Peet's Coffee

1825 Solano Ave, Berkeley
(510) 526-9607

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A. E Yousif

Nice like all Peet’s cafes I’ve been, good tasting coffee.

B Town

I went in and was more than 6 feet apart and they were only 3 people inside. This rude employee with gray dyed hair asked me to step out. Instead of greeting me. The people there already had ordered. I decided to just go take my service to another Pete's coffee.

N L.

0 STARS: DO NOT GIVE THIS PEET'S YOUR BUSINESS!I kept coming back to this location bc it's close and is a Peet's but honestly, the customer service and coffee making at this location is horrible that I've decided to go elsewhere for coffee. Backstory:I always order through the mobile app (a large vanilla soy latte with extra vanilla syrup) and almost 99.9% of the time, my latte does not contain vanilla or soy. I have called to let management know but those complaints fell on deaf ears. On Monday of this week, I went in to pick-up my drink, I lifted my mask to get a taste (was trying to make sure they had added vanilla & soy); tired of paying extra for things I never receive. Well, I got yelled at for trying my coffee inside the location. When I asked for the extra vanilla (mind you, I paid for these things), the barista rolled her eyes at me and gave me tons of attitude, slamming things around. I understand these are trying times due to covid but I think my frustration is justified. BTW, I've ordered kids sized hot chocolate at this location numerous times as well, only to find when I get home that all I received was warmed milk-no chocolate. DO NOT GIVE THIS PETE'S LOCATION YOUR BUSINESS!

Grace W.

great location!! super great staff and very clean. one of my favorite peets location by far!!

Kristen S.

omg how is this peet's still so bad. i work for a different peet's coffeebar in the area (and have worked in one a bit further up north) and my drinks are consistently wrong, both before and during the pandemic. how do you forget to put vanilla in a vanilla latte.... twice!!! especially when the screen says the drink is being made for a fellow peetnik, put more care into your drinks. you guys are ruining the peet's name!! i feel bad for the employees here who actually care and make drinks correctly :/ coffee isn't essential and isn't that serious at the end of the day, but i'd be pissed off if i were a normal customer paying $10 for drinks that didn't even have the syrups in them. do better!!! pls!!!! at least for your fellow employees!!!

P. I.

Local standard-bearer for quick a strong coffee now a little more industrialized but reliable.

Kristen F.

I'm sad to say that I no longer come to this Peets bc the service has gotten so bad and the employees are condescending, even after giving very detailed order and they still make it wrong, they are rude and act as if it's my fault they don't read or pay attention to the notes in the order! This has happened at least 6 times so I stopped coming and drive all the way to El Cerrito or up to the Domino St. Peets to get my cappuccino made the right way! For almost $5.00 a cup, I want it to be right and with a smile! That's what I get from both the other locations... they know my name and know my order or ask while making it if they are new and not sure! It's very sad bc I came to solano Peets everyday, sometime 2-3 times a day and met friends there but now it's not a welcoming environment or happy place, everyone has smirks and frowns like they hate being there. If they are unhappy or don't want to be there, go work somewhere else so the rest of the people don't get their days ruined by you! Smile and act like you care and are a nice person wanting to help your customers!

Rebi Barım

Very Good place

Emilia Feria

Great drinks and friendly people.


This is one of the many branches of Peet's in the Bay Area, mostly populated by locals. There is limited seating but there is also and outdoors seating area. Good for people watching. The coffee is excellent. The food is standard coffee bar items.


Yummy coffee but wifi? 3*

Arlene Acuna

Airport Peets are not real Peets...they just make Peets coffee. They do not have skilled if you want a real Peets taste, get the least there's nothing to mess up there.

Sandy OZ

One of Best coffee in the Bay Area. You won't be disappointed.

Ed I.

Avoid this place LIKE THE PLAGUE!!! ============================ If I could give this location negative stars I would. It is only by virtue of Yelp rating policy that I deem it a one star ranking. The staff here are generally rude beyond words and highly unprofessional across the board. In particular, the so-called "manager" (a fellow named Jonathan Browning) is a short, ugly, unkempt, and rude clown of an individual. It is beyond all belief that this person has been allowed to ruin this coffee shop for several years consecutive. He should have been fired long ago. It is really too bad that such a person is allowed to effectively destroy through negligence and misuse what could otherwise be a good coffee shop. This Peet's has become an eyesore and liability for the entire local community. DO NOT VISIT THIS PLACE UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES !!!

Sandra Ortiz

One of Best coffee in the Bay Area. You won't be disappointed.

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