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1335 San Pablo Ave, Berkeley


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*3.5 stars* I rounded up because overall we really enjoyed our meal. They make their own chips which is impressive. The salsa varies in flavor and intensity, one being super mild and the other having quite a bit of kick. I thought the flautas and the tostadas had a great texture and flavor to it. Like seemingly everything in San Pablo there is little parking so you've got to hoof it. Overall for the price a very enjoyable experience. FOOD: I ordered a combo plate with full review
Been coming here for over 15 years. Love their burritos and welcoming family atmosphere. La Palmita is honest home cooking at its best! be careful of the rest, all these other Franchized Mexican restaurants are part of a corporation and all they want is profit profit so they try to get away with the cheapest business practices they can and I dont want to eat that $#*%. La Palmita is a mom and pop establishment so sorry no apps to download e-coupons or pages to like. La full review
I'm a starvin artist with $100 to my name... Very happy with the portions of both my burrito and drink. My cantaloupe agua fresca? Made fresh today from scratch. Tried desabrada (shredded beef) which I've never even heard of before... So motha*freakin* yummy. I couldn't get more than four bites down before i knew i had to get this spot's rating up before my meal was over... in case someone wants to figure out where to eat RIGHT NOW. Biggest/best super burrito I' full review

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1335 San Pablo Ave, Berkeley, CA 94702
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