Mehak Indian Cuisine

2449 Sacramento St, Berkeley
(510) 841-6118

Recent Reviews

Kim F.

I have been eating at mehak for 2 years. The food is flavorful with the perfect spice. The nann is homemade and hot. A ton of meat on my favorite. The Chicken kabob. The people are so sweet at the restaurant. Im Asian and eat here more then asian food. The food is perfect every time.

Tamalyn t.

Some of the best Indian in Berkeley! Chicken Tikka Masala is fantastic, good quantities, quick delivery, nice people. Samosa, tandoori, naans are all great. You can't go wrong here. Perfect place.

Aifos A.

This used to be our favorite restaurant in the Bay Area. Great food at a good price. Unfortunately, they are simply incapable of dealing with technology. We placed an order this past summer at 7am on a Sunday, giving a specific pick-up time MANY hours later. They didn't have it ready, and we had to wait 30 minutes. Not great, but not worth ending a relationship over. However, tonight, we placed another pick-up order three hours before the intended pick-up time. We just arrived, and the restaurant claimed it never received our order. Of course, their agent had indeed received the order but claimed it was a fraudulent charge, while still charging our credit card. Again, we could forgive that. However, when we spoke to Mehak, the manager said "stop wasting my time" and hung up on us. Quite pathetic. We won't be going to this undependable restaurant again, even though we had been loyal customers for more than 5 years. We have had several similar problems like this, but were always willing to overlook it. Not any more based on the rudeness, undependability, and unprofessionalism of the management. There are TONS of Indian restaurants in the East Bay. No need to waste your time on this one.

Danyel Areff

Good food. No hassles using discounts either - always a plus.

Daniel A.

Excellent Indian food! Been twice now, and both times the food was fantastic. As well, both times I used discounts, and there was absolutely no issue/hassle with using them.

S W.

The tikka misala, saag paneer, and chana masala were fantastic! For us, the combination of quality and quantity made this a really great value. Will certainly be visiting again in the near future.

Chaz N.

Really nice people. The owner is a good man. I used a coupon here and got a ton of food to try. The lamb korma was really good.


Great atmosphere and take out was a breeze. Lots of cheap and delish options.

Avika Avasarala

Some of the best Indian food I've had from a restaurant.

Mason Tremaine

Bought chicken curry , found a roach half way through eating. Not sure how many more were in meal.Highly disgusted. Very dissatisfied , please check your food before eating here.

Christiana Drachen

Great food! Many vegan/vegetarian choices that are all delicious! Excellent service, good prices.

Anju Menon

Food is definitely NOT tasty!! The Kashmiri chicken kabob was dry, chewy and tasteless….!!Not an iota of flavor! Throwing this in the trash! The dhal makhani tasted like someone cooked it for the first time! I was trying to salvage this one by adding some pickles but reading the reviews about finding roaches in their food, this one will also end up in the trash can! I had food from Ajanta on Solano drive last week and it is really tasty flavorful authentic food. I’m just visiting and not biased at all… this is just an honest review! Stay away from Mehak!

Benny T.

On a recent tour of samosas from 7 Indian spots, Mehak was the best. Best pastry, well fried but not too greasy, most flavorful filling, and good sauces. Separately from samosas, Mehak is legit. Their food is super flavorful and their spice level is great.

Art R.

I feel lucky to have discovered this friendly place for feeding a crowd. I feed about 12 workers every Friday and this place is in the rotation big time. A large spread of chicken and lamb curries, mixed vegetables, cucumber salad, rice, naans and the very best somosa! I ordered it spicy and it was just right. Thank you Mehak for a delicious experience!

Sydney J.

I ordered delivery here, and decided to get my money's worth by having multiple main dishes. I ordered navrattan korma, shahi paneer, and mango lassi, and put in the notes/requests to make both dishes mild. I was pleasantly surprised by the amount of the rice and pleased by their generosity, though I realize that the amount of rice made sense because I had ordered two main dishes. But still happy to have a carton stuffed full of saffron rice; usually when restaurants provide rice it's white rice by default. Also, the food was delicious. I love the combination of flavors with dairy, and definitely tried to make the food last as long as possible. My one minor gripe is that the containers, which are aluminum foil and covered by thin paper and foil, seem a little prone to leaking at the corners; I saw some of the food stain from that when I took my food out of the bag. It's also tricky to take these lids off and put them back on without getting your hands into the food, which isn't great during COVID-19 if you're not already super prepared with gloves or other tools.

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