Pyeong Chang Tofu Berkeley

1269 University Ave, Berkeley
(510) 548-9781

Recent Reviews

Thomas Cunningham

The place serves big dishes and for reasonable rates. very kind owner. Will visit again.

Peter Brantley

Excellent Korean t?fu and bibimbap, some traditional, others tastily modernised. Clean and comfortable with superb wait staff, both friendly and attentive. Nice touches including okoge with every tofu soup.

Kenneth R.

We began with an order of Yang Nyum chicken, 10 pieces for the six of us. The chicken was nyummy, but not significantly better than Korean-style chicken wings that I've had in non-Korean places like Luka's Taproom and Stella Nona. We then moved to some tofu stews; I had the dumpling tofu soup (#8 on the menu). Although I asked for the stew to be "medium" spicy, it wasn't spicy at all. Nonetheless, I loved the tofu stew, which was more or less at the same level as analogous dishes that I've had at Bowl'd and other Korean places in the East Bay. The bill for the six of us was $129, including tax and tip -- $21.50 per person. I thought that the lunch was fairly priced and will be happy to return any time.

Philip de la Rosa

Nice decor, clean, friendly staff. However, not too impressed with the food -pickles not very flavorful.

Chris Lee-Egan

Oh man, as a Korean American lemme just say that everything here is top-notch, down to the last banchan. Short rib stew is great, but I also loved their kimchi bibim noodles (with buckwheat noodles!). Things I tried were uncompromised on the spiciness, too.

Carol L.

Super nice servers, quick service, and delicious food! It does fall on the pricier end for tofu soup but the serving definitely had a lot of ingredients inside. I tried the spam and cheese soup tofu and my bf got the combo soup tofu. It had a nice kick and wasn't too hot when it came out so I thankfully didn't burn my tongue. They also include the pan chans on the side - my favorite was the mashed tofu and kimchi! Glad I found this place on Yelp and that they have no wait (online waiting list). Parking is a little difficult as it is only street parking but if you're in the area, give this place a try.

Gel Z.

I really like the Pyeon Chang Tofu House in Temescal so it was a must to come to the one in Berkeley! This one in Berkeley is equally as good. Vibes: They play old school K-pop such as Big Bang and 2ne1! Layout: The layout is pretty clean and aesthetically pleasing. The cash register is next to the bathroom. On the walls are photos of the Korean foods offered at the place. Tables and chairs are wooden and sleek. Service: The waiters working there are so friendly and accommodating! They are happy to answer questions about the food and ensure that you're is having a wonderful experience by regularly checking up on you. Food: An abundance of banchan (side dishes) comes with the meal. The rice provided is free and the nurunji or burnt rice parts are yummy! I love the Korean Yang Nyum Chicken ($14.99 for 10 pieces) as the sauce is marinated perfectly and crisp of chicken is just right. The sauce is sweet and tangy with a bit of a kick to it. Samgyetang ($22.99) tasted authentic and chicken was super tender. Broth was super clear and tasted free of MSG. Salt and pepper are given to season it. The seafood soft tofu soup ($14.99) was amazing; the place lets you customize the spice level and an egg is included. Going with extreme spicy was a bad idea, especially as they're not kidding with the spiciness. I just wished that they added some vegetables such as green onions to the stew to bring out its freshness. Overall, would definitely swing by again to try bibimbap and the cold noodles, as well as to devour the irresistible chicken!

Shawn P.

I love the place on Temescal and this new spot in Berkeley is fire! So fresh and so clean but with all the same tofu house favorites. I love banchan and they have my favorite tofu and parsley. They still have my favorite kimchi tofu soup but they also have a new addition, fried chicken! It is delicious. Crispy original is crisp and flavorful.

Lydia Z.

Delicious soondubu! Fragrant from the extra onions in the soup. Their tofu is soft and very soy tasting. Good amount of tofu too! Great flavors. Ambience was casual but put-together with quiet kpop playing in the background. Wait time was reasonable and seating was ample in the spacious rooms.


Great Korean food place. Nice tofu soup and Korean cuisine.

David K.

Don't get me started about Pyeong Chang. I eat here at least 3x a month. Service is sensational and space is huge and welcoming. Let's talk food. We all know that the Bay doesn't do Korean well. But Pyeong Chang is one of the few exceptions. I would bring my parents here. Highlights include: spicy pork, soondubu, kimchi pancake. Always best to order different dishes and do family style! With plenty of soju~ (flavored if you must) Trust me. I know East Bay Korean food and this is the best of the best. Stop deliberating and go. Here. Now. Ask for Anthony he's the best!!

Matt Marshall

Food, service, and atmosphere were tremendous. Would go again, no question.

Naomi W.

My favorite Korean comfort food has been soondubu jjigae. And this place was seriously so good! I had the seafood soondubu and the flavor was rich and deep. It really hit the spot and I wish this place was so much closer to where I live. The banchans they provide is very tasty and plentiful. Service is quick and they are all kind. At the end, they will come pour tea in your rice "pot" to finish off the meal. I don't find a lot of Korean restaurants doing this so it's a plus! If you're in the area I highly recommend this place!


Great Korean food place. Nice tofu soup and Korean cuisine.

Ying Woei Ooi

They are generous with their appetizers/panchan, a plus We ordered a seafood pancake, but I barely taste any seafood, it's mostly flour. This location is quite empty when we when on a Sunday night. Half of the group arrived earlier, trying to get seated first. Nevertheless, the server was not willing to seat us until the rest of our group arrived, which is frustrating because there are plenty if not more tables in the restaurant!

Margarita Savkina

Amazing! So much flavor, spice, and color! Loved the place! They also give you plenty of food.

Cliff Citragno

One word, yummy! Great service too, guys were very friendly and had excellent recommendations

Bad barb Citragno

Good food Nice people. Calm atmosphere.

Marvin G.

Genuinely good food and service. The ersatz/fake meat is great, not weird or tasteless. You could drag some meat lovin' man in here, not tell him it was some flower child type place. He'd order the "Mongolian Beef" or something. When it came the brudle hunk would dig in and smirk. "Now this beef is good. I dunno how you can stand that tofu crap," he say. At this point you can tell Joe Beefus that he too is devouring tofu, or just smirk back. The place is not noisy and they don't overdo it with salt. Nor is it expensive.

Judy P.

OMG!!! We drove a little over an hour to be here on Saturday and it's absolutely worth the drive. Starting with the yummy side dishes to hot stone bowl rice and the main meal. I want to move up to Berkeley just for this place. Guys work here are super accommodating and friendly! This place is a must try place if you are a foodie who loves Korean food.

Tenzin Tagudh

Good food compare to nearby Korean restaurants. And their side dishes are much more and very fresh compared to nearby Korean but 2 star because service is important and their service is horrible. I go to Gangnam in el Cerrito ( across Honda dealership) now for Korean food in east bay. Great food there and service is amazing.

Jill Hall

Great food, great service

Tomas Cvrcek

The service was quick and the staff polite and the portions were quite big for the money. Everything was delicious and very hot (both in terms of spice and temperature), which I liked. Yeah, the ceiling fan in the room I was seated in did not work, making it less air-conditioned than I would have liked, but I am sure that's been fixed since I was there.

James C.

This place is my #1 go to in Berkeley! This place is super yummy with very traditional and modern Korean food. This place is super clean. The place has really nice staff. Highly recommend. The protein items come with rice. The drinks are really good. I love the spam and cheese bibimba!

Goku U.

Decided to give this place a try on a Saturday evening. I called ahead to check that the vegetable and tofu soup were truly vegetarian. The waiter who picked up the phone mentioned they were actually vegan. Also if you want to check-in online to reserve a spot, you can do that on yelp. After calling, I saw that there wasn't a wait online so we just decided to drive over. When we arrived, we were seated right away. The waiter was knowledgeable and let us know which dishes can be made vegetarian. Once we put in our order, we had to do a lot of waiting. It took awhile for the banchan to arrive (3 out of 6 dishes were vegetarian). We waited about 45-60 mins for the main dish to arrive. The rice comes in a large stone pot and the waiter distributes it among us in small bowls. There are 2 options for the rice left in the stone pot: 1. You can either add hot tea or 2. Scrape all the crispy rice and eat it. We opted to get hot tea since I haven't tried it before. The tea was a little bland and not very strong. We ordered the vegetarian and mushroom tofu soup. The spicy setting was good and not too spicy to eat. The vegetarian soup comes with seaweed flakes that give the soup an salty/ocean taste. I enjoyed the mushroom soup a bit more. Overall waiter service was friendly and quick. Food service speed could be improved, but at least food came out hot. I'd come back and try other dishes (although it is a bit limiting to vegetarians, the food was satisfactory).

hannah tsou

The food is needs improvement and very priced. Ordered spicy chicken bimbipap, it was burnt black and soaked in oil. However I do like that it comes with a tofu soup. The appetizers were not as well thought out. Overly salty or sour.

Daniel Jeong

Wow didn't expect their food to be this good! Definitely a must try if you visit UC Berkeley and craving some Korean food. I think their other main dishes are a lot better . I got the spice chicken bibimbap and it was delicious. It also came with a side of soondooboo. Filling, Delicious, and worth its price!

Annie Z.

I usually go to the Pyeong Chang on Telegraph but decided to switch it up this time! We made reservations because the restaurant can get pretty busy around dinner time. When we arrived around 6:30 PM, there were a lot of empty tables. Turns out we didn't need a reservation! (Maybe we just got lucky this time.) The interior looks similar to the one on Telegraph, with wooden surfaces and high quality photos of the dishes. The waiters were really polite and service was great. Pyeong Chang has some of the best Banchan in my opinion! [ Kimchi Pancake ] The pancakes are very flavorful and doughy! Definitely a great one to share with the entire group. [ Squid Tofu Soup ] The quality of the tofu is great and the flavor of the soup was perfectly savory. I got it with the medium spice level and it wasn't too spicy. The soup comes with a raw egg if you ask the waiter for it. The best part is the crusty rice at the bottom of the rice bowl. They leave the bowl at the table so that customers can eat the crusty rice if they want to. Very thoughtful of them! Overall, I was really impressed with this newer location and I can't decide which one I like better!

Lara T.

Finally got to catch up with a friend and finally got to try this place! I was debating between getting a tofu soup or bibimbap and ultimately decided on a tofu soup. Thoroughly enjoyed the food so I hope I can come back to try the bibimbap and seafood pancake! The workers were very kind as well--when I walked in before my friend, one of the workers said if my friend was arriving within five minutes he could let me take a seat at the table before the crowd of people that usually arrives during that time. Luckily my friend said she was 4 minutes away so I was able to get us a table! Food: - Combination Tofu Soup--$14.99 Got my tofu soup with a mild spice level which added a good kick of heat and spice that was just right for me. It was steaming hot and very hearty and warming. I loved how there was a hefty amount of beef, squid, clams, and shrimp, and also silky, soft, smooth tofu. It paired really well with the freshly cooked rice that they served in a stone pot and spooned into bowls for us. Near the end, a worker came up to check in and ask if we wanted the crispy rice left at the bottom of the pot scooped out so we, of course, said yes! It was crunchy and I enjoyed it by spooning the broth over it. The side dishes of vegetables and kimchi and others were also delicious. Also, the egg that comes with the tofu soup that you crack directly into the broth added a creaminess and richness that I really enjoyed. It was a great first soft tofu soup experience. Tips: - During crowded times, they have a Yelp waitlist that you can add yourself to directly at the store, but also through the app! Before you leave home to head over for a meal, check the waitlist and add yourself if it looks crowded. - Make sure to ask them to scoop out the crispy rice at the bottom of the pot, and also make sure to ask for eggs with your tofu soup.

Jo W.

FINALLY I get to try this place out! I came today, a workday, around 11:30am, so my experience may vastly differ from others. I've heard that there can be a 1+hour wait on the weekends, so I'm lucky I just came while taking a lunch break from work! It's super cute from the outside, and I was pleased that the interior was so cute, warm, and welcoming. The waiter who was the only one working immediately seated me, and he was so quick to bring me barley tea and banchan, and bring me my order. I had looked at the menu online before coming (which is the same as the menu in the restaurant, so if you want to save time, I highly recommend checking out the menu online first), so I knew what I wanted. I ordered the Kimchi Bibimbap in a stone bowl (which is $17), and decided to keep the menu in case if I wanted anything else (if you've eaten with me and/or read my other reviews, you'll know I can eat a lot in one sitting LOL!). In addition to the barley tea and the banchan, there was complimentary hot stone tofu soup! You also get to choose the level of spiciness for your soup. I went with medium. It was chilly outside, and I was cold on my way walking here, and I could barely feel my feet as I was walking. This soup really hit the spot and warmed me up from inside. I loved it! I was accidentally brought the Vegetable Bibimbap, which certainly looked delicious! I was starting to dig into it when I realized there was no kimchi anywhere in my bowl. I got the waiter's attention, and he was super quick to apologize and take the bibimbap away. I was thinking, "Oh, it's probably going to take another 10 minutes for them to correct my order." Oh heck, it ended up being UNDER 5 MINUTES for him to bring me a fresh stone bowl of kimchi bibimbap! I was impressed! Definitely 5 star customer service! As I was digging into the bibimbap and enjoying all the vegetables and ESPECIALLY loving how the rice turns perfectly golden brown and crunchy and crispy (my favorite part of enjoying bibimbap, no point of getting bibimbap if it's not in a stone bowl!), I thought of how much I wanted to get the seafood pancake too, even though I know I shouldn't be eating too much. But I thought, "Hey, I walked all the way out here, and I've already been eyeing this place for a few months. When's the next time I'll be back? Eff it, I'll just order Seafood Pancake!" I got the waiter's attention again, and he quickly brought that out too. This came out piping hot and fresh! I like to see how various Korean restaurants prepare their seafood pancakes. Some places have it thicker and cut in squares, some have it thinner and cut in triangular slices. The seafood pancake here is the latter version. The funny thing was that when deciding to come eat here, I was also trying to decide if I wanted Korean food or pizza for lunch. The seafood pancake certainly hit the spot with my pizza cravings, and the great thing is that it's a healthier alternative! Heck, the waiter even asked if I needed a take out box. I was like, "Nope! Everything is so delicious, I'm eating it all right here!" Great portions, absolutely filling! I walked back to work stuffed! It wasn't cheap--with tip, I paid about $38 (LOL I can't believe I spent so much on lunch AND ate all that in one sitting, this was about as much as a breakfast at Wicked Spoon in Vegas). I did love everything I ate, and I can see why this is so popular!

Zack S.

Pretty good Korean food. I don't have much to say. The atmosphere is a little upscale and modern for my tastes.

kyle doran

Great food but service is a bit slow

Ojha Hari

What a beautiful environment with tasty food. Loved the hospitality. I dare you to try extra spicy tofu soup here. It is fire.

Jenny L.

Better than the Oakland location somehow; maybe they are being more attentive since they've recently opened? Came here for relatively late dinner on Saturday and even though it was within 2 hours of closing they were still very busy and there was a line. Definitely recommend getting in line on Yelp! You can do your waiting elsewhere (if you want). I got the mushroom tofu stew with medium spice. I was really looking forward to this warm stew on a cold rainy day and it didn't disappoint. Plenty of banchan, stew wasn't skimpy with the non-stew components, and I was way more than full by the end. Would definitely come back even if it wasn't cold and rainy.

Liz C.

This tofu house is closer to what I expect from a tofu house. I came here right when it opened and was seated right away. They have quite a selection on their menu so you are not confined to just tofu soup. Nonetheless, I went with the mushroom tofu soup. Generally this is a vegetarian option, but they put beef in it (you can opt out of this if you are vegetarian) but I welcomed the protein. Pick your spice level between mild, medium, spicy, and extra spicy. I got mine at spicy and it was enough to clear my sinuses. The soup came out hot, not bubbling hot, but hot enough. They give you an egg on the side to crack in if you want it. The rice is in a hot stone pot, which is how it should be. They scoop the rice out for you and then take the bowl to carve out the crispy rice. I was really impressed by their ability to get all of the crispy rice out in scoop. I'm used to pouring tea into the rice, but it was nice to munch on the crispy bits. I'm sure they'd let you do the traditional way of pouring the tea in if you asked. The tofu soup itself was flavorful and there were plenty of pieces of beef and mushroom. No skimping here. Overall, I really enjoyed this comforting soup on a chilly day. The banchan selection was pretty decent, and most of it tasted fresh as well! Service was good - we were checked up on frequently and our teas were refilled. Each tofu soup is about $13-14 depending on which one you get. Overall, would recommend this place!

Wesley Ma

Super good people, atmosphere, and food. The hot bowls, soup, and dishes are on point and definitely worth checking out. Highly recommended if you are into kimchi and Korean foods. The spices were on point, Korean beer and hot sake too.

Waranya W.

Staffs are attentive and friendly. Food was great. I really love classic tofu soup and galbi. Seafood pancake is crispy outer and soft inside. I do recommended.

Kristen W.

Ohhh yea! This place is legit! Unique ban Chan and super sizzling hot pots. Simple, modern, clean environment.

Mama G.

I've been eating at the Telegraph location forever, so I was excited to see one in Berkeley. I've been twice. The main room is bright, good chairs, but it can be very loud. Tonight, the music from the kitchen is bonkers loud. I've ordered the mushroom soon both times. It's my happy go-to. I order it somewhere between medium and spicy and both times it's come out as mild. The soup is weirdly thin compared to the other location. More soup than stew. Tonight, though, the rice was a bust. It's supposed to have a crisp layer in the stone bowl. Perfect for making tea or dipping. I don't know what happened, but this came out a soggy mess. So, I pointed out the bummer rice and he made me a fresh, crisp serving to make things right.

Marti D.

Atmosphere / Parking: Newly renovated space is nice and airy. Parking can be difficult since it's on University, but I work nearby so I can walk. Food: DELICIOUS. I'm not a very experienced Korean food diner, but the staff was friendly and helped me with my choices. The ban chan were wonderful, and they offered to bring me more of the ones I liked the best. The rice was perfectly crisp on the bottom of the hot stone bowl, and fluffy on the top layers. My favorite part of the meal was the soft tofu soup. THE TOFU! OMG! Do they make it in-house? It's so silky. Also enjoyed the bulgogi - expensive but it's a very large portion and rich. Service: Friendly, welcoming, and genuinely interested in my dining experience. Will be going back soon. It's the perfect winter weather destination.