1998 Shattuck Ave, Berkeley
(510) 843-1500

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David Teague

Berkeley McDonald's has very rude and mean employees

Kathryn Day

act like your workers' lives matter. Provide them with PPE at work, paid sick leave, and adequate medical insurance.

Gordon Miller

By providing paid sick leave so sick workers don't threaten customers or coworkers and by providing appropriate PPE for the same reasons.

Lynne Olivier

McDonald's could improve by treating their workers like their lives mattered, paying them more, giving them reasonable safety and benefits at this point, and they should have done that long ago.

jerry y.

The mobile app is not working again. It doesn't detect that I already here. Mc sucks again

Carl H.

We visited Berkeley for our son's Science Olympiad competition at UC and decided to eat breakfast at McDonald's for convenience rather than at the hotel. The security guard explained that a homeless guy had vandalized the restroom and that he was keeping the guy out for the protection of the customers. We had a tasty and fast breakfast with good and friendly service on clean tables, and by the time we finished and were ready to go we were able to use the restroom that had been cleaned by then. We had a good experience and went back the next day. I have eaten at McDonald's all over the world, and once we ate at McDonald's three times in one day in Las Vegas on the way to the Grand Canyon because the kids were little and they like it, and it's fast, affordable, and convenient. We even bought MCD stock and it's been holding up during this tough year. Thanks, McDonald's! ~Charles H.

j d.

This place is a fkn joke and racist ass fk. Came in to order some simple fries and the two African American ladies in the front was giving me an attitude when all I asked was what the difference between the small and large size were. Kid you not, all you had to do was turn around and the fryer is literally less than 3 ft away from you, but you have the audacity to give me an attitude and give me an "ugh" underneath your breath. What a joke. Seriously you work at McDonald's. Get a grip. There were no other customers btw. Guess y'all just wanted to get back to standing around while demanding for higher wages.

Mariah Fullerton

Every time I've tried to order from doordash, McDonald's has completely messed up my order. Tonight was no exception. I received someone else's order and they must've received mine.

Frank S.

Blame everything on the Corona pandemic. The Governor or Florida already had given restuarants the Okay for 50% seating capacity, and till this date 6/9/2020 its take out or drive thru only. Really, why? Are you to lazy to clean tables after customers leave? Whats your excuse to keep the dining area closed, the same excuse as TacoBell? Get with the rest of Florida and service your customers the right way. Limit seating, block every other table, do whatever you need to do to catch up with the rest of Florida. Its places like this where I couldn't care less if you end up OUT OF BUSINESS for your own stupidity.

Toni D.

I can not stress enough how many times I come here and they are either out of something or they get the order wrong. Sadly they are the closest to my house, but enough is enough and decided to share this once again issue. Took my daughters to get ice cream cones as this is something we have done many times before. When I ordered the young lady had the nerve to sound condescending and state, "DOES IT LOOK LIKE ITS ON THE MENU". How does someone come and speak to me like an idiot like that. If this location stopped or didn't have it, that is all she had to say. Its no wonder this place is looked down upon with all their issues and mistakes, if they hire idiots like this, than its apparent they are just hiring to hire, the customer service along with the quality of the food cooked, as well as organizational skill to ensure they have everything correctly that was ordered is not a priority. I would have reported to management, but appears they just let things go and pretend they will take up with the matter. Don't want look like a joke, but cant see them as anything else.

Justin K.

Look it's McD's. No one is looking for stellar service here. Just quick cheap food. Every time I stop at the one in Richboro, it's a joke. This morning I ordered Egg McMuffins. Three to be exact. I am sorry sir there is a delay in your food order please pull up and wait for your food. Wait? No that's not why I am here. And if McD's can't spit out 30 Egg McMuffins in 30 seconds, there is a problem with your training system! Folks this is fast food, get your act together. If I ordered for an army or Some specialty items I get it. But this is your wheel house! Sad!

Kimberly L.

One of the front employees here is a joke. I ordered takeout during the pandemic. When I went to pick up my order, the short hispanic lady in her mid-forties or fifties asked me for my name and order number. I told her my name and order number two times and she handed me a bag saying that's mine. When I got home and opened the bag, first thing I saw was drinks inside (I didn't order any drinks so I knew right away this was not my order). I took the bag back to McDonald's right away and told the lady she gave me the wrong order. I told her my order number again and all the items I got. She looked around, then pointed to another bag and said that one is mine. She looks at the wrong order I brought back and tells me "if this is not your order, you don't open it." She repeated it two times. WTHHHHHH. I wasn't mad at first for the inconvenience she caused me, but now I am really mad. YOU HANDED ME THE WRONG ORDER AND I HAD TO COME BACK A SECOND TIME TO GET MY ORDER! NOT ONLY DID YOU NOT SAY SORRY, WHICH FIXES EVERYTHING, YOU HAD THE NERVE TO PUT THE ENTIRE BLAME ON THE CUSTOMER. I reasoned with her but she wouldn't listen. I agree it was my fault for trusting you when you said it's my order and not opening the bag to check, but you're also at fault because you handed me the wrong order. She just nods her head and says yes you should have checked. No fault on her end at all. FURTHERMORE SHE DID NOT THROW AWAY THE ORDER I BROUGHT BACK THAT WAS INTENDED FOR SOMEONE ELSE, INSTEAD SHE RE-BAGGED EVERYTHING INSIDE AND PUT IT ASIDE FOR THE RIGHT PERSON. THATS NOT OKAY DURING A PANDEMIC. Even though I didn't touch anything inside and brought it back right away, how can you be sure. If I was the other customer, I would be even more pissed.

Reg S.

So I went to McDonalds as I do every Saturday for the kids order the same thing sausage egg and cheese mcmuffins and I find out they took the 2 for 4 away I mean really during these times. All I could say is wow to them. The girl says to me it wasnt on purpose I said really they control the prices. So I paid over 20 for 5 sandwiches and to hash browns Shame on you. Will never go again

Alex Yao

If there isn't that many homeless wandering around this place, I will give a higher rate. My friend got robbed close at the front door of this McDonald's. So please be careful!!!

Alex Yang

If there isn't that many homeless wandering around this place, I will give a higher rate. My friend got robbed close at the front door of this McDonald's. So please be careful!!!

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