North Beach Pizza

1598 University Ave, Berkeley
(510) 849-9800

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Pizza excellent, delivery is fine...(But for ORDERING, Boostly app is terrible! ...the Slice app is much better, or call north beach pizza directly).My fav pizza, my neighbors think the same.

A.p. F.

The North Beach Special with thick crust is the absolute best! Delicious Cesar Salad too!

Marku R.

I understand that COVID is making things more difficult for everyone, but that's no excuse for terrible customer service.My sister has ordered from them several times and every time something was wrong with the order. I should have avoided ordering at all. My mistake.The pizza was good. It usually is. But I ordered additional items that were not delivered. When I called the restaurant to address the issue, they completely blamed it on their driver and refused to correct my order, offering a refund and claiming they only have one driver and he had another order already.A good team is only as good as it's weakest link and it's not a good sign to be just blaming others instead of considering one member's mistake a mistake of the whole company. Not to mention the person, Julia, was very rude. Absolutely ridiculous. As the customer, if I was charged for something and didn't get it after waiting patiently and then being told I have to wait for a refund (credit card refunds take days) instead of being shown even a modicum or sympathy or respect, I think being upset is understandable.This location has consistently gotten orders wrong and then not even had the decency to act apologetic or show any basic respect! What kind of business is this? I won't order here again. I hope they enjoyed the money I gave them, they won't see another dollar from me.

Greg D.

A pizza in the bay area typically costs between $40 and $80, with the kings of pizzas in San Francisco being the most expensive in the entire world. While the menu here does not state what size they are, they start at just under $30. So instead of ordering a pizza in San Francisco where they run from about $50 - $90 here you can save money - but there's a trade off. A huge amount of bread. The pizzas I have tried from here are about 75% bread with a sparse amount of sauce and cheese and when it comes to meats, they are dismal. The taste is somewhat old skool. They probably have not changed the recipes here for a generation. They are filling, if you are able to eat a savage amount of extremely expensive bread. Friendly staff.

Rachel Gonsalves

Nicest staff! Easy to order online and food is ready right when they say it will be. We ordered a little late last time, but they were so kind and made our pizza anyway, and allowed us to pick it up a little past closing. I’ll do business with this pizzeria again and again, even though it’s a 30-minute drive from home!

Gennyfer S.

Complete waste of money. Inedible salad (their version of Caesar is bad, browning lettuce with too much cheap grated parm and NO DRESSING, pizza that has so much crap on it the slices fall into a wet pile on your plate and chicken wings that are so tasteless the watered down hot sauce they are served with doesn't help. Don't bother your better off skipping a meal.

Joshua K.

North Beach Pizza has been a favorite of mine for 19 years and this location is among the best, using great ingredients and employing friendly, competent staff. 10 out of 10, would eat here again.

Ron L.

"Tradition!" (Tevye, "Fiddler On The Roof") One of our traditions is for me to take the day off from my job, and we go out to eat at the girl's choice, on her first and last days of school. This is 2020, and the govt tyrants are seeing how long they can keep our options limited, so there's not much available. But there is takeout pizza, and there is North Beach Pizza.My first big job was in the SF Financial District, and my coworkers raved about North Beach Pizza. I ate it, and agreed: this is good! Since then, they've opened other restaurants around the Bay Area, so others can enjoy it.I went onto Yelp and placed an order for two pizzas: a small build-your-own with pepperoni, bacon, and olives, and the medium meat lovers. No drinks; cans of Coke are $2.50 each, and why buy that when you can get Big Gulps three times bigger at the 7-11 one block away for less than half the price? (which is what we did) Said we'd be there at 1:00, and when we walked into the empty restaurant (the dine-in option is now against regulations), the pizzas were sitting there waiting for us. To quote our favorite burger place, we were In-n-Out, and off to Tilden to wipe the pizzas out.North Beach Pizza is not a greasy, salty pie. It's well made and healthier. The meat-lovers was loaded with pepperoni, ham, salami, and sausage, cheese covered some of the toppings, all of the toppings had a fresh taste to them. I ate some slices later in the day, and even after microwaving them they still had that good strong taste. As for the girl's pizza, it was so loaded down that you could barely see the cheese. She loved it. It's not as good as Zachary's, few pizzas are that good.I didn't get a good look inside, but it looks like a great place for large groups. Good sized parking lot, and you should be able to find parking on the street. Convenient location on University, so I wouldn't be surprised if it's a favorite with students from Berkeley High and Cal, both which are less than a mile away.North Beach Pizza took their magic and planted it in the East Bay, so come on over if you want to see what the fuss is about.

dharma whiplash

North Beach Pizza has the best GF pizza in the bay area. It's even better than my homemade GF pizza, and you can't beat the service. North Beach Pizza is great for family dinners with gluten free pizza and salads.

Kathy McGraw

Absolutely wonderfully flavorful food! Freshness, spices and authentic cuisine!!

cindy villanueva

Pizza was delicious .. Friendly fast pick up

Lk Y.

This place hands down at one of the best pizzas I've ever had. The customer service here was out of the world. They're very welcoming and are willing to answer any questions you have.

Sarah Frances

Amazing ordering, delivery and food!! Thank you North Beach Pizza! You never disappoint!!!❤️

Lea Pia

We ordered for take out with the kids and the pizza was gone within less then 30 minutes. The dough was excellent and just the right amount of sauce and cheese. We will definitely come back for more of this very delicious pizza. We loved it.

Jeffrey Samuelson

Just had my own experience with a shady contactless refusing deliver driver from North Beach Pizza. He refused to follow Contactless delivery request and insisted on us walking outside to his car. While I got my mask, he stomped up the stairs, took a picture of the pizza on the designated table, then immediately picked it up and took it away.

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