Lavender Bakery & Cafe'

1820 Solano Ave, Berkeley
(510) 529-4433

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Ella Parsons

Favorite spot in Berkeley. Their desserts are unparalleled and on the same level as pastries I’ve had in France.

Shayla B.

You. Guys. Wheeeeere do I even begin?! The burnt almond cake? The tiramisu? The mango mousse cake? The macarons? The cupcakes??? Lawd. Geezus.

Okay, listen up. You know I'm a sweet fiend. You know I go gah gah goo goo over some good cupcakes. You know know my obsession with East Bay bakeries. And let's be real, I've been to quite a few of 'em at this point. But Lavender, Lavender, Lavender. When considering overall variety, overall esthetics, and overall customer satisfaction; Lavender is winning hands down. HANDS. DOWN. Do you hear me?! I said what I said. And that's on period.

A little background: Lavender Bakery is the newest sister bakery of La Patisserie in Cupertino and Sugar Butter Flour in Sunnyvale. Both bakeries have been around for years (30+ years for La Patisserie) and are known for their amazing burnt almond cakes, dark chocolate operas, French Napoleons, mango mousses and so on.

I had no idea that there was a nexus until I finally made a visit to the shop. If you've ever had burnt almond cake from La Patisserie or Sugar Butter Flour, this is the SAME EXACT RECIPE. It's the famous burnt almond cake that they've been making for years, but it's housed right here in this charming little Berkeley bakery. All I can say is WOW. Wooooow! The BEST burnt almond cake that I have EVER had. Not only is it scrumptious, but it's absolutely stunning to look at.

I'm on a mission to try every single item in the bakery now. I honestly haven't even scratched the surface yet, but here are a few of my favorites so far:

***Burnt Almond Cake: Had to triple star this because this is definitely what you should be getting from here at some point in time. A beautiful toasty, caramelized, and nutty almond coating dusted with powdered sugar, over whipped cream and layered with decadent vanilla, chocolate, and amaretto custard filling. Absolute HEAVEN. A party in your mouth that you'll never want to end.

*Tiramisu: Fluffy, mildly sweet with subtle coffee undertones. Thick, beautiful, creamy layers. Easily punctured with just the slightest touch of a fork. I'm generally not a fan of coffee flavored desserts, but this one is amazing. Could top most tiramisu recipes that you'd find at an authentic Italian restaurant... how about THAT from a French bakery?!

*Mango mousse: Light, spongey, and airy. Almost melts in your mouth upon entry. Beautifully fruity with a wonderful feature of raspberry. So creamy, tropical, and refreshing.

*Macarons: I'd put these right up there with Bouchon's Macarons. NO LIE. These have the perfect composition. When you bite into them, the creaminess will take your mouth hostage. It's insane. I have not had a macaron with this texture of creaminess before and I love it.

Honestly, I've tried a few other things here, but I'm running out of character space for this review! Their cupcakes, their almond bars... everything that I've tried has been amazing! Haven't had a bad item here yet! I won't even say "yet" because I know that I never will.

Okay, let me spotlight the SERVICE here for a second. Adam is AMAZING! Wow! From telling me the history about the bakery and the nexus to this sister bakeries, to recommending the burnt almond cake and the Napoleon (which they were sold out of and I still have yet to try), to giving me samples; HE was brilliant. He took his time to assist me even when other people were waiting. Exceptional service.

Wheeew... I feel like I just wrote a damn novel. But, you know what?! They deserve it. They deserve ALL of the praise that they've received. Truly the best of Berkeley. Truly a phenomenal bakery. And truly, there's no doubt in my mind that I'll be coming back again.... and again. Blown away.

Olivia V.

Absolutely love this bakery. Their service is quick and impressive. Their European inspired cakes exceed our expectations: my Hungarian mother loves the Persian Napoleon and it reminds her of Francia Kremes, which has been hard to find in the Bay Area until now! I highly recommend this bakery, please go check it out!

Dixie M.

This exquisite old world European themed bakery, puts out a mind-boggling array of different cakes, confections, and desserts, with real attention to detail, and with skill that simply can't be faked.

This is a real Bakery with serious master bakers, (The lead Baker is an Algerian man, whose name escapes me, and is a true gentleman and scholar, answering many questions from annoying cake neophytes like me, without batting an eye)

My favorite is their Opera cake, a masterpiece in six layers; a finely arranged orchestration of ganache, coffee buttercream and almond sponge cake soaked in coffee, topped with a chocolate glaze, and adorned with a treble cleft in the key of YUMMY.

I don't really eat much sugar these days, but when I do I want to make it count.  This does! Thanks Lavender!

Libby S.

We ordered a marble wedding cake with passion fruit filling to surprise my sister and her fiancé for their small wedding celebration during COVID. It was absolutely beautiful with wonderful floral decorations - too pretty to eat! The cake was very moist and delicious. The passion fruit filling was very flavorful - Ali recommended it, and thankfully we took it! My sister wanted to finish it all, but we convinced her to freeze a slice to enjoy on their 1 year anniversary!

Ali was very accommodating and courteous in helping us fulfill this cake order even though we requested it last minute. He called us after hours as soon as he got our request to help confirm the order in time! It was delivered on time, and it was a wonderful surprise and a wonderful way to celebrate my sister's wedding! We'll definitely be ordering from Lavender Bakery again in the future!

Samira J.

My family and I love buying our pastries and cakes from Lavender Bakery. Everything is always fresh and tasty. Their staff is also very friendly. Yesterday I had a last minute birthday cake order and they delivered it in less than an hour. Hanieh was the person who got my order and she hand delivered the cake herself. Wonderful service. Happy to have such an awesome bakery in our little neighborhood.

Zachary Ross

Well I was told by a number of family members to try lavender when I went to the Bay Area and I gotta say I made the right call!!!! I tried a number of their sweets, and EVERYTHING WAS GREAT! Admittedly I went overboard with ordering but you can't blame me I don't live close by so.... I added the picture of the what Some of the things I tried for reference!The chocolate cake was to die for, the honey cookie ( not sure the name ) was really good with some coffee, the jam cookies were interesting ( I loved the jam inside) and I had the poppy seed cake with tea ( highly recommend it)I also tried their fruit tart and matcha cake pastries and those are really amazing as well.Last but not least their almond croissant are some of the best I have tried.Anyways try it on ur own but those were some of the things I tried on my first visit

Vanessa R.

I wanted to let the whole world know how happy and satisfied we were with the 200 apple pies we ordered for our clients from this beautiful and yummy place!

We did a "Drive Pie" COVID style for our Real Estate Clients; for our "Annual Client Appreciation Event" We researched all of the Local Bakeries and and could not find one that could Bake 200 Pies on a short Time Frame. We are so Blessed to have found "Lavender Bakery" as we couldn't have choosen better! Lavender Bakery Baked, Delivered and Exceeded all of our expectations!

Our clients were so happy with the Rich Flavor of The Fresh Apples and entire Pie to the point that they said they would start going to the bakery to try their variety!

The Lavander Bakery provided me with:

-Excellent costumer service!
-Delivered  pies on time!
-They were so nice as they gave me a few extra pies!
-They worked with me with all the little details I wanted to have my flyers on each box, and they did all that for me; they save me extra time!
-Best deal ever for such a gourmet-style pie!

I will definitely use them again this year for our next events.
Vanessa and Marco Rodriguez - #MVRodTeam x Compass 510.375.3172

Jenal K.

WOW! I sent in a picture for a custom cake and it was better than I could ever imagine! Even during COVID the customer service was excellent! Everyone loved the cake and it was so delicious! I will definitely be ordering again in the future.

runa joshi

(updated) earlier in the day, there's was an issue with the cake and it made me really mad that I was called in last minute to let me know that my cake order had been cancelled on the day of pick up.HOWEVER, the staff and owner Ali reached out to me and offered to make a complimentary new cake for me with options for same day pick up.I understand the situation and would thank Lavender and staff for coming through and helping. Thanks to Ali and staff for quick turnaround.Always loved their cake, been here multiple times.

Farid Rajabi Nia

Loved it there. It’s a great place to buy my favorite deserts especially Napoleon, wow. I missed it already. Can’t wait to go there and have it again.You guys rock!

Vardhman Jain

Beautiful bakery/cafe with amazing number of desserts options to choose from, I ended up choosing matcha green tea cheese cake and loved it. Will definitely visit again

Lori M.

During COVID I haven't been able to get together and celebrate with loved ones across the bay. But Lavender Bakery has helped me share cheer and some sweetness with my loved ones. I found them through DoorDash and had a delicious carrot cake delivered to my dad for his birthday. After those rave reviews (they said it was the best carrot cake they had ever had, and they love carrot cakes), I ordered a German chocolate cake for my friend's birthday today. Unfortunately DoorDash had a snafu and delivered her a few breakfast pastries instead of the cake with the message. DoorDash rectified by sending a new cake (not German chocolate and no writing, but it was still very much appreciated by the recipient).

I would definitely order from them in the future for sweet celebrations for friends and family in the east bay but I might consider ordering directly from them and skipping DoorDash if possible to reduce any costs on the business and avoid further snafus.

Vuyelwa W.

One of the best bakeries we ordered the custom lemon cake for my daughters birthday and the ordering process involved completing an online order. Then they called to confirm the order and take payment . Everything was easy to do but the lady was rude when I initially called. Ali was super helpful and gave great customer service!

The cake was beautiful ! Ready much earlier so I was able to pick it up a couple hours before our event. The decorations were precious done just like I had ordered them.

Inside the bakery is very clean and beautiful with light wooden flooring they have all types of pastries, baguettes and croissants and it reminds you of being at a patisserie in Paris!

Cake was moist with lemon vanilla filling and every bite was really worth it. It was light as well and all of it was gone!

Highly recommend this bakery will be back .

Sara F.

The BEST BAKERY in the Bay Area! Their pastries reminds me of high quality European bakeries. The location is really nice  and the café is super clean. They follow all COVID guidelines, they even have a digital thermometer at the entrance for the customers. I was amazed by how beautiful and delicious their products are. If you want a slice of happiness with your tea definitely try their amazingly delicious desserts!

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