La Calle 10

1300 Tenth St, Berkeley
(510) 527-0099

Recent Reviews

Maxx Williams

Came here for brunch with my Saturday work team. Plenty of delicious options for the carnivores and the vegetarians in my group.

Marcus Kealoha

Really good food nice atmosphere really good people working there I will eat there again and sit and chat with my friends for a while

Anubhav Jain

The food is delicious, service is average but friendly, and it's conveniently located next to REI with a parking lot. The prices are a bit on the higher side but the food is also better than average with some unique dishes, including vegetarian ones.

Kailani Labonog

If youre looking for a place with a great variety of flavors of tacos, this is the place. They so have grilled corn that is a great addition to your entre. They have a full bar as well and also. The service can be a bit slow at times but the food is always good.

Marty West

Really good fish taco. Good carnitas taco. Meh guac with thick house fried wheat tortilla chips. Slooowwwwww service even though the place was empty when I arrived. They forgot my order of guac. I will go back one more time to try different dishes and test the service quality.

Samantha J.

This place is overpriced and food quality is subpar for what you expect and pay. Appetizer: guacamole and chips. Was ok. Meal 1: Ribs They were just ok. Nothing to write home about. You could get better at Whole Foods hot bar across the street from this place. Meal 2: Bbq chicken plate with 2 sides Chicken was VERY dry. Sides were also just ok. Kind of hard to get black beans and corn wrong though. It is supposed to be a bbq Mexican restaurant, so you would think they'd know how to cook good tasty fresh bbq chicken, but they do not. It also didn't taste fresh, so I think it had been sitting out and was not freshly cooked. They basically served me cold, old crap and thought that was acceptable. Not acceptable ever, especially not when you charge ~$20/entree. Service was not very friendly. The waiter looked at us like he hated us and hated his job. So it doesn't give a warm, welcoming air as a restaurant should. There is just nothing special about this place. It's a big space and I hope it becomes something else soon. Not going back here.

Annie M.

I love this place for happy hour . Try the el tamarindo it is the best drink . Fish tacos are good too.

Laila S.

This is my second time here and the food was delicious We ordered the beef brisket with chipotle mashed potatoes and the brisket was very tender... we ordered wings very yummy, a side of corn (which is to die for) a and side of Mac and Cheese ... I will definitely be back again... service was good too

Josh P.

This place is excellent! I got the prickly pear margarita and beef brisket nachos, 5 stars all the way ,.. . Delicious!

Monic R.

Nice decor inside and very spacious. Only stopped in for a couple of dishes and can't speak to the other dishes, also went after dinner time so the food may not have been their normal quality. The Mac and cheese was very tasty although an additional $4 for the side upgrade seemed very steep. The ribs were tough and dry- the sauce was okay. We would not order again. Patio is dog friendly, upstairs has TVs for watching espn/sports, dessert case looked tasty, happy hour has 2.90 items (fish tacos are extra I believe).

Monique O.

Great customer service the food is awesome and they have $3 Tacos on Tuesday which is great in Berkeley

Lysa T.

I'm not much of a Mexican Food fan but this place is by far the best place I've been too awesome customer service, beautiful interior, neat & clean, and food is made fresh. I had two fish tacos then a pulled pork sandwich. Both of which was delicious. I highly recommend this location. My man and me were skeptical but the food killed all 2nd thought we had about the place. You won't be disappointed.

J Esparza

Really flavorful food. This is a beautiful building, used to be the old TRex. Still has a nice bar and the service was quick and friendly. Parking is pretty good and seems like a safe area.

Jean K.

Not a success. OTOH, a fellow diner's salad with grilled chicken looked wonderful. Ceviche was okay but generic. Jalapeno cornbread w/honey butter full of canned yellow corn, rather heavy in texture. Comes with lots of honey butter and desperately needs it. Three-way BBQ platter. Good but GREASE CITY. Ribs dried out, almost inedible. Link and pulled pork good but way too greasy, pooling on the platter. Mojo Mac & Cheese: Would have been good if not for the tasteless and superfluous chile oil floating on top that coated every bite (you couldn't get away from it; we tried). I like a little fat on my meats and love a rich mac'n'cheese, but this defeated even me. It's indigestible, period. Flan is always sweet, but this was ridiculously so. Pineapple agua fresca continued the sugar bombing, a shame as it's the perfect fruit for a good drink. But that salad on the other table looked great. Stick with alcohol, and something healthy.

Isaac Ungo

Took a while to get the food. Decent taste but a little pricey

Andrew Sy

Mexican bbq is unique cuisine. A little expensive.

LeAnne C.

Cute spot in Berkeley. They have a really good Mezcal Margarita! My husband and I got the tacos plate (3 tacos and side of beans). I got chicken and he got pork. The presentation was beautiful but I think the meat could have been seasoned a tad more and I would've liked a spicier salsa on my tacos. I believe our plates were $14 each. Kind of pricey for 3 tacos in my opinion but they were good. Overall the place is a solid choice for elevated Mexican food. The restaurant has a trendy, industrial feel. The place was clean and our waitress was very nice and attentive.

Noah Meisel

The food was adequate but nothing to write home about. I found the most enjoyable part of the meal to be their chips which were served with a pleasant guacamole.

Elizabeth S.

La Calle is a glorified Chevy's based on our food offerings. Service was fine, and the atmosphere is lofty and invites fun. I definitely didn't get a fiesta in my mouth though. I met my tall, dark and handsome here for a Saturday lunch. He was craving Mexican. So La Calle 10 seemed like a good choice. Unfortunately, the food was underwhelming. We both ordered tacos and agreed the chicken and the pulled pork was super dry -definitely not fresh and consumed with a forced finish after a couple bites. The corn tortillas were good, but these tacos looked better than they tasted. His breaded cod taco was enjoyable, and I liked my brisket taco (the only taco varieties with decent flavor). The guac, green salsa and red also left more to be desired. Most people can make more flavorful guacamole than this! The sauces, I'm convinced were of bottle variety. I didn't mind the cactus being plain. The sauces should have helped. Otherwise, I enjoyed the natural taste. The pitchers of margarita we ordered with the mezcal and silver tequila was pretty solid. We enjoyed throwing these back! Service was attentive, but food and condiments were very lackluster, though. I need taste and fresh flavors in my life. Too many marks missed here.

Tess Goff

Taco Tuesday is well worth heading in and ordering ALL the flavors. Even the veggie one is hands down a winner. It’s casual so don’t be in a hurry and relax with a glass of sangria

Abraham Almaraz

The food its good but the service is terrible i was there last night it wasn't busy at all and they took tooo long to take my order they forgot to bring the drinks and once i had the food they never came back to ask if i need anything else which i needed and i went to look for them to help me it was the worst service y reallly hope they change because is a good location and food taste good

Mik Hamilton

I went to La Calle last week for a light lunch, sat at the bar and ordered one chili relleno ala carte. It was one of the best I've ever had so I went back today and ordered the same thing. I was presented with a bill for $15. I figured they must have charged me for the whole dinner and not ala carte so I asked the server about it. She brought someone back who said that the chilli relleno ala carte is $12. When I told her that I was charged $9 last week she said should would find out who that was and reprimand him. Across street, I can get 2 chili rellenos, rice and beans for $12. Even so, I would have gone back dozens of time for that one but they lost a customer. $12 for one chili relleno ala carte? Not just the money but the attitude. I'm giving three stars just because of the relleno.

David C.

What a great find with balcony outdoor seating upstairs and outside seating. Downstairs too. It's good Mexican food a bit pricey but good. The appointment was small but tasted and it's well The arroz con leche and chocolate cake are fresh and hearty portions and delicious. We had the Paloma's pitcher was very delicious.

Rolando N.

Stars are well deserved. Not sure about the rest of the menu, however, the ceviche and tacos are some of the best I've ever had. The ceviche has plenty of diced fish and shrimp. Nice citrus flavor and a good balance of tomatoes, onions and celery. The accompanying tostadas are homemade and perfect. Thin and crispy with a nice chilies splash. The chorizo and brisket (res) tacos are excellent. Everything from the tortilla to the veggies is as it should be. Awesome flavor, just enough sauce and the meat is perfectly spiced. Service was excellent.


Only because I have to give something. 95% of the menu is in Spanish with English translation although you had to really read the menu to see that. The food was not appetizing at all it was either over cooked or not seasoned. We order apps and went somewhere else because it wasnt good but paid for it anyway. Sangria was made earlier in the day you could tell by how the fruit had turned colors and the drink was grainy. Wish they would bring back T-Rex. Ill never go back and neither will my family thay I was with.

Tianni YOung

Horchata was delicious. Came out to about $25 person on taco Tuesday. Cool seating areas and ambiance.

Octavio Alatorre

I had the calle Benedict and some tacos de la calle , the brisket was soft cooked to perfection with a exquisite taste. Great place for brunch. If you got some time to go out of your norm and don't mind spending extra , believe me it will be worth it. All around food environment and service.

Ronnie A.

Today is national burrito day so I decided to go to La Calle 10 with some some coworkers. Last time I was here it was a 5 star experience but this time it was just average. I mean the inside and ambience is awesome. Our server was a guy who was attentive and awesome also. I Normally get tacos from here but being in the spirit of burrito day I decided to purchase my first burrito here. I ordered a Carnitas burrito with the works, papas fritas, and chips and salsa. They do not provide complimentary chips and salsa. Maybe i had high expectations because of my previous visit but the food this time around was mediocre. Carnitas burrito: was packed nicely, i had mild salsa, with the spicy house salsa on the side. Looked very pretty but lacked flavor, 3 stars, my coworker said hers was a little dry Papas fritas: French fries, nice and crisp, aioli sauce was great, 4 stars Chips and salsa: average, as expected with salsa Fresca, 3 stars

Connie M.

This place has good vibes to it and has a spacious interior with two levels. However, the tacos were not my favorite. I ordered the carnitas tacos and the tri-tip tacos (I think?). Both came with double soft corn tortillas, the protein, and a mound of cabbage with some green sauce. I felt like the amount of cabbage was overwhelming for each taco and I couldn't really taste the full flavor of the meats either. It was bland to me and watered down from chomping so much cabbage in proportion to the meat. The pinto beans were good though, not too salty and super soft.

Stanley Judd

Try the brisket for dinner and the pollo asado tacos for lunch.

Stanley J.

For the Bay Area we thought the BBQ was pretty good. We tried the ribs, chicken and brisket. The pulled pork nachos were a good starter but order the small unless you're voracious. The spouse didn't like the flan because it wasn't Filipino style; I don't know what he was expecting. Next visit I'm trying the fried chicken. Would love to see a coconut cake or tre leches cake.

Delasa Aghamirzaie

We ordered chicken sandwich, tacos, ceviche and cacti salad. All of them tasted great! The chicken sandwich was awesome, would order again! The cacti salad was big and was delicious! I think one downside was the quality of service, pretty slow and it took sometime for them to take our order. The atmosphere is good as well!

Andrea Shukis

Don't miss this place! New to the area, so walked in for an early lunch. LOVED the breakfast burritos--best ever, I promise. The food quality, preparation, and presentation were thoughtfully crafted, and they pay attention to the little details. All food is made from scratch too. Service was fantastic to boot. Will definitely be back--the ambiance is modern, comfortable and the restaurant is spotless. 5 stars all around!

TheRex Report

The vibe and the drink are great. The food not so much. This is a place you go to have a few drinks and maybe a snack. Not dinner.

D.wight L.

I've had this place on my list since they've opened up within this year, and finally got a chance to try it. Latino base with an upscale feel, and a legit smoker to dish out brisket and ribs...right?! We got lucky as I think they just started integrating table service. It's a nice touch considering the food is at a higher level, so might as well make it more relaxing for the guest. We got great service, but it was also during a slow lunch, so can't comment on the service if it were buzzing. Ceviche (5*) Mexican style with the fine diced onion, tomato and chiles. Large shrimps that have been sliced thin for better marinade absorption so they were nice and identifiable. I hate it when it is so minced that you can't tell what kind of protein is in there. Perfectly spicy and tangy, which went awesomely with their thick cut corn tortilla chips. Platanos (5*) Ok I'm biased on this one. I *lurve* fried bananas...from any culture. I was a fiend for it as a child and not much has changed. Here they serve it with a tad of sprinkled sugar and grated cotija cheese, so salty-sweet principle, which I'm all over. They also serve it with a chipotle crema, which was interesting but they gave you way more than what was needed. Like a full yogurt cups worth of crema, like for 4 pieces of banana. Corn Bread (5*) Just the kind of corn bread that I love. Strong corn presence but with a slight dense cake texture. Chunks of corn and diced chiles were in the interior and when spread with the honey butter, was so legit, that I would make an effort to order this at every meal here. 2 Meat Combo (4*) There's about 4-5 meats to choose from, from the smoker. We chose Brisket and Baby Back Ribs. The side choices are nice and unique as well, with the latino influence. Grilled cactus and green rice was well received at our table. The Ribs: Nice flavor but a tad dry. I think they need to incorporate more moist heat either in the smoker or in the reheat. I also prefer spare ribs over baby backs, due to a better fat distribution which relates to juiciness. They also sauce their meats a bit to finish before plating, which I usually don't care for. Serious smokers don't sauce the meat for you, they leave it up to you. At least the sauce wasn't excessively thick and sweet. The Brisket: Not bad, not super tender so it had more of a meaty bite, which I tend to lean towards. The leaner cuts are too lean for me and is what I think I ate at the restaurant since it was on top. What I packed for home, was more of my balance of fat to meat and was much better. I was rating the brisket about a 3 at the restaurant, but a 4.5 at home. Go figure. Tried their Pineapple Agua Fresca (5*) and it was as good as anything I've had in Mexico. Probably just 3 times the price. But fresh tasting without that cloyingly sugary sweetness. My whole meal here, it felt super familiar. Upon writing this review I found out that this took over the old T. Rex BBQ space from a decade ago. Which I was a pretty big fan of. Looks wise, not much has changed. But by tweaking the concept a bit, is their way of keeping the public interested in this "what have you done for me lately" times that we're currently in. 10 years seem like an eternity for a concept these days and is either considered obsolete or laughably uncool.

Cin-Yee S.

Incredible BBQ and Mexican in a beautiful space whose interior belies its seemingly random location. My friend Sean and I took a serious run at the menu from burnt ends, hot links, and baby back ribs to fish tacos, nopalitos, and carnitas nachos. Loved it all, even the sides (cornbread, especially). Tip: try a bit of everything and take advantage of Taco Tuesday!

J S.

Place is good. Consistent. Fish tacos may be some of the better ones in the bay area. Recently Switched from counter service to table service, with prices increased. Seems like the owners overtook a previous bbq place and made it into a Mexican food with meats smoked by BBQ joint. Overall consistent and always a place to sit. It's a huge space, and generally not full at all, so it's convenient and tasty. Just hope they can pay Berkeley rents and stick around... Took our nieces there and got them some kids meals which are a ton of food, great value. Kid friendly.

Joseph H.

Hmmm...I don't know about 4.5 rating but we only had a beer and split mini nachos at HH Beer was good and nachos with carnitas was ok so to me a solid 3. Maybe I have to check it out for dinner though.

Toni M.

Though we liked it last time, it's taken us almost a year to return because neither of us retained the good memory of it. Last night I spoke w/ our friend Barbara and she mentioned having gone there a few days ago and loving the green pozole, so Alan refreshed his memory by reading my review and we had lunch there today. It's no longer an order at the counter place. We were seated at the community table and Karen took our order. We ordered the grilled corn and some cornbread to start. Alan liked the grilled corn better than I did. I thought it was good, but like Elote's in Sedona better. The cornbread was marvelous. I had English Breakfast tea to drink and Alan had water and coffee. I ordered the pozole and he ordered brisket enchiladas w/ refried black beans and black beans as well as green rice. The pozole came in a generous bowl w/ large hunks of moist and tender white meat chicken and plenty of hominy. A tiny Le Creuset-type baking dish accompanied it, filled w/ finely chopped radish and onion, either lettuce or cabbage or both, thinly sliced serrano peppers and a wedge of lime. There were also chile dusted house-made tortilla strips on the side, enough to share w/ Alan. I put in several slices of the peppers and all the vegetable and squeezed in the lime. The peppers were hotter than I expected and harder to fish out of the broth than jalapeños, which are larger. I would probably skip them next time, although I did manage to fish them out relatively unscathed. I put one in my mouth and realized just how hot serranos are. Definitely hotter than jalapeños. The pozole was delicious, the perfect lunch. Alan was equally pleased w/ his dish and we agreed to return La Calle 10 to our lunch rotation.

Ian N.

This place is a 3.5 in my book, but I'm rounding down because the rating seems a little inflated. Service wasn't great, but I'm giving a pass because they just started table service. At least everyone was friendly. Good place to watch games with plenty of tvs and lively ambiance. The menu is a very eclectic mix of latino fusion food. Started with the ceviche which was pretty fresh and tasty other than a few stale chips. The pozole threw me off at first, as it was green, but otherwise was very good comfort food minus the price ($16) and the overabundance of hominy. The burnt ends were pretty tasty and juicy East Texas style spicy BBQ. The story goes that the previous restaurant in the location was a bbq joint, so they bought the recipe, made a couple of tweaks, and continued serving bbq along with the new latino menu items. The kale side was pretty good, similar to a sautéed spinich. The enchiladas were a disappointment although the carnitas inside were nice and crispy, as the sauce was sweet. Not a big fan of the spicy hot sauce either - didn't have much flavor. Overall I might come back but probably not anytime soon with all the cheaper and more authentic options out there.