La Palmita

1335 San Pablo Ave, Berkeley
(510) 525-4589

Recent Reviews

victoria garcia

They have a beautiful family

Rose Stuart

the people are awsome grate food

John W.

Super super tasty really good service prices are very reasonable the salsa was very nice great tamales I would highly recommend this place it's a Hidden Gem!

Erick Bakkenta


Evan Gerry

Good prices and delicious, authentic Mexican food. Go here over Chipotle every time.

Oscar Tuyub

One of the very few places left in berkeley with the closest taste to authentic mexican food.

Beth C.

This is the best Mexican food around. I'm really surprised reading these reviews. We've been going for years and love all of their veggie dishes, especially their red salsa, their tostada, and relleno. We go every chance we get.

Dennis Keller

Yummy family owned restaurant. Tostadas were very tasty. Nice patio in back.

Craig Y.

*3.5 stars* I rounded up because overall we really enjoyed our meal. They make their own chips which is impressive. The salsa varies in flavor and intensity, one being super mild and the other having quite a bit of kick. I thought the flautas and the tostadas had a great texture and flavor to it. Like seemingly everything in San Pablo there is little parking so you've got to hoof it. Overall for the price a very enjoyable experience. FOOD: I ordered a combo plate with tamale and flauta (one flauta). Comes with rice and beans and a decent amount of both. Good beans. I loved the flauta although it was a bit buried under all the stuff on top (which was good). The tamale was good but different. Not what I was expecting. A bit smaller and not with as much meat but the masa was really good. My wife got the tostada and that was terrific. The shell was nice and light. Not as heavy as they often are. Quite a bit of meat too. We also chips and guac and salsa. Yes you have to pay for everything a la charge but it is so reasonable I wasn't too bothered by it. SERVICE: So nice and on top of it. I would have liked bigger water glasses especially considering the green salsa was so hot! But super friendly and willing to help us with a smile. COST: Super reasonable! I don't like the nickel and dime feel but it's hard to complain when everything is reasonable! Especially in Berkeley!

Ben Worsham

Good food, pleasant service and small business owned. A more authentic, local, and cheaper alternative to the Chipotle right across the street. I mean who in their right mind is gonna pay 2.50 for guac?

Brian V

The staff was very nice and responsive. Got the shrimp tacos, they were very bland and unflavorful. Regret it and left not finishing my plate

Cahl Roach

Been coming here for over 15 years. Love their burritos and welcoming family atmosphere. La Palmita is honest home cooking at its best! be careful of the rest, all these other Franchized Mexican restaurants are part of a corporation and all they want is profit profit so they try to get away with the cheapest business practices they can and I dont want to eat that $#*%. La Palmita is a mom and pop establishment so sorry no apps to download e-coupons or pages to like. La Palmita has been in business in the same place for a long time bc of their reputation for great food. They also neighbor my favorite store HIDA TOOLS!! ***** STARS.

Sergey K.

Worst burrito around. I ordered carne asada super burrito w/ guac. The price was $9.30 which is pretty cheap. However, the burrito was dry and the meat tasted like it was cooked yesterday.

Tom B.

One of my favorite little taquerias in Berkeley. Food always comes with chips and salsa and I have never gotten disappointed. I like the couple who runs it - always smiling and very friendly. Consider La Palmita instead of Chipotle across the street!

Stefan Lasiewski

Friendly, affordable, family owned restaurant. One of our favorite local Mexican restaurants. Great food, relaxing patio in the back. Way, way better than Chipotle across the street.

Chris F.

Great little spot. Food was fast, great and cheep! Service was friendly and quick. Will be back for sure. Try the salsa verde. Hot and tasty!

L B.

I'm a starvin artist with $100 to my name... Very happy with the portions of both my burrito and drink. My cantaloupe agua fresca? Made fresh today from scratch. Tried desabrada (shredded beef) which I've never even heard of before... So motha*freakin* yummy. I couldn't get more than four bites down before i knew i had to get this spot's rating up before my meal was over... in case someone wants to figure out where to eat RIGHT NOW. Biggest/best super burrito I've had in the bay for $7! Oh, and the tortilla chips are made here as well... So when people complain about them being weird and "not so fresh" it's because they've probably only ever had bagged tortilla chips. My meat wasn't dry, (some complained in previous reviews) and was seasoned well. It maybe could be a lil more flavorful, but we're in Berkeley, where I've heard people saying bell peppers are "extra hot" and most thai curries have no sensible flavor other than coconut milk and turmeric. Wholesome all around. No reason anyone should go to the chain restaurant across the street unless they want a servin of norovirus on the side. Support this locally owned business ya schmucks! Tell ya homies, ya kids, ya wife, and ya momma too.

James A.

This is by far my favorite mexcican food spot in berkeley , everything on the menu is top notch plus the staff is always friendly bring your family and enjoy yourselves .

Ryan P.

Got a steak super burrito with chips and salsa for takeout. Best part was the salsa verde. The chips were not that great, kind of bitter tasting. The burrito was big and reasonably priced, but the rice and steak were both pretty dry and overall not a great meal.

Lisa H.

I was walking by and decided to grab a bean , cheese, and guacamole burrito. I was going to eat inside. When the burrito came, it had rice in it. I had forgotten to tell them no rice. Rather than send it back, I brought it home and unrolled it in a big pie plate so I could scrape the rice out. I found quite a bit of mold on the inside of the tortilla. It was wrapped in a way that the moldy side could not be seen by the consumer unless it got unwrapped, as I did. I called the restaurant and they will give me my money back. They thanked me for letting them know that their flour tortillas were moldy. I took pictures for you all. Why would they do this? I truly feel they tried to hide the mold. I am disappointed and will probably unroll every burrito I get anywhere for quite a while. I got my money back, including the dollar I stuck in the tip jar.

Shayla B.

*3.5 stars* Decent little burrito shop located in West Berkeley off of San Pablo Ave between Gilman and Camelia Street. I stopped by here to grab a burrito to munch on while I was hanging out with some friends at the Gilman Brewing Company down the street. The inside is tiny but they have about 7-10 tables inside and a TV if you want to enjoy your food there. They also have a small table outside but it can only seat 2 people. I got my burrito to go since I planned to eat to it at the brewery. I walked in and ordered and it took about 5 minutes for them to prepare everything which wasn't bad. I was able to find street parking about a block away, but this area can be extremely tough to find parking in. The shop doesn't have a dedicated parking lot like most of the other businesses nearby. I rarely eat burritos... maybe only a handful of times a year if that. I know it sounds weird but I usually crave enchiladas, tacos, tamales and other types of Mexican food way more than I do burritos. For some reason I was really craving a burrito, so I decided get a chicken burrito. Unfortunately they were out of shredded chicken, so opted for a steak burrito instead. I went with a super size which came with the works (rice, beans, salsa, sour cream, and cheese). I added guacamole for a $1.00 since it didn't come with it. I thought that $1.00 extra for guac was a bit expensive, but the burrito was only $7. I just bit the bullet and got it. Chips aren't complimentary, so I got chips for $1.00 and pico de gallo for $.60. I did feel a little nickeled and dimed since it felt like I had to add items that would normally be included for free. Aside from burritos, La Palmita also offers other Mexican favorites such as tamales, enchiladas, quesadillas, tortas, nachos, and etcetera. The steak burrito was really a hit! The burrito is a nice size for $7, and all of the flavors meshed perfectly together. The steak itself wasn't dry and I could taste the sour cream and guacamole! I'm glad that they at least don't skimp on THOSE items. What they did skimp on was the pico de gallo... you get a super tiny container of pico that can probably only accommodate a few chips. The pico didn't taste fresh and the chips were over fried, making this a bad combination between the two. I had already left by the time I tried the chips and pico, so I just ended up tossing them in the trash. Even though it was only $1.60 for the chips and salsa, it was a complete waste. I would have just been fine without them in the end because they burrito was pretty filling by itself. It wasn't the best burrito that I've had, but it was tasty nonetheless. I would come back here to try out some of their other items.

Devin K.

There's no shortage of good Mexican food in the Bay Area, but for traditional tacos and burritos, this is my go to. It's a mom and pop and they are some of the nicest people once you get to know them. Your digestive system will appreciate you avoiding Chipotle across the street and hitting them up. Get the carnitas if you're lucky and they happened to make it that day, otherwise I typically get chicken. Burrito, tacos, or can't go wrong.

Gabriel Garcia

Can't go wrong with enchilada and chile relleno combo !

Beth Conklin

This place is a jewel. The veggie tostadas are the best anywhere in the Bay area. For dinner the chili rellenos and enchiladas verde are delicious. Can't recommend it highly enough!

Khalid S.

Guacamole and enchilada were great. So was the table but be warned a little spicy. The family owned one was really cool. Will definitely be back.

Tomas S.

I love this place! The La Palmita sign is gone, but the food is as great and affordable as ever. You can sit outside in the back and enjoy great and reasonably priced food. So much better than the Chipotle across the street. Ole!

Elisabeth Jasso

Amazing fish tacos! And they have classic coke glass bottles! Closest you'll get to being in Mexico out here

Crystal S.

Never disappoints, always constant and well seasoning. Fast and pleasant service good for eat in or to go even have a nice patio area

Chris M.

Love this place. Stopped by on my way home from work one night (it's so convenient!), and have since gone back a few times. The service is very friendly and I felt welcome. I had the Chile Verde and it was delicious.

kevin mond

Great place for lunch! very inexpensive and great great authentic food- Outdoor seating and family owned. A staple of Berkeley .

Chanel D.

So their pricing was really good I ordered a super steak burrito with guac and sour cream. Sadly I paid extra for nothing because I still couldn't taste it. They wouldn't add more either. Kind of pissed but it's okay next time I'll just add EXTRA AND EXTRA ! I will give it another chance though. It's right across from REI

Brian J.

My favorite place to go in Berkeley for fresh delicious, Mex fare


Neighborhood Mexican restaurant w/good food (including a daily special), reasonable prices and friendly owners. Not sure what time it opens but it's great for lunch and closes at 7pm (so don't go too late).

Betty S.

Chile verde super burrito, for less than $8!! It's huge and I save half to bring home. Very friendly family-run place. I asked both the man and the woman who work there what their favorite meat was, and both said chile verde so that's what I always get. I love coming here after shopping at REI (this is way better than Chipotle next door) and enjoy the quiet patio out back.

Chris K.

Seems like every time I go to rei I hop across the street for a burrito. And they're phenomenal! Don't expect a huge pile of chips but they are truly excellent. No salsa bar might put some off, but they provide their own delicious salsa in a reusable bowl (no plastic waste!) and a spoon to dress your burrito for each bite.

Alex D.

Great family owned place! The food is delicious and the owners are very friendly. Best Mexican food I have found in the bay.

Victor G.

La Palmita claims "authentic mexican" cuisine. not sure if it is. chalk writing on blackboard in different colors. hard to read the green lettering. eats: pollo verde, carne asada tacos(2.25) -order black beans, got brown -meats bland, not tasty -sauces very spicy -chips not so fresh. -made to order 2.5 stars take outs: -empty when i went at lunch doubtful return.