Lanesplitter Pizza & Pub

2033 CA-123, Berkeley
(510) 845-1652

Recent Reviews

David Atkinson

Nice pizza and a decent selection of beer. Could be a little cleaner, {incl toilets}, however it's recommended


We ordered a very delicious 15inch vegan pizza with the vegan notta ricotta cheese, vegan chorizo sausage, roasted garlic, spinach, and bell peppers. It was very very yummy and they also had nooch to put on it! AKA nutritional yeast which tastes like cheese! I am giving only 4 stars because I really wish they had vegan mozzarella, vegan ranch, and vegan Caesar dressing. I would have loved to get a salad and also maybe a pizza to take home with vegan mozz on it. But I?m definitely thankful that they had some vegan options and they were truly delicious!

Joshua Tomblin

Had a yummy calzone and vegan pizza here.

Ghenwa S.

We went there Dan was the person on the counter he is the most rude person I ve ever deales with in my life not only unprofessional he was dealing with us and kicking us out just to grab a piece of pizza bot even reheat or anything he was telling us he cant help us we have to wait 40-50 min not even looking at us being extremely rude sometimes never experienced before he said there is no manager and totally stopped talking to us. Definitely the owner or the manager should reconsidering hiring people like this guy kicking customers out

Katherine Hansen

Good pizza, pay living wages!

John Canty

I went during lunch on a Sunday, so my experience may be a little more on the easy side. I don't know how busy this place gets, but given the quality of the food and beer I suspect a lot of people go here. When this place is hopping it is likely very difficult to get around inside. The Sunday lunch time it was pleasantly quiet. Some people in there but nothing like bumping into each other.

Jonathan Herrera

Great pizza. Great service. Good beer selection. We were happy.

Gee G.

Nothing like pizza and beer. Thin crust pizza, with plethora of options including the vegan options that are unique .

Jeff Snell

Great pizza, but a little on the greasy side

OfTheIrishEagle ..

Pizzas are all amazing, including the vegan options. It's a bit pricey, but it fits the Bay area and supports fairer wages.

Isa S.

I LOVE this place! Super friendly staff and ahhhmazing pizza!

Brian Harrington

Good food.. fast funky and outdoor eating!

German Torres-tellez

Good new York style pizza

Mason Musumeci

It's been 19 years since I first walked into this place and it's still a solid stop for good beer and tasty pizza. I especially like the backyard on a late sunny afternoon.

Linda Washington

Good people, good food, great atmosphere

Nikodemus Rechul

Being a New Yorker, I constantly look for NY style pizza but also with the great taste....I walked in and took a peak, it certainly looked the part.....but the taste was on point even more! Love this place, actually heading there now.

Pauline Hirault

Great experience. The pizza was excellent and the staff adorable.

julian lastowski

Good pizza . neighborhood sports bar vibe

Calvin Cali-Cal Kelly

great food and friendly staff.

John McClain

Usually, I love this place, but last night -- late -- I had the saddest slice of pizza I'd had for a long time, anywhere. Great pizza most of the time, but I won't go back again near closing time.

PJ Rosenthal

So disappointed, as I have been craving a Lanesplitter pizza. My carnivore pizza had not one piece of sausage, and very little pepperoni -perhaps one slice per piece. I haven't been in quite some time so I expected the price to go up, but literally gasped when told a 15" would be $33! That is the online price for a Sicilian style, so I don't know whether the website is out of date or I was mis- quoted. The counter help suggested a 10" which I got, but due to the lack of toppings I will not be back.

Claire V.

I used to love coming to Lanesplitter. Their pizza is decent and I like that they offer a large salad. In the past the staff were always very friendly. I used to come with friends and also with clients with developmental disabilities. Today the waitress was a big disappointment. The client with the developmental disability we were with repeated some questions and she was a bit brisk with him. Then we supported him with a phone call in the extremely loud restaurant. We used the speaker phone on the iPhone so we could support him while he was talking with his friend. We could barely hear his friend talk over the loud music and loud background noise/talking. After the conversation was over, the waitress came over to tell us how completely inappropriate out conversation was. I was shocked. The client we were supporting does not like to be "outed" about his disability, so we were in an awkward situation (he has been called the "R" word in the past and has developed some shame around any such label). Before this experience today, I would have given Lanesplitter 5 stars. I'm not sure I will come back soon . . . hopefully if I wait long enough this waitress will be gone.


Pizza, decent beer list

James K.

The pizza and the beer was amazing. Nice cold amber ale during happy hour, and A nice slice of sausage and jalapeño pizza. It was mid day so wasn't much people in there, but the beer is very nice, I could only imagine how nice it is when the college kids are in there. Can't wait to come back to see the rest of the festivities. And the other service and bartenders, then I'll probably add that extra star. Fully recommend it to anybody, couples and anybody here for lunch or brunch.

Sidy F.

Lanesplitters is my new favorite pizza. These gigantic slices are exactly what the doctor ordered and no one can tell me otherwise. Come hungry and leave satisfied. Just do your self a favor and gram a slice to go too while your at it.


This was incredibly bland for the price you pay. The crust had absolutely no flavor, however it did have a nice texture. The sauce was also not as flavorful I hope, coming off as a barely seasoned sauce that came out of a can rather than a house made sauce seasoned to perfection. Also, for the $2 we paid for each topping, we sure didn't get a lot on there. I'd say that 2/3 of the pizza barely had any toppings. Ironically, the toppings could've covered up the pour flavor of the dough and the sauce, since the toppings had some good flavor.

Donald Blair

Quick, expensive, tasty. Friendly staff! Good cheap eats. Try a core of different slices of you don't want an entire pie.


Best vegan pizza in Berkeley - possibly in the world. Get the thick crust Sicilian

Selby Minner

Nice room, good pizza... formerly a great local music venue, the Odyssey

Nena W.

While not as good as Zachary's, Lanespltter has a good pizza.... and great bread... and the very best salad and roasted garlic dressing of any pizza place in Berkeley. They also have an atmosphere friendly to families. Eating there on Friday evening can be fun because of the crowd.

Robin Chettri

I am caviar delivery guy every time I come here to pick up the order there is always a rude treatment received. What the hell we make you earn money common at least treat well be polite!

Marcus Schwartz

Excellent service, great NY style pizza, great salads, and a thoughtful beverage selection.

Christian Oliver

Decent pizza and beers with a nice outdoor patio

Jeff H.

Best customer service in a pizza joint. Great food, and fast service. My son loves the pizza and would compare other pizza places to this place. Definitely a great place for large groups. Love the back patio.

Richard M.

Years and years ago, my family got pizza from Lanesplitter on Lake Park. I recall liking it but for whatever reason we only got it a couple of times. Hungry yesterday, on my way to North Berkeley in San Pablo, I decided to try the location near University. So very happy I went. Had two slices, reasonably priced and more than enough food for the occasion. One plain cheese, my lifelong fallback - you know you like it if you like the plain cheese. Also had pepperoni/onion. I am lukewarm on pepperoni in general but this really hit the spot. VERY thin crust; reminded me of my favorite NYC pizza. Crust was firm on one piece, crispy at the edge. The other not as much, but still good. At least a dozen interesting beers on tap. Nice (Berkeley) atmosphere. I could easily see taking friends there for late evening slice/beer. Huge beer garden in back; place has duel bowling alley/motorcycle theme,....with a bit of alternative rock, new wave influence; quirky but real. Near an intersection/crossroads in Berkeley where it's not uncommon to see down and out people, I was a bit reluctant to use restroom but I had to so I did. Actually smelled very nice w/o overcompensating; both hot/cold water worked fine, ample paper towels; and only a couple graffiti entries; seems like they paint walls often.

Federico Brooks

Attentive, cordial and welcoming staff, together with an amazing beer selection and cozy ambiance make this place stand out.

Aliya R.

Great pizza, ordered pepperoni. Was the best f***** pizza I ever had!! HANDS DOWN. MY husband ordered a fancy slice (idk the name of it) that was good too. Definitely will be coming back for more soon!!

brian e.

Asked to purchase a slice of pizza and was told that I couldn't have the fresh and that I had to purchase the almost expiring slice of pizza. The gentleman then refused to sell me any fresh pizza.

Ryan S.

As a transplant from NY, I have trouble finding pizza I really enjoy in the area. Lanesplitter has some solid slices and good beer to go with it. Best pizza so far in Ca.

Natalie K.

Walked in this Saturday afternoon for the first time because there was a Happy Hour sign outside and I wanted to ask what the deal was (the chalk on the rest of the board was all smeared but I could read the business name and "Every Day"). Guy behind the counter asked, "Half Hour?" I said no, Happy Hour, and showed him the sign. Guy had no idea what I was talking about, what a Happy Hour even was, said he was the only one working, and did not seem apologetic at all about it. I'm all for diversity and tolerance but there's no reason this guy should be solo staffing the joint if he doesn't understand enough English to execute customer service.