La Capilla

Juice Bar, Smoothies, Mexican, Breakfast, Brunch

1106 University Ave, Berkeley
(510) 529-4906



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Had two fish tacos + two shrimp tacos (for which they do deep fried shrimp BTW which I was unsure about but is DELICIOUS) fresh homemade cucumber-lime aqua fresca. That drink is crazy crazy good. Definitely order that. When I paid I thought "damn that's expensive non-alcohol liquid" but then I saw the portion - huge pint glass, no ice, and of course the flavor is legit. Size and *quality* of the tacos is INSANELY good for the price, like W O W. Each taco gets full review

La Capilla taco place is good. Literally, there was no parking, so you would have to drive around to find parking and walk. Tacos were just ok, they were a little bit on a dry side. Tacos were really small (wasn't expecting that) and the price I paid for them does not worth what I ate.

Was early for an event held around the corner so we stopped here after seeing a $2 taco sign outside. However the tacos are a little more than $2 each. I ordered 1 veggie taco and 1 chicken taco. Luckily I was listening because they were going to give me a mushroom taco even though their menu says "lettuce, rice, beans and pico". I had to stop them to make sure I was getting what I read on their menu. We dined in and sat at the only clean table they had. All 4 full review

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