Missouri Lounge

2600 San Pablo Ave, Berkeley
(510) 548-2080

Recent Reviews

Dawood K.

Covid 19 took away my happiest place on earth. Imagine a place. Not just any place. The place. The only place that doesn't ever let you down. That has a level of consistency you only find with some of the greatest chefs in the world. It's grungy. A little sticky. Dark in some of the best ways possible. An eclectic cast of regulars and bartenders. A youthful handsome devil of a man that owns the bar keeps it just the way it's always been. Couple tips;- don't be an asshole. If you're ordering more than 2 drinks open a tab. - be fucking friendly or I'll kill you. - food in the back is cash only.- and when you're in the patio bring your glass back inside. DONT BE THAT GUY.As the world gets smaller there are farther and fewer places left like this. I'll give my left kidney, right ear, front cortex and my last few good toes to keep this place open.

nate gozlan

One of the only, if not The Only true people's bar in Berkeley. Berkeley is beautiful albeit gentrified, and I'm happy that The Missouri Lounge still stands. Real people, relaxed atmosphere (w/ smoking area outside) normal prices. This place rocks.

Annie Jean

Cool spot to hang out, you can even enjoy a pretty good impossible burger on the outside patio area.

Doug Zhang

Classic dive bar. Really good drink specials and decent bar food (albeit really slow to serve) in the back. Back has lots of outdoor seating.

Micheal Cooke

Friendly atmosphere. Good drinks. Laid back people

Jessica Ann

A little slow with the food (30 min.) and the veggie burger was super spicy despite no warnings. Lots of seating in the back. However it got pretty chilly and it would have been nice if they could have lit the outside heaters. Things look pretty worn down too overall. Friendly staffed and tipped well.


I love place. Super low key. Small but yummy tap selection.

Nels J.

A 21-year-old slacker's idea of a bar, with decent food (and plenty of weed) on the back patio. Come for the shot/beer deal!

Nicholas Torres

Excellent old school Berkeley Dive watering hole. Fantastic Nachos, be sure to get them "loaded". Nice selection on tap, dog friendly patio too!

Matthew Coleman

This is my dance floor and pooltable patio, grab a beer mingle with singles spot. I love it..... any day of the week,??☺️?:-!

Adriana B.

Who doesn't like Missouri lounge! You want divey, take a dip, you want food, they're cooking, you want drink specials, a shot and a beer are yours for a decent price. I like the idea that dogs can come and kick it too. The place always has different kinds of people it's really a Berkeley kind of establishment. There's a pool table inside, it's somewhat dimly lit and there's a bar but the outside area is the place to be. There's always a good ratio of men/women/others and it's not full of testosterone and bro-y. I think I like this place because everyone is just there to chill I never hear people being rambunctious or talking about too much politics. It's a great place for a group, a great place for a date if your date isn't a sophisticated snob. I give this place 5 stars, give this place a shot...and a beer if you've never been.

yvette tannenbaum

A homey dive bar with space, good peeps and a wonderful tented huge backyard

Jesse Boyes

Classy, well lit dive bar. Pool and food among the amenities. Seems to have at least 1 drunk at all times posted. Cheers!

Eric Regalia

Love this place cool little dive var

alonzo price

A very relaxed place. I ordered a brandy and Coke. The prices was very reasonable. I paid $6. I enjoyed the drink and the atmosphere was, very nice and pleasant.

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