Korean Superette

1539 Solano Ave, Berkeley
(510) 529-4009

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Philip Ly

This would be the second time we've come here and we really enjoyed our experience. The staff was very friendly and allowed us to bring in our corgi (pet friendly) as we sat in the back patio area. We ordered the cold buckwheat noodles (very refreshing after a hike), chef's seafood tofu stew, and the pork and cheese cutlet. All dishes were delicious as well as their rotating side dishes! We also got some drinks (Korean iced latte, aloe iced tea, and honey iced tea) all nicely flavored and not too sweet. Looking forward to our next visit.Parking: Plenty of street parking.

Morgan Lambert

a bit pricey - I had a bento - for what you get, 1cup of rice some pickled veg and the main, spicy pork, was extremely fatty to the point i had to pull inedible sinue out of my mouth. I'm assuming it is pork shoulder, which is fine if is butchered properly, and it was also extremely smothered with sauce. the broccoli and cauliflower were cold.The items were tasty but......

Chris Castro

This place is a gem! Food was fantastic and love the little market inside. Had the spicy pork belly bento, and spicy fish cake with ramen noodles. Definitely recommend

Jeremy Blum

Delicious, homemade Korean food that tasted fresh and extremely flavorful. We really loved our Silken Tofu Stew and Naengmyeon (Cold Noodle Soup.) The banchan was excellent as well; and they have a huge selection of homemade banchan and other products available for purchase. We sat outside on their nice little back patio. Friendly and attentive service. We’ll definitely be back!

George Warner

Split three dishes between four people for lunch. Everything was delicious, and beautifully served. Outdoor seating was really nice.

Miki “Rose”

Super cute little space. You can sit inside or in their outdoor garden area.My brother and I came for lunch and shared the bulgogi plate, spicy topokki (my fav), and seafood soup. It was more than enough food and everything was delicious!

Kent Johnson

Delicious Korean food in a nice market setting. Don’t miss their kimchi and gochujang.

Joanne P.

I was so surprised to find out that this place is a mini Korean market and a restaurant! The mini market has items ranging from different types of ramen packages, frozen food, side dishes (ban Chan), some meats, beverages, cooking oils, sauces, noodles, seasoning, teas/coffees, and some dish ware. The seating area for the restaurant is kinda small but it's nice! The outside area is cute and shaded. Service was good; the waiters are really thoughtful and kind! I ordered the Korean iced latte, spicy rice cakes, and the pork cutlet with cheese plate. The Korean iced latte is delicious! Right amount of sweetness! The only thing I didn't appreciate is the paper straws, it fell apart before I could even get to half of my drink. The pork cutlet and cheese plate was yummy! The pork cutlet had the cheese on the inside so it was kinda cool having that first cheese pull. It came with a small dish of more sauce. The pork cutlet was different from a Japanese pork cutlet. I felt like the sauce was thicker and a little sweeter, which made the pork cutlet taste sooo good! I also appreciated the little bit of salad and broccoli that came with it. Overall this dish had that nice little crunch to it and It was VERY filling The spicy rice cakes were also delicious! I definitely would say this dish can be shared with 2 people. It had the right amount of spice and the ratio of rice cake to fish cake and veggies was good. Definitely had leftovers but that's more likely because I was more focused on the pork cutlet. Overall, I recommend this place! So far this has been the only place that sells Korean pork cutlets, so I definitely recommend going here for that! And if you're looking for small Korean snacks or some simple ingredients for the basics in Korean cooking, I would recommend this place!

Margaret W.

OMG this little place is so cute. As soon as you enter, there's a wall decorated with colorful packages of Korean instant noodles, then your walk past the tiny kitchen into the indoor dining that also serves as their little grocery store. There's a super cute patio for outdoor dining and that's where we sat. Saturday 1:30pm - After our hike, my hubby and I stopped by for a quick bite since we have an early dinner. We decided to share the spicy pork bento box. Not bad portion size and we thought the pork was really good. Just enough heat and it wasn't fatty at all. We'd definitely come back to try the pork and cheese katsu. I'm really intrigued by it. Service was prompt and they're so friendly.

Grace T.

Stopped by on a Sunday afternoon for lunch right when they opened. It's a small mom-and-pop restaurant with a grocery store. MENU: They serve a variety of noodles, bento boxes, and tofu stew. SERVICE: The server was friendly. It's a small little shop, with a few indoor seating. PARKING: Street metered parking. IMPRESSION AND RECOMMENDATIONS: We had their seafood tofu stew and beef bento box. The seafood tofu stew was very tasty and warm, just right for rain and cold weather. There a 2 small banchan (cucumber and black bean) and it didn't have too much taste. The beef in the bento box was cold.

Rachel L.

Super cute mom and pop restaurant. The interior is all wood with great natural lighting and fixed lighting. With the jazz music, it's very peaceful and cozy. There's also a mini market inside. We got the bento box, braise rice cakes, udon with black soy bean sauce, tofu stew. Everything was delicious. I love jajangmyeon and this place is definitely now my top go-to for jajangmyeon. The sauce was delicious and they give you so much! Full of a variety of vegetables and I love that they used udon noodles. You also get a small side of banchan and everything was so good. The braised rice cakes were yummy. I didn't try the tofu stew or bento box but I'm sure it was good. I also tried the honey grain tea and it was impressive. I don't want to commit to a whole box yet so there is an option to buy a 2-pack from the mini Mart. I actly didn't want to commit to a whole pack for a lot of items so I picked out a couple items I wanted to try. All the servers were very nice as well! Very welcoming.

Jin Q.

We love this place!!! Thank you for opening up in our neighborhood, which makes every Koreans life so much easier. We used to drive a long way to Hmart for our side dishes ( which has a sliding quality) which is 30+ min long drive. The ones packaged here is simply perfect. The patio is absolutely lovely. We used to love this place for date night, the garden light up so romantically, and we were sad that the Italian restaurant here was gone :-( but this Korean place is not bad at all. And much more affordable!

Ashvin Nair

Really great! The hot food was very good, the place looks beautiful (especially the outdoor seating), and they have a mini-mart with a lot of options for Korean snacks and premade food

Jinny K.

My family went there for the first time for dinner. We love it there, the Korean food was so good with side dishes and the staff was friendly. We enjoyed dinner and brought Korean drinks at the market. They sell kimchi, side dishes, and many kinds of ramen.

D B.

Small family owned with rotating prepared foods, and bonchon in the refrigerator. Ramen wall has a nice selection. Other foods from sauces, tea, to earthen ware plates, etc... Indoor dining and outdoor lovely patio for lunch or dinner. Food was wonderful, service was wonderful as well. They are very nice and attentive! Im glad to have them for everything they have to offer. Been twice and plan to make it more regular. I have eaten there and purchased food from fridge. All of it has been very good.

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