Saigon Express

2045 Shattuck Ave, Berkeley
(510) 486-1778

Recent Reviews

Lance Moreno

The owner is super friendly. I enjoy his hospitality of his restaurant he is very kind. I understand that it is the very heart of Berkeley and I do come here a lot now but $10 flat is just a little high but I understand. I will continue to come back. Its very delicious pho and he is willing to do ajustments for you

Stephanie Yang

Authentic and delicious veggie banh mi with shredded tofu! Lots of veggie options for vegetarians and vegans. I live in SF and it’s quite difficult to find a vegan banh mi that is not only good but authentic and not overpriced. These sandwiches are so affordable and can easily satisfy me for a meal. I actually bought my sandwich to eat for the next day and the employees were accommodating enough to keep the ingredients out of the bread and keep the baguette un-toasted. I’m looking forward to coming back here soon and ordering more banh mi and trying other veg options on their menu!

Matt K

Great value for money and flavor profile in the food!!

Phillip L.

Good Bun bo hue, they don't skimp on the brisket. Id give them 5 stars if their bun bo hue had pork knuckle/leg like it should.
Vermicelli bowls come with generous proportions. Grilled meats are precooked so its not hot.

Amy C.

Back in September when I was working in Berkeley, I hit up this place whenever I was craving pho. I think I got takeout twice from here, and all the times, the food was pretty tasty. The service is friendly and efficient. They do have safety protocols implement at this place so that's great. I felt safe in getting food from there. I remember the first time that I was there, the guy helped open the door for me so that was very kind of him.

This is a great Vietnamese spot in the area, and I'm glad that it was nearby where I worked. I would say 4.5 stars, but I'll round up the overall rating because of the staff and service.

R no

Spicy chicken was really good, fresh veggies

Anna Amador

Super quick Vietnamese takeout.They are quick and friendly. Have a lot of options. Pho is delicious.

Christine L.

Came here for lunch a few weeks ago cause I wanted something quick and cheap, and that's what I got!

I'm not sure where else I can get a banh mi for under $5 around here anymore and it was good! I can't say anything for the meat ones though.

Still kinda blows my mind that the sandwiches are cheaper than the spring rolls, haha. But both tasted good and was a decent place to get a cheap, light lunch!

Dante T.

This place is awesome! It's express! I'm not sure what the more critical reviewers expect.

Bun bo hue kept me alive while I studied. I drank the broth and felt a skillful Vietnamese street vendor watching me from above, who sprinkled cilantro and fatty beef tendon all over me.

Brittani B.

Small acts of kindness go a long way!!

I was walking around in the area when I noticed I started leaking blood (period problems). Most places won't allow use of the bathroom, even with purchase of food. I stopped into Saigon Express and asked if I could use the restroom if I purchased something. The man was a bit reluctant at first but I told him I was on my period. He quickly said, "Oh yes, that's an emergency." And rushed me to the bathroom. I thought that was so sweet so I thanked him very much.

After I was done, I ordered some yummy spring rolls and when he gave me my order, he added a chocolate just to be sweet :) he smiled at me, as if to say, "chocolate seems to help." It's the small acts of human kindness that go so far.

Plus, the shrimp spring rolls were bomb :)

Amy G.

This place is one of my go-to spots! As a vegetarian who's always craving warm, savory foods, this place is perfect and super affordable. I love the family that works here, they're always friendly and helpful! Also a great spot to use for catering for events.

todd Z.

18 years ago my wife and I had our first date here. That says something about love and food.

Devin H.

My go to bahn mi in Berkeley, the bahn mi against which all others are judged. Have yet to try a better one in the Bay.

Joanna W.

Saigon Express is one of those hole-in-the-wall family owned businesses in the heart of Downtown Berkeley. Whenever I was in need of a hearty good soup, Pho Ga and Rare Beef Pho always fulfilled that desire. The shrimp spring rolls are also very scrumptious and filling because the peanut sauce is full of flavor and perfect consistency. A lot of student like myself come here for lunch during the break of classes, and I am always welcomed by the Vietnamese hospitality. The structure of the restaurant is interesting because there're a few tables on the ground level and then you gotta take a couple steps up to find more seating. The ambience is very gentle and chill, and you will frequently find a mix of dine-in eaters as well as to-go orders of the commonly seen Banh Mi. There is warm entree take out options, and the spring rolls of all sorts are presented eye-level where you take one to grab to the cashier and you pay for it there. I haven't been here in a while, but I believe there used to be a minimum purchase amount to use card so it's handy to have cash at hand. All in all, 10/10 recommend Saigon Express if you were like me growing up in the heart of Chinatown and were used to the hustling and bustling of the city but still found warm solace in a nice home-y place like here!

Allison P.

Amazing prices for big dishes. After coming from school I would either get a banh mi or pho and just devour the whole thing... Twas the best comfort food. The dishes come out fast and hot. It might not be the most flavor intense food ever but I am still satisfied every time I leave.

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