Lo Coco's

1400 Shattuck Ave, Berkeley
(510) 843-3745

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Em M.

Love this place. The sausage and mushroom pizza is incredible. The difference is the home made sausage, which you can literally taste. I've ordered the Lococo's special,as well. It was yummy, but warning, you have to love anchovies. It was a bit overwhelming for someone who is not a fan -- as it was just too salty a bite. I loved it though. The service was excellent. I will go back here again and again. Even though it's a bit far from El Cerrito, this is still my go to pizza place.

Sandra B.

This family restaurant serves delicious Italian food. The mushroom pasta is fantastic. They're always friendly when we stop by to pick up our meal.

Alice P.

Already too good! Which means so many people. If u like Italian food, Lo Coco's is great and highlights the food of Southern Italy. The thick pasta used in some dishes is not my favorite, but every sauce has been great. The bread alone is worth a trip.

Austin E.

The food was spectacular, some of the best pizza that I've had in the Bay Area. Any pizza aficionado will appreciate their visit to LoCoco's!Not only is the pizza fantastic, but the pasta selections are top-notch. All of their sauces have a unique, distinctive taste.There's a reason why this establishment always has a wait!

Shilpa J.

One of our regular haunts in these Covid times. The tricolore with fresh mozzarella and the truffle oil mushroom fungi are the best. Since we can't have it in the restaurant, we love to pick it up and then crisp it on the pizza stone at home. Delicious and fresh always! One large pie is good for two hungry people.


I discovered Lo Coco's by chance just before the coronavirus shelter-in-place began, while using an ATM next door. We love Italy, and in particular Sicily, as we were lucky enough to spend three weeks there in 2018, and Lo Coco's is the best Italian food we've found in the Bay Area. Virtually everything we've had from there has been good, but the pizzas in particular are outstanding. I normally do NOT like pesto, but Lo Coco's pizza and pastas that are pesto-based are absolutely scrumptious. We've been ordering from Lo Coco's almost every week since the SIP order went into effect. In fact, we had their pizza last night, and we're planning to order again tomorrow night for a socially distanced dinner with our neighbor, who we recently introduced to Lo Coco's and is also now hooked! I look forward to this pandemic being over so we can actually eat-in at Lo Coco's, but until then we are so thankful for their takeout. Also grateful that they have many vegetarian options!

David I.

Best pie in town Great crust Debbie always has a great smile and good service. Olive and mushrooms is go to pie Can't go wrong.

Christopher Owens

This place is worth trying. They have large portions for fair prices. Constantly clean and with good mood. Will visit here again.

Gregory de Hart

Amazing Sicilian food! Cozy family-run spot with delicious pizzas and pastas. Very friendly service rounds out the fun experience.


Lo Coco is located near Shattuck and Rose streets so it is very convenient for north Berkeley residents. We were there about 5:30 on a Thursday night and it was soon crowded and very lively. Perhaps they did not staff adequately, but the service was poor. We waited 10 minutes for our server to pick up our check and finally asked someone else. We ordered salad, spaghetti and meatballs, eggplant Parmesan, pizza, and salmon. The meatballs were cold, eggplant and pizza were mediocre. We wanted to support a local business but were disappointed. We won’t go back.

TheschnitzelTaco ..

Scallop Linguini gave me the shits and a bad fever :( just saying. Was my first time and maybe my last one. But I think I may go for one more time just because of the very good pizza

Jessica R.

The food was lackluster and very bland. So I wouldn't go back just because of that but the owner was another level of rude to my entire family. My father's entree came first it and ended up taking 30 mins for the rest of the table to get their meals. My father gently checked in and the owner responded very passive aggressively and in a super condescending tone. Basically telling us she didnt care and acted like we were being extra. then proceeded to continue to be rude and disrespectful to my entire family. Her attitude basically ruined the entire vibe and we couldn't wait to leave. Real nice experience after not getting to see my family for so long. The only redeeming moment was a waiter apologizing for the experience. I would never drop another dime here again. Not worth any of it

Vic O

Been going here from the 3rd day it opened back in the mid 80s... the food is still off the hook. A real treat!

Jaimee H.

Fiance has been wanting to try this place since it was recommended to him. Finally, after 1 yr we tried it on a Friday night. Luckily, there was no wait, we were seated right away. All the food was delicious. The bread (which i think the dough is used for the pizza as well) was to die for. I dont each much bread, but I would make an exception to theirs all day long! Fiance order spaghetti? with meatballs. I ordered the prosciutto pasta w/ peas. Only complaint was the spaghetti was a little smaller of a portion & fiance was still hungry after eating his whole plate. Staff couldve been more friendly & inviting & maybe check on us a little more often, but other then that we will be coming back again or ordering to go

Rich R.

As always, the linguini with Clams sauce and the pizza rock. Dessert is often sold out by 7 p.m., so plan accordingly.

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