La Calle 10

1300 Tenth St, Berkeley
(510) 527-0099

Recent Reviews

Noelle H.

The best burrito ever but they're closed and our fear is that they won't reopen after the lock-down

Ida H.

Came here in the evening (~ 9PM). Seating was readily available and service was fast and attentive. Atmosphere has a dim and modern feel. What was ordered: Platanos ($5): it was a solid appetizer. Nothing amazing. Sweet and soft. I think I'm more of a plantain chips person. Potato Crispy Tacos ($10.6): 5 mini tacos filled with potatoes topped with cabbage, salsa and sour cream. I'm sad to say I didn't like this dish - it was lacking flavor. I had crispy tacos before and it was definitely not the same experience. I think the salsa wasn't flavorful enough and the overall dish might have needed more salt. I didn't really care for the side of bean. Overall, it was a bit disappointing and bland.

Charlotte Smith

Super dope place to grab cocktails and appetizers!!!! Its trendy on the inside, cute. i went on a Saturday afternoon and it wasnt crowded at all. It has a small bar area. With a couple of TV your folks were sitting and watching one soccer game and one basketball game.

Yanna ..

I came in for happy hour on Superbowl Sunday. The menu says that margaritas and watermelon margaritas are half off. Regular prices $10 and $12. But they wanted to charge us full price!

Brenda S.

Another Fantastic meal at La Calle 10, the food is always seasoned to perfection, always temperature correct. Their blend of spices are always on point. The bar has never let us down. This evening we were surprised to have one of our waiters, Jose, from another restaurant we frequented . He was and is one of the Best around. What a Great additional assest to your already great Staff. We noticed Oscar showing Jose the ins and outs, but I know Jose will definitely bring his A Game every night. Thanks again , the food, Mini Nachos, Plantains, Smoked Chicken Drummettes, Vegetarian Enchiladas Verde, Fish Tacos, and Roasted Brussels sprouts with honey drizzle and Pepito's and of course the Margaritas.... Everything was Fabulous !!!

Lydia Rae Black

This place has THE mose delicious food. We had a serious problem, we ran out of room in our stomachs.

Chris W.

I'm going to tell you that this place is 100% going to go out of business. The location and rent are not cheap and the space is huge so in my opinion if you don't have a universal theme / easy vibe you're going to not do good. I went in the other day and they basically took the entire bar away. Very poor design & business decision. Is this place a BBQ place? Mexican? BBQ Mexican? Anyway, it's too expensive for Mexican food and they ruined any chance of somebody wanting to come for happy hour at the bar because they pretty much removed the whole thing. Now there's this huge empty space where the register was. Not quite sure if they have table service now you use to have to walk up and pay for each thing you needed and got a number. Man this place needs to be sold to someone who's got a good concept, make this place a sports bar! Too easy! But seriously please find somebody to make this a sports bar. I beg the whole internet to come together and make this a sports bar. As a designer I'll re-tool the whole place for free no joke. The neighborhood deserves it. Love all of you who read this but we need to let someone else pay the 25k a month rent and monetize it to profitability while giving the community something they deserve Love you

San Fran L.

I went here for lunch and was very underwhelmed, mostly by the service, but also by the food. All workers are young men who don't seem to have much energy towards customer service. Customers are barely greeted, and it took them a long time to assist even though the place was empty and there were 4 guys on staff. Not even a "hello" -- just left my party standing by the door for ages. The food was underwhelming. Nothing was great. I've included a photo of the desert I ordered, which came in a plastic to-go cup, even though we were sitting inside and eating. The presentation of the desert was pretty gross, as you can see. Why even bother having a restaurant if you are going to serve dine-in customers glop in a plastic cup? The whole experience was weird. Won't be going back.

jason smith

Miss T-Rex but this place is helping.

Philip McCabe

Ended up going for Saturday brunch. Good food, brisket tacos were tender and tasty, and the drinks are well made. Quick and friendly service. Nice restaurant with a relaxing place to sit upstairs

Katherine C.

Went here with my husband. Greeted with a sign ( no people inside maybe 3), had to pay $9 for a basket of chips and some kind of salsa (was ok), no bottled beer just tap--who drinks tap Corona? Food was delivered cold. Spent almost $80-husband had to leave tip. No restaurant should be greeted with a sign! Oh the waiter was so slow and the kitchen especially. We're restaurant people so service should be greeted with a warm Hello, seated with menus and utensils not ask...anyways, not a place to visit for us. The food wasn't good just greasy and cold.

Megan Luecke

I really wanted to like this place. I visited several months ago when it was empty, I think during the morning or afternoon. I ordered two tacos. The meat was tough and the flavor was just okay. Location, ambience, and service were good.

Gerald R.

LATIN AMERICAN OR BBQ? Sometimes when you go to a restaurant you expect one thing then something surprises you that you don't expect. Well that's what happen when I ate at this restaurant. About a month and a half ago I ate here for dinner. I expected this place to be another Latin American-influenced eatery. There's nothing wrong about that. I ordered the chips and guacamole on the side. Brussels sprouts was a starter dish I ordered. For the main course I ordered 3 tacos. I initially thought about ordering 3 brisket tacos as I never expected to see brisket in a taco. However I decided to diversify by having 3 different types of meat tacos: brisket, pulled pork, and cod. The best meat taco was the brisket as it was moist and smoky. I regret not ordering all brisket tacos instead of selecting different meat tacos. One other dish that was surprising were the brussels spouts. Growing up I hated brussels sprouts due to its taste. I think people now know how to cook brussels sprouts. The brussels sprouts were leafy and crispy. They didn't have that aftertaste associated with brussels sprouts. Another dish I liked was the jalapeno cornbread. It wasn't spicy but had that sweet taste. After dinner one thing I noticed was the stacks of wood at the restaurant. When you see wood you think of BBQ. Since the brisket really stood out I wanted to come back here again to try the BBQ items. Several weeks later on a Saturday brunch I went here again to eat. The brunch menu included eggs with brisket. However I was determined to order mainly BBQ items. I ordered 3 BBQ meats: baby back ribs, burnt ends, and brisket. When I ordered the baby back ribs I thought I would get a portion slab however each rib was individually cut. The ribs looked enticing with the grill marks but the ribs were dry. I think since they were individually cut they might have been individually cooked. The burnt ends were flavorful yet I expected more fat. The main attraction was the brisket. The brisket at La Calle 10 were some of the best I've had at any BBQ joint. After eating I was stuffed. Initially due to the brisket I was going to give this eatery four stars however I began to think if I had not ordered the brisket what would be the best item I had during my two meals at La Calle 10. The best item I had were the brussels sprouts. The one item I was disappointed were the baby back ribs as they were dry. Overall La Calle 10 is a nice eatery to have lunch or dinner. Even though the dishes were tasty nothing really stood out besides the brisket.

Emilie Conrad

This is a GREAT happy hour! Starts at three for those of us with alternative schedules. Brisket tacos! Potato tacos! Taco Tuesday! Wings! I take it back, I want the place to myself. ;). Enjoy.

Anna P.

Terrible margaritas and awful nachos. How does a Mexican food place have bad margies and nachos? I give two starts because they always have seating (not a surprise) and they have a surprisingly robust menu for vegetarians.

Greg S.

HMMM I don't get it.... Maybe I'm too old to get hyped over this place. It's a bit on the too sterile side, like they just opened the doors. Hardwood floors, open to the second floor that looks like a nightclub scene could happen sometime later. The bar is behind the open staircase which makes it appear to be tucked away. Service was a bit on the lackluster slow side. Our bbq pork was good, but we also ordered a salad with brisket, and the brisket was incredibly, and inedibly dry and tough. We just had to ask the server about it. He said "yeah, it comes out that way sometimes"... Ok, so why serve it?... Let's say, "been there, done that place" and move on.

Marvin E.

Was dispatched here for work. Very nice place very big inside and also has a huge upstairs area for dining. Met the owner Juan and he is really cool and laid back. After hours of work he showed me the huge pits they use for BBQ and offered me lunch. Since i am not eating meat at the moment i went with the Fish Tacos. So much flavor

Sophia N.

This is a review for the brunch. I was pleasantly surprised at how nice the place is inside and very surprised that they had eggs Benedict with potatoes as an option. I went with the spicy tinga enchiladas and I thought they tasted really good! It's a great place to load up on food before walking over to Fieldwork and Gilman.

Michael R.

This place is lit af. Tacos are tasty and drinks are strong. Yoo the arroz con leche tho. You know what it is. Tacoooo Tuuueesssddaayyyyy!!!

Nancy D.

Yum, yum and YUMM! Local neighborhood gem! The happy hour special is amazing and their service is fantastic! I'll definitely be back!

Nick M.

Great authentic Mexican bbq! Nice drinks, nice service, and a great place to watch games. I highly recommend the bbq platter and sharing it. Their cocktails are tasty, I go with the Paloma with mezcal. Yum!

Maxx Williams

Came here for brunch with my Saturday work team. Plenty of delicious options for the carnivores and the vegetarians in my group.

Maxx W.

Came here for brunch with my Saturday work team. Plenty of delicious options for the carnivores and the vegetarians in my group. All the dishes were beautifully plated, vibrant with color and full of flavor. We added a pitcher of tamarind margaritas to top it all off. I had the Flores Benedict. Spinach, mushrooms, poached eggs on a cheddar jalapeno biscuit with Hollandaise sauce. Served with an option of potatoes or a citrus salad. I went with the citrus salad. It was delicious! Two of my teammates had a combination of tacos and the third had a chorizo breakfast burrito. They were all very happy with their meals. How they managed to make a kale taco delicious is beyond me but they did it. The restaurant is nicely designed, bright, and airy feeling with all the windows and open space. Service is friendly, the stools were comfortable, and on a side note...I must say that in particular I loved the painting of Frida Kahlo located in the hallway on the way to the restrooms. Looking forward to going back!

Marcus Kealoha

Really good food nice atmosphere really good people working there I will eat there again and sit and chat with my friends for a while

Amy E.

We were there late 8:30 on a Friday night and apparently their happy hour started at 6. The waitress was really friendly and made a lot of recommendations, the place has two stories but they close the upper level after a certain time. They have their own parking and is across from Wholefood and walgreen., The food came pretty fast and warm. No chips offered while waiting but the waitress checked in with us a couple of times - totally deserving the 20% tip. Enjoyable food and the service.

Mark M.

Most disappointing lunch I've had in a long time. You'd expect that a place that advertises fish tacos all over the building could get them right but the tacos are just bland nothingness. I had one fish and one carnitas and neither simply had any appeal. They came with a tiny side of beans that were similarly meh. My other half ordered ribs but received brisket, the waitress was nice and immediately admitted her mistake and then commented that the brisket is actually a better choice. The bbq sauce was decent and spicy but the meat had way too much fat. My girl loves her some corn but the side of corn that came with the brisket went mostly untouched, she was clearly underwhelmed. The space is nice enough but they really need to work on the menu. I certainly won't be back.

Anubhav Jain

The food is delicious, service is average but friendly, and it's conveniently located next to REI with a parking lot. The prices are a bit on the higher side but the food is also better than average with some unique dishes, including vegetarian ones.

Kailani Labonog

If youre looking for a place with a great variety of flavors of tacos, this is the place. They so have grilled corn that is a great addition to your entre. They have a full bar as well and also. The service can be a bit slow at times but the food is always good.

Marty West

Really good fish taco. Good carnitas taco. Meh guac with thick house fried wheat tortilla chips. Slooowwwwww service even though the place was empty when I arrived. They forgot my order of guac. I will go back one more time to try different dishes and test the service quality.

Samantha J.

This place is overpriced and food quality is subpar for what you expect and pay. Appetizer: guacamole and chips. Was ok. Meal 1: Ribs They were just ok. Nothing to write home about. You could get better at Whole Foods hot bar across the street from this place. Meal 2: Bbq chicken plate with 2 sides Chicken was VERY dry. Sides were also just ok. Kind of hard to get black beans and corn wrong though. It is supposed to be a bbq Mexican restaurant, so you would think they'd know how to cook good tasty fresh bbq chicken, but they do not. It also didn't taste fresh, so I think it had been sitting out and was not freshly cooked. They basically served me cold, old crap and thought that was acceptable. Not acceptable ever, especially not when you charge ~$20/entree. Service was not very friendly. The waiter looked at us like he hated us and hated his job. So it doesn't give a warm, welcoming air as a restaurant should. There is just nothing special about this place. It's a big space and I hope it becomes something else soon. Not going back here.

Annie M.

I love this place for happy hour . Try the el tamarindo it is the best drink . Fish tacos are good too.

P. I.

In a market with stiff competition slinging tacos, much less "Tacos De La Calle" (street-style, or "truck" style tacos) is a real challenge in these parts.

Laila S.

This is my second time here and the food was delicious We ordered the beef brisket with chipotle mashed potatoes and the brisket was very tender... we ordered wings very yummy, a side of corn (which is to die for) a and side of Mac and Cheese ... I will definitely be back again... service was good too

Josh P.

This place is excellent! I got the prickly pear margarita and beef brisket nachos, 5 stars all the way ,.. . Delicious!

Monic R.

Nice decor inside and very spacious. Only stopped in for a couple of dishes and can't speak to the other dishes, also went after dinner time so the food may not have been their normal quality. The Mac and cheese was very tasty although an additional $4 for the side upgrade seemed very steep. The ribs were tough and dry- the sauce was okay. We would not order again. Patio is dog friendly, upstairs has TVs for watching espn/sports, dessert case looked tasty, happy hour has 2.90 items (fish tacos are extra I believe).

Monique O.

Great customer service the food is awesome and they have $3 Tacos on Tuesday which is great in Berkeley

Lysa T.

I'm not much of a Mexican Food fan but this place is by far the best place I've been too awesome customer service, beautiful interior, neat & clean, and food is made fresh. I had two fish tacos then a pulled pork sandwich. Both of which was delicious. I highly recommend this location. My man and me were skeptical but the food killed all 2nd thought we had about the place. You won't be disappointed.

J Esparza

Really flavorful food. This is a beautiful building, used to be the old TRex. Still has a nice bar and the service was quick and friendly. Parking is pretty good and seems like a safe area.

Jean K.

Not a success. OTOH, a fellow diner's salad with grilled chicken looked wonderful. Ceviche was okay but generic. Jalapeno cornbread w/honey butter full of canned yellow corn, rather heavy in texture. Comes with lots of honey butter and desperately needs it. Three-way BBQ platter. Good but GREASE CITY. Ribs dried out, almost inedible. Link and pulled pork good but way too greasy, pooling on the platter. Mojo Mac & Cheese: Would have been good if not for the tasteless and superfluous chile oil floating on top that coated every bite (you couldn't get away from it; we tried). I like a little fat on my meats and love a rich mac'n'cheese, but this defeated even me. It's indigestible, period. Flan is always sweet, but this was ridiculously so. Pineapple agua fresca continued the sugar bombing, a shame as it's the perfect fruit for a good drink. But that salad on the other table looked great. Stick with alcohol, and something healthy.

Isaac Ungo

Took a while to get the food. Decent taste but a little pricey