Nico's 1508

1508 Walnut St B, Berkeley
(510) 280-5920

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Mark Zorn

I prefer this place a lot. theres a different spirit. The food is very tasty. the service is effective and the team is professional. The pay is modest. I definitely recommend.

Kirill Igumenshchev

Great sangrias!!! Friendly service, also great rooftop!

Shaniqua A.

A friend who knows I like street tacos suggested I try Nico's tacos. Yuck yuck yuck. I just wasted $16.00+ on food that was, yeah, edible, but were awful. Sixteen bucks for two small, not-very-good tacos - I shoulda known better than to order such spendy tacos.Who piles on cabbage onto street tacos? Cabbage is too hard and heavy for tiny tacos.  And small FLOUR tortillas instead of corn tortillas? There is nothing in these tacos that resembles Mexican food/taste. Oh, and the tiny portion of pork was all dried out and tasteless.  I ate this tasteless mess  because I paid dearly for it . . . and I am still hungry.

And talk about overpriced. . .  thank goddess there are several great tacos joints around town but I can't afford to pay for two take-out meals for one dinner.

One can buy great street tacos for $2.50 and $3.50 at several places in Berkeley. how does this place, with its mediocre food, get away with such price gouging?

Tatiana C.

I stumbled upon this place while shopping at Holistic Hound.. and I really enjoyed my meal. I had the BLT with fries and it was so good! The avacodo, tomatoes and lettuce was so fresh! And not to mention, the bread was delicious! My drink was good too! The Yellow Jacket! At first I was like this isn't strong enough but then after sipping it..I was ooookay lol. Friendly staff/ owner if that was him. He kept saying cheers when I had ordered a drink which made my day! Definitely will be back!

Scott Carrington

They serve large dishes and for convenient pricing. friendly owner. Kudos.

Joel Jimenez

Sunday after a hike we stop by for Manhattan's , Sliders and fries. Bartender Katherine was great with good attitude and attention besides the whole pandemic crisis.

Samantha Sherwood

Delicious! Thank you Katherine

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the BEST burgers in the Bay Area. fantastic service, private deck with a view of the bay. Love this place.

Araceli Kopiloff

the BEST burgers in the Bay Area. fantastic service, private deck with a view of the bay. Love this place.

Diego Gaxiola

Service was fantastic and the flavors are on point.

Cal Thomas

Nico’s is a top secret, Berkeley insider’s haven for excellent food (sliders), friendly bartenders and surly locals. Go here if you want to stir up mischief or have a quiet dinner, they surprisingly can accommodate both. Javier is a brilliant chef living the life of a cook and even though Nico has wandered off somewhere in Tilden, you can probably scare up some fables if you play your cards right

Nina P.

Hubby wanted to enjoy the sun while it was out and have lunch. I searched for outdoor dining and came across Nico's. We have not dined in this part of Berkeley and I am always up to trying something new. The host said he didn't have any outdoor seating at the moment available but would seat us outside when a table came available. We started in a booth and moved when the table became available. I ordered Brussel sprouts and the Ahi Sliders. You get 3. Hubby ordered the blackened whitefish sandwich. We both enjoyed our food. It also has a nice wine list. I would go back and would like to try their dinner.

Liz R.

Beautiful location, friendly and knowledgeable staff, and the food was delicious! I would definitely recommend it to everyone.

Mercy Cat

Excellent happy hour. Their porch has gorgeous views. Felt like a lil vacation.

Nicole M.

Made Valentine's Day reservations at least a month and half in advanced and even added a note requesting for one of the private nicer booths , arrived 6:45 , not busy at all the first thing the host does is walk us straight to a table way in the back next to the kitchen and states that the table was also reserved at 8 so I hope this "won't be a problem" ,already feeling rushed like this was an unwelcoming environment we reluctantly sat down , there were two nicer booths and a few decent ones on the other side they seat us in the far back next to the kitchen ..... so much for a romantic Valentine's Day dinner asked to be seated in the nicer booths (three or four were available) and they said they were reserved like really ? ..... I know that because I"M one of the people who MADE a RESERVATION, so we decide not to have dinner here , we ordered some drinks (which we shouldn't have) I regret not just leaving, the Bloody Mary was a $12 tomato juice , no taste of alcohol, no buzz , our waiter was no where to be found after he delivered our drinks and we had to call another (nicer) waiter to get our check. Overall Nico's 1508 left a bad taste, even without eating a bit I will not be returning or making any recommendations to this restaurant.

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