Project Juice

1933 1911 Fourth St ste 101, Berkeley
(510) 210-5061

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Danielle Taylor

This place is my new regular spot! Delicious and healthy. The biome bagel is out of this world! My partner can't get enough of the acai bowls. Location is great, you can walk around the shops with your smoothies.

Sandra Lynge Melhede

Great healthy food and an easy clean concept.

Travis Wyatt

Acai bowl was delicious! Staff was super friendly too.

Rodrigo Castellari Affonso

Definitely the best açai we had in the Bay Area. Get's pretty close to the authentic Brazilian version.

Lester John

It is my goto spot for healthy afternoon meal

Priscilla L.

Hehehe I love coming here after my Soul Cycle classes. It's a "You did a great job at your class! Now here's a pricy treat for you!" Hahahaha I always order the epic greens. I've seen other cyclist order the acia bowls, looks good. Maybe I'll order that next time. Their epic greens is more of like a thick smoothie and you can taste the almond butter. I love almond butter. One star off because I'm broke and wished they had some sort of student Maybe I'm just being mean.

Isabella L.

I'm addicted to acai bowls and have been trying them all over town. Project Juice is my favorite thus far. Pretty much all of the acai bowls I've ever tried anywhere have been really yummy, probably in large because these things are sugar bombs, but Project Juice has sugar free acai. They have bowls that are sweetened with just a drizzle of honey, but they're still awesome. Also, the bowls here are cheaper than at a lot of other places in Berkeley and SF.

Christine S.

Project Juice makes my gut feel good. The best smoothies, in my opinion, are the Blue Moon (pro-tip: add almond butter to this one for an even better smoothie) and the Berry Blaze. My favorite bowl is the almond butter açaí with the protein toppings. But the best part is that no matter what you get, you can't go wrong. The bowls are filling, the smoothies are delicious, and everything tastes incredibly fresh. Steep prices, but that can be expected when the product is this good and also good for you. Love this place.

Glory W.

Love that they're GF and have great coffee and paleo waffles!!! The turmeric hummus toast and the avo toast hit the spot for GFers. I also need to add that their Keto coffee keeps me going back every morning! Who knew vegan keto could be so yummy? I usually do Bulletproof, but I'm hooked on their Keto coffee now.

Sumer Alsatarwah

Favorite place to go. The waffles are amazing.

Rachel D.

Came here after a soulcycle class, and it was just what my body needed! I got the green paleo smoothie bowl with extra almond butter on top. It was so tasty, I could've eaten another! The base was subtley sweet, but the thing that really made this was the generous toppings. The fruit and all of the crunchy bits gave great texture! These are a little pricey, but I think that's expected at any smoothie place that caters to this clientele. Overall, I enjoyed my meal here and would come back if I'm in the area!

Jason P.

A Great Green Juice With Plant Based Food Love Is All I Need

Vickie J.

This place is a solid option for açai bowls in Berkeley. Presentation was great and the ingredients were pretty fresh. However I think that the açai is not freshly blended each time especially because it was quite watery, meaning it wasn't very thick and was much more liquid than normal açai. Another thing was that the price was pretty high for this small açai bowl, but compared to other places in Berkeley, it's price and quality is better than most. I also liked the vibe of the store, it was nice and quiet, and very cute with wood and plants. It's in a very nice area in Berkeley. I also like that the store actually sells other things, I believe I saw that someone else had ordered avocado toast, but they also sell coffee and juices and drinks!

Shee & He

Vegan latte excellent

Michael R.

So I would say very tasty spot. I personally would like more bang for my buck here but it is in a "nicer" part of the city. The servers I dealt with could had put a lil more enthusiasm into the atmosphere I thought as to why it wasn't the most uplifting experience. Bt clean corners. Very empty which was nice. They have really nice seating too for a one stop juice shop. I went there once and it was a nice take but not something id feel like a dope Vitality Bowls cant fulfill and some.

Megan H.

Cute interior and located in the same plaza as Soul Cycle. This is my kind of healthy spot for a treat after working out! I like the concept of choosing one of four bases and a topping grouping because it makes it easier to choose, however, the bowl is pricey for the amount you get. $10.95?!! Back home I pay around $8 for the same size bowl! I had the green bowl-it was pretty bland and quickly liquified whilst eating it. The amount of fruit on top was pretty small, too. It was still refreshing, tasty, and hit the spot, but I prefer my other favorite acai place. Also, they don't blend the bases fresh. They're in some sort of refrigerated container drawer that they have from prepping earlier? I do like how they have a variety of other foods you can order here, not just smoothie bowls: toast, soup, breakfast bowls, coffee tea.

Marcy Cunningham

This is the best avocado toast I’ve ever had in the Bay Area. Celery Detox juice is fresh and amazing. Hubby had the Mission Mocha and he loved it.

Valerie Madison

Absolutely amazing!!!!!!!!

Kathleen H.

Probably the best açaí bowl I've ever had. I don't come to Berkeley that often, but whenever I do I will go far out of my way to stop at PJ... it's that good. Ingredients are always fresh, and there are a ton of combinations and customizations to choose from. One day I'll try their smoothies and juices, which also look fantastic, but I am too obsessed with their bowls to have ever tried anything else. The location is also great- plenty of parking, and it's near multiple fitness studios and stores. Great spot to grab lunch or a post-workout energy boost, and there is outdoor seating off the main street, which is nice and relaxing on warm days. I'm genuinely perplexed by the people who complain about the service here... the staff have never been anything other than friendly and welcoming to me. Then again, reading through others' critiques, it seems like they expect employees to greet them with a hug, song, and dance to meet their bar for quality customer service, so maybe I just have different expectations. It is true that when it's busy here, service does slow down... that's kinda what happens when a store has a lot of customers at once?? Employees take their time preparing food, and I appreciate that the bowl toppings are always in good ratios and not spilling everywhere, so I'm content to wait a few extra minutes when it's busy for what I know will be a delicious and quality meal.

Monica K.

I've been to this place twice now and each experience has been very different. The first time I tried this place, the service was great and the people were really nice and super helpful about answering any questions. The next time, was the total opposite. I was barely greeted and the female employee spoke so softly that I had to ask her 3 times if she could speak up since they had all of the blenders going. Anyways... back to the food. The almond butter acai bowl was good, a little pricer than what I've paid for the same clean ingredients, but I get it, it's Berkeley and in a prime location. I also tried one of their green juices which I enjoyed. I will come back when I'm in the area but hopefully their customer service can improve. They also have a parking lot in the back that's free, but it can be difficult to find a spot sometimes.

Project Juice

1933 1911 Fourth St ste 101, Berkeley, CA 94710