2566 Telegraph Ave, Berkeley
(510) 848-2758

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Stephen H.

The new takeout options are incredible. Able to get in and out quickly with the drive up area and pick up an awesome meal. Got the DX Kaisen Bento, A5 Wagyu Bento, Uni Broccolini and Maguro Zuke Don

Victoria C.

If you want to treat yourself to delicious and beautiful food, then you must order from Kiraku. I have been wanting to visit Kiraku for a long time, and though I still haven't dined-in, I have ordered takeout too many times to count. I'm working my way through the menu, and everything has been incredible. I'm a big fan of Japanese curry, and Kiraku's Gyutan Curry is absolutely delicious. The meat is very tender and the curry is full of flavor. The fish is always fresh, and the meals are even beautifully "plated". I didn't use to like uni, but after trying it at Kiraku, I now understand the hype. It is creamy with a hint of the sea without being overbearing.I look forward to one day being able to dine-in and try the izakaya, but for now, I'll continue to enjoy their incredible take-out menu.

Christine N.

Probably ate here at least 8 times during lockdown. Waitresses and the chef are really attentive and you can tell how much effort is put in the dishes. I LOVE the gyudon and takoyaki here. Every dish is perfect every time.DO NOT SKIP THE FISH! I'm not sure where they get their fish from but the sashimi and other dishes they do with fish are all amazing and taste so fresh. The wasabi served is also made in house and adds so much flavor.Only complaint is that sometimes the gyudon doesn't have a lot of meat. There's usually more rice in the bowl than meat and onion.

Jake A.

Kiraku gets a lot of hype because it's worth the hype. There's so much going on in the menu; you really should bring a friend or two to check it out. Order anything that looks fun and give it a shot. Everything is so well done and the sake menu is excellent! We checked it out with a friend and I think my favorite was the beef tongue... wow! It was so flavorful and tender! The pricing is certainly more than fast-casual, but it won't break the bank. The vibe is fun and there's always a line out the door. Parking is rough, but that's kind of a given so not markedly different than the surrounding area if you're familiar.

Cathy Y.

I've been going to Kiraku for years and it's my favorite Japanese place in the East Bay! I'm so happy they are open during shelter-in-place for order pickup! We placed our order a day before the pickup and got the Assorted Sashimi, the Sanshoku Don, the Chicken Karaage and a bottle of the Den Junmai. The fish were all super fresh and delicious and the portion was great! Chicken Karaage was still crispy after we took the food home. Totally recommend if you live in the area!

Hsin-Jung Tiffany Chou

The best (and my favorite) Japanese restaurant in the East Bay. Always serves fresh and delicious foods. Thank you Kiraku!

Angie C.

Kiraku takeout during COVID-19 is our weekday and weekend treat! We have loved their Facebook updates for daily specials: sashimi selections, chawanmushi, and comforting Japanese dishes. Thank you for keeping things interesting and very delicious - there are great meals for celebrations with wagyu and hot pot, which we'll have to consider when our wedding anniversary comes up later this month :)

Erica L.

Delicious! OPENED during shelter in place! Daily menu on their Facebook. They even have a few parking spots blocked off just for their takeaway customers. I ordered the Sanshoku Don and it was REALLY good! I don't know what they did to the salmon, but it was yummy. The combination was a great match and I'd get this bowl again soon. Also got an order of the assorted sashimi, every piece of fish was super fresh. Can't wait for this restaurant to re-open for dine in to get the full experience.

Dixie M.

This restaurant is my number one site. Of all restaurants I know I like it most. I never miss an opportunity to go to visit this place. everytime My favorite still has got to be the beef tataki. It's quite pricy (rightfully so, it was good quality beef) but it was out of this world delicious. The food came out fairly slowly, but it was fine since I knew everything was being freshly prepared. The one thing I would suggest is more meat on the Buta Kim. I'm sure the kimchi was good (I can't really tell good kimchi from bad) but there simply wasn't enough meat to make it worth it. Personally I think the Buta Kim was the most overrated dish. Not much to improve on for this fantastic establishment. If you haven't been here before GO NOW.

Diane S.

Pre-COVID, Kiraku was always my go-to Japanese tapas restaurant whether celebrating my brother's birthday, or a slight flex for a visiting friend. Today, the hole-in-the-wall has adapted to these times with a great creative takeout menu and thoughtful system for social distancing. All employees are masked and wearing gloves. Take out and orders are taken outside the restaurant. Sake and liquor orders are cash only. Ordering on the phone was easy. During the weekday, they create mystery boxes per chef's choice. Past days can be found on their Facebook page. I ordered the diverse and fresh sashimi platter ($25) with added $12 fried ebi (ebi could have been skipped tbh). The corn tempura is my favorite-bursting with flavor reminiscent of fair food. The kernels of juicy corn that pop pop in your mouth brings me back to simpler, childlike times. Kaarage was also a nice meaty touch. The highlight overall was the torched saba (mackerel). An oily fish that translates to a buttery finish on your tbuds. My only gripe that should be left unsaid, but what is a review without critique, is that I couldn't enjoy the food fresh. Which is not to the restaurant's fault by any means. Just a minuscule side effect of these strange and uncertain times. I hope Kiraku continues to thrive. if you're healthy and willing, give it a try - tis' worth it.

Denise Kwong

Kiraku is my favorite izakaya in the bay area. Food is delicious and always so fresh! Staff is super friendly as well!

Maggie Y.

Please support this local business during Covid! This was seriously one of the best take out meals I've had. The prices were so reasonable for fresh sushi like this. Their menu changes every day but you can check yelp or their IG to see what's available that day. You can also call ahead of time too! I had the mysterious special (it was filled with so many goodies) and the Salmon Don. so tasty.

Julie L.

Excellent, fresh sushi. The BF surprised me w/ takeout here. Uni was fresh in the uni-dons (he bought 2) and Chirashi bowl. While the sashimi was sliced rather thin, they were quality pieces and also included a scoop of tartar. The mystery box appetizers were also delicious - loved the little details such as the grated garlic and crunchy thin slices of cucumber and radish. What was interesting was the macaroni salad where they incorporated slices of octopus that gave it a crunch. Would recommend to call early for your order. BF said that by the time he called, the uni-dons were almost sold out.

Tomo C.

It's still my first Togo Japanese restaurant in Berkeley. I recommend the mystery package and unagi don. *Sashimi is very fresh and high quality. *unagi don has two big, thick chunks of eel on top of rice. *okonomiyaki is flavorful and with plenty of seafood *fried tofu somehow isn't memorable. I think the seasoning could be better

Hoyan L.

Support local businesses! Kiraku is serving up one of the most amazing takeout menu during covid-19 and their menu is so thoughtfully put together and at such a bang for your buck value. Check their facebook page everyday for what specials they are offering that day and it's updated everyday. It's definitely heart warming that they are still so hardworking during this time and are making all the efforts to sustain as a business and also keeping customers taste buds happy. I ordered their temaki set ($12 what a deal!), mystery package ($25), clam ramen ($12), deluxe kaisen don with hokkaido uni ($25 + $5 w/ uni), Gyudon ($12), and corn tempura ($5), and homemade tofu ($5), total was $110 w/ tax. All of these were enough to feed a family of 4 to a satisfying full. The sashimi (includes salmon, hamachi, maguro, toro, negi toro, scallop, octopus, and ikura) in the deluxe kaisen don was sooo amazingly fresh (see pics) and the hokkaido uni add-on was great quality, so sweet and creamy! The rice was perfectly cooked and seasoned and a nice touch with the shiso leaf, really really good. One of the best bowl of kaisen don/chirashi bowl I have had in a long time. Tenmaki set was also so fun to make at home. The salmon, hamachi, negitoro, and ikura were all great quality. I love making my temaki with salmon, ikura, shiso leaf, and pickled daikon, such a great explosions of flavor and the ikura just pops in your mouth. There was no fishiness at all! The clam ramen was so flavorful and rich, but a bit too salty in my opinion, so I had to add some hot water to my ramen. I opted to cook the ramen noodles at home, which was a good alternative since I dislike soggy noodles. The clam broth was definitely made with fresh clams and you can tell just by taking a sip of the broth. The Gyudon, my family loved it, the beef slices were so tender and the sauce was amazingly delicious, a bit sweet and savory. The mystery package was fun and great to share with family, if you prefer the cooked food items as oppose to all raw fish. The corn tempura was delicious too, but I wouldn't order it again. Also, try their homemade tofu! It melted in my mouth! Call ahead to order, then pick it up at your desired pick up time. They have a 6 feet social distance in front of their doors. The super nice Japanese lady was working hard to deliver during these tough times. Support them! They are owned by Japanese people, so you do get that authentic Japanese taste at home.

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