Philz Coffee

1313 Ninth St Suite 110, Berkeley
(510) 809-0182

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Trevor Henley

It's always a treat to get a little sweet and creamy at Philz, any Philz, it's always an awesome experience. Thank you to all the people at Philz!


Totally obsessed with their ecstatic ice coffee (medium cream, no sugar). I also love the mint mojito ?? servers have always been nice and it's a great spot to hang and get work done (when it's not covid time).

Vanessa V.

I have visited this place on some occasions to enjoy a coffee and I found it to be an excellent place. Also the people are very friendly and the customer service is very good I recommend philz coffee.

Angela D.

I used to go to this Philz location all the time before covid. Recently, during covid, I returned there for an oat iced coffee rosé - as amazing as I remember it!Philz baristas are wonderful, drinks & pastries are so delicious & unique, & the indoor ambiance is perfect for working; there are plugs too! And more pluses: compostable wares and no additional charge for oat milk! My go-tos are their mocha tesora (I get it hot), iced coffee rosé, and their tesora with light sweetening.Like any "hipster" coffee shop, some of Philz's "trendy" drinks are not to my taste, but the ones I like are absolute bomb and totally worth the $5 and amazing service! Totally recommend this place for any coffee-lover or connoisseur.

Cari A.

Pros:-free small parking lot in front-mobile order available (pick up is by the window according to first names)-walk up order available- walk up order items are picked up at this window, not near the mobile orders -they will ground your coffee bean purchase Cons:-n/a

aoc leader

Great coffee great staff 2nd best coffee shop ever other than the philz in san fransisco prices are like super high but you get what you pay for an amazing cup of coffee worth it!

Alfonso D.

Specialty coffee is a once in a while treat and with customization options, depending on who's preparing the drink, the final product can be hit or miss. Today, DeVante made my Ecstatic Iced drink and I'd say it was one of the best I've had in a long time. Thanks!

Gerlie P.

You can never go wrong with a cup of Philz Coffee. They use a pour-over brewing process to entail the perfect cup of coffee. And, if you're not a coffee person, they also have some refreshing teas you can try. Here's my go to drink;A cup of Mint Mojito, which is one of their signature drinks, and just add a tad bit more of sweetness. You can thank me later :)Oh, and don't forget to grab their pastries. So delicious! Enjoy

Arash M

What you expect from a well functioning Philz location. Consistent tasting, made reasonably quick with friendly service. App order and pickup makes them an option during quarantine.

Simrat N.

Terrible experience today. I asked the woman working behind the table if my drink was ready, I told her my name, she checked and told me it's almost ready. 1-minute later she calls out my name, at the same time looking and calling over a DIFFERENT customer with her hands. Everyone who was waiting outside for their drinks happen to be POC. The person walks up, holds up my drink in her hand and reads the name- she says this is not hers. I'm right behind telling her that is my drink. The white woman working just looks at me and laughs and says "oops" and hands it over. So all POC look the same to you?? Aren't you supposed to ask what the name is to confirm, and then hand over the drink? During my drive to work, I realized the other customer wasn't wearing gloves when she touched my drink. I'm so upset because we're in a pandemic and they should know better than handing drinks over to the wrong people!!

Lillie B.

Tesora is delicious and I love this coffee; I recently tried a bastard blend from Kensington cheese store for more money.. woman talked me into it and very disappointing unpleasant flavor. I purchase the strongest decaffeinated (for my heart every other day) and the espresso with the lovely stems to make my iced coffee. I am a believer; I just wish that you still had the flat walk in shop on shattuck. stairs are really hard on this old timer... thank you again for your wonderful coffees.

Jonathan G.

One of the things I appreciate about Philz is there is a general consistency to the creations they make. When I go to a competing coffee chain, I wouldn't bet 5 cents that the drink will taste as I expected or ordered, and that is very frustrating (even though they claim if you don't like it, they'll remake it for free - doesn't) With Philz' creations, I know I can always expect the same quality. I also love the range of hand-made drinks. Much much better than "we have light roast and dark roast and one special of the day". The only problem I have, specifically with the Gilman location and this really affects my enjoyment of going there, is the security of the parking lot. Very clear signs warning you to not forget your keys, lock up, and keep things out of sight. All that is reasonable and should be everyone's practice. But my experience and others I know is that the parking lot is russian roulette regarding if your car will be broken into; it's almost beyond the usual foolishness one can expect in today's world, and I don't know why. Still, I make sure I didn't forget my keys, I keep everything in the car out of sight, and the doors are locked before I go grab my delicious hand-made cup of ahhhhhh.

Gary K.

The Best Coffee and Beans Around!Their coffee is exceptional. I buy their coffee beans, grind them at home. I ran out of espresso beans the other day. Used Philz, and it was amazing! All the different flavor profiles made it wonderful.Their service is top notch as well.

Carl Larson

can't even believe I'm blowing up my fave local spot but here we go. Shout out to DeVante and the crew, y'all are such solid professionals. Thank you and kudos for setting tha BAR

Joanna H.

This Philz location always gets it right! It's conveniently located with plenty of free parking (there's a parking lot and street parking). Order through their mobile app and drop by to pick it up, it's that easy. There's tape on the floor that's measured out for you so everyone can stand 6 feet apart while you wait to pick up your order. Simply tell them the name you ordered with and they'll hand you your drink. Great service from all their staff! I always get the Iced Ecstatic sweet and creamy, it's amazing.

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