Lucky Bird

1926 Shattuck Ave, Berkeley
(510) 529-4565

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Selena L.

Loved this place! Both the food and the service was amazing. Currently, they have both takeout and a super cute outdoor area where you can eat outside. The lemongrass chicken was so delicious, and I tried some of my friend's garlic noodle, which was amazing as well. The guy working was very attentive and kind, and made sure all our needs were met. It's also clear that they are taking necessary precautions during this time. My only regret was not tipping more!

Hannah S.

Best desserts in town!!! The bingsu is heavenly. The customer service is always excellent here. Colin was very helpful and kind.

Noman Q.

Food in the picture looked amazing and also when we opened the pick up. However chicken on 2 of the dishes was rock hard. Definitely not made right then or even same day. Flavor was good but seems Like recycling of chicken earlier in the day or day before. I would like to try it again but not sure if I can trust them.

Christine C.

This place does not deserve to stay in business anymore. They serve inedible charcoal burnt meat. The "umami" fries are not waffle fries as advertised and is just regular fries with bonito flakes on top.We called to complained about the food with no avail. We understand it is hard time with pandemic but they are not even trying.Stay away!

Durga Kale

Nice ambience. And the garden/patio in the back is very cute! I bet that the place would be more pleasant otherwise (during non-COVID restrictions). I ordered salmon with pesto noodles - expecting oodles of flavor. It was a slight let down. Bingsoo(shaved ice dessert) served here goes well as a dessert, but I have had much better ones at other places. I would recommend this place if you wish to hang out in a small group, and not looking out for particularly extraordinary food.

Angel L.

I came back to try their dessert since I never tried it and thought it might be nice to try something new. I got their mango bingsoo since I heard my friends say their dessert is better than their food (and some yelp reviews did reflect that too). I was thoroughly disappointed though. The shaved ice barely had any flavor, and the mangoes were not sweet. The only flavor was just the honey drizzle on the top. It was $8, and my friend and I still couldn't bring ourselves to finish it after we took a couple bites. It was really disappointing so after we just went a half a block over to Amauusan after to get ice cream. Save your time & money and go elsewhere!

Karen S.

I'm so disappointed. I called them on Wednesday specifically to ask if they'd be open today (most business are observing Independence Day). They said yes and that we could call ahead to order day of. We almost never make the trek from SF to Berkeley, and we showed up here so excited to try their fried chicken and pandan desserts. They also didn't update their website nor social media to state they'd be closed. I'll update this review if I ever get to try their food, and I hope they'll announce any closures from now on.

Yi Z.

Lucky Bird has perfected beautiful presentations of their food. Unfortunately we did not get to experience the beautiful food this time. Under current circumstances, dining at restaurants has turned into a no frills event with minimal service and food served in single use containers. We were looking for an outdoor restaurant to meet up at and Lucky Bird fit the bill. We grabbed the large table in the back patio, which gave us enough space to spread out and park our stroller. Right now, Lucky Bird isn't serving desserts, which is such a shame. However, the kitchen is open and my fiance and I ordered the Join Me to share. It came with a large portion of papaya salad that we barely got around to eating and three meats - crispy garlic pork, crispy pork belly, and chicken wings. All the meats were pretty good and my favorite was the pork belly, which reminded me of how my grandma used to prepare pork belly. The meats were paired with sticky rice and a hardboiled egg. It was plenty of food for two people and if it hadn't been for COVID, I would've invited others to also "Join Me."

Rob Christiansen

Great food and a cool little outdoor seating area.

Regan T.

I really wanted to love this place. Plastered over my fellow Yelp Elite members' pages and Instagram accounts, Lucky Bird's food photography is as enticing as the menu options are abundant. The flavors are predominantly Thai but also incorporate other Asian-American fusion e.g. in the Umami fries, Korean pork tacos, etc. Overall, I think the flavors and seasonings are on point! However my biggest disappointment was how overcooked and hard the chicken was. I got the Garlic Chicken Noodles (egg noodle, grilled chicken, onions, and a fried egg). The portion was super generous but the chicken was hard and rubbery. It is literally just a whole chicken breast cut into a few pieces, but not cooked properly. The sides were burnt and the inside was super firm; it was the texture of a block of hard cheese. Even as a fan of leaner meats (I prefer the breast actually), this was too dry. This is a huge let-down as the entrée is double the price of the garlic noodles by itself as a side, so basically half of the money spent on this dish went to waste. I simply couldn't finish the tough chicken as it was hard to chew and even swallow. I will say the noodles themselves were delicious, very chow mein-y, and the side of pickled carrot and radish was an interesting sensory addition. However for an establishment that supposedly specializes in chicken, at least enough for it to be its namesake, the chicken was the least impressive part of our meal. I ordered the Vietnamese Chicken Taco (crispy chicken, pickled veggies, and lettuce) as well--same problem with the chicken being hard, but it was a little less noticeable breaded and fried. I was able to at least finish it. Again, the tangy sour/spicy sauce on the chicken was so good! But I will not be ordering this again because of the tough, unpleasant chicken. One strength of the chicken dishes is that they can be substituted with tofu, so it's an overall pretty vegetarian-friendly restaurant. My boyfriend who's veg ordered Crispy Tofu Tacos and liked them--the tofu is deep-fried to a crisp rather than pan-fried with a crust. I by no means am recommending against this place, but if I did come back, I'd get tofu with my entrée instead of chicken. Or try some of the other meats like shrimp or pork, with my fingers crossed that they are better. We also tried the waffle fries. They were well seasoned but soggy, so I wouldn't recommend them via delivery. I always get comments about how it's unfair of me to judge the crispiness of fries via Ubereats/DoorDash, but anecdotally I indeed HAVE had fries delivered that arrived not-at-all soggy, for lack of better vocabulary, so it is a standard I'll continue to hold. As an aside, this is my primary reason for not ordering fries in general, but in this particular instance, it was my boyfriend's decision--I did warn him!

Matt H.

Ordered for take out. Order was ready to the minute. Asked for it extra spicy and it was. Had the pumpkin curry and the flavors were all bright and clean. Definitely going back

Taylor N.

This place is so cute! A couple of my friends and I went to eat here for dinner and we chose to sit in the outdoor seating area. It's quite small, but the ambiance is really nice. We all ordered our own plates of Lucky Lucky wings and they were tasty but pretty dry. The garlic noodles I got on the side were really oily and had lots of onions/other veggies that make it taste a little different. We also ordered mango bingsu for dessert. It was plated very nicely and was super yummy!

Elgin N G.

Decided to order take out food from here since we're still Shelter in Place. Wife found out on yelp and we decided to give it a try. Wasn't too busy or difficult to find parking since this whole situation. Can place an order by calling it in or online. We tried the Gram's Trio Noodle, it was good but not too flavorful. The Pumpkin Chicken Curry was delicious and it had the right amount of kick in it. Last thing we tried was Zap Wings which was good, I love wings. It had the a good balance to it. Overall our lunch was good. Would love to come back and dine in here once everything gets back to normal or the new normal.

Sarah V.

Lucky Bird wasn't difficult to find. The parking, on the other hand, might be if you go during peak hours. For a small restaurant, it has a good number of seats, and when I went, I didn't have to wait at all. It's the type of place where you go to the cashier to place your order and find any available seats to situate yourself. My friend and I order the Yaya Chicken w/ Garlic Noodles & Khun Yai Chicken w/ Papaya Salad. Both were delicious. I think I slightly preferred the Yaya Chicken because, I mean c'mon, it's fried. Honestly, I enjoyed both the garlic noodles and papaya salad sides! We ordered the Laos version of the papaya, which the cashier prefaced would have a strong flavor aka a lot of fish sauce-ish flavor. I felt as though they went a little too heavy-handed with the sauce here, but the flavor was good! Overall, I can definitely see this being a popular place with the locals. I wouldn't necessarily go out of my way to come here, but if you're in the area, I would definitely recommend checking them out!

Bayarea K.

Pros: fast and friendly service Fusion food Good condiments Good location Good portions Cons: ok food

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