Project Juice

1933 1911, Fourth St ste 101, Berkeley
(510) 210-5061

Recent Reviews

Vishwanathan Rajaraman

This is on the pricier end of the spectrum but great when you want to trick yourself into thinking you're being healthy. Bowls are refreshing and the bagel is loaded and delish.

Erica O.

This place is amazing! Wish there were more of them everywhere. Please open more stores! As gluten free folks, it's pretty rare to find a place that is dedicated and also has a ton of variety and incredible stuff! My husband is also allergic to dairy and everything here is dairy free too! Wow. Now that we moved away from Oakland, anytime we're driving anywhere close to a project juice we take a detour! Our favorites are the almond butter acai or the acai superberry bowls with either the paleo or the protein topping choices. These bowls are so tasty and filling. And they go heavy on the toppings for nice added flavor and crunch! Other favorites that are amazing are the almond butter and banana waffle and the berries and cream waffle....umm these are like crack! I'm a cheese lover, and I can't tell the difference with the almond cream cheese. And the combo of the cream chese with the honey is incredible. The honey seems better than any honey I've ever had. It boggles my mind. These waffles are also surprisingly filling. Also have done the avocado toast, which is great! On a big ol thick cut of GF sourdough. Also gotten the biome bagel, the Mission Mocha smoothie and a keto coffee before which are all good. I have gotten a couple of their baked goods at the checkout counter- like banana bread or cookies, haven't been impressed with those so much. But honestly it doesn't detract from the place one bit since they have so many other great options. Friendly staff. Quick service too. If you get there when the nearby cycling or yoga class just got out it will be busy, otherwise it's never been a real issue.

Stan S.

I come in regularly for breakfast after working out, and almost always get the Acai Superberry Bowl with Classic toppings. It is pricey, but the quality is extremely good! The granola toppings make it a crunchy treat, and the texture of the acai itself is refreshing. I've been to another acai bowl place in Berkeley that offers larger portions, but the quality doesn't come as close to that of Project Juice's. I've recently gotten into ordering the Mint Chip smoothie which I was initially dubious of, but it's quickly become one of my new favorites. Service is friendly usually. Interior is light, airy, and pretty, There is a decent number of seating here (8 or so seats inside the store, and plenty more outdoors). There is a parking lot in the back (on 5th St.) that has free 3 hour parking. Other than that, there is metered streetside parking on 4th Street. All in all, a good place to get your fix of acai bowls and/or healthful food products. It is pricey, but Project Juice makes up for it with better-tasting food. It's worth a visit! Postscript: make sure to check in on Yelp for a $2 off coupon for a bowl+smoothie purchase. Didn't realize this existed, and I could've saved a sizable amount of money had I known.

Christine Nguyen

It was tasty, but it made my stomach upset. Saw that they store the smoothie bowls in a drawer instead of making it fresh so the açaí was really liquid.

Ross Y.

Smoothies here are delish. Almond tea cake is also super tasty. Nice quiet area of 4th street. Rockstar smoothie is so good. Love this place!

Ally G.

Acceptable bowl but always out of soup here and higher priced than most in the any fancy area so... 3 stars. Menu shown on the yelp is not accurate for pricing fyi

Brenda M.

I ordered the Marina Greens and it was incredibly sour and did not taste good at all. I had to ask the cashier if they could add honey to my drink and they were almost about to charge me for it. The $9 sour smoothie was definitely not worth it - definitely go somewhere else instead.

Francisco Medina

love their acaí bowls! they have tons of different options to choose from. my favorite is the almond butter bowl with the protein topping. absolutely amazing

Esther K.

Great thick and filling acai bowls!! However I wouldn't give a full five stars because I found myself wanting a bit more of certain toppings here and there so I couldn't fully enjoy it. I find that the right proportions in an acai bowl can make a big difference. Overall, I liked it and would go again.

Vincent L.

Quite pricey at almost $12, but the almond butter acai bowl is delightfully dense and filling, plus the protein topping (granola, banana, berries, cashews, cacao nibs, hemp seeds, honey drizzle) adds even more density, texture, and nourishment to the whole equation. A great way to refuel after a workout. Service is also friendly and fast, and even though this is a petite venue at one end of the busy Fourth Street corridor, there are about 10 seats inside, more room to stroll or sit outdoors, and plenty of parking underneath the overpass. Thanks Yelpers for yet another good find!

Amanda C.

Fantastic acai bowl. I ordered their protein style toppings and loved the added nuts/seeds that it came with. The ratio of acai base to toppings was about 1:1, so with every bite you're enjoying a solid mixture. Love that about this spot. Also ordered their special pumpkin oats - great option for those looking for less sugar, or a warm breakfast. Definitely would come back here, there's a couple tables and benches outside for seating (which was great for us since our doggo was with us).

Lorena S.

Great for a quick bite and still great If you're going out of your way to come here (but be warned, it's not really a sit down spot - max of a 6 people can probably "dine in" at a time. The ingredients are fresh and filling. My husband usually gets their açaí bowl and I've gotten their protein waffle twice now - I love their almond butter and the filling toppings. I also love their "adaptogen lattes". I can't have caffeine right now and their milk and coffee alternatives are really great! I especially love the Brain Alchemy drink - a healthy take on hot chocolate.

Alice Lopez

As soon as I walked in Project Juice greeted me and helped me right away. One love has the best customer service and everything you need at the best quality and prices!


Phenomenal GREEN offerings that are NOT diluted or too sweet. Very accommodating with your specifications. I especially appreciate Lucy & Ingris’ suggestions. Try the Brain Alchemy, Golden Toast (turmeric hummus AND avo mash w-pickled red onions, microgreens, & seeds - a work of art!). PJ is the BEST thus far & I HAVE TRIED THEM ALL! Worth every penny. Loyalty program. Been going to Berk 4th St 23 yrs for their shops & now for PJ

Anna W.

My favorite place to get my açaí bowl when I'm in town . I went with my mama here one day and she now hooked on getting her smoothie and bowl fix .


This is one of my favourite places to eat in California

Kate Yelkovan

This is one of my favourite places to eat in California

Spencer Fricke

Awesome spot for a good healthy meal

Melissa M.

The acai bowls here are perfect! They are paleo and the classic option is tasty. I would recommend putting a scoop of almond butter on the top as opposed to getting it blended because it makes it taste like a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. My friend got a cacao smoothie and it's her favorite, she gets it every time!

Christina V.

This place is badass! And by badass I mean in a super healthy way. So far I have tried the sunset beach smoothie and it is amazing, and a few of the salads and they have all been bomb diggity. It is a little on the pricey side but for good consistent customers service and actual fresh ingredients it's worth it. I'm not a salad person, I admit that but the salads are good and hearty and romaine free.

Mabel A.

Thinking of moving closer to project juice so that I can have them more often. Hah! My order is ALWAYS an Açaí­ bowl and a shot of Tumeric while I wait. The service is very fast! Their produce very fresh and the staff is nothing short than patient and sweet. The price point is worth the quality. I love their location and I just wish they opened one more Project Juice closet to my home in Montclair!

Yoshita S.

I've probably been to project juice stores like a hundred times. And just moved to Berkeley, was excited to see a project juice in the building right next where I lived. But my experience was really bad. This store in Berkeley is horrible, in that the people working here are sometimes really mean and undeserving of a tip. They treat customers with no hospitality. Rude and unapologetic, absolutely a mood spoiler. Never coming back here again And guys please go get your açai in other cafes in Berkeley. They are plenty of them with nicer people working to help

Marissa H.

This is place is directly across from my office and was recommended to me by a coworker. First thoughts were holy moly this place is spend. Almost $12 for a smoothie or açaí­ bowl. I opted out and went with the avo toast instead for $5.50. I'm generally kinda picky with avo toast since a lot of the time it comes flavorless or with bad quality EVOO. But this, was so flavorful. topped with micro greens and on a 2 inch thick slice of sourdough. It's almost dangerous now that i've discovered because it's so good!

Emmalouise B.

I'm a fan of Project Juice in general and this location is no exception. Clean, Friendly staff and great menu. My Husband and I stopped by here for something to eat after a local Run and got a number of items to share, all prepared in good time and tasted really good. The Parfait and Dragon Bowls are by far my favorite and I love that you can buy their Nut Butters here too. This location also has Grab and Go food along with their bottled Juices and Boosts.

Danielle Taylor

This place is my new regular spot! Delicious and healthy. The biome bagel is out of this world! My partner can't get enough of the acai bowls. Location is great, you can walk around the shops with your smoothies.

Carolina F.

Though this place is pricey, it's so delicious! We had the dragon bowl w/classic toppings and a sunset beach smoothie smoothie, an almond butter açaí­ with protein toppings and goji berries, and a brain alchemy latte. Everything was delicious and the staff was very friendly.

Sandra Lynge Melhede

Great healthy food and an easy clean concept.

Racquel P.

I took my niece here for her very first Acai bowl, and she loved it! The staff were super friendly, as they took their time to explain all of the flavor options, as well as answered my nieces many questions :-)... My personal favorite is the green bowl with classic topping. Besides the bowls, their fresh juices are phenomenal, too.

Travis Wyatt

Acai bowl was delicious! Staff was super friendly too.

Jess A.

I love project juice and hope they get more locations that have all the food and smoothies like this one does. I love the Blue moon shake/smoothie. I can't wait to try some of their other stuff like the Paleo waffles and açaí­ bowls. My only qualm is that from location to location the consistency differs. I would think they are following recipes and measurement but that doesn't seem to be the case. It doesn't stop me from getting my $10 smoothies though! Any time I am near one of these, I will surely stop in. Right now I am only aware of locations in the Mission, Hayes Valley, and Fourth Street Berkeley. There isn't much indoor space at these spots so be willing and ready so be on the move. The Fourth Street location is the most spacious, followed by the Mission. It's worth every penny!!

Rodrigo Castellari Affonso

Definitely the best açai we had in the Bay Area. Get's pretty close to the authentic Brazilian version.

Lester John

It is my goto spot for healthy afternoon meal

Aya E.

Honestly, an açaí­ bowl is exactly what everyone needs to start their day or week. I was in the mood for something, light and refreshing, yet filling and found myself at Project Juice at 10am on a Monday morning. I went with the Açaí­ Superberry (~$12) base which includes açaí­, almond mylk, banana, and blueberries. The next step is to choose the topping style; they have 3 to choose from. I went with the Classic, which includes granola, banana, seasonal berries (I got strawberries), coconut shavings, and honey. The last step is to add a boost but I opted to not get any. The bowl was super filling, freshly made, and really hit the spot! It is pretty pricy for a bowl but pretty comparable to many other similar places. It was a solid choice and I left feeling satisfied and full. I would recommend trying it out and I'd definitely come back if I'm in the area again looking for a delicious açaí­ bowl.

Jessica Mann

Someone tell me who makes this almond butter!!!

Priscilla L.

Hehehe I love coming here after my Soul Cycle classes. It's a "You did a great job at your class! Now here's a pricy treat for you!" Hahahaha I always order the epic greens. I've seen other cyclist order the acia bowls, looks good. Maybe I'll order that next time. Their epic greens is more of like a thick smoothie and you can taste the almond butter. I love almond butter. One star off because I'm broke and wished they had some sort of student Maybe I'm just being mean.

Isabella L.

I'm addicted to acai bowls and have been trying them all over town. Project Juice is my favorite thus far. Pretty much all of the acai bowls I've ever tried anywhere have been really yummy, probably in large because these things are sugar bombs, but Project Juice has sugar free acai. They have bowls that are sweetened with just a drizzle of honey, but they're still awesome. Also, the bowls here are cheaper than at a lot of other places in Berkeley and SF.

Christine S.

Project Juice makes my gut feel good. The best smoothies, in my opinion, are the Blue Moon (pro-tip: add almond butter to this one for an even better smoothie) and the Berry Blaze. My favorite bowl is the almond butter açaí­ with the protein toppings. But the best part is that no matter what you get, you can't go wrong. The bowls are filling, the smoothies are delicious, and everything tastes incredibly fresh. Steep prices, but that can be expected when the product is this good and also good for you. Love this place.

Glory W.

Love that they're GF and have great coffee and paleo waffles!!! The turmeric hummus toast and the avo toast hit the spot for GFers. I also need to add that their Keto coffee keeps me going back every morning! Who knew vegan keto could be so yummy? I usually do Bulletproof, but I'm hooked on their Keto coffee now.

Sumer Alsatarwah

Favorite place to go. The waffles are amazing.

Rachel D.

Came here after a soulcycle class, and it was just what my body needed! I got the green paleo smoothie bowl with extra almond butter on top. It was so tasty, I could've eaten another! The base was subtley sweet, but the thing that really made this was the generous toppings. The fruit and all of the crunchy bits gave great texture! These are a little pricey, but I think that's expected at any smoothie place that caters to this clientele. Overall, I enjoyed my meal here and would come back if I'm in the area!