Project Juice

1933 1911, Fourth St ste 101, Berkeley
(510) 210-5061

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Nick Hawley

Love their dragon and acai bowls

john j.

A great açaí bowl, the traditional berry with the protein toppings are a perfect blend of sweet and savory. I loved the cashews and cocoa nibs, excellent crunch with the granola. A definite visit when I am in the area again.

Leah F.

I'm giving one star because the avocado toast is false advertisement. I've ordered this before and have received whats pictured online but today, I receive a tiny piece of toast that is unusual to what they usually have. I was also told that my mother had some trouble picking up our order because she was questioned about what the order was...the order that was already paid for. Very disappointed in the quality of food I've received here.

Juan M.

Great Customer Service from the two employees working there this morning had my order ready to go on the dot, while I waited for less than a minute the young lady inside Project Juice handled her self in a well mattered way toward a customer not complying with face covering very well.Management your crew is well trained and respectful in this critical times thanks for staying open

Jenna K.

Pretty good açaí bowl. I got the supper berry bowl with the classic toppings. I love how all the toppings are local and fresh. The honey was amazing. The granola was pretty good to and the fruit was very ripe and flavorful. A little on the pricey side but I guess thats the world we live in.

Angel L.

You can order online or in person - took about 10 minutes. I've been here a couple times and usually get the acai superberry with the classic topping. Compared to Palm Acai on College, it's a bit more expensive and I feel like their base is not as thick/creamy. You also cannot substitute any toppings here. Overall, it's your average acai place but it probably isn't the best. I would prefer Palm Acai over Project Juice because it's cheaper and tastes better.

Krizzia M.

This is my favorite juice spot in Berkeley! Fresh ingredients, great portion, healthy servings. I love how everything on their menu is so good and healthy for you. I always love coming here whenever I'm in town (or after a night of drinking) and picking up one of their kale green smoothies. Try their açaí bowls too! Can't go wrong with Project Juice. 5+ stars.

Caitlin D.

This is the first time I've been here so I can only speak for the almond butter açaí bowl, but it was really bad. I requested to add kale and literally ate big chunks of kale - when usually the added benefit of adding kale is that it's nice and blended in so you don't taste it! It's also not a traditional açaí bowl - I prefer the one with apple juice but they don't have that as an option. The 3 stars is for the ease of ordering online and the quick and easy pick up during covid with nice employees. I may try something else again but I won't be back for the açaí bowl.

Amanda F.

I love Project Juice. Everytime I am in the Bay area I stop and get a juice or an acai bowl. Hands down they have the best acai bowls I have ever tried. I am sad I do not live closer, but my wallet thanks me. Acai bowls in general are a splurge, but Project Juice is worth every penny! Stores are bright and clean, employees at this location were so nice and helpful.

Jose Gomez

The oatmeal paired with a black coffee is a great way to get me ready for my drive to work. Costumer service is always on point and the staff is always friendly with familiar faces. In the mornings there isnt much of a wait.

Matt Renaissance

Extremely good Acai Bowls!

April P.

Re-review: to my surprise I was contacted by the gracious team hear at project juice to address my 1st visit. I am floored that one would reach out. I plan on stopping in when time permits. Thank you so kindly! I called ahead of my drive back to the north bay, I asked how they are servicing drinks, one lady said I could come and pick, I get there and I am told I have to order online and it can take 30mins to an hour for my day cleanse. So that was a miscommunication. I tried the 1 day 6 shakes.1-5 were all greens, no beat juice. 6-was the drink later in the evening and was full of fat, I recommend finding an alternative for 6 because "cashew milk" isn't ideal with all the fat. I tried it $55 dollars followed the program and I felt good the next morning can't really state If this was the root cause of it. It was a try but I am going to go with a friend's recommendation to try another place. Paid parking area if you don't get there early am Berkeley police be on the prowl to give fix it tickets or parking meter tickets so pay to park. Not many places open.

katie baca

I really like project juice but this location has messed up my order more than once. This is the only location that has done it so far. Its bad because I'm also allergic to tree nuts. Please read the orders carefully before making!!

Lesley C.

Not to lower the value of the acai bowls here (which are very much high quality), but the Almond Butter Banana waffles are CRAZY GOOD. I ordered from here initially to get a decent acai bowl, but thanks to the small cart fee I accidentally discovered the Almond Butter Banana waffle which is AMAZING to say the least. Now I've started ordering from Project Juice just to get the almond butter waffle and order the acai bowl as a SIDE item to get rid of the small cart order fee on Postmates.

Vishwanathan Rajaraman

This is on the pricier end of the spectrum but great when you want to trick yourself into thinking you're being healthy. Bowls are refreshing and the bagel is loaded and delish.

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