Paris Baguette

2150 Shattuck Ave #110, Berkeley
(510) 845-0404

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The barista making the drinks was very rude. I was waiting for my drink and look at one that was done and gave me a bad attitude

Cabrini Haynes-Isaac

Blueberry yogurt cake is the best!

Sean Schluntz

This review is more about the staff and restaurant and not the food itself.

Sean S.

This review is more about the staff and restaurant and not the food itself. The food, when you can get it, is quite good, the problem is the company seems to be so busy focusing on their catering customers they don't put effort into the walk ins. I go by this location almost every work day, they open at 7 but by 7:45 their pastry trays are mostly empty, often it's not even a quarter of them. I can see racks of pastries inside the food preparation area but no one putting it out for purchase. Croissants are a great example, 9 out of 10 times I go in between 7:30 and 7:45 there are none out for sale. Like I wrote I can see them on the rolling racks, but when I ask I'm usually just told that they will be brought out later. A couple of times I've been told they will ask someone to bring them out (about 10 to 15 minutes if they are willing), they have never been willing to go and grab one or a few for me. Every other bakery I go to has their shelves / displays stocked before they open, but this one is a constant disappointment.

Catherine Wharton

The place can be a bit busy and the lines get long. I am a fan of their sandwiches and I hear they have good macaroons. Try to come here when the lines are short. It’s not the most cozy place to study off campus—but if you’re determined there is usually sufficient seating. The atmosphere is a bit loud and the tables are not always cleaned in between customers. A good alternative to going to Peet’s when it gets super crowded and you are looking for a place to sit.


They have Free WiFi with the code on the wall which is always a plus. This Paris Baguette location is kind of dirty and the shelves were pretty empty but I still like the place and would come back. Unfortunately the staff really seems like they don't wanna be there though. Unfriendly, no smiles or greetings. Also, there are rips in most of the chairs and seating.

Kate Yelkovan

They have Free WiFi with the code on the wall which is always a plus. This Paris Baguette location is kind of dirty and the shelves were pretty empty but I still like the place and would come back. Unfortunately the staff really seems like they don't wanna be there though. Unfriendly, no smiles or greetings. Also, there are rips in most of the chairs and seating.

Minyoung Anna Lim

The shelves were quite empty around lunch time, with limited choices of bread and pastries. Store crews are not friendly. Worth taking a walk or driving an extra mile to 85C.

Anna L.

The shelves were quite empty around lunch time, with limited choices of bread and pastries. Store crews are not friendly. Worth taking a walk or driving an extra mile to 85C.

Житуха В Америке

They used to make great coffee, then they changed the stuff and coffee started to be consistently disgusting the food is great, no complaints.

Selena L.

Stopped by to grab breakfast on the way to the airport. The bakery looks really nice from the outside, but is a little crusty once you get inside. I grabbed a muffin and an iced tea; both were pretty decent. However, the lady making my tea made sure to take a longggg time, which was a bit irritating, especially since I was in a hurry.

Cari A.

Located right across of the downtown Bart station, this place is very conveniently located. Similar to places like sheng kee, you get a tray, liner, and tongs, and select what you want. Pros: -good royal pudding, very cute size and presentation -seating is available -accept credit cards Cons: -no drink menus visible when I went this morning -no clean trays were available next to the tongs, only dirty ones so I had to carry my almond croissant in hand with only the liner.

Barbara L.

Food OK, service terrible!! I ordered a nonfat cappuccino and was given a 2% latte. When I tried to send it back, I was told they did not have nonfat milk. No one told me that when I ordered. There was no explanation for the latte substitution. The person I spoke with was surprised that 2% was not OK! She went to get a manager, and I asked for an espresso instead. They owed me $2 back (difference in cost), but did not offer it. I was with my grandson and son and didn't want to spend anymore time on it. I won't go back. The $2 can be their undeserved tip.

Shweta K.

Indulge in some self care by picking up a fruit tart and coffee before heading into work! Paris Baguette is filled with yummy pastries, great for an sweet start for your morning or afternoon snack. Although the selection and the store are both quite large, it isn't the cleanest or comfiest spot to hang around so I would suggest picking up a pastry to go and sit at a coffee shop nearby or going back to work.

Нюра News

They used to make great coffee, then they changed the stuff and coffee started to be consistently disgusting the food is great, no complaints.

Mitsu H.

I love Paris Baguette -- pastries and breads are always vastly better than alternatives, which is even more impressive for a chain. However, I am disturbed to see all the reports of bad service at this location. I myself have never had bad service, but I am concerned that despite many reports of poor service, management has only responded to a single negative review on Yelp. Come on, PB you can do better than that.


The desserts were ok, but the service was unacceptable. I guess they were very tired, but they are under no circumstance allowed to just put the tables around us up when starting their closing routine BEFORE CLOSING TIME.

Jon Swift

Was happy with my choices of Mozzarella toast with bacon and egg and cheese tarlette

Faye Donnelley

Food was good enough, but the staff was not friendly at all - asking us to not use an available part of the restaurant because ‘this area was closed’. Probably unwelcoming enough to make me not want to go back.

Esther Christophe

Situés à la sortie de la gare de Berkley, il est très accessible.

Emily P.

This is my first time trying Paris Baguette after seeing this everywhere. Mango has always been my all time favorite, but this cake is something else. It's so delicious and creamy, just the look of it looks appetizing, and just eating it . The cake was literal heaven to me, just putting the cake into my mouse and tasting the mango, the creaminess all in one bit was so amazing. The price for this slice of cake was definitely worth it. Will be coming back for more!!

Mouloud Seggar

0 customers service , no greeting or welcome, spend 30 minutes to find a parking , I choosed a$35 8’’x2’’ cake and the cashier sad : they can’t write happy birthday for my baby turning 2 . Thanks to whole food little less quality but $12.99 great customer service .closing at 10 pm they mean it

Catrina S.

Wow, how do you make your croissant so flaky, crunchy, and delicious? I also was pleasantly surprised by the decent brewed coffee, especially on a Sunday afternoon. It's tough to do business in downtown Berkeley, a man came in asking for free pastry and was denied by the staff. After his failed attempt to ask other customers to purchase him a pastry, he helped himself and cursed on the way out. The staff remained calm while assisting other customers. My only complaint would be the price, but I understand the cost of doing business is obviously very high!

Tammy W.

***Update*** I've been a regular at this bakery for the last 4-5 years. While the quality of baked goods have remained relatively stable and well during this time, I've noticed a huge and disappointing drop in the quality of service. Over these last two months especially, I've had my orders of drinks forgotten or made incorrectly, and the way people speak to their customers have remained really unpleasant and curt. The restroom has always been dirty and poorly maintained; in fact, the entire cafe has always been on the dirtier side. I still like this bakery as a place to sit and get some work done, but I thought I'd update this review and give it a fairer rating now that I've had more experience with different cafes at this point in time. I would not recommend coming here if you're expecting clean space/pleasant service, but the baked goods are good (not salads/sandwiches). ------------------------------------ I'm a regular at this cute bakery. It's one of my favorite places to study- the decor is nice, the room itself is wide and open, there's large windows that let in lots of natural light, and there's always soft jazz/classical music playing in the background. The baked goods are tasty- there's lots of variety and everything is baked fresh. Some new items even have taste samples set out for people to try. I've liked everything on their menu so far- sandwiches, pastries, cakes, teas, coffees, ice cream. The iced hazelnut latte here is my favoriteAnd the African nectar tea is great too, or the chamomile citrus. The caffeine is very effective in their drinks.

Amanda H.

I ordered a drink here one time and I really enjoyed it. It must have been either the iced cafe latte or iced green tea latte. I frequented Paris Baguette in Midtown of Manhattan so often that I thought I'd try this location. I was happy with my drink, which gives me reason to give 5 stars to Paris Baguette.

Benjamin Scott

Fast, good quality, bit pricier / fewer options than Taiwanese bakeries but reasonable

Saharai O.

their employees need some more common sense. I'm in my first trimester of pregnancy, in need of a bathroom urgently all the time, although I am not showing. I asked quickly if I could use the bathroom and buy something after and the cashier wouldn't budge, saying I could not use the bathroom until AFTER I paid for something. Even when I said I was pregnant and need the bathroom immediately (was feeling very nauseous after BART). They're instructed to follow the rules, but would it have been better if I vomited or peed before making it to the bathroom? I would've paid for something afterward. Not coming back here.

Hassan Al Mamari

So disappointed too many homeless inside the store

Erin P.

Sandwich options were different here, had one with grape but not cranberry was still good. Had a gluten free chocolate chip muffin which was also good. They recycle well here to sort out trash properly.

Gel Z.

Layout is nice and modern. There are white seats and tables where people can work and eat. Bathroom here is not free and only for customers, though they are gross looking and unclean, with no changing tables inside. Typical bakery with lots of sweets, bread, and desserts for a reasonable price. They also offer packed lunches and drinks. Macaron ice cream and popsicle bars are located in the fridge near the restroom. Best things to get here are the macarons, cakes, or the pastries. Drinks here are okay, definitely not comparable to the frappes, teas, and coffee offered at Starbucks.

Mariah B.

Paris Baguette became my go-to bakery when I was a student at the local college, and I have been a regular ever since. It's a cute, quaint little spot that has the perfect seating for studying, or meeting up with friends. Their desserts are delicious, and I love that they have seasonal treats. I am especially partial to their sandwiches and chiffon cakes. My one complaint is their customer service. None of the employees smile or greet you, and I have seen a couple of them scoff and roll their eyes at some of the customers. I know customer service can be difficult when patrons are rude, but being polite makes for a pleasant experience for everyone.

Andrew Wang

Food was fine, but the interiors need a good cleaning and renovation.

Saharnaz N.

The two stars are just because of the delicious pastries. This store is located in downtown Berkeley right outside of the bart station so don't be amazed if you see homeless people and addicts inside, sitting and having coffee! I would recommend that you get your order and have it somewhere else outside of the store! I was at this location on Tuesday, 8/6/2019. An old homeless/crazy man cut in line, and the barista took his order and didn't say anything, even though he was there and saw me waiting in line!

Alidad V.

Definitely my go to cafe/bakery when I am in Berkeley. They have a nice and varied selection of delicious bakery items (danishes, cookies, pastries, you name it) and good coffee. I have seen a few negative reviews and have not had any of those seemingly unpleasant experiences. If you want a scrumptious pastry and a good cup of coffee and are in the Berkeley area, make your way over to Paris Baguette! It is not like being in Paris, but they do make a pretty mean ham and cheese baguette sandwich!

Kathryn N.

A great place to stop by when you're in downtown. Grab the crab cake for a more savory type of snack, very crispy and generous with crab.

Nisha S.

The newyork style cheesecake is out of the world good. It is phenomenal and flavour is deliciously inviting and memorable. Can't wait to go again.

Paige A.

So many delicious cakes and croissants to choose from! I have a mild obsession with macarons, and I always buy at least one macaron here. The salted caramel latte tastes great, too. Thank you!

Melody Y.

The customer service at this location was one of the worst experiences I ever had. A male cashier named Carmen "assisted" me in the most horrendous way possible. (I am not sure if Carmen is his actual name, but that was the name written on the receipt.) I had made my purchase of multiple macarons and pastries with the hopes of having my order handled in a box to not crush the design of custard and fruits, but Carmen proceeded to throw them in a small plastic bag. Due to his carelessness, the macarons were damaged and my pastries were destroyed. To think I was relieved to see Carmen putting the berry pastries in a small plastic container, he decided to shove them together which caused the cream to lose shape and have multiple berries fall off on the tray. He sloppily kept on shifting the bags of pastries around the dirty tray for God knows what reason which soiled the bags. I politely asked to have them placed in a ACTUAL box (such as a cake box) but his reply was just "we don't have any boxes." On a side note - I should have known something as unpleasant as this would occur after a short conversation of my ordering of tea. I ordered a peach tea in the size large. Carmen blanked out for a good 5 seconds, and told me that the peach tea is only available in one size. I was totally fine with that, but then he started rambling about how he could prepare a strawberry tea for there's a option for a large for THAT specific tea. It was unsettling and unnecessary. If anything, could anyone provide me information to why the peach tea is only a one size

Rebecca P.

Nice Korean bakery shop located in Berkeley. Their coffee quality and bakeries are great. However, I am little disappointed how the shop is managed. Paris Baguette in Korea is very clean and keep it very neat. But this location seems to downgrade the brand as it self. I think they need to eliminate homeless people who are constantly coming for free restroom and place to stay. If they kept the place more clean and manage well, this place will hit 5 stars. I like this place better than shangkees

Mike M.

I asked for an almond latte and after too long of a wait they delivered a regular latte. Also would be nice if they offered to warm some of the pastries. The aisles were too small, I kept bumping into people and people at the register kept blocking the pastries. The pastries were good but man the employees seemed depressed. Maybe management needs to pay them more so as to not create such a sad environment. I ate my pastry there with some friends but couldn't wait to get the hell out.