Peet's Coffee

2124 Vine St, Berkeley
(510) 841-0564

Recent Reviews

Tim Zaman

Cutest Peets Coffee I've been to. Love the venue, setting in an old grocer? Even have a guest book! Coffee as expected.

Thomas Joseph Perez

Original Peet’s location. It looks like just a typical Peet’s. It’s very spacious and there’s plenty of seating.

Eric Briseno

As someone who really appreciates coffee and the hard work it takes to make a coffee from bean to cup, I was pretty excited to visit the first Peet’s. Unfortunately I can’t say I was impressed, mainly the bad attitude one of the staff seemed to have when I ordered, she seemed bothered. Maybe it was because it was almost closing time and they wanted to be done. ??‍♂️Regardless of the reason,I expect better service from such a reputable coffee chain. The coffee was ok. Better luck next time Peet’s.

Richard Curry

Walnut Square original Peets in Berkeley. Don't miss the museum in the back hall. Starbucks founders learned from Alfred Peet before starting Starbucks in Seattle.Food: 5/5

V Tancredi

The original Peet's. It has all the normal Peet's stuff, with a little museum and sitting area added on to the normal Peets layout.Nice location in "Gourmet Ghetto" in Berkeley, so a selection of other nice food stores to visit after you've had your coffee ?parking Is either on the street in the commercial district or the residential neighborhood adjacent, so you may be looking for a bit to find parking.

Tarah Hosseini

I'm a big fan of Peet's! The location on Vine St has become my go-to spot for a morning pick-me-up on my way to work since I moved to Berkeley. Imagine my excitement when I discovered that this shop was actually the first Peet's location ever opened in the country! The history behind the brand adds to the experience of sipping on their delicious coffee. Don't miss out on a chance to visit this iconic spot and enjoy some top-notch coffee.

Andre Szejner

Been here for 6 years. During the first two, this Peet's was really great. Then... It has been so unpredictable, from great coffee to some that are literally undrinkable. It all depends on the barista you get. The new baristas are just not good at making a good cup of coffee. Also, today the customer in front of me spoke for 10 about work, and their day with the cashier, completely disregarded rest of customers.

Zephyr Albright

Visiting the original Peet's is a treat. The vibe is authentic coffee house. Outdoor tables along the sidewalk add to the neighborhood. Very cool place to take other coffee afficianados.Food: 5/5

Brenda Miyafuji

My favorite Peet’s! It’s the original shop - how cool is that? I live in the beighborhood so have been here many times. The staff has always been warm and sweet. Never a bad experience.


It's the OG Peet's. It doesn't have the fancy bells and whistles of other locations but the history.... The old bench.... The staff that have been around for years.... The regulars. It's iconic. Pro tip: walk down to Cheeseboard and get a superior pastry to go with your strong coffee.


Came in late afternoon. Coffee was decent as far as coffe goes no complaints there. Tried to sit down and relax after a 9 hour early morning shift. My nose was assaulted by urine, garbage, and other indescribable smells. I look to my left and right - homeless people everywhere without coffee.Place is already overwhelmed by students with laptops at tables taking up seating areas for 4 by themselves. Now unhygienic unpaying customers are making it just an awful place to rest and enjoy a coffee.You gotta keep them outside man. Im sorry, but that kind of thing (while humanitarian) makes the average person want to *stay away*.

Brenda Medrano-Frias

Home of the best coffee! ❤️

Thomas V

This branch of the famous Berkeley coffee house is near where the whole operation started. They serve very good coffee here.

Morgan S.

The original Peet's--Cool and Calming inside. Damn good coffee. Barista was kind and made my coffee in my brand new mug.


Love the dark chocolate mocha, they made it ok, no particular enthusiasm about returning to this one

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