Pyeong Chang Tofu Berkeley

1269 University Ave, Berkeley
(510) 548-9781

Recent Reviews

Matt Marshall

Food, service, and atmosphere were tremendous. Would go again, no question.


Great Korean food place. Nice tofu soup and Korean cuisine.

Ying Woei Ooi

They are generous with their appetizers/panchan, a plus We ordered a seafood pancake, but I barely taste any seafood, it's mostly flour. This location is quite empty when we when on a Sunday night. Half of the group arrived earlier, trying to get seated first. Nevertheless, the server was not willing to seat us until the rest of our group arrived, which is frustrating because there are plenty if not more tables in the restaurant!

Margarita Savkina

Amazing! So much flavor, spice, and color! Loved the place! They also give you plenty of food.

Cliff Citragno

One word, yummy! Great service too, guys were very friendly and had excellent recommendations

Bad barb Citragno

Good food Nice people. Calm atmosphere.

Tenzin Tagudh

Good food compare to nearby Korean restaurants. And their side dishes are much more and very fresh compared to nearby Korean but 2 star because service is important and their service is horrible. I go to Gangnam in el Cerrito ( across Honda dealership) now for Korean food in east bay. Great food there and service is amazing.

Jill Hall

Great food, great service

Tomas Cvrcek

The service was quick and the staff polite and the portions were quite big for the money. Everything was delicious and very hot (both in terms of spice and temperature), which I liked. Yeah, the ceiling fan in the room I was seated in did not work, making it less air-conditioned than I would have liked, but I am sure that's been fixed since I was there.

hannah tsou

The food is needs improvement and very priced. Ordered spicy chicken bimbipap, it was burnt black and soaked in oil. However I do like that it comes with a tofu soup. The appetizers were not as well thought out. Overly salty or sour.

Daniel Jeong

Wow didn't expect their food to be this good! Definitely a must try if you visit UC Berkeley and craving some Korean food. I think their other main dishes are a lot better . I got the spice chicken bibimbap and it was delicious. It also came with a side of soondooboo. Filling, Delicious, and worth its price!

Zack S.

Pretty good Korean food. I don't have much to say. The atmosphere is a little upscale and modern for my tastes.

kyle doran

Great food but service is a bit slow

Ojha Hari

What a beautiful environment with tasty food. Loved the hospitality. I dare you to try extra spicy tofu soup here. It is fire.

Jenny L.

Better than the Oakland location somehow; maybe they are being more attentive since they've recently opened? Came here for relatively late dinner on Saturday and even though it was within 2 hours of closing they were still very busy and there was a line. Definitely recommend getting in line on Yelp! You can do your waiting elsewhere (if you want). I got the mushroom tofu stew with medium spice. I was really looking forward to this warm stew on a cold rainy day and it didn't disappoint. Plenty of banchan, stew wasn't skimpy with the non-stew components, and I was way more than full by the end. Would definitely come back even if it wasn't cold and rainy.

Liz C.

This tofu house is closer to what I expect from a tofu house. I came here right when it opened and was seated right away. They have quite a selection on their menu so you are not confined to just tofu soup. Nonetheless, I went with the mushroom tofu soup. Generally this is a vegetarian option, but they put beef in it (you can opt out of this if you are vegetarian) but I welcomed the protein. Pick your spice level between mild, medium, spicy, and extra spicy. I got mine at spicy and it was enough to clear my sinuses. The soup came out hot, not bubbling hot, but hot enough. They give you an egg on the side to crack in if you want it. The rice is in a hot stone pot, which is how it should be. They scoop the rice out for you and then take the bowl to carve out the crispy rice. I was really impressed by their ability to get all of the crispy rice out in scoop. I'm used to pouring tea into the rice, but it was nice to munch on the crispy bits. I'm sure they'd let you do the traditional way of pouring the tea in if you asked. The tofu soup itself was flavorful and there were plenty of pieces of beef and mushroom. No skimping here. Overall, I really enjoyed this comforting soup on a chilly day. The banchan selection was pretty decent, and most of it tasted fresh as well! Service was good - we were checked up on frequently and our teas were refilled. Each tofu soup is about $13-14 depending on which one you get. Overall, would recommend this place!

Wesley Ma

Super good people, atmosphere, and food. The hot bowls, soup, and dishes are on point and definitely worth checking out. Highly recommended if you are into kimchi and Korean foods. The spices were on point, Korean beer and hot sake too.

Waranya W.

Staffs are attentive and friendly. Food was great. I really love classic tofu soup and galbi. Seafood pancake is crispy outer and soft inside. I do recommended.

Kristen W.

Ohhh yea! This place is legit! Unique ban Chan and super sizzling hot pots. Simple, modern, clean environment.

Mama G.

I've been eating at the Telegraph location forever, so I was excited to see one in Berkeley. I've been twice. The main room is bright, good chairs, but it can be very loud. Tonight, the music from the kitchen is bonkers loud. I've ordered the mushroom soon both times. It's my happy go-to. I order it somewhere between medium and spicy and both times it's come out as mild. The soup is weirdly thin compared to the other location. More soup than stew. Tonight, though, the rice was a bust. It's supposed to have a crisp layer in the stone bowl. Perfect for making tea or dipping. I don't know what happened, but this came out a soggy mess. So, I pointed out the bummer rice and he made me a fresh, crisp serving to make things right.

Marti D.

Atmosphere / Parking: Newly renovated space is nice and airy. Parking can be difficult since it's on University, but I work nearby so I can walk. Food: DELICIOUS. I'm not a very experienced Korean food diner, but the staff was friendly and helped me with my choices. The ban chan were wonderful, and they offered to bring me more of the ones I liked the best. The rice was perfectly crisp on the bottom of the hot stone bowl, and fluffy on the top layers. My favorite part of the meal was the soft tofu soup. THE TOFU! OMG! Do they make it in-house? It's so silky. Also enjoyed the bulgogi - expensive but it's a very large portion and rich. Service: Friendly, welcoming, and genuinely interested in my dining experience. Will be going back soon. It's the perfect winter weather destination.

Joyce W.

It's been a while since I wrote a review, which means Pyeong Chang must be THAT good for me to write this 5 star review! If you're ever craving for an authentic Korean meal, Pyeong Chang is the spot to check out! Flavors are delicious. Prices are reasonable. Service is great. Some dishes I highly recommend are: spicy combo tofu seafood soup and their kimchi pancake!

Sherluna V.

Ahhh I'm sorry to be giving this place a 3 star but I thought this place was average. I base my ratings a lot off the side dishes because to me that's what makes a place stand out or not. Their side dishes were alright - tofu, kimchi, potato, radish, and bean sprouts. What stood out was the kimchi, had a sweet taste to it, along with the potato. Other than that I feel like it was lacking in variety. I ordered their kimchi soup. It was average like everywhere else. I do like how they serve the rice though - the waiter helps put it in your bowl and it comes in a stone pot and is burnt on the bottom (supposed to be like that). Thought that was unique since I haven't seen that in the states. Most likely will not be back but everyone should give it a try.

Claire Wang

Best Korean in the area. The ingredients are top quality. Loved everything I ate. Service is quick and cordial. Highly recommend!

Sae Lee

Newly opened in Berkeley. Cozy and delightful interior.

Chris M.

Better than the Oakland location as the staff is much more friendly and attentive and the restaurant is clean and more modern. The caliber of the food is the same and is still among the best Korean in the Bay Area. One thing that can be improved is the time in which they allow the scorched rice to cook in the pot. The last three times we've been here, we've tried to enjoy the nurung-ji at the end of our meal, but the rice is always black with char, despite how quickly we pour water in the bowl after it arrives at the table. No big deal though, it's just an added bonus after a already filling meal. I can't wait to go back for the yeoul-mu tong-bori bibimbap or the sundubu seafood stew (It's the most delicious I've had since living in Korea because they use pregnant shrimp).

Ed W.

Pyeong Chang Tofu House's newest location, this time in Berkeley. Though it's now in the same city that I reside in, it still takes me a bit of time to get here, as it sits just beyond where I normally travel by foot. First off, I have to give praise to the interior of the restaurant. The tables are nicely spaced and the space as a whole gives off a much more spacious feel compared to the Oakland location (not saying that the Oakland space is bad, just that I like the openness of this location). Like usual, our meal came with an assortment of banchan (or Korean side dishes). I got the combination tofu soup (comes with beef, squid, clams, and shrimp), which I had been craving for a while, especially given how cold the recent weather has been. In addition to the soup, you also receive an egg (that you should, by the way, crack into the soup right away so that the egg gets enough time to cook). The quality is just as good as in Oakland, and I definitely warmed up quite a bit by the end of the meal. My favorite part is that when we're about done with the rice, they come by and offer to scrape off the crispy bits of rice for you. It's probably not the healthiest, but the crunch is oh so good; be sure to save some soup to go along with it! TL;DR - new location is just as good, and in fact, I think I like their space slightly better here (:

Julie Ahn

Delicious and authentic food. Nice ambiance. Reasonable price for the portion.

Чолпонбай Каленов

Great place

Suzanne W.

Finally a Korean place opened in downtown Berkeley area! My friend and I ordered the seafood pancakes and the budajigae (army stew). We added ramen noodles to our stew which is a must because I basically eat that for the ramen noodles. The seafood pancake was good. Had a lot of squid and octopus but could have been crispier. It was a little soggy in the middle. The buddaejigae was delicious! It's pretty spicy but it's a hearty stew/ soup with hot dogs, beef, spam, tofu, kimchi, zucchini, onions and our added ramen noodle. It was definitely a lot of food! I wish it had more veggies in it but the flavors were robust and it was satisfying to eat on a cold night. It's meant to be shared with two or more people. I liked their food and they had good service but it's on the pricy side. The seafood pancake is 13 and the stew was 40. However, I would go back again!!

Isabelle L.

I'm here three times during holiday seasons as they are so dedicated in providing the seamless dining experience! I used to go all the way to Oakland to their flagship store and I'm soooo happy when I know they opened this one in Berkeley. My favorite dish is the beef skew and I love the diversity of their starters!!! My favorites are: mashed tofu, pickled green bean sprout, and potatoes! The servers here are super friendly and helpful!!!

Soorin P.

This Pyeong Chang is somehow even better than the other one?! Open space, clean interior, superb service, and delicious Korean food. As always, side dishes are all amazing and my favorite dishes include the kimchi pancake, young radish bibimbop, budae jjigae, and tofu soups. The stonepot rice is so good and make sure to ask for hot tea in your leftover rice. Sooooo goooooood. I love that they have the Yelp waitlist so I can prepare and not stand in line.

Joy X.

Pyeong Chang Tofu is definitely one of my favorite restaurants in Berkeley. Despite the relative distance from campus, it's fairly accessible by the 51B since the bus stops right next to the restaurant. I've been here several times in the past semester, and so far my favorite dishes would be the Kimchi Dolsot Bibimbap and the Galbi Tang. I love the variety of vegetables in the bibimbap and the fact that it comes with a small side of tofu soup, a perfect combination for a cold night. In my opinion, the bibimbap is the most worth it price-wise, since you get both a big serving of rice as well as a smaller portion of tofu soup for around 16 dollars with the stone pot. The Galbi Tang soup is also packed with flavor and the short ribs are super tender. I would definitely recommend this place and would be coming back often for a warm sizzling bowl of soup.

Alan S.

My wife and I have been long time patrons of the Oakland location so we were very excited to find that a location was opening nearer to our home. We stopped by on a Friday night with the hope that this place would replicate the quality of the original...we were not disappointed! This new location has a lot more space but is missing the large bench style tables. Nice for small parties. The service was just as friendly as I remember from the Telegraph location and the quality just as good. The real star in my opinion are the tofu dishes; the soft tofu appetizer is probably my all around favorite but the kim chi and other pickled veggies are good too. I think the tofu soups are the best items all around, you really can't go wrong since there are a lot of options to cater to herbivorous, carnivorous, and pescetarian patrons. The bi bim bop is also good, although my sort of standard one was on the bland side. Not the restaurant's fault, I just got a sort of plain version. With addition of some of broth from my tofu soup it was tasty and satisfying. The prices per entree are actually quite reasonable, considering all the appetizers and the soup that comes with the bi bim bap. You can get a lot of good food here for not much, so bring your appetite! Not a place for light dining.

Natalie C.

Pyeong Chang Tofu House serves some of the best tofu stews around town. I went to their telegraph location and got a 10% off coupon for their new university store (valid until 12/31/18), so my friends and I decided to eat dinner here 2 days later. I love both locations, and the store interior gives a nice, cozy vibe. Though the look of the menu layouts in both stores are different, the items on the menu are the same. What's best is that the quality of the food is consistent. Items I've tried: - Combination tofu soup (4/5): one of the best tofu soups I've ever had. There's so much seafood in here, mixed with small bites of beef. However, I just wished that the soup came out just a tiny bit hotter so that when I cracked my raw egg in there it would cook more. - Dumping tofu soup (4/5): Love this-- flavorful soup. However, just wished there was more of a meaty bite to the dumplings. The dumplings tasted like they were from the frozen bags of dumpling you can buy at the grocery store. Overall I'd definitely come again. Tofu soup is perfect while the weather's cold.

Boroka Bo

It's rare that I feel inspired to hug a chef after a meal (well, other than my husband...). However, Pyeong Chang Tofu house inspired this emotion! So good! I tried every Korean restaurant in the Albany/Berkeley region (I love Korean, totally my favorite comfort food). I can say with full confidence that Pyeong Chang is the best!

Leo L.

This restaurant is a new branch of the original location on Telegraph. Positives include good setting and atmosphere. Although customer service was also good, it was quite slow. The food, on the other hand, was a huge disappointment! Dishes sampled: 1. Seafood pancake - This is pretty well constructed dish. It is crispy and there's a decent amount of seafood with a dipping sauce that compliments the pancake pretty well. The crust could be a little thinner though. 2. BoSsam (Korean Steamed Pork) - For $29, this is outright a rip-off! The oysters are not included as mentioned in the menu because it's apparently "a seasonal item." Also, a typical bossam should have pickled Napa cabbage (sometimes fresh vegetables), whole slices of pork belly, kimchi, fermented shrimp sauce, garlic and peppers. Their version only served bossam with half slices of pork belly, kimchi, garlic and peppers! 3. Combination tofu soup - The tofu soup is good, but not better than the ones you get at the main restaurant on Telegraph Ave. It was served hot, but not boiling, which helps to cook the raw egg. Overall: It is only a good place for an introduction to Korean cuisine. However, given the fact that it is overpriced for the quality of food, I will not return anytime soon.

Grace L.

Solid Korean restaurant and I'm glad Pyeong Chang has expanded to Berkeley! We got seated right away and the staff was friendly. The side dishes were satisfying (potatoes being my favorite) and the food came relatively quickly, even with a packed house. I ordered the cabbage kalbi tang and it was a bit bland- I probably wouldn't order it again. But my husband ordered the dumpling tofu soup and it was tasty. We also ordered the seafood pancake which was good- though definitely an appetizer size. Soft opening also gave us a 10% discount on the bill which is a plus. We will definitely be back!

Julia Y.

I'm happy this place is open in the neighborhood! The food has room for improvement, but the hosting was friendly and the place is clean + cozy, overall impression of Pyeong Chang Tofu House is a 4/5. Tofu soup with beef: 3/5 We ordered this one spicy and it was pretty standard at best. In the future we suggest having more depth in the broth, rather than just a simple veggie soup that is quite spicy. The beef was also not very flavorful. Bulgogi: 5/5 This one was very, very good. Possibly one of the best bulgogi I've ever had. The beef was not fatty and flavored so well and came on top of cabbage that was delicious to eat afterward because it had soaked up all the flavors. It was definitely on the steeper side though, at $26.99. Nevertheless, I still recommend this dish to anyone looking for a full, savory meal. Kimchi Bibimbap: 3/5 I was disappointed by this one since it could have been flavored better. The spicy sauce on the table elevated the dish significantly (even to a 4.5/5 I would say). Appetizers: All were not too salty. The potatoes were very well done -- marinated very nicely in beefy flavor. The cucumber was fishy though -- might have been the cutting board or knife that influenced this? We'll be back!