Little Gem Belgian Waffles

2468 Telegraph Ave Suite A, Berkeley
(510) 883-8922

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Best waffles I ever had. Super good

Cynthia Dupree

Delicious had 2 of the Belgian waffle with nutella bananas strawberries 1 with & 1 without oreo bites chicken strips & vanilla ice cream I'll be back very soon

Tara Lepore

Delicious waffles, and one of our new local favorite places for a dessert snack! Thank you!!

Emmeline W.

Little Gem is a spot I'd been eyeing for quite some time-- specialty dessert shops always pique my interest! If you're planning on stopping here, I recommend parking in one of Telegraph's offshoots to avoid the main street traffic. If you can manage to find a spot, it's well worth the visit.Takeout only due to COVID. The entryway is blocked off by a transparent wall, leaving only a small gap to receive payments and serve orders. Little Gem competes furiously with the sea of eateries nearby-- though much smaller, their crowd of customers trailed further than some major restaurants nearby.SMOREFFLE: SPECTACULAR waffles and ice cream. This is pretty sweet, but I have to give them credit for adding a pop of salt in the caramel drizzle to break up the sugary decadence. The ice cream itself is only lightly sweetened and complements the waffle well. That being said, I'm still a grandma and couldn't eat more than a few bites. Loved the chocolate syrup, toppings, the works-- but I had to let my bf chow down on the rest (lucky!).I wish I was 10 years old so I could enjoy these to their maximum capacity. SO sweet. Is 24 considered "old" now?

Arizona O.

Omg! We stumbled upon this gem last night around 10:30PM. I cannot believe that it took me this long to actually find this place! Their waffles are so good! I ordered the s'mores one with bananas & coffee ice cream! I love that it wasn't super sweet! It was definitely worth the wait! The mini waffles was also delicious. I ate it the next day, it was the same texture but I wouldn't advise to let it sit for another day after that. Definitely would be coming back again.

Shara Kennedy

Very nice desserts and croissants! We had a delicious lunch, croissant and coffee. Thank you for the nice experience!

Indrajit Rajtilak

Not great for takeaway, most of my ice cream melted inside the warm waffles!

Perla Paredes Miramontes

Best waffles ever! the simple ones with the creme de Gem are so good!Attentive customer service.

Elam Morales

Super tasty. Their waffles are warm and crispy and the ice cream is delicious. It tastes homemade. Definitely recommend the milk and honey ice cream. 11/10 will come back when I’m in the Bay Area again!

Remie S.

This has always been my treat after midterms and finals. It was definitely a striking difference compared to the DIY waffles from the dining halls my freshman year. It's so crispy on the outside and nice and soft inside. The ice cream on top is such a great combo. I really hope this place stays unlike other small businesses on telegraph or I'd be :(

Colleen M.

Got two boxes of little bites delivered for Mother's Day (thanks to my sister) and lightly reheated them in the air fryer before eating. They're perfectly sweet and the right texture. The variety in flavors is great - I wish we were able to get the signature creations (with ice cream and or whipped cream) but those likely wouldn't survive the trip.Waffle bites are $3.50 each OR a dozen for $33.

Nathania Y.

Great waffles, even from the outside, you can already smell the dreamy, yummy belgian waffles fragrance. Better to eat the waffle hot! We ate half waffles fresh and the other half the next morning and they were already hard and not as delicious as fresh

Judy L.

Lychee, raspberry, blueberry, chocolate and strawberry are top favorites. Please enjoy them.

Christine M.

When you follow a fellow yelper and they post great reviews and pics, you end up ordering more food! I saw that they were doing free deliveries and had a Mother's Day delivery thing going on. I figured why not? Some for me and some for my mom! There was a little mishap with the ordering online, it wasn't clear where to enter details and so they missed my order for Saturday. I reached out to confirm, and they were nice enough to squeeze me in for Sunday delivery. It arrived around 6:30p so enough time for my parents to enjoy. I just tasted the lychee and strawberry, both were yummy, a tad bit sweet, but also fun that it's made using real fruits? I hope so! My husband thought it tasted like regular Costco belgian waffles with icing....WELL maybe it sorta did, but I WASS intrigued by the flavors. Nice little treat especially since they're located in Berkeley. You can tell they are a small business, so it's nice to support them when you can! Pop them in the fridge if you aren't going to eat them right away, but easily toasted in the oven or air fryer!

Mary X.

One of my favorite waffle shops! It's hard to pass by this shop and not order at least one waffle. I usually just get the regular waffle with no toppings and it's sweet enough on its own. Love how crispy and caramelized it is on the outside. When I found out they were taking online orders during COVID, I had to put in an order! I got the cinnamon sugar + strawberry flavors. The strawberry was surprisingly really yum! I tend not to like frosting or anything on my waffles so this was just perfect and not too sweet. Unfortunately there was one missing (I ordered 3 total) but they were extremely quick to respond and resolve the issue. Will definitely put in another order since Mother's Day is coming up!

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