Mehak Indian Cuisine

2449 Sacramento St, Berkeley
(510) 841-6118

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Mark Mueller

This place is a hidden gem on the east side of Sacramento just north of Dwight. You will order too much because the portions are quite generous, then you will eat too much because it tastes so effing good (to paraphrase "Sideways").

beingg D.

This store manager or owner (old looking guy) behavior is very poor . He needs to get out from this business and go for anger management class. He don't know how to show respect to the customer. I want to give this store a O star but don't have that in option. Learn some respect,managerial skills , customer satisfaction and then operate the business, don't just jump in to make profit only. So disappointed with the service.

Sarah G.

We really love this place. It serves--hands down-- my kid's favorite tikka masala! We have tried many of our usual Indian favorites and have yet to be disappointed. I was excited when wine and beer finally became an option recently, and look forward to the return of in-house dining...Bonus points for a very nice, attentive yet and laid-back staff. It is an easy and pleasant place to bring children but still feel just a little fancy. We miss sitting with napkins in laps & looking at the drawings under the front counter, but we'll make due with takeout until we meet again!

Emily Moreno-Hernandez

We ordered fish badami from Mehak through GrubHub and there was a roach in it. Never ordering again.

Mita Trivedi

Very good food nice quanity we from La we have nice food but this place very nice taste n quality n quantity

Israel K.

Over the course of a couple of moths I've been here I can without a doubt say the quality of the food isn't that great. I'd much rather go to Bread's of India. I've placed a few Uber Eats orders here for pick up and every time there was trouble when attempting to pick up the order. In one instance I was handed the wrong order and almost left the restaurant with something drastically different. As for the food, the chicken tiki masala lacks flavor and often the restaurant skimps out on the chicken. Just walk across the street instead.

Johhson S.

I was planning a lunch with a party who was not familiar with Indian food, and I shared this with the owner, who was gracious and directed me to two dishes that might meet my needs, along with a choice of soup and drink. I made a request to pick up at a particular time and when I arrived, the meal was prepared. The food and the customer service were excellent. No problems at all. I would highly recommend Yelp readers give this restaurant an opportunity, as they certainly provided me with good food and good service.

Ujjwal Dalmia

I ordered takeout through Uber eats and the shaahi paneer had 8 small pieces of paneer.. for something that cost $12 I expected more food and not just gravy!

Sam Galindo

Great food and price. Looking to try the next thing every time I go.

Austen S.

navaratan korma is a bomb vegetarian option

Alma Villa

I am so impressed with this Indian food ! I ordered Tandoori chicken, cucumber salad and aloo pratha. Just wow the chicken was delicious , well portioned and included rice. But honestly the cucumber salad is insane ! So so good and fresh and tasty. The naan had potatoes and peas in it yummm. 10/10 recommend !

Andrew Altman

Great spot to get food when in a hurry. Their customer service is fast, pricing is fair, fantastic ambience. I highly recommend this place

Sabir S.

It's alright. I disliked the tandoori chicken a lot, because there was literally no masala (seasoning) at all. I had never tried the (coconut?) naan before and was pleasantly surprised, it was red and that was a weird thing for me. The sauces were to die for, (really good.) the paneer pakora was mediocre, I heated it up In the oven again after getting it delivered fairly cold. And once I heated it up it was phenomenal. The mango lassi was the best though. I'd say that if you walk by or happen to be in the area, you should definitely check this place out, it's very good. However, if you want to order dinner or lunch, I would double check the reviews on the item your getting, you may not enjoy how bland some of the food is (some of it.) I could even rate 3 stars

Beatrice N.

The food here is reliably good. My family (and extended family members) have been going here for years. Take out or dine in and the portions are good, which is not the case with a lot of other Indian restaurants that I have gone to.

Anushree G.

Balanced flavors, good home-delivery service, nice staff, like their baingan ka bharta. Nice homely restaurant in Berkeley..

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