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Toni M.

Paisan/Longbranch has been one of our primary takeout spots for dinner during COVID times.  The food has been good, aside from a few forgotten items and the overly brined roasted chicken last week that tasted like the barely edible chicken I had at Longbranch several years ago.  Paisan's has not been like that at all.  But this review was prompted by tonight's dinner, which was fabulous.  This weekend is a fundraiser for the family of one of the cooks, whose family in Honduras was flooded out by Hurricane Eta.  There is a special menu of Honduran dishes.  We decided to order it.

There was sangria for $9, beef empanadas w/ roasted tomato sauce for $10, Honduran style fried chicken served w/ crispy plantains, tomato sauce, cabbage and aioli for $20 and coconut tres leches cake for $6.  I ordered it all, sharing the empanadas and the chicken leg w/ Alan, who ordered a hamburger and fries.  He ordered and I picked it up.  

Everything was there and well packaged.  The sangria was in a bottle that had been sealed and it was chilled.  I opened it and poured it into a wine glass.  In addition to red wine and brandy, it contained finely diced pieces of apple.  It was marvelous.  The empanadas were delicious, much better than some we'd had last week from a local bakery.  The sauce complemented it well, w/ good flavor but no heat.  They were accompanied by a small salad which was heavy on shredded carrots and a pleasure to eat.  The chicken was excellent, w/o brine to make it salty.  My only complaint is that I received an extra piece of breast rather than a thigh.  Others probably would be pleased, but the thigh and the wing are my favorite pieces, so I was disappointed.  I did get the wing.  The crispy plantain pieces were plentiful and had a nice dipping sauce.  There was a shredded cabbage salad w/ a tasty dressing.  The cake for dessert was good, but I could have skipped it and felt virtuous.  All the food was very good and I love that the restaurants' owners did a fundraiser like this.  It speaks well of them.

Suzanna Sitomer

Nice dessert, beautiful steak, pretty average spaghetti bolognese. During Covid, has a wonnnnnderful outdoor space out the back with plenty of spaced out seating.

Daphne D.

Abysmal service, some of the worst I have ever experienced.  Food is sometimes really good, sometimes really bad.  Even when the food is good, the service leaves such a bad taste in my mouth that it overshadows everything.  "Waiters"/cashiers (not sure of their exact role as they don't seem to do much) have foul attitudes especially the light skinned male with long hair and a baseball cap.  You have to go up to the register to order everything.  So you get up from your table several times to ask for any and all items (ie. water, food, drinks, refills, napkins, cutlery, things they forgot).  No one will check in and ask how you're doing or care.  

They start frantically cleaning up all the tables at least an hour before closing so you feel rushed and anxious.  Staff is handling garbage in between begrudgingly bringing food/drinks to tables which I find disgusting.

I went to this restaurant several times while on clinical rotation because I was staying in the area.  I kept overtipping (which I usually do) thinking it was just an off night but it kept getting worse.  There was one excellent waiter who actually came up to the tables and brought things to customers with excitement and a smile but he was only there one time out of about 10 times that I went.  He is why I kept going back but I never saw him again.  9/10 times it's the long haired terrible guy.  

The last time I went I finally said something about the service, that they should focus on the paying customers who are eating and wanting to enjoy their meals instead of obsessively throwing out garbage in hopes of closing up early.  I was met once again with a poor attitude and for the first time in my life I left no tip.  On some nights I loved the pizza here but I simply can not recommend a place with this type of service to anyone.  AVOID!

Alexander Chu

Really nice back patio setup. Tables are spaced out well and they have some nice string lights to give it a really pretty vibe. Plates and utensils we're disposable for now, but I did get real cutlery for my steak.The food and drinks are great too. Got a ribeye that was perfectly cooked. My GF got the salmon which also was very good. Veggies we're fresh. Drinks were incredible. I got a pepper bourbon lemon drink that was spicy and tart, while my partner got a rosemary Negroni that was too die for. For the second round I got a classic Manhattan that was one of the best I've had.Overall a really nice date place that made us forget about covid for at least one night.

Bri Lop

The food there is to die for they have amazing service and very nice people. They even have an outside choice, so if you don't want to sit and eat I side you can outside. It is a wonderful place to have lunch dinner with friends, family and even yourself. I strongly recommend you to go there and have your taste buds amazed.????????? ??????????????

Phil J.

Good pizza. They're doing a good job with COVID-19 outdoor seating. (Not keeping customers masked at all times other than whitest eating but -- people are idiots.)


The food there is to die for they have amazing service and very nice people. They even have an outside choice, so if you don't want to sit and eat I side you can outside. It is a wonderful place to have lunch dinner with friends, family and even yourself. I strongly recommend you to go there and have your taste buds amazed.????????? ??????????????

Jimmy L.

Technically this is a review for both Paisan & Longbranch. They're neighbors that have decided to join forces (and menus) to share a patio space. Their safety procedures were strict/good. The tables are spaced etc. We felt safe. The service was friendly, nice as they tried to make their "soft opening" work. The food was great! I had a great mushroom pizza, the wife had a ribeye that even I had to have a bite (I don't eat red meat much). So check these guys out!

Nazreen K.

I've patronized Paisan many years. Current operations - food and service are disappointing. Two weeks ago I ordered roast chicken dinner. I was embarrassed for my guest. Blood in chicken joints. Sent it back. Kitchen recooked. Staff apologized.Tonight, repeat performance. When I placed the same order with the cashier I requested the chicken be well-cooked and cited my experience two weeks ago. He acknowledged. I also told the regular waiter serving this evening to please make sure chicken is well-cooked, again referring to recent experience. Fell on deaf ears. My guest tonight had similar reaction as the guest two weeks ago. I took the platter to the cashier and asked for the chicken to be cooked more. The woman who brought it back recalled my experience from two weeks ago and was surprised my request tonight was not taken seriously. She apologized and said she will speak to kitchen staff to 'turn up the heat in the oven.'As I was leaving, the manager was standing right beside the cashier. He didn't say a word to me or my guest who is also a regular of Paisan and who the manager recognized. I have had the same dish many times at the adjacent restaurant Longbranch. Never had a bad experience. COVID or not, chicken should always be well-cooked because of risk of botulism. Chicken should never be served 'pink' with bloody joints. I am very disappointed with Paisan. Disgusted with the manager who couldn't be bothered with two silver-haired brown-skinned women, one using a cane. The service at Paisan has deteriorated. The cashier said the reason for the chicken being undercooked was because 'it's a young chicken!' Our waiter who is always glad to see us didn't say a word. Only the Asian woman who brought back the recooked chicken, and who remembered the incident from two weeks ago, had any experience with what is expected from a restaurant, both in food quality and preparation and service. I almost did not leave a tip. But I decided the waiting staff or cashier should not be penalized for a cook who doesn't know how to use a chicken thermometer, or a manager who - well it's time for a new one.

Niamh Falter

The first place we've ordered delivery from that's remembered to pack everything! And the food was super delicious. I especially loved the cheese pizza, corn, and strawberry shortcake.

Juan Carlos B.

Best crusty pizza in the area, they have a wood burning oven that gives a wonderful flavor to the food, if you there you need to try the chicken is so good, I love this place

Julia Y.

Take-out review for Longbranch/Paisan: Regarding the "out-of-stock" errors via the Caviar app: We tried using the Caviar app to order dinner but the system kept throwing an error, saying that the kitchen was out of certain entrees. We were specifying an advanced order (pickup was about 40 minutes in advance compared to the ASAP pick-up) so after multiple unsuccessful tries to place an order, on a whim, decided to order the ASAP pick-up. Suddenly, the app said the entrees were in stock. We are mystified why this was happening -- we hope they fix this glitch, otherwise it may stymie business! We ordered three items: 1) Margherita pizza, 2) Italian sausage pizza, 3) Italian meatballs for the appetizer. FYI the meatballs came with a little tomato sauce, which was great for dipping the crust! The Margherita pizza was very delicious as the mozzarella portions were generous! I wasn't a fan of the Italian sausage pizza as it is a white pizza, so was rather plain tasting. However, the sausages were made fresh and scattered generously on the pie. It was still a yummy pizza all in all. I also enjoyed the Paisan meatballs. There were 4 in total and were very fresh. Great job Paisan! Next time we order in we will also be checking out the to-go cocktails. Thank you for a delicious, weekend dinner meal!

Leslie J.

Truly showing up during the Covid-crisis with affordable high quality eats.

Kaye K.

We've been ordering here though-out the shelter in place, and are so grateful for the high quality food, nice selection and relative affordability given the quality. They deliver via caviar and you can also pick up. Highly recommend the chicken dinners, hamburger and bolognese pasta. And the sides are great: Caesar salad, asparagus and Brussel sprouts are all great. Eating your Veggies are important during quarantine and they make them delicious. Highly recommend!

Sara Evinger

really nice people. Good pizza, salads, pasta. Can't wait to go back in person, but for now they are doing a great job with phone orders and safe curbside pickup.

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