Pho Le

1301 San Pablo Ave, Berkeley
(510) 558-8367

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Nic And Mari G.

An excellent place to enjoy Vietnamese. All the dishes are flavorful and they offer ample outdoor dining. Will go again andnagain

Kao S.

Been craving for pho for quite a awhile now and was anticipating on going to a spot a few miles down the road. Unfortunately they are closed on Wednesday so I had to find a spot to satisfy my cravings. After sitting in my car and yelling some spots I came to this spot "Pho Le". On the corner of Gilman and San Pablo Ave is the restaurant. There is no parking so you'll have to park on the local streets which is metered but not too bad at about a dollar per hour. Or you can park at a nearby retailer and take a walk. The restaurant is not that big with seating to maybe about 8-10 tables that seats 4. I was there for lunch so it was kinda busy but luckily I arrived before the crowd and got a seat fairly fast. However the food took awhile which was kinda strange as I ordered pho tai. Which I would assume is already prepped and easy. Oh well I wasn't in a rush but had to extend my parking meter from 40 mins to 90 mins. This place seems to serve pho and dumplings or a mix of Chinese cuisine alongside with the pho noodles. Menu was quite extensive but I don't care for that. I just wanted pho and be on my way. So after about 10 minutes my order was placed and after another 20 mins my order arrives and it looked very bare with little meat but as I was eating, there was plenty more under The noodles. That again was weird and strange as most places I've gone to eat pho has their rare slices of steak sitting on top of the noodles. As this one there was a few slices on top and the meat was pretty much fully cooked already. "Not good" thumbs down!!!!! I noticed the condiment tray was very minimal and asked for chili oil for my noodles but was told they ran out. I've noticed there was some on other tables so at least they could've grabbed one from. The pho was decent and could've used more flavor in the broth. Noodles was good and plenty as with the meat asides from being over cooked. But I can't complain as I was needing my fix and for trying a new place out. This place is clean and offered a wide variety of choices however if you're there during rush hours be ready to wait for a table and to place hour order and for your food. It seems like it's a family run business with one or two server for the entire place.

Papu T.

Pho Le is incredible. If you order pho, the oversized spoon makes the pho taste a million times better. I mean, optimal slurping action!! Their egg rolls are also crispy and come out piping hot, a must order. And the grilled pork chop over rice is probably one of the best I've ever had in the Bay Area! Haven't had a chance to try the Chinese food and handmade dumplings but they look so yummy and qq! I love this little gem, this will forever be our favorite pho spot in Berkeley/Albany area.

Ben H.

I popped in and ordered the House style spicy beef pho, #32, for lunch, and it was excellent. The rice noodles were some of the best I've had, and the broth was rich and velvety, but balanced in spice and flavor. Service was quick, prices were reasonable, and the place was clean. What's not to love. Easy 5 stars.

Angel L.

Huge menu!!!! Chinese & Vietnamese + Teo Chew noodles too! Broth for pho lacked a bit in depth but still 4/5 stars because the soup was piping hot & that made it taste so much better! Even by mid way, the soup was still pretty hot and that doesn't happen for most pho. Service was spectacular. They checked for ID & vaccination card upon arrival & asked how service was after we ate. Cash and card available. There's so many options here - stir fried noodles, soup noodles, dumplings etc I wish I tried this place earlier when I went to Cal but now knowing this place, I'll be back if I'm in the area :)

Judy Y.

I've been to like 6 pho places in the east bay and this one is my favorite! Super flavorful broth, friendly service, and extremely fresh spring rolls- they give you 3 rolls not the usual 2! Not to mention clean!

Xi Chen

authentic dumplings and delicious pho. place is super clean and staff are all extremely friendly!

Francisco D.

Pho Le sells more than just a good bowl of pho. Our table ordered the #33 pho (its like the typical #1 combo pho), pork and leek dumpling, and Pong Pong beef. Great choices all around! The pho. The broth was good. Wasn't overpowering with herbs or anything, really appreciated that. The meat quality was good but left me craving for more rare steak slices. The pho noodle was where these guys really stood out a bit. The quality of the noodle was great. It wasn't over or undercooked. Very chewy. Very big plus in my books. Add the chilli oil (not sriracha) on the side to the pho, it'll give it more spicy flavor. The pork and leek dumplings were pretty good with their dipping sauce. Comes with 12pcs per order. I definitely enjoy ordering leek over vegetables just because it gives a more unique flavor. Leek is a fairly strong flavor compared to the nappa cabbage vegetable selection. This place requires proof of vaccination if you were to dine in. Get those vaccine cards ready. If you don't have it, how come? The pong pong beef was really good. If I had to guess, the pong pong beef was air fried (or just fried) beef slice in some tangy sauce with some grilled onions. Now, I'm a bit lost when putting my finger on this place. It had a few selections of pho dish but this place isn't quite Vietnamese. Most of the menu actually displays Chinese food. So...its not your typical pho place with your usual pho selections, it's something a little more. This place requires proof of vaccination for dine-in. So get those vaccine card ready. Now if you don't have your vaccine card, how come?


Authentic and delicious. Very nice people. Don't judge by what area looks like. Inside is clean. Best tasting for Vietnamese in area so far.

Mom A.

Best. Authentic and clean. The staff is very personable and kind. Don't judge the place by the area if your out of town. It's actually safe and the inside is clean.

Nelson S.

Discovered this place last year during covid and now has become a thing to do for my girlfriend and I . (Order soup and head out to the nearby Marina to enjoy it) I picked up some soup the other day and noticed that indoor dining is back, I will have to sit through it sometime. The speicy soup combo is amazing, likewise with the beef combo . My girlfriend loves the potstickers and the chicken noodle soup . I am more than grateful this place survived covid . Great food

Jennifer C.

Some of the best viet noodle soups i've had in the Bay Area! I came here on a Sunday evening and it was pretty empty inside and we were seated quickly. I ordered the Bun Bo Hue which was listed as "House Style Speciy Beef Noodle Soup" and my boyfriend ordered the pho. The bun bo hue had a super flavorful broth with undertones of shrimp paste with a slight kick of spice, the meat was super soft and tender, and the noodles were super bouncy with a slight chew. I tried some of my boyfriend's pho broth and it was also very flavorful compared to other broths i've had with a strong beef flavor and balanced herbal-ey spice flavor. Definitely would be a go-to for me if I lived closer!

Maitee R.

We were so excited to try this place as there have been several incarnations of Chinese food in this locale. Happy to share that we thought the food was great and will definitely make it our new go to for Chinese (we did not try any of the Vietnamese dishes). The Mongolian Chicken was yummy and did not taste of burnt oil like many other Chinese restaurant dishes in Berkeley do. Same goes for the Singapore Noodles. The Greens (bok choy) and black mushrooms were super fresh and tasty. The potstickers were a normal size and were not doughy which was a pleasant surprise and the meat filling was seasoned well and flavorful. Looking forward to our next meal there as in our opinion, it is much better than Great Wall. Also, they did a great job remodeling the dining area. It is clean, light and inviting. Hoping that this will be the last Chinese restaurant in this location and hope Berkeley residents will give it a try. Perhaps next time, we might even try some of the Vietnamese dishes.

Laura Payton

Food was yum and the portion was great for thePrice I paid. I got the lunch salt and pepper prawns and steam rice, which came with a egg roll. The only reason I am not giving them five stars is because I could barely taste the salt and pepper on my shrimp.

Cici S.

Had the vegetable and tofu pho. The broth was plain and underwhelming. There was a generous amount of noodles and vegetables; overall just lacked flavor.

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