Poke Bar

2433 Durant Ave E, Berkeley
(510) 280-5681

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Lydia Z.

So much food!!!! I couldn't finish it in one go. There is a bit too much sauce for my liking but i appreciate all the toppings and meat provided. For once, I actually wished there was slightly more rice.
The service was good and they prepare the food relatively quickly. :)

Ms. B.

I'll visit and review again after COVID gets better BECAUSEEEE my fish was NOT fresh. It was just OKAY but Walnut Creek location gets more traffic and everything taste fresher. Their avocado even has BLACK spots.

Tiffanie C.

Really great portion sizes and topping options for the poké bowl. I ordered a small and it was plenty! The only reason it's a 4 star rating and not a 5 is because I ordered tuna and salmon as my proteins but only got tuna in my bowl.

Jenn D.

Best bang for your buck. Good size portions and I like that pineapple is a complementary topping. Seaweed salad and imitation crab are also included without an additional charge. Fish is fresh and tasty.

During COVID they have a sandwich board with QR code so you can order outside. Otherwise you can still go in and mark your order on their paper forms.

I wish they were on DoorDash, but they're worth the trek. Highly recommend!

David D.

I hate leaving negative reviews but this is in an effort to give true feedback for this place to improve. I've been to the Poke Bar in LA and it is some of the worst poke in the city. Bad quality fish and ingredients were all just of poor quality. After moving to Berkeley I decided to give this place a taste. While it is better than the LA location, this is for sure some of the least impressive poke I've had. Simply put, it's just bad quality. The fish the really chewy and no doubt it's frozen. Albacore was not edible. The imitation crab side was warm and smelled weird. Only good ingredients were the ginger and some fruits/vegetables which I mean how can you mess that up. 3/10 poke

Jonathan V.

I have a love for raw fish and have been trying Poké bowls from many different spots. This is absolutely the most delicious, the most fresh, and the most satisfying thus far. The fish tasted clean and fresh. The toppings were great, especially the fried garlic. The large Poké bowl hit the spot without being overfilling. And lastly, the sauce, spicy mayo and spicy sweet chili, was great! Definitely ordering from here many more times!

Tara C.

Solid poke attempt.

Lots of food. I always order greens. I got my medium in a different container and had to liberate some of it into a glass bowl at home because it was so packed in there. Ended up with 2 meals.

Inconsistent fish piece sizes. As a chef, it obviously irritated me. As a consumer, how can I eat a bite of food that has 1/4" tuna and 1" salmon in the same bite? I had to go through and cut all the salmon. Prep cook was hungover probably.

What is the point of the paper ordering sheets? There are 2 people behind the counter that you can just, you know, speak to. It's not saving time, it doesn't save paper and how do they sanitize the golf pencils?

Lots of waste. Most places use metal mixing bowls. This place uses a compostable container to mix portion for each customer then tosses it in the bin! In Berkeley of all places! Nope.

Don't bury my seaweed and crab salad. Most places put these items on top to showcase them visually. This place tosses them with your fish and sauces so they are all mixed in. As an OCD chef I personally don't like this.

Ruchika M.

Pretty good poke place. I'm sold by the free seaweed salad and crab salad (usually, just one or the other is given complimentarily!). The crab salad is unique because it's just the imitation crab, no kewpie mayo or salt incorporated into the characteristic crab salad provided by other poke parlors. I feel a bit healthier eating this one lol. I also love seaweed salad - which has a briny pop when you chew into it - but it tends to be controversial, people either love it or hate it! At least here it's free, so you can try it out risk-free :)

They have all the seafoods (octopus, shrimp, tuna, salmon, scallops, etc) and SO many toppings. It is one of the healthiest and freshest poke places I have been to, offering endless veggies, even kale, and the usual poke-accompanying fruits like mango and pineapple, which are not rly my cup of tea. I have seen larger portion sizes given at other places, but I think the amount Poke Bar provides is worth the price and duly filling. Used to come here so often because it was right behind where I lived; there's no question that it makes a fast, healthful option when on dat college grind

Priyanka S.

Food: The poke here is always a staple that I frequent. The quality of the fish is fresh and the sides are always crunchy. In addition the quality of the rice is always hot, sweet and sticky. My go to order is usually a small salmon poke bowl with house sauce, sriracha mayo, and sweet chili as well as all the veggies I can possibly add! (The reason why I am giving it 4 stars instead of 5 is that on some occasions the fish was not as fresh and as a result caused me stomach upsets, so just be cautious.) Service: Although the wait can often be long and even stretch outside the door on busy school days the lines usually go by fast and there is an order fill out slip to the side of the main entrance wall that saves ordering time. Ambience: the restaurant is actually pretty big and has ample seating space as well as utensils and free water at a station near the register. There are also outlets behind most wall seating areas.

Marbo Cheng

The service was great and the poke bowl portions are pretty good.

Riley O.

I love this place! Quick prep, healthy, and they give a good amount of food. I love that you can customize and the workers are nice. The place is clean too which is a bonus. :)

Fernando C.

FIREEEE!! Must go to place Mmm says my tummy i gets my money This place is a must. Great food great price!!

Aureli S.

This is the best poke I have been able to find close to campus - better than the other poke options.... thank you for always having fresh salmon. Please open a location on North side, Euclid or Hearst, you would be very busy... there is no poke on that side over there. How has no one thought to open a poke place on North side - DO IT.

Johnny H.

TL;DR: A solid poké place near campus. Thoughts: I typically order Sunset House ($13.66 after tax), which comes with ahi tuna and salmon. The medium size is quite filling! Tips: 1. There are containers of fried onion, garlic, etc. at the checkout. Add as much as you would like to! 2. Utensils, napkins, plastic lids, etc. are self-service. No need to be shameful to get an extra napkin. 3. You can customize your poké, but I have choice paralysis whenever I have too many options, so I always go with the pre-set bowls.

Connie Mi

The portion sizes are very generous, and they have a wide selection of goodies. I come here very often to get my poke fix!

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