Milkbomb Ice Cream

2079 University Ave, Berkeley
(510) 529-4531

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Danielle M.

DELICIOUS ICE CREAM! I've been waiting to try this place out for a long time, and we were in Berkeley so my boyfriend encouraged going since we were both craving something sweet after lunch! We ordered two scoops (one horchata and one ube) to share. I can't believe I held off trying this place for so long because it was just so good! Both flavors were so creamy, perfectly sweet, and light on the mouth. The ube was much less strong than most ube ice creams I've had, but I'm not complaining because its creaminess made up for it. The horchata was perfection that made me realize I need to come back here more often!

Gloria A.

This is the best of the best. We moved to Miami and during our summer travel to California we could not miss out going to Milkbomb! We love the aqua dreams ice cream in donut and FLUFF!

Leah V.

SUCH good ice cream in a unique format! I love the milkbomb sandwich concept. It's a fun (although a little messy) way to eat ice cream! My friend and I each ordered a sandwich and swapped so we could try 4 flavors! The Vietnamese coffee and horchata were my favorites. They tasted just like the original drinks. The ube had a fun bright purple color, but the flavor was a little more subtle. We also tried the "Aqua dreams", which has a vanilla base colored blue with spirulina and cookie and brownie pieces. I ordered my sandwich on a brioche bun rather than a donut. The brioche was lightly sweet and balanced the sweetness of the ice cream well. There was a small line when we visited on a weekday evening, but it wasn't too bad. It moved quickly too.

Elaine T.

Split a small scoop of ube with a friend here last Sunday around 4:30pm. There was no wait and we got our order before we even finished paying. At $5 it was a bit pricey but the quality made it worth indulging. The ice cream was super creamy and the ube flavour was prominent. They have a lot of unique flavours that I'd want to come back and try!

Leanne G.

Amazing ice cream! We didn't try the Milkbomb, but thoroughly enjoyed our scoops of vanilla and fudge brownie ice cream. The flavors we so rich and true. For just two scoops, we weren't expecting to wait for over 10 mins to get our food. From our perception, it didn't seem very busy - just an order or two in front of us.

Michelle Nelson

So glad to see this place back open! Philz mint mojito flavor is fantastic.

Donny P

White Rabbit flavored ice cream brings back sweet memories of eating the candy during my childhood

Anu A.

Ice cream was ok, nothing special! We tried the regular ice cream scoops.

Ian Larry

Excellent great taste ice cream.

Miguel G.

Just recently came back to this ice cream place as it was closed for a long time due to covid. I ordered the brioche bread and got Milk N Cookies and Creamy Horchata as the two ice cream flavors. I easily recommend the brioche bread as an option for the sandwich if you are looking for a perfect balance of sweetness, given that the brioche bread is not too sweet. The Milk N Cookies flavor was creamy and delicious, not to mention that there were bite size pieces of cookies!! The Creamy Horchata flavor takes the cake though! To be fair, this flavor was super delectable and actually tasted like horchata (I can vouch given that my mother always makes horchata haha). Solid experience, it's currently only take out though!

Rhea A.

I am soooo relieved to find out this place is still open. I'd give this place 10 stars if I could!!! During pre covid times, I was here almost every week. I absolutely LOVE the owner!!! He has the best customer service and he always welcomed me everytime I came here. The inside is fairly small, so during pre covid times seating was always limited. But with COVID, there's just no indoor seating available at all, just take out. Also note that there's no tasting of flavors since COVID's a thing. After almost a year without Milkbomb... I finally went and was sad that more than half of their flavors were sold out. (Honestly, I get it. The ice cream is just THAT tasty). The ice cream sandwich is the Would recommend this to everyone!!! Yall every heard of Valerio's Bakery? I swear that the Brioche bread from Milkbomb taste like it could be from Valerio's Bakery. It's soooo good with ANY ice cream flavor. Not too sweet, but sweet enough. It's amazing. I love that they give out handwipes if you get an Ice cream sandwich. Not to mention the ice cream is also amazing. Different flavors have different textures, but these flavors are so unique that you just can't find it at the typical ice cream spot. (Which is why I love this place!!! All the different kinds of flavors).

MIchele B.

Delicious ice cream. The ice cream sandwich is well worth the money and can be easily split between two people.

Saahil S.

I can't believe I hadn't heard of Milkbomb before yesterday. Wow. This is truly quality ice cream! The flavor quality and depth made it a lot more enjoyable than the regular stuff. They're a little pricey and most flavors weren't available (I assume sold out) by ~6p when I went, but staff was COVID-safe and super friendly. My friends and I decided to share a 2 scoop cup consisting of Horchata and Good Morning Vietnam. The Horchata was my favorite of the two, but I have a feeling you can't really go wrong here. I totally recommend trying this place out! Lots of variety and high quality.

Cayla L.

during covid they are taking orders at the door & also not offering samples (understandable) I got a scoop of Ube & a scoop of Good Morning Vietnam & my boyfriend got a scoop of the biscoff cookie butter. Soooo yummy & so authentic. I am a coffee lover but usually don't drink Vietnamese coffee because it is a little strong for me, but the Good Morning Vietnam was perfect! They had ran out of some flavors but I want to come back & try their other flavors! a little pricey, but again..understandable. A single scoop was $4.50 (if I remember correctly) & a double scoop was $6.50.

Katherine G.

This is seriously some of the best ice cream I've had! Milkbomb has such a variety of unique flavors that you wouldn't find anywhere else. I came pretty late at night so there were a lot of flavors that were sold out, but that just means I'll have to come again to try them :). I ended up getting the mint cookie as mint is one of my go-to favorite flavors, and it did not disappoint. There was plenty of cookies mixed within and the ice cream tasted super high quality! The cashier was also super friendly. I'd definitely recommend this place!

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