Lucky House Thai Cuisine

2140 University Ave, Berkeley
(510) 841-8900

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Alan Zhu

Thai fried rice with chicken was great, cherry tomatoes mixed in really enhanced the flavor! I went in at 9:50 pm right before closing and service was still fast and the lady was very nice.

Skyler N.

WOAH, I would consider myself a connoisseur of Thai food in Berkeley, I have been to nearly every Thai restaurant and I would say that lucky house Thai is one of the best, if not THE best. The pad kee mao at Lucky House Thai is the most delicious in all of Berkeley, it was quite spicy which i like but i'm sure if you want to tone down the spice you can ask. The pad thai was good as well, no complaints went it comes to this place, definitely have been and will be back!

Mido E.

The man who runs this restaurant is so nice! He was so accommodating and provided all things I requested for! He was very generous with portion. And when I spoke to him he was like I remember you! They def have me as forever fan of this place! Great food!

Karen Watkins

I didn't order rice but half of my order was rice. The menu didn't say rice was included.when I called the restaurant, the person answering the phone didn't understand. She hung up on me.

Ryan S.

It's very hard to stand out as a Thai restaurant in Berkeley, but Lucky House has fast become our favorite. It is no-nonsense, affordable, quick and delicious. Do not expect ambiance or new-age, experimental dishes. But the classics here are excellent, and pick-up is reliable and easy. Portion sizes are pretty generous. I do wish there was less plastic in the packaging, but this is a problem at most take-out restaurants. I highly recommend Lucky House Thai, for fast affordable Thai food. Red Curry and Masaman Curry are two of my favorites, while my partner doesn't like spice as much and loves their crispy noodle dishes.

Ngoc My H.

Love this hole in the wall restaurant in the heart of Berkeley. It's definitely a no-frill experience: your food is made quickly and you're out the door in no time. It is currently open for TAKEOUT ONLY. I ordered on Uber eats for pickup and my food was available in 15 minutes. The service here is pretty quick but I wouldn't say they leave a lasting impression. Portions are huge for the price and I definitely enjoyed most of my food. What I ordered: -Papaya Salad: I like the tartness of the shredded papaya but it lacks the impact of deep fish sauce flavor and umami. -Pad Kee Mao (Hot): The spiciness really hits you on this one but that's just how I like it. The wide noodles really soak up the sauce. There's a lot of meat in the portion but the meat (pork) was pretty hard & tough. -Kao Mun Gai: I like the fried chicken on this but I think it's pretty simple. Not too much flavor, I think most of the flavor comes from the sweet and sour sauce provided. -Hot and Sour Soup: any absolute favorite noodle dish here! The noodle soup is loaded with spices and flavor. The meat on this is actually not too tough and I love how refreshing this is when paired with other items.

Haley Geller

Home of my favorite soup in the entire world! I live for noodle soup and I can honestly say this is the best noodle soup IVE EVER HAD! Hot and Sour Thai Noodle Soup with ground chicken, peanuts, veggies, noodles and the most incredible spicy broth. Do yourself a favor, you need this soup! Tastes amazing as a to-go order too!

Ari Montes

Definitely a place worth visiting, the food is good and well prepared, the prices are reasonable and it is constantly well organized here. 5 stars.

Marvin Harris

The won ton soup with pork is my ho to dish. Before covid this was my lunch spot and my meetings with the Best of the Best

Kat N.

Definitely a hole in the wall and worth every penny! Big servings and easy on the pockets, you just can't beat that! Plus all the items I've tried so far are really delicious! Highly recommend!

Courtney S.

Used to eat here weekly when I lived in the area. Great taste, large quantity, big portions, homey feel. Met the chef and it was a friendly older thai woman so you know it's authentic. Please support this place during the pandemic! They can really use the support

Maribel L.

Hands down the best Thai food I've had in awhile!! I order the usual pad Thai for myself and noticed that they had the "Extra hot 10/10 Thai spicy level"  and since I love spicy food I thought that it will be good. When I usually order extra spicy food elsewhere it's usually somewhat spicy, but holy moly that shit was spiiiiicy!! I personally couldn't handle it! After a few bites I had to stop and drink some milk. It was really good, and they really thought me a lesson that they stick to their word.

Alan Ng

Subpar service and severely understaffedWe called in to place an order but the individual who answered the phone told us to call back in 15 minutes. We called back in 15 minutes only to get a consistent dial tone. Thinking they were busy, we decided to drive over to place an order. in person. Once we arrived, there were only a 1 or two others in the store with us. We overheard another couple having waited nearly 2 hours from the time ordering to actually receiving their food. We stood there trying to get the attention of the cashier so we could simply place an order. After a few incoherent attempt at a conversation, we were handed a guest check receipt book to write in our own order. We handed our order to the cashier who exclaimed that they were not serving streamed rice although we tried to clarify that we did not want steamed rice and it was nowhere in our order. Exasperated, we left for a different restaurant without as much as an apology. We spent over an hour during this encounter simply trying to place an order. It was very obvious that this establishment values customers through food apps more than in person customers.Its worth noting that the cook did not have a mask on and the cashier wasn't wearing a mask properly. We also watched as the cashier took payment (cash/cards) while packaging and handling food without washing their hands.Looking back on it now, we were hungry and were willing to settle for this but im glad we left and ended up finding a much better alternative.

Julia Y.

This is a delicious place at very competitive prices. If you're feeling hungry for some Thai food but not wanting to spend more than $12, Lucky House Thai is the place for you*.

Z. and I got the pad thai (flat rice noodles), calamari, and sukiyaki. Next time I'm getting the pad thai because it was spicier and more flavorful than the sukiyaki (thin rice noodles).

The calamari was, surprisingly, very good. They come in strips rather than rings, but the squid was large and the breading not too oily. It is flour-crusted, not panko-crusted, which makes sense because this is consistent with the spirit of a budget meal for your average (graduate) student.

This is a different kind of dinner place from Imm Thai right down the block on University. I would come here if you're feeling hungry and just wanting a no-frills experience. Imm Thai on the other hand offers more varieties and with some flair, albeit with less quantity. I'm making this differentiation because someone asked me this and I thought it was an interesting question.

*Prior to the pandemic, a dinner portion apparently cost closer to $8 which is mind-blowing.

Anna McGeachy

Lucky House was one of my main restaurants in grad school. It's consistently cheap, plentiful, and delicious. I went back to Berkeley recently and had to stop in. Still just as amazing!

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