Lanesplitter Pizza & Pub

2033 CA-123, Berkeley
(510) 845-1652

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Pamela B.

Mine order was online, through GrubHub.If I were just rating their pizza, I would bump it up a star. I am originally from New York and, while I'm no food connoisseur, I have VERY specific things that I look for in pizza. I ordered a plain Neapolitan (a good pizza can hold its own without any toppings), and there was enough sauce, which had the right amount of flavor. Not always the case. The crust is close, too.I also ordered a mixed green salad, which their menu describes as, "mixed greens with fresh vegetables and bread sticks." What I received was a small container of lettuce (greens) with some canned beans dumped on top. It also included a doughy bread stick, which I did not eat.Really?? No cucumbers, tomatoes, onions, peppers, or any other "fresh vegetables" one would expect in even a very basic salad. A handful of greens with some canned beans, even with a side of dressing, is NOT worth $6.50, and worse, is not even remotely what was described. I would not have ordered it if I had known.

Tori P.

Ordered delivery from caviar exactly the way I had previously. The first time it came exactly as I ordered it with just the vegan notta ricotta and this time it came with regular cheese and the vegan cheese. As a lactose-intolerant human I cannot eat regular cheese. I was told I couldn't get a new pizza or a refund because the build your own pizzas come with cheese already and I didn't put a note in the special instructions section. I get it- pizza comes with cheese. But 1) it's a bit misleading when quite a few of the toppings in the list are different kinds of cheeses (with no indication anywhere on the caviar app or the website that ordering this topping is "extra" cheese) and 2) how was I supposed to know when the first time I ordered it it came with no regular cheese?? Moral of the story: if your body can't process dairy correctly always assume the worst and walk on eggshells around all pizza (even when the restaurant claims to have non-dairy and vegan options).

Leah Redwood

The employees at Lansplitter are incredibly kind and helpful. We really appreciate that they have gluten-free crust and are very open to detailed half and half pizza topping orders. And the pizza is great!

Erin Mansfield

Not what I would call pizza. Not even close. Service was decent, tho.

Joan L.

Just talked to Alice, the OG here. Maximum protocols taken for a safe dining experience. Lanesplitter team going above and beyond in protecting it's prized diners. Come in for craft beers and tasty pizza!

Michael S.

Just got back from Lanesplitter's, my first time, and I'm absolutely appalled. I ordered a to-go pepperoni slice as a quick dinner and come home to find the saddest, most burnt piece of pizza that I've ever seen. I am honestly astonished that I was served this (with a smile)... Looks to be at least 3 days old. Normally, I like my pizza a little crisp, but there's a line.

Jake Leraul

Pizza is good. Love the backyard tree! Pro tip-don't lecture the customers... -2 stars

Julia Rios

Nice staff, great pizza, cool dolls!! Walked there from an event around the corner. Didn't disappoint.

sabrina ruybal

Great pizza and kind people. Nice beer selection too!

Lida Abbate

Delicious Pizza and Salads. Always have friendly service. The Alfredo Slice of the day is my favorite!

Jerry Kurtze

I come here for lunch every once and a while. They have 2 dollars off beers and wine from 12 to 5 pm which is nice. They have a very good quality beer selection. The pizza is pretty good but not amazing. I have high standards since I grew up in NY. It is the closes to NY Pizza I have found in the East Bay.

Tom Gardner

Great NY style pizza - excellent selection of brews and an awesome staff. Always feel welcome here.

Lynn Glocker

Good food options. Waiter/Waitress absolutely one of the best customer service have ever had. Thank you.

Timeless Home Gallery

One of our favorite places, they accommodate our entire family with multiple options! Vegan, gluten free, meat lovers, etc.

Heather Flett

My favorite is the Herbivore. By the slice is a great deal but my fam eats too much.

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