Kyoto Sushi

1599 Solano Ave, Berkeley
(510) 527-3288

Recent Reviews

Camryn Sanchez

For whatever reason, this tiny store has the BEST California roll in the state of California which is to say the world. And it's so reasonably priced

Jay D.

I can't tell you how amazing the food is at this sushi to go. The sweet rice pockets are some of the best that I've had in my life and all the sushi's that we tried very amazing as a great selection of little candy treats which of course I got plenty of Davis fast everything was fresh and the staff could not have been friendlier I was so good that I wasn't paying attention and I accidentally ate the wasabi.

Alexander Khazatsky

Incredible food for incredible prices!!’

Kristin N.

VALUE VALUE VALUE!!! Wow! I ordered a sushi party tray and couldn't believe how much sushi was included!!! I love that you can customize your party tray to the taste of your crowd. My mostly under 10yo were in awe over the abundance of CA rolls, avocado, and cucumber rolls. They were all fresh, and VERY TASTY. I will definitely order again!!!

C C.

Fast. Easy. Delicious. Everything is fresh and reasonably priced. The owner is a little brusk, but actually very nice when it comes down to it. A small community business and a regular go-to!

Anh-Dao T.

Cute little Japanese shop that offers fresh sushi, teriyaki bowls and a wall full of Asian snacks. It's not a place I'd really going out of my way for but a good option when you're in the area and want something fast and easy. We grabbed three trays from the sushi section - eel and avocado, salmon and a combo of inari with futomaki. It's a 4 out of 5 on the flavors, but I did appreciate how filling their rolls were. We could barely finish half of it. I do like supporting mom and pop shops during this time so please check them out of you're on Solano Ave.!

Aurangzeb Agha

Very good sushi and amazing prices. Great party platters.

Kim P.

Literally a mom and pop shop like all the other reviews mentioned. If you miss asian 7/11 where the to go food is bomb, this is the place to go. I wasn't expecting much as it's such a small shop but the food was wonderful for what you pay. I got a nigiri plate which was around $12, a shrimp tempura roll for $5 i believe, and an unagi nigiri set of 4 for $8. Very reasonable prices but the fish was so fresh that I couldn't believe it wasn't more expensive. Wish there wasn't as much sushi rice but it was very well seasoned that I didn't mind too much. They also had hot rice bowls to choose from and some asian snacks. Def a must stop before a picnic or day at the beach or just for a quick little affordable lunch

Kristi C.

4 stars for value! The sushi is fresh and decent. When my family orders sushi it can get quite expensive. This place has lots of affordable choices. It's all to go. In a refrigerated stand. The owner is all business, and that's ok. Order the large party tray, it's 55.00 and enough to feed 6 people (or more light eaters). We called and did some customization, still 55.00. She didn't give me an opportunity to tip, no receipt in fact. I forgot to take a picture cause I was really hungry. Next time. They also have some candy and beverages available for purchase.

Nick L.

best grab and go sushi I've ever had, better than most sit down sushi spots in the bay. always very fresh, delicious. owners are kind people who care about quality of food they serve their customers. I hear owners are from Kyoto Japan.

Katie R.

Tip: Go early in the day for fresher sushi and for better selection. Selection is extremely limited (you might even get the last one) near closing time.


I like this place. It is very simple - you go in, choose the sushi box you want, pay, and leave. No fuss, and good Sushi. A great grab to go place.

Jeanna Mielcarek

High quality grab and go sushi at great prices.The rice on the rolls is perfect. I'll be back often

Miranda Robbeloth

Best sushi in Berkeley!

Ryan Harvey

Great food, but I feel like the lady who sells it doesn’t like me hahaha ?. highly recommended ??

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