Red Tomato Pizza House

2017 University Ave, Berkeley
(510) 845-6666

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Luz Ramirez

muy rica pizza nos encanta

davin sieu

Owners were super sweet, offered us water, and checked in on us several times after we got our food. Also cheese pizza was amazing.

Jannine W.

I'm so impressed with the service at this spot . The man who helped us was beyond helpful. He made sure we were welcomed and then some . It's been a long time since I've had customer service this good ! Thank you to this pizza house for being so accommodating ! If you're looking for a great vegan pizza this is the spot ! We ordered the garlic hummus pizza , bbq tofu pizza and vegan sticks . All of our food were fresh and flavorful !

Amina J.

We've ordered pizzas for pick up several times - but the last time the owner was so kind & generous after our order had gotten mixed up through yelp. Even though it was no fault of theirs, she gifted us the mistake pizzas and was so sweet in our conversations. They have great vegan pizza options that are very creative (my ten year old likes the cauliflower & the pesto pizzas) and even their plain cheese pizza is really good!I'm always happy to support a business that feels like more than a money transaction. Thanks for feeding my family!

Abby S.

Wow. Amazing customer service. Eden the manager helped me and she was incredible. She was so sweet and accommodating!! I ordered a small vegan gf pizza over the phone and I didn't realize how small it would be. I barely even made a comment about the size and without hesitation she offered me another pizza on the house AND A DRINK! Not only was it delicious, but the service was 10/10. Support this business!!!!

Peridot X.

This review is for the gluten free pizza made with care from Venice Bakery GF crust:OVERALL: Great place to go if you want a well-made standard American-style pizza without the frills and pricetag and made with love. Things I Really Appreciate About Red Tomato Pizza Berkeley: - It's a small business franchise- They have S / M / L size options for their GF crust- I didn't have to overexplain when asking them to cook it on a pan because of my allergy. Clearly, he understood what I meant and why protecting the pizza from the oven floor would be important to me. - He gave me a free bottle of water, just because. #omotenashi- They are generous and make their pizza with such care! (Did you see the photo?) The entire pizza was covered to the edge, each topping distributed evenly. No barren, tooth-breaking crust here.- The owner (?) took my order no hesitation even though I was calling sheepishly 20 more before closing...- They are nice people! Things to Remember for Next Time:- Ask for it a little crispier. I can't fault them for the cooking time - I ordered right before closing. - Try a Large! This particular pizza + combination was exactly like the RT from my childhood. The only thing missing was the Simpson's arcade game and playing Marge to beat up bad guys with a vacuum cleaner. But what more could you ask for really?

John Henifin

The lady that was working here at night (I didn't get her name) was amazing. The pizza was some of the best cheese pizza I have had. I am definitely coming back again.

Sharon T.

This was my first time eating at this restaurant. It was amazing. We called our order in and the person who took our order was very pleasant, detailed and patient. Sometimes when you call an order into an establishment they are in so much of a hurry they usually get something wrong. Not this restaurant. I ordered a personal size pizza and garlic twist. The garlic twist were so delicious I wish I had ordered the larger order. I started eating them before my pizza and ending up eating them all up. My pizza was loaded with toppings, the crust was very tender. I added a few extra toppings on my personal pizza and was very pleased. The customer service was excellent. The owner came out several times to update us on our order. There was a slight delay with our order and the owner was very apoligetic. I hardly noticed that there was a delay. I will definitely go back again when I'm in Berkeley.

Frank T.

I got the Yelp event personal sized meat lovers pizza and ordered a small meat lovers gluten free with anchovies. They put a lot of meat on the pizzas. It's well worth it. The crust is not thin so a little doughy inside. I would go back for sure.

Ashley H.

First of all this places is super in compliance with the COVID-19 rules. This spot is in a great location as well. When we arrived at Red Tomato Pizza House I was greet by a very nice lady. I placed my order and my sister and I waited for a little while but we ordered a lot lol I ordered a meat lovers personal pizza, garlic twists, medium farmers medley, and a medium build your own. The ingredients on the pizzas were amazing! I'm sad I don't live closer. The garlic twists were delicious and I wish I ordered more. That's what you get for being nice and sharing. When we received our order we were told we got a little extra something which were the brussel sprouts. I love brussel sprouts so that was a great surprise for me. They were perfectly seasoned. I couldn't stop eating them. I will be back again for sure! This will be a go to spot when I'm in Berkeley.

Jenny L.

Solid pizza place!! It definitely has more of that classic pizza parlour taste, which is a nice alternative from some of the more "Californian" options. I am quite particular about pizza nowadays - especially crusts - and this one was not soggy at all despite sitting in the box for a while! Not too thick or too thin. Toppings are extremely generous as you can see from the photos and everything tasted really good but also didn't put me into pizza grease coma, which is hard balance to strike. I am not gluten or dairy free so I didn't try any of those options but I think it's super cool that they have them. I might try one next time especially because some of the vegan options look pretty interesting. Tried both garden medley and margherita and both were delicious. Garden medley packed with veggies but not soggy at all, which is hard to do. Also I don't normally like olives but these ones actually tasted good. Margherita is a little different from classic with artichoke hearts (they did ask if I was ok with that) and this is a really good combination! Basil actually tasted like basil and again, great crust. I was worried pizzas might be a bit small but actually 2 small pizzas is way more than enough for 2 people. We did not finish either. With tax and tip it was ~$30 for 2, which is super reasonable!Right now they also have some outdoor seating. Overall Red Tomato Pizza House is lovely local business that I will definitely return to next time I have a pizza craving!

Jennifer L.

Got four items on 8/25/20: California Chicken and Garlic, a large combo, mac n cheese, and pesto garlic bread twists. Service was attentive and super thorough. I received a phone call when my order was ready, even though I was already picking it up.They were still chopping tomatoes and slicing up pizzas when I arrived right after opening at 3pm. Mac n cheese was almost ready, they told another customer, as they make each mac n cheese to order, and with quality cheese and crispy toasted breadcrumbs. Not your average instant Kraft slapped together as a side. This homemade goodness tastes like it could've come from Homeroom with its rich and powerful, cheesy and garlicky ooey-gooeyness. So rich that I had to eat it over several sittings. Although this is a pizza place, the mac n cheese can stand on its own.The pizzas had just come out of the oven when I showed up and were made with fresh ingredients. I could taste a hint of wine in the pizza sauce as well. Crust is thin and crispy, as it should be, not overpowering the pizza (got the regular crust, not skinny). Pesto garlic twists were delicious as well. It doesn't feel heavy, fattening, or greasy like cheap pizzas make you feel.Sure, it's not the cheapest pizza that you'll find, especially if you're a student on a budget, but you get premium ingredients and awesome service here.

Leeza C.

Ordered the Garlic Chicken pizza for delivery. The wait time wasn't too bad for a Saturday night. It's not the most amazing pizza but it has a pretty solid taste. Decent pizza, with very fresh ingredients. This one had fresh artichokes, red onion, and green onion that lightened up the pizza taste. Definitely not as heavy or fatty as a typical loaded pizza, but the taste of it was light in a munchable way!

Cherryl Monique

Great customer service, and the pizza is awesome!! Not Chicago but a decent deep dish

Meliza D.

Food was very great and the customer service is awesome thank you for the food and the service eden

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