100 Berkeley Square, Berkeley
(510) 486-8027

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Marian F.

I got their breakfast burrito with steak and it wasn't the greatest or the worst! Could use a little more flavor with the meat but overall a pretty cheap spot for the amount of food. The hot sauce on the side is a must to account for the lack of seasoning

Rick Y.

Ordered the gyro today, which is usually good. Saw that the cook made it with no gloves and no mask. I asked him about it and he said his mask was in the back room. I pushed the gyro back across the counter and left. Keep my money. Never coming back.

Neal Witt

Top notch breakfast burrito



Jensen N.

One of the last home style restaurants for a decent price in the bay. Has one of the nicest owners and home-y feel. Love the decorations!

Cheryl Riley

My favorite place.

P. J.

My go to for over 30 years when I need the best breakfast burrito I have ever had. I get bacon, and baby do they hook you up.

Adam FourTwenty

Owner so nice. Remembered us from high school. He deserves it. Been there for years.

Ed U.

It was as basic as basic gets, but it was good, hearty eating and sometimes that's all you need, especially if you're a Cal undergrad on a limited budget. I haven't been an undergrad since I was knee-high to a man, but Jamie W. and I were milling about the youth of Berkeley and landed here for lunch. The owner was pretty friendly and the place definitely had some regulars hanging out and chatting him up. It was a pretty straightforward menu centered around their specialties, beef gyros and chicken kabobs. If I was barely twenty and unconcerned about my metabolism, I probably would've gone for a burrito and a hot plate. But of course, we focused on the salad options. Jamie went for the $9.95 Gyros Salad (photo: http://bit.ly/39rZFOV), while I had the $9.95 Chicken Kabob Salad (photo: http://bit.ly/31Fq4pt) - both robust bowls made identically with lettuce, tomato, diced onion, and full of meat. We both got a few pita wedges with plenty of tzatziki sauce (photo: http://bit.ly/31LxYhd). It was nothing extraordinary but it was plenty satisfying for hungry undergrads like us. Oh wait, that ain't us. FOOD - 3 stars...solid meat salads, that's it AMBIANCE - 3 stars...a lot of Fingerhut tchotchkes in here SERVICE - 4 stars...friendly TOTAL - 3 stars...student-priced meaty salads RELATED - Exploring Berkeley? Here's a collection of places I've visited and reviewed: http://bit.ly/2CbVh8u

Geoffrey S.

WOW! I stopped in for business and decided to grab some food to go. AMAZING. No need to decide between a gyro and a burrito because I ordered the Gyro Burrito and it was absolutely delicious. The only regret I have is that I must go back home to Phoenix at the end of the week and can't eat there all the time. At least I was smart enough to order breakfast for tomorrow to take back to the hotel.

Andres Galdos

I have a burrito supreme, not the best, however I'll try it again

M-L Aaltonen

Best breakfast burrito around. Choice of meat or leave it veggie. Always fresh. Reasonable price for excellent quality and great service. This is our go-to for years. Tried other places around downtown Berkeley but Pollo's is consistently the best! The family that runs the place is always there and so friendly . Support local business!

Matthew L.

Seldom do I have the opportunity to enjoy a cozy and comforting breakfast in Berkeley--more broadly, the San Francisco Bay Area. Original Pollo offers a variety of flavor as diverse as the diner's name. I will be coming back for more of those home fries. Also, I loved how carefully cooked my over easy eggs were. I will definitely be coming back and intend to recommend to my both my friends and family.

Micah Brush

A great diner downtown Berkeley. No frills, delicious well prepared breakfast and yummy breakfast burritos. Also the staff is so friendly! The guy who took my order knew I liked my eggs over easy only the second time I went there. Highly recommend for tasty breakfast downtown. It seems popular for lunch too, especially with the high schoolers, so I'll have to branch out from eggs soon!

Tom W.

Moe and Mostafa Hallaji are the most welcoming hosts in all of Downtown Berkeley. They've been serving wholesome and affordable meals in the same location for over 30 years--an amazing feat in this trendy town. This is an unpretentious and homey diner with delicious food. The chicken kabob salad is the best, healthiest meal around. Highly recommended!!

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