Phở K & K

2533 Telegraph Ave, Berkeley
(510) 666-9966

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Ben E.

They have some terrific vegetarian pho. One of the rare vegetarian pho dishes that can actually fill me up.

John W.

#29....... Very Good!!! Very Good!! The citrus pepper sauce is crazy good. Love the service..... bought lunch for my employees ... now they love it too

Alex C.

Placed an order for Pho K&K through UberEats for dinner. While the order was prepared quickly and arrived pretty fast, we were quite surprised when my gf dumped out the Pho into a bowl to find slices of raw pork thrown into the mix. What's worse, they didn't even bother to remove the wax paper separating the slices before dumping it into the food. We ordered the Pho Dac Biet for our pho, which was the combination with meatballs. On the surface, the quantity seems quite generous. However, once all the contents were removed from their respective containers, literally 90% of the dish was just rice noodles. There were a few slices of beef as expected, a few tendons, and two measly meatballs. We also ordered the Gui Con Rolls (steamed shrimp wrapped in rice paper) and Com Thit Nuong (grilled pork over rice) which thankfully we did not have any quality control issues with. With so many other Vietnamese dining options nearby, I would give a hard pass for Pho K&K.

Moon C.

They're open during the shelter in place order. They have a great system worked out. You just walk up to the door where they have your order ready and you just put your credit card in and that's it. They also have a bottle of hand sanitizer that you can get a pump of the good stuff with after briefly touching the credit card machine. The way they package the takeout has been really great as well. And the food's been great! I'm relaxing being vegetarian during this time to support local businesses and the pho and spring rolls here are worth it. Looking forward to getting take out here once a week, hope these folks pull through. They're great folks.

Austin H.

Pho K&K is one of the few Pho restaurants on Southside that is consistent in food quality and customer service. I visited last week after having a craving for something warm to combat my slight cold. I arrived around 6:00pm and was seated immediately. After scouring the menu, I decided to order the beef noodle soup. It came with several slices of rare beef, some beef balls, rice noodles, mint, and beansprouts. Overall, the beef noodle soup did the trick! The broth was extremely flavorful and wasn't too salty. I could tell that it was all natural and did not contain too much msg. As for the beef, the meat almost melts in your mouth, which allows for an easier time absorbing the flavor. Last but not least, the rice noodles were phenomenal and had the same texture throughout. Overall, I would recommend people to check out Pho K&K if they have not done so already. Here are some quick things to note: - Take out here is really quick, so it is pretty convenient if you are in a hurry - There is a lot of sitting, so don't worry about having to wait - Customer service is great

Mariaté G.

Good soup on a gloomy day. I had the Pho Tom with shrimp in a chicken broth. It's light and tasty and with the noodles you're left feeling just right. Will have to return soon to taste other varieties of pho.

Hunter Holt

To be honest, the beef pho and the chicken pho were fine. Not the best pho I’ve had, nor the worst. Prices are a little steep considering the amount of meat and size of the bowls. Spring Rolls over priced. Ambiance is typical Vietnamese restaurant. Bathroom was clean.

Patricia Ruvalcaba

The won Ton soup with egg noodles was really good !! I loved the spring rolls also very good. Great customer service. Will be back !!!

Dominic G.

Every single time I've been here, it was because a friend wanted some company while she ate. Have always been able to grab a table since this place never really fills up. Pho K & K was a block from where she lived so she frequency came by for food. Either dining in or for take out, she was most definitely a fan. I always go with the #8 Pho Dac Biet (combination pho) when I'm here. It's really my go to order whenever I get any pho restaurants in general. The first time I came to Pho K & K, I didn't expect much because I just didn't really trust Berkeley pho. But after my first bite, I was pleasantly surprised with how this bowl of noodles tasted. Finally able to understand why my friend came here so often. I'm used to larger portions of meat from past experiences at other pho restaurants, but still satisfied with what is included. Not a place I would suggest going to myself but if my friends wanted to grab a bite here, I wouldn't say no. The staff does their job, about it. They take your order, bring you your food, refill your water, and hands you the check. Very reminiscent to all the other pho restaurants I have been to so no complaint from me. Tl;dr: didn't expect much from Berkeley pho but this place exceeded my expectations.

Anna S.

This place has a very solid vegetarian pho! The broth is very flavorful -- lots of aromatics -- the tofu is perfect and the vegetables are very fresh. My daughter and I are regulars here and they are always so sweet to her. It's nice that this option exists in such a convenient location.

Lucas Gardner

Super quick service! Great if you’re in a hurry.

Abdi Soltani

This is a great place for pho. Never lets us down, and we go often!! Great family run restaurant.

Nathan Schager

Strange art and good broth. Decent amount of meat. Good place


I haven’t had much Pho in my life but I can say that what this place serves were more than decent and fit my stomach very well.

Parrichat Chinchotikasem

So far, it's my favourite place for pho.

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