Little Caesars Pizza

1109 University Ave, Berkeley
(510) 843-7499

Recent Reviews

Mathew Swanson

Cheap pizza classic taste

Hashem Khadra

Crazy bread never tried the pizza at that location only crazy bread

Tyler R.

Of all the little Caesars I've been to this one is the best, I always get the deep dish and it comes out piping hot with lots and lots of cheese and topping. Overall it's a good trashy pizza for a cheap price and the workers are nice, be aware that they are closed now because of Covid 19 but hopefully they will reopen soon. P.S. remember that you are getting a Little Caesars pizza folks, this isn't fucking fine dining.

Howard A.

Today I stopped by and picked up a pizza for me and a co-worker to have lunch the service is great pizza was nice fresh and hot I had a pepperoni pizza and I eat a lot of pizza so I would recommend this place they do have a good pizza

Ilyass Abbad

The Cashier was so nice please bring her back I hate the new Cashiers

Joanne Smith

Always fast service and personal requests are prepared to customers liking. It looks good and taste good. Could do some touch ups in waiting areas.

Igor Ruderman

Their thin crust pizzas are really good.

Aristo Nice

Worked efficiently to get me in and out.

Monica Jones

Best cheap pizza out there. We always come get a couple at a time.

Sydney M.

My boyfriend and I come in here fairly often when we don't feel like cooking and we're always greeted by the same kind staff. They know exactly how we like our pizza and bread sticks.

Rommel Belandres

Great staff and good food.

Cristian Iraheta

I’m buy every 3 weeks here my daughter like this cheese pizza. Is good it’s not the best but it’s ok, (sorry little Caesar) anyway for me Italian cheese bread it’s ok :)

Dj. Siner

Its lil caesars ‍♂️ nothing special... quick service, staff is a bunch of kids every time I've been here ‍♂️ what can I say it's just another lil ceasars

Edwin Cho

Best budget pizza you can get. Taste and texture wise not bad, better the some other pizza places around. It is what it is. If you want a whole filling pizza less then $10 and you don't have ant to go to Costco, best place for "fast food" pizza.

Julie Gibbons

Ordered pizza and wings never received it but was told it was delivered tryed tracking it but there was a error

i must lol

Rude staff. The franchise is great, but the people that works here are rude.

Dineah Taha

I almost lost it!!! I was ordering for myself and my three children after being warned by a dear friend of mine about a rude staff member and I could have gone to hail instead I quietly walk right out and strolled right up the way to lane splitter and sat with my children enjoyed a glass of red wine ate delicious food and excellent service.... please don’t get me wrong I don’t exactly expect five star service from a five dollar pizza hole

Joan Sampson

Fast friendly . Good pizza decent prices

Niema Durham

The staff is always friendly here.

David Galliath

The new managment sucks!

Marcia Hutcherson

Good price for the pizza

Erik Johnson

I hope the manager sees this. You have a kid there working the window named Nathan. He’s a great guy and gives excellent customer service!

Jessica Sands

It can be hit or miss but they are the most reliable Little Caesar's in the are.

Ian Larry

Great place to get pizza.

Jérémy Lamy

Did you ever get a Peperoni pizza without Peperoni? Well, that's what i got... They had just one thing to put on it, and it's not there !! Never again I buy here .

Benn H.

Fresh pizza and cheap. Taste is only good when it's comes out fresh from the overnight. The taste gets pretty bland when it gets kind of cold. My recommendation is eat when it come fresh out the oven that's when you will enjoy the true fresh taste.

Debra H.

Pizza was good. No restrooms for customers is a bummer. I believe it is required to have a restroom.

Tanuj Surve.

Reasonable prices. Only takeaways.

Kelle Brumbach

Girls who work there are always very sweet and helpful

Diamond Wilder

Service is very terrible, the 2 foreign ladies that don’t speak english well at all that work there are extremely rude. They refused my service and told me i couldn’t come there again when i ask them to remake my burnt food.

Princess S

They burnt my pizza and when I asked them to remake they got smart and tried to argue with me the people who work here are disrespectful and inconsiderate for there customers . I do not recommend this lil ceaser at all

Nolan C.

I never really thought I'd be reviewing a budget pizza chain, but the quality:price ratio of Little Caesar's impressed me (honestly, I probably haven't had Little Caesar's in 20 years!). I got the Ultimate Supreme and it was fresh, hot, and took only 15 minutes from ordering to picking it up. The pizza was good, and it got even better after melting the cheese/crisping up the bottom of the crust by putting it in the oven at 400 degrees. Service was also great -- easy to call, order, and pickup and in an expeditious manner. The next time I want a quick pizza and cheap fix, this location will definitely be in consideration.

Michael Bickley

Messed up my order. There are fast though. Maybe I should just write down what I want next time. Also would be nice to have an itemized receipt.

Paula K. Shimatsu-U.

I was with friends in Berkeley and she and her husband love Little Caesars. I went with my girlfriend to order and pick up and was surprised at how friendly and clean the restaurant was and also very impressed with what they had eventually ordered. Service was efficient but very friendly and the quality and value of what they ordered seemed very good.

Remy M.

I live in the neighborhood, but never come here. Today, I decided to walk in & take a chance. A nice lady greeted me, and assisted me on picking out a deep dish pizza. The supreme is better tasting than I expected, and the pizza was pipeing hot. Great job to the entire staff, store is clean. I will continue to shop here, based on how I was treated & the quality of the product. Thank's for a easy, and enjoyable experience.

brad s.

Their round pizzas are garbage. Even that new extra cheese, extra meat one. But the Deep Dish is a whole other experience. No joke one of the best pan pizzas you can get around here. Their pans are seasoned well and the dough is light and airy. Skip the round one and get a Deep Dish and some Crazy Bread with sauce. Rule #1 - Skip the Round Pizza Rule #2 - Only buy the Deep Dish Rule #3 - Don't talk with your mouth full. It's rude.

Angel Cione

Under new management! Soni was very sweet and helpful! Ive always enjoyed Little Caesers ever since i was a child! This place feels like the good ole times!

Navdeep Saini

The new owners are Gr8. The quality has improved and the service is excellent. They are even going back to $5 large pepperoni, and Cheese pizza in 2 months as per the owner. Definitely would recommend over dominos or pizza hut.

Bhavesh S.

This short lady, kind of heavy set, her iPhone in her back pocket asks me 7 times what toppings I want, because she kept forgetting. I told her 7 times I want pineapple, onions and Jalapenos. The pizza comes with one topping and she charged me for 3 extra toppings, so total 4 but I ordered 3 topping. After 20 minutes. She asks me did I want pepperoni on my deep dish pizza? I what? When did I even mention pepperoni? I told her politely, No, that's not what i asked. She runs to back kitchen, took off pepperoni, put some more cheeze on it kept it in the middle of the pizza oven so the cheese metls but the pizza doesn't get burnt. I do not eat meat, NEVER. THAT'S something I have never tried and never will, that's just me. But giving me a pizza which was cooked with pepperoni and later pepperoni was taken and pizza was re heated? I am not okay with this and that lady NEVER washed her hands. See a copy of my receipt in photos.

Niki M.

This review is based on the contingency that anyone reading this understands that... it is Little Caesars pizza. You have to know what to expect. You get what you pay for. A $5 pizza is going to taste like $5 pizza. But for this location, it is always clean. I have never had to wait longer than 5 minutes for a cheese pizza. They don't just make all pepperoni, which is really nice, because a lot of the branches seem to only have pepperoni ready. The crazy bread is delicious. Parking here is tough. There is a parking lot on the side, but it says only for the restaurant next door. We are usually in and out though, so it doesn't seem to matter.