1998 Shattuck Ave, Berkeley
(510) 843-1500

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Milana Ruffin

Love this McDonald's everything is always fresh and fast.also they keep it very clean inside


This particular location prices are higher than listed online. The food is usually cold; especially the french fries. I noticed you pay more but receive less. I ordered a hamburger but had to look closely to find the meat patty; the quarter pounder had more meat but not much better. The situation with homeless at this location has not improved. The current cashiers speak little English and it was difficult for them to understand i did not want cheese, mustard or pickles; i had to repeat it 8 times but i came home to still finding the mustard and pickles in my quarter pounder and charged for a quarter pounder with cheese. I will not be coming back.

Divine L.

I went here to pick up a mobile order. Line wasn't long or busy. The girl at the window has me pull around, fine. I pull around end up waiting 15 min for a mcdouble and a COKE mind you.. nothing special. They proceed to finish helping the REST of the customers in the drive thru until it was empty. Still no order. Plus nobody else was forced to wait in a parking spot except me. I proceed to call and ask for a possible explanation why my MOBILE order of a burger and a coke is taking 30 min and all I get is SCREAMED at over and over again by the manager that it will come when it comes. Then the manager comes out no apology no explanation and just shoves the bag in my face. I asked him like what was the hold up was there a problem? He then proceeds to verbally abuse me and tell me if I don't like picking up mobile orders to quit. I told him of you don't like your job you quit. It's NOT hard to offer an apology or an explanation when your job as a manager is CUSTOMER service, but since I'm just someone who picked up a mobile order and already paid I don't deserve respect?!?! The manager at this establishment is a disgusting misogynistic pig and should be fired asap. I will be contacting his gm daily. Ps the manager told me he was going to make sure I don't come back there so now I'm "banned" from my local mc donalds for asking where my order was LMFAO. Pathetic how are these ppl aloud to run these establishments I doubt he even has a green card tbh his English was terrible.


Convent next to transit center. An a police station an the social security an the plasma lab. So it's a win win

Georgia Rios

Quick friendly service .... we always have special orders usually filled correctly.

Em Sorum

Clean, hot, fast

Daniel Wang

Honestly good service and good quality food. With the phone app you can get some good deals.

james Na

Cold stale fries and inept to details. 1) they sealed my bags 3 small bags. I had to request a larger bag to carry. 2) I had three drinks and I had to request a carrier they placed it on the table and walked off. 3) they forgot to give me my strawberry pie, when I went back the manager said they had none and stared at me. A different employee gave me two apple pies and apologized. 4)the kids meal was missing fries, but by now I was tired to go back a third time. These managers need to GO NOW!!! They need to learn to PAY attention to their orders listed.

Peter Labriola

Excellent service. Great deals.

Mido E.

Horrible food! Old food and cold stay away! They will never follow your order instructions! Rude employees

Michael Barnes

Quicker than In-Out & two it.....

Dianne V.

California has been one of the strictest of any state in banning indoor and patio seating. Even here in strict California all the restaurants are open to indoor dining while using careful guidance. BUT NOT Mc Donald's. I go to the one by the beach and there is always a nice breeze. They have seating inside and on the patio but NO you are not allowed to sit in any of those places to eat your meal. . .only the employees can do that. The employee can eat on the patio or inside but not the customers.??!!!!!!!!! Also, they wait on all the cars while people inside have to wait while they fill those orders first. I will never go back to McDonald's again. Seriously they are just not very good but I take my walks in the mornings and it's an easy place to stop and have a cup of coffee. HAHA. I will go the extra distance to a local place that is open to seating inside or out. Who ever is in charge of this company must be part of the far left. I'm not the only person who feels this way. If the food was better, maybe we would let it go but PLEASE even you have to admit it isn't.

Dineah T. Taha

Last night I came in and it was late but I don't care if you are open at those hours and serving food closing soon shouldn't effect the quality or service I felt very rushed bas I was making my order and like I was annoying the team by coming in right before closing and ordering 50 some odd dollar's worth of food anyhow got home opened up my double quarter pounder took a bite just to open my eyes and see a pink uncooked patty of raw on the inside cooked looking on the outside meat I wanted to cry I just went to sleep.

Karen J.

They did not allow me to bring one of my 12 cats named bubbles into the restaurant, terrible service also i orderd a mc flurry and they called me a dumbass

Alex L.

Lady's working here on 3/27/2021 at approximately 9:30am were so rude. They almost seemed bother that I ordered here (Mobil order). I politely asked one of the employees for hot sauce looked at me and walked away saying "everything is there." (There wasn't) over all the customer service was horrible.

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