Pacific Standard Tap Room

2055 Center St, Berkeley
(510) 705-1248

Recent Reviews

Violeta Laralá

Vibe is okay. The waitress was so in a hurry to serve me that she didn't get to hear I actually wanted a small beer. Beer was good (but overpriced, as I paid for a full one when I wanted half)

Craig T.

Good example of your solid, standard tap room. Nothing too noteworthy, but it's a nice place. They have a pretty solid happy hour, which applies to a large selection of their beer list. It was quit warm when I visited despite it not being very crowded, but it was a hot day so it's probably not normal.

Sean Rouse

Friendly knowledgeable folks behind the bar. Great selection of craft beers, both on-tap and in bottles to take home. Weekday happy hour until 6 PM. Discounts on Mondays ($5 off growler fills) and Wednesdays (One beer on the tap list is $3 a pint.) Other specials are on their FaceBook page. Steps away from Downtown Berkeley BART.

Vincent L.

This is one of many decent, interchangeable options for a solid craft brew (plus a bite on the side) that have popped up in downtown Berkeley over the last few years. While they're affiliated with Half Moon Bay Brewing, many of their taps feature other breweries. In total, there are about 25-30 draft brews to choose from. You can even sample as many as you want via a flight. There is even a modest food selection, and if I remember correctly, they're not averse to you bringing in outside food. Service is fast and efficient too. Even though this is supposedly progressive Berkeley, the crowd can reek of young white male privilege, but all in all, it's not a douchetastic atmosphere. Just beware of folks who have had one drink too much and can't keep their loud, annoying voices in check.

Michael Kerr

Good selection of beers

Kevin L.

Steps from the downtown Berkeley BART station, Pacific Standard is such a good spot for a beer after work. The table in the window is lovely in the afternoon sun, but the long shared tables or the bar are also great. Wide beer selection, with an emphasis on Half Moon Bay of course. They also do these mini-pretzels that are pretty amazing. Happy hour deals are solid, and they do sell growlers.

Sam K.

This place is neat! You can make your own flights with their ~$3 a glass baby pints!! Good mix!!

Natalie Vi

It's illegal to add automatic gratuity to cards on file. Unless its a party of 15 and over. They Added an additional tip on my card that was not approved by myself. A tip slip is financial contract between the bank and the customer. What you folks are doing is ILLEGAL!

Jerico O.

Come for the beer, stay for a chat. Love the local vibe of this spot. It's a cozy place where you can pull up to the bar and get a beer from a local brewery. Check what's on tap as they have several on rotation so there's always something new to try, along with your favorites. Communal tables make it easy to meet a new friend, or a rival when there's a game on. Cheers to a good time.

W. T.

This place has become one of our favorite local spots to grab a drink. Good beer (and a few wine options, as well), delicious snacks, super friendly and good service. Can't beat the $4 hot dogs during baseball season, either.

Jennifer A.

The beer here is AWESOME! The selection includes an eclectic list of locally brewed craft beers a large selection of which are, of course, from Half Moon Bay Brewery. After sampling the Saison and an IPA we just had to try the New England style Belching Beaver. Every beer was super tasty. The space is cozy with a bar and long center high top that you can share with the friends you make while enjoying beer and snacks. The service was excellent. The food was all tasty, but super pricey for what we got. The menu had delicious things like pretzel bites, pickle plate, grilled cheese, deviled eggs and charcuterie. We ordered just about everything. It all tasted great. The sad thing is that the pickle plate is $6 for some sad, thin, pickled cucumber and carrots which were included as garnish on all of the other plates. There were only 5 pretzel bites in an order so we ended up with two to serve our group of 6. The grilled cheese was delicious with a yummy salad on the side. If you just want beer, go to here. If you are hungry for food, grab some somewhere else beforehand so you won't be sad when you get there.

Art O.

I finally had a chance to come here after bookmarking this place for a while now. I met up with a friend before we went out to see a show at the Ivy Room. Luckily she was able to save a spot for us at the bar and we got to try a couple of the beers from their selection. Don't remember the exact name of the beers but they were good and the service was friendly and on point. Definitely will be returning.

Jacob Morgan

Good selection of beer. Half Moon Bay affiliated, but they have lots of good beers from other Bay Area breweries.

Candice G.

What a cute lil spot for some brew! I had no idea this tap room is affiliated with Half Moon Bay Brewing Company. It'd been a few years since i've visited the half moon bay location and they've come a long way, baby. We were headed to a show nearby and only had time for a beer and some snacks but everything was great. I loved the kolsch- 100% would get that again. Also their pretzel knots are rad, good deviled eggs, and a delicious grilled cheese that kind of tastes like it's on Lay's potato chip bread. The place isn't huge but for the size they have an admirable amount of seating and a big, clean restroom... which sounds boring but a clean bathroom in these parts of Berkeley is harder to find than you think.

Zac Woodward

Fantastic beer selection, friendly staff, light food

Adrian Merry

Good selection, nice staff.

Rob Hawks

Great beer selection including styles I almost never see at taprooms, brew pubs, etc, plus they served my all time favorite beer.

Stephanie Y.

I really love this small little beer bar. This is Half Moon Bay's taproom, but they also serve up a ton of other local varieties to enjoy in house or take to go. You can even purchase a growler and fill it up! There's the bar, a super long communal table and a nice corner booth. I spied some board games in the corner and they have some screens for movie watching, or I'd imagine game watching. I was here many moons ago at a Yelp event and really enjoyed it, but it took me this long to come back (a few times) and give my review; I'm sorry Pacific Standard Tap Room! Their brews are so great! You can do pint sized, but you can also do half pints and tasters to make your own flight option. They easily have 20 different brews on draft, it's so awesome. I'm totally crushing on Half Moon Bay's 'In The Fog' beer (or something along those lines). So crisp, so refreshing. They have food! The pretzels and beer cheese all day, everyday! SO DANG GOOD. I wasn't a fan of the chips and salsa; it was pretty pedestrian. They should work on it, especially since their food menu is so limited. I look forward to trying their grilled cheese next time! Great beer, great atmosphere, great staff, would love to see more food options (and better chips and salsa)!

Justin S.

For dinner, instead of eating a solid meal like some sort of normal person, I opted for this venue and its beverages. I had three beverages totaling $21 pre-tax. The first beverage I sampled, a farmhouse lager, possessed a hint of bitterness on the nose and no lingering aftertaste. My second beverage, a Kolsch (collaboration w/BABG), seemed more bitter than a standard Kolsch, almost like a kolsch/IPA fusion. It proved more bitter than my palate would like, but seemed crisp and refreshing nonetheless. My third and last beverage, the Craftsman Heavenly Hefe, had a strong banana flavor on nose. While the banana flavor faded a bit on the body, only the aftertaste seemed devoid of fruit. I would prefer a more nuanced banana flavor. Ultimately, I enjoyed the venue's variety of beers. While some I tried did not match my palate, I found nothing objectively offending. The beers seemed in line with their price points and the staff seemed friendly.

Venkatraman R.

Nice collection of local and some regional beers. Most of their beers come from the half moon bay brewing company. My personal favorite was their Lost in the Fog, Milkshake IPA. They also have some wine and ciders along with small bites which you can grab to eat. Very friendly staff. You can also buy bottles and growlers from them. They would do well to expand their beer menu to more local beers. They are not the biggest of places, but dont think you can hold that against a tap room.

Frank L.

This is my newest find in the East Bay for beer. Very pleased it's there - as it's easy to find (just outside the Downtown Berkeley BART station) and has good beer selections on the menu. I was a tad disappointed my first time there since the charcuterie plate was unavailable because, apparently, the head chef wasn't there to do the ordering. Sorta odd that no one else could do the ordering but whatever. I'll be back to sample more beer and see if that platter is back in circulation.

Kelly C.

Perfect place for a beer lover! Tried this place out during restaurant week and ordered a beer flight with the pretzels. Loved the variety of beers. The pretzels were also better than expected; they were so soft and served warm with mustard and a cheese sauce on the side. Would highly recommend

Keith B.

This is a really great beer house in Berkeley. I've been once before. The look and style of the place is really cool, and the beers are great. It is super convenient from the Bart station and the central downtown area.

Margarita Savkina

They always have a great selection of beers! We come at least once a week and they always let us taste their new sours on tap :) great place to experience different beers!

Richard Thomas

Sweet spot to drop in for a snack and a beer with easy going surroundings

Rachel L.

This place is the best. I come here often. I am mostly writing this in response to the 1 star review, as I witnessed this interaction and it is not all like the guy says it was. Yes, I'm late to the party, because I don't yelp a lot and I think it's important to give an impartial view since I don't work at this bar and can speak freely. A Mexican Voter ID is not a legal ID to show when a bartender asks you. It's just not. Like, if the guy had been undercover and shown that ID and she had given him a beer, the bar could've been fined or shut down. The bar should not receive such a bad review for simply following CA law. He says what if he was traveling? Show your passport. As I watched the interaction, I was ready to jump in and defend her judgment, because she was doing her job, and he was being a jerk about it. I've been a bartender before and it's a male-dominated industry. It's a male-dominated customer base. You feel me? Some situations are not-winnable and anyone with a yelp can yelp about it. She did everything she could do to both do her job and make him happy. I mean, it's a college town and the high school is RIGHT THERE. There is every reason to card folks who might be under 40, beard or not. Why do I come here? The happy hour is the best price for the best beer you can get. I hesitate to even say that because when I get there early enough and it's dead they play the better Cable TV shows that aren't all about sports. I know sports bring people in, but also I love my SyFy channel and TBS. X-files for days. Also the pretzel knots with the beer cheese are to die for. I'm just waiting on that walking taco to come back for 5/5. I've gotten to know the bartenders and they are really f*cking rad. There's a vibe here that lends itself to good random conversation and I've made some friends from simply being a lush. I'm the moss on the wall. If I corporate reads this, y'all need more belgian blondes on tap as not all of us are IPA heads.

Collin F.

Good beer and staff is helpful and know about the beers they're serving, no food really there so don't go expecting to eat as well

im broken

Great selection of beers on tap. Their happy hour is sweet and the daily specials are great. 5 bucks off growler refills on Mondays, 20% off their Half Moon Bay bottled beers on Tuesdays, and other deals during the rest of the week that I cant remeber. But they are also great deals. I know one day has 2 dollars off 1 specific beer for the night, but i dont remeber if its Wednesday or Thursday. If youre in downtown Berkeley, its worth a visit.

Emile Kfouri

Good bar with decent beer selection and appetizers but there are better places to go in the hood.


Cool live music+trivia. Good selection of beers.

Elizabeth Lennox

Love this place. The food is *almost* as good as the beer, but nothing is as good as beer. �

Javier C.

Careful if you are a foreign visitor in Berkeley trying to get a beer in this place. The new female bartender doesn't feel comfortable with foreign IDs, as they are not legal in California she says. I asked her what if this the ID that I have with me now as I am just visiting? She replied: do you want your beer? You are being mean, she said. Never had a problem before and never expected that in Berkeley. FYI, my ID clearly shows my date of birth, my address in California, however it shows a Mexican logo as it is a Mexican consular ID issued by the Mexican consulate in San Francisco, with descriptions in English and Spanish

Scotty Fell

Perfect HBC satellite. Love the beer.

Jesse Naftel

I had a flight. They brought out a beer I didn't order. When o said something, the waitress apologized, said she would bring out what I wanted, and never returned. The beer I did have was not good. The stout and porter were not as thick as they should be. Tastes like they did not use enough grains (which is how they save money), but this really effects the style and mouthfeel. Ambience is cool. The coffee porter needs more coffee. The dark mild ale was mediocre. I will never come back here again. And I LOVE going to breweries.

Tiffany D.

New England beer was quite a citrus and sweet surprise! I like the contemporary vibes to this sport's bar and it makes for great beer tasting and to be chill. Maybe, to bar hop as well! Very nice selections! In the convenience of downtown Berkeley bart station.

Lydia Amber

Great beer selection and very knowledgeable bartenders. They really helped us explore and enjoy our stay in Berkeley and San Francisco.

Lydia Hernandez

Great beer selection and very knowledgeable bartenders. They really helped us explore and enjoy our stay in Berkeley and San Francisco.

Scott Moreno

Taste the beers before u choose. Too many good selections. The IPA selection is legit.

Sunil S.

Small bar that's very centrally located (a stone's throw from Downtown Berkeley BART station). Parking can be tough around it - I normally spend a while trying to look for street parking and then give up and pay for the garage that's on Center Street. They have a decent selection of beers, usually have one cider on the menu (which seems to be more than most bars) and occasionally have sours and similar beers. Not a huge selection of soft drinks - the usual sparkling colas but none of the diet varieties, and La Croix. We visited at 8:45pm on a Wednesday night and there was plenty of seating (but it wasn't entirely empty - so about the right level of crowdedness). Doesn't quite have the ambience of places like Jupiter, but is more upmarket (and consequently, for some reason, the floor is less sticky) than Cornerstone.

Paul Anderson

Nice place to hang out and talk. Great beer selection and the bartenders know their stuff. They have happy hour specials and snacks too (try the grilled cheese!).