La Val's Pizza

1834 Euclid Ave, Berkeley
(510) 540-9333

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Nice pizza and pasta near the main campus of UC Berkeley

Samuel W.

Love this place! They do a great job and I've built some nice memories eating their pizzas over the years. Love their Athenian!!! Can't find that pizza anywhere else. Highly recommend this pizzeria!!

Noneya B.

would give no stars if i could...first time ordering here because i wanted a calzone. Ordered calzone no olives with marinara on the side. Olives in calzone no marinara on the side. Also ordered for delivery at a certain time because i take late lunch at work. Was delivered an hour+ before it was supposed to be. WILL NOT ORDER AGAIN AND WILL NOT RECOMMEND TO ANYONE...learn to follow instructions and i would have been a continuing customer but nope.

Juliet M.

Good food with great delivery ! Ingredients taste like home grown or Farmers - Market purchase .

Shayla B.

La Val's and I go waaaay back. Okay fine... not THAT far back. This was actually my first time trying the Berkeley location. BUUUUT... I have fond memories of dining at their location in Alameda. I've always adored their pizza. When I worked in Alameda some years ago, I would always stop by La Val's for lunch to indulge in their lovable pizza.I was hiking in Berkeley a few months ago and decided to have dinner there afterward. Saw that there was a La Val's just down the road and my face lit up. It had been years since I'd gotten my hands on a La Val's pizza! I already knew I was about to grub. Throw DOWN on a pie! Yessir! And that, I did.This location has a cute communal outdoor dining space that's shared with the other restaurants in the square. Since the indoor dining was closed due to COVID, I decided to have a seat outside on their patio. The interior space is nice and spacious with several TV's mounted on the walls and game tables the dining room. I bet this place is fun when it's open for indoor dining. They had a mini pizza and soda combo special that I happily took advantage of. Went with a classic pepperoni pizza since that's what I remember getting when I used to go to the Alameda location. The guy at the register seemed overwhelmed and it took a while for him to take my order and for my pizza to come out. I'd say, don't come here in a hurry. Have some patience and you'll be just fine.I have to say, the pizza here was just how I always remembered it to be. Cheesy, greasy, flavorful, and yummy! I really like how they prepare their pizza crust. It's crispy on the bottom but still slightly doughy in the middle. Literally the best of both worlds if you ask me. And that's how I love my pies! Is it the best pizza in the world?! I mean, I can say that I've had better. But for the quality and price, La Val's is super solid. I'd happily make my way over here just to indulge in another pepperoni pizza again. It's so tasty.

Michael Serbantes

Good salads, huge pizza slices for a good price.

Bernardo D.

Great and Delicious Pizza, as well as their Grilled Chicken Ceasar Salad! Great to see this place still open for pick up or delivery. You can't go wrong with their pizza.

Gerald L.

Haven't been here in a decade. Got take out for lunch today. Large half cheese, half pep and sausage. Medium specialty (like a combination). Large hot wings. ~$50 not bad. Love the thin crust style pizza. It's not cracker thin, but more like slightly thinker than New York style. Tasted great! Not greasy. Would have been perfect if the crust was a tad crispier. I think I'll ask them to do that next time. Wings were hella good. Not fatty at all. Slightly crispy. Ranch in the side. Ordered ahead using Yelp and it was ready right on time. I'm going to have La Val's again for sure! Ate here as a kid and it's still good. Just don't live in the area now. Been around since 1955 so you know it's good.

Carl B.

You wont be disappointed, very good pizza, good beers on tap, lots of room. Build your own, or go for one of the specials, either way, you you cant miss.

Richie Zeng

I'm not a huge fan of the pizza and pasta. They taste alright but it is way to oily. If you order any I'd recommend dabbing it with a napkin before eating. The sides and salads are really good though. The chicken wings and cheese stix are nicely fried and the Chopped Cobb Salad is full of delicious ingredients.

Paul Tobias

B+ rating on the Food and B rating on price :) overall great place to eat.

P Michael

B+ rating on the Food and B rating on price :) overall great place to eat.

P Dizzle

B+ rating on the Food and B rating on price :) overall great place to eat.

Roop K.

La Val's has a solid offering of different vegetarian pizzas but I would stick to the mushroom pizza. We ordered some pizza for an event and most people did not enjoy the bell pepper or eggplant pizza.

Gregory G.

Went today and got the tuna melt and chicken strips. I ordered to go but they accidentally made my order for here. When I asked for them to box it, the man in the kitchen transferred everything into the container with his hands, including the potato salad, before touching other things without washing his hands. Nasty! Update: There was a hair in the tuna sandwich. Yikes.

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