gustavo and Shaun)

Mac Bivens

5 stars for the bartenders. They do their best. The atmosphere is meh. The food is basic bar food. Good burgers and wings for the low. Good for last minute plans. Kitchen closes at 11.

Andres M.

The fishbowl was honestly very worth it! Enough for 4 people to drink, but none felt a buzz. It's a very college-scene environment. Music was fine and the dance floor was not big enough to accommodate all the people in there. It was still a fun time!

Nic L.

Never knew a bar and grill would charge at the door. Every other places don't even do it but this one does and then all of a sudden tonight they were saying it $10 instead of five like what the fuck. I feel like they're scamming people just to hang out at a sports bar. It's already bad enough people pay for alcohol in there. Bunch of rip off ass business.

Heather Z.

Came here for the first time for their Sunday brunch! Chili is so great and friendly, and made sure our bottomless mimosas were always bottomless. We even asked him to increase the champagne to orange juice ratio and he happily agreed. I ordered the huevos rancheros with eggs easy over, and they were so good! They weren't bland and I'll be back to try different items on their menu! I subtracted a star because the bathroom is a little dirty, but understandable because it is a bar.

Alice T.

Came here on a Friday night! This bar is a nice bar with friendly staff. They have reasonable priced drinks. They have this huge fishbowl looking drink that you can just put straws in and share with everyone. The crowd doesn't start coming until 11:00pm. This is bar serves food to about 11pm. They serve hamburgers, fries, and nachos. They also have a dance floor and a pool table in the back. They also have big screen TV by the bar and by the pool table area where you can watch the game. Parking is across the street in the parking lot because it can get pretty busy so parking is a challenge. Parking in the garage is $4. So not too bad. Overall, a friendly place to hang out at Berkeley, especially if you are the younger crowd.

Jim X.

Only gotten drinks here once but giving this place a 5-star review because Kip's Tuesday Night Trivia is FIRE thanks to hosts Garima and Claire. What a power duo. Pls go support them!

Tiffany Nelson

Their customer service and music is really sad. I asked the two bartenders if we could change the music and they continued to both tell me I was too intoxicated when in reality I was sober and was just irritated at the music choice. Many people left to a bar across the street due to the music. In addition to the music they operate a low quality taco shop. The food is edible.

Isabella G.

This is my go-to place for great drinks and yummy food! Taco Tuesdays have been a tradition for my friends for almost a year now. Bottomless mimosa brunch for only $12 is unbeatable!

Terah S.

Great food and drinks! Yummy! I will be back. Just make sure you get an itemized receipt of what you ordered vs the receipt that just shows the total!

Daniel B.

Hello Yelp friends, So Kips. It's an interesting place. The place as a frat scene where a lot of younger people like myself go to. The drinks for at Kip's are mediocre; however, the drinks aren't overpriced compared to some places around/in the city. Friday nights, Kip's is packed. It can be a fun experience. Though the dance floor is a bit small, it can be packed with people trying to dance. The DJ isn't that great in my opinion; however, the spirits of the crowd may make up for it The main issue that I found about this place was the bathroom. It is relatively small and the line can be really long. Overall, a fun place to go to if you are looking for a frat scene.

thewrightbro1 .

This is one of my favorite places to go for several reasons. They have a variety of beers,a dance floor, and the bartender and security staff are amazing. Things that stand out, they have sour beers which I love. The bar tender (Johnny) provided me & my peers with excellent service. I had such a nice experience that I had to ask him for his name. He makes the environment way more chill and has great vibes. He is also one of the fastest bartenders there. I haven't had a bad drink from him yet. Yes I recommend this place. And if you want to have a good time ask for Johnny!! :)


I began coming here as a little kid in the early 50's. I remember their awesome char-grilled burgers. The grill was out in the open area for everyone to see, it was wonderful!!! Not sure they have that grill anymore, it was great while they had it!!!

Bridget Stone

Perfect day drinking spot. Chilly is the best bartender, hands down. The garlic fries are garlicky and the fish bowls are huge and strong!


This is one of my favorite places to go for several reasons. They have a variety of beers,a dance floor, and the bartender and security staff are amazing. Things that stand out, they have sour beers which I love. The bar tender (Johnny) provided me & my peers with excellent service. I had such a nice experience that I had to ask him for his name. He makes the environment way more chill and has great vibes. He is also one of the fastest bartenders there. I haven't had a bad drink from him yet. Yes I recommend this place. And if you want to have a good time ask for Johnny!! :)

Joseph Blandon

It was alright has a really younger crowd music was fine but because of poor air circulation it can get hot humid and musty, over all its alright if you don't mind those things. And also lots of Asians go there just thought i put that out there

Bridget S.

it's fun and chill. Bartender is cool. Vibes are chill. Definitely a place to check out. Plus, how about those garlic fries!

Mousie Trujillo

1st time ive been here and its a collage crowd...pretty decent size and also has a 💃 floor and serves food until 10 or 11 i believe....if u arnt a student theres a $5 cover..when we make aure you have you students ID or your gonna have to pay the cover

Gray Macgregor

What in god's name is this place. I just really needed a drink because it was so cold lately but, damn. I feel as though they need to remodel or do something to fix it up. The other young patrons were incredibly rude, and I doubt the staff even noticed. They were too preoccupied with the other people. What gives. If you want to go to a dive bar, this okay, I guess. It's hard to find establishments I suppose in the college towns...

Allie N.

To be honest all I have to say bout this bar is that it's just ok. The staff is friendly. Scored a free shot from the bartender after a Cal VS ASU game. Drinks are pretty cheap during happy hour. DO NOT order food here. The fries were a good portion size but cold. The burgers were ok, but the bun felt like they just pulled it out of the fridge. So if you're looking for an o-k bar to hop into on a weekend night in Berkeley this will do the trick. If not stay away.

zania c.

Went here on a Friday night and I wasn't to crowded on the dance floor which was a good thing . DJ played really good music . I ordered some bites to eat which was totchos and deviled eggs both were good . I would definitely be back to party . Security was very friendly as well

Lily Rockholt

Kips is a great local bar for cheap drinks and lively ambiance.

Vince Barma

Either ridiculously busy or dead. Never in between. The bartenders are nice enough, drinks are priced alright compared to competition. Honestly this is usually a place a stop by between bars, usually not the main event.

Chris Taylor

Ordered food to go, i paid for grilled onions on my sandwich, received none, I paid for grilled mushrooms, received none, I paid for sweet potatoe fries, I received none at all, asked for sauce on the side for my wings, they gave us the wrong sauce, we called to adress these issues and right about now it appears they are gonna do nothing about it.