Philz Coffee

1313 Ninth St #110, Berkeley
(510) 809-0182

Recent Reviews

Dee Dee Pugh

I stopped by for ”a cup of Joe” yesterday afternoon and let me tell you...The term should be rebranded to ”a Cup of Philz”. This was the best cup of coffee I've ever had. I'm not exaggerating, not even a little bit. I found myself singing the Tony Tone Toni song, ” It Feels Good”, replacing the words with, ” It Philz Good” ? seriously, that's how juiced I was by this incredible beverage. I had the Jacobs Wonderbar, I love a dark roast sweet and creamy. And the way I was doted on, by the staff I won't use the term customer service because I felt like I was the only person in the place I was treated so special from the barrista to the cashier. I was and still am a Starbucks girl only because there is one on every corner and I mean every corner....and I prefer them over Peets. But Philz has Starbucks Beat in every category overwhelming by at least 50 points. Please build more. I will definitely purchase some whole beans for my French press at the store the next time I'm there or possibly online. Thanks Berkeley, Phliz, you sure made this Lady Philz Good❤️

Albert L.

I love this Philz location often come here when there was Doughnut Dolly and a burger place name eluded me, but at least funky elephant is still around. The shattuck spot was the go-to philz, but sadly it close when wrecking ball moved in neighborhood. I don't mind driving ten minutes from home on Cedar straight down to ninth hook a right and I'm there. There's something about this philz that I feel really comfortable with just don't know what that is can't explain it. Whether it be the L-shaped counter or high off the ground outdoor seating area I'm please and comfy here. The staff are always cheery here never felt compelled to purchase more pricier drinks just to get self-gratification small or large order you'll get same treatment. My only gripe is that sometimes it feel cramp and stuffy especially early morning and late afternoon I seldom sit inside mostly outside fresh air and sunny skies.

Cindy N.

Close to west berkley bart, not so crowded but they do take a while to make the drinks BUT worth the wait because its crafted PERFECT!!!

Brooke F.

This review is specifically for the tatted black male barista. He not only made my drink perfectly...which seems hard to do when I go to other locations but he was also interacting with customers outside while washing mats and seemed very cheerful and sincere. I'd definitely want him to work at my Philz location.

Kory B.

Some of the best coffee in the world! I go anytime I am close to one - the individual service and attention is a great touch - love this place!

Safia Lodhi

I'm obsessed with their mint mojitos. I will drive from out of town for just those. Which I'm ashamed to say I did many times to curve my pregnancy cravings.

Verona V.

Love this spot and location.. right off the freeway and next to my favorite Marketplace, Whole Foods. Bring your own cup and get a discount. Love the Mint Mojito, always done right.

Cherrilyn B.

Super fast service. They didn't have the matcha flavor here but that mint mojito is everything. :)

Daniel Geary

Great coffee. Too long a wait. The layout is weird: awkward seating, always have to walk around people or ask them to let you pass

Keith Tharp

I enjoy the process at Philz that sort of forces you to slow down and wait for your coffee. I wish I didn’t see so many people sitting at the cafe with to-go cups. I put the responsibility of this on the staff at Philz or possibly company policy or lack of. But I was not asked if I was staying or going and the barista automatically grabbed a to-go cup for my coffee, I had to intervene and ask for a for-here cup.

Jonathan Ibarra

The ratings has nothing to do with the coffee but rather the employees and the set up. This was my first visit to Philz and it was 7am on Saturday. Empty store. I walked up to counter as told I had to wait in line to order coffee; I looked around and it was just me. Staff was rude. I was asked at the register what size coffee did I have? Small, medium or large?! It was obvious what it was, my cup was there! This is the epitome of a trying to hard. A bunch of hipster with that attitude that something is owned to them.

Jess L.

Busy location but with the regular Philz charm. My barista was quick and good at multi-tasking, working on previous orders and also having a meaningful coffee conversation with me. No seat was available around 2pm on a Saturday. Do watch out for the power cords on the ground, which are in major pathways to reach an outlet. Coffee is always high quality. I always find a little bit of cream and sugar bring out the flavor of the medium roasts.

Randy Coomes

Can't beat their coffee, bring your own cup and get a decent discount too

Arrash J.

Great Philz location. If you're in the area and looking for a great cup of coffee and a small bite, be sure to stop by. If you haven't already tried it, their "oatmeal cookie" on the secret menu is really good if you're looking for a special treat.


Friendly barista made my day by making me a delicious cup of iced mint mojito! This is how a service business should be conducted. Compared to the horrible experience I had at Sightglass at the Ferry Building, this place is a godsend.

Ronald N.

The first Philz Coffee I been to. Berkeley was the first Philz I gone to. It is the only location that has not gone out of business. Whole Foods has a competition due to Allegro Coffee. Here what I think about Philz Coffee: GREAT! Their service is amazing. I never got a great service at other coffee places. Inside Philz is small. Hard to find parking but why stay inside while the outside is great to have your drink. Parking an be hard to find. My suggestion is to park where Office Depot is at.

Leigh Murrell

Great coffee. Friendly service. The choices are a little overwhelming at first.

Tiffany Davis

Always a good time. +1 for the mocha tesora

Jessica C.

A must stop every time I'm in Cali ! I always get the Mint Mojito sweet and creamy with oat milk. They have a unique ordering system but once you're familiar, it's easy and makes for a nice quick stop. Today's drink was perfecto ! Baristas have always been great in my experience. Thank you to this amazing lady in the background for my perfect drink today Haha

Anh Tran

Mint mojito is amazing. Got a decaf mint mojito with oat milk. This place is addictive. Nice atmosphere cafe as well.

Trisha G.

I felt a little out of place but the service was great and the tea was perfect. My husband had a dark roast and he said it was super strong. He couldnt even finish it. And usually drinks 5 cups of coffee a day. It was excellent.

Bob Jewett

Coffee brewed while you wait. Extensive selection of flavors.

Thuy V.

Favorite coffee joint/chain. There's a few chairs to sit both inside and out. Love that the location is away from the crowds so service is pretty fast

Gerald B.

I have been enjoying going to Philz for over a decade. It has been a five (5) star experience up until yesterday. Staff friendliness, quality coffee drinks and easy going fellow customers continue. Why the low rating now!? Yesterday I almost tripped and fell because a customer had his power cord laying on the floor across the area where people need to walk. I said to him that this is a trip hazard. He did not correct the situation. I went to the shift manager and asked if there was a policy against power cords on the floor. The manager said that she was not aware of any policy. I was the safety officer for the California Department of Industrial Relations. I know power cords across walking areas invites worker comp injury claims. I am a 75 year old male in good health. I noticed most of the other customers were 20-30 year olds on their devices. Anyone at any age can have limited vision and/limited mobility -- temporarily or chronically. It is easy to be focused on heading to the order line and trip on a cable on the floor. I realize that Philz needs to accommodate the needs of their young customers who are on laptops and tablets. Perhaps more convenient ac outlets would eliminate the dangers of cables across the walk areas.

Tracy Lee Church

I’ve been a client for almost 10 years, love my haircut every visit. Reliable, consistent, competent.

javon johnson

Always a good experience. I love the honor system. Order at the counter first then pay before you leave.

Sagruilla P.

Why does it have to be so complicated? Why do we need 15 beans from which to choose? Why can't we be trusted to add our own milk and cream? Why do we have to order with the barista, repeat our order to the cashier, remembering which bean we ordered--are they not all the same price?--and then go back to the barista? This place has cultish following, and as an outsider, it's perplexing. I have had both excellent coffee from here and coffee that made me absolutely clown crazy and anxious feeling for the rest of the day. Enter at your own risk!

Zoe R

We get their rose coffee and mint mojito everytime. You can't get these anywhere else!

James Johnson, Jr.

Love the taste of their coffee and the staff's great attitudes

Peter Carlesimo

We stopped at Philz Coffee during our stay at the DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Berkeley Marina, which was part of our Summer road trip from Tigard, OR through Northern California.

Yvette Todd-Anderson

The ginger snap iced coffee is my fav!

Justin S.

Love the coffee here!!! Assortment of snack and breakfast foods are VERY GOOD!! The lines can be long but they do their best. If I had to choose from Phil's, bucks and Pete's the order would most likely go like so. Phil's Pete's bucks

Rich McCartney

Decent coffee and snacks

Taylor Z.

Awesome coffee shop with ample seating outside and inside for you to work or to hang out with a small group. If it's nice and sunny, it's perfect for sitting outside since its mostly shaded. I love Philz tea, they really do a good job and their snacks are pretty dope.

Prerana D.

great philz location in berkeley. the service here is always phenomenal and the coffee is always up to standard. there's plenty of seating for meeting with people, studying, relaxing, etc. would recommend!

Hmoob Lis, California

Wonderful never fails. Why 4 stars...? Sometimes im waiting forever for my cup of coffee....thats like 10 to 15 mins. But still when you're in need, that 10 mins is a life time. 👍

Stephen LIoyd

Love it great place good food transient vibe

Harvey B.

I don't get is the same as Pete's/starbucks. Asked for recommendation got decaf coffee...didn't realize till later when I looked it up. Waste of money.

Melissa M.

This is an attempt to accommodate whatever mind desires in the realm of tea and coffee. And the coffee and tea is good and accommodaating; however there are an excess of staff who bump into one another accommodating your precious order and in the end, drop your orders and trip over one another. Feels conceptual. Good try though.

Mohamed Saleh

its a perfect cup every single time