Sandwich Zone

2117 Shattuck Ave, Berkeley
(510) 845-1755

Recent Reviews

Luke Hefferan

Best sandwich in Berkeley!

Rachel E.

When here back when I went high school in Berkeley recently moved back still make an extra stop at Bart to come here cause the sandwiches are sooooo damn good!!!! And cheap for no reason I usually walk out with more than a sandwich it's the absolute best.

Frank S.

Amazing, tasty, carefully crafted sandwiches at very reasonable prices. The flavors really jump here. Just show up well before noon, when the Berkeley High students form a line out the door.

Keith Newsted

My favorite morning spot. The food is super delicious.

Dahrius Bissell

The sandwiches are good, and they have breakfast items all day. Price is pretty good, but overall nothing incredible. Good for a cheap lunch.

Dianne Y.

Mom & pop shop making affordable (less than $10!) sandwiches that I like to support. However a couple things: 1. Sandwiches are pretty good. I usually get the chipotle dagwood or dagwood. They correctly put the cheese on the bottom. However, they put the tomato right above the cheese! Whaaaat? Not sure if this is the first time or if I just hadn't noticed past times. It was in this order: top - lettuce middle - meat next - tomato bottom - cheese The tomato should be with the lettuce!!!!! 2. I really hope they invest in remodeling the interior to make the place comfortable to dine in. They need to update the entire interior. Especially in light of the hotel project on the corner being built, if they want all those potential customers. I wouldn't mind a small price increase so they can make the place nice, comfortable, and modern. Currently, I always pick up the sandwich and eat it elsewhere. - Redesign the staircase/storage area so that boxes under the stairs won't be visible to everyone - Play actual music instead of the radio. Every time I come in, the radio is playing a long commercial block. Ugh and I second another reviewer's suspicion about items in the display case. You should probably stick with fresh-made sandwiches.

Keyva Kendall

I left my water bottle on the counter and they are leaving it for me to come and pick it up. What a great place! Also they have good sandwiches at this place for a great price. I recommend eating here!


Its a nice spot to grab a bite for breakfast and lunch. Not sure about their coffee. Been going there for years. The owners know my name.

Solomon Floyd

Delicious food and good people 👌

Stephanie B.

I work for the USPS, When we were located downtown Berkeley...This was my favorite! great food great prices! So underrated!!! Family owned...they didn't rob you! Prices are very reasonable....I still visit from time to time... Wish our location wasn't so far away.....

clifford lobberegt

A good latte

Christa V.

I'm from out of town and found this spot on yelp and ordered the Green Giant sandwich and it was really good! Seriously the best sandwich I've had! And their customer service was on point. I highly recommend Sandwich Zone.

Nikhil V.

This mom and pop shop has been here for years. I have never been a regular but have stopped by occasionally. I definately recommend the veggie sandwich - fresh, quick, and tasty! Minus one star for their credit card surcharge. Mimus another star as I noticed they re-sell costco muffins for $1.75 each! What worries me about this is these muffins only stay fresh 24-48 hours and the ones on display looked a bit stale..

Adrian Merry

Solid. Great sandwiches and staff. Cheap.

Salvatore Cogliano

We got there one minute after 4 they were walking away from the door locking the place up would not let us in

Rion M.

friendly faces and good sandwiches. I order online during the lunch rush so I can get in and out pretty quickly. Their baked goods are delicious as well. I would recommend for both breakfast and lunch.

Lisa H.

This review is for their breakfast burritos which are really delicious for just 5$! It's near the bart station and really fills me up for so cheap. They have avocado, bacon and sausage options. My vegetarian friends love them with the avocado. They have a great ratio of scrambled eggs, hasbrown, salsa, and avocado. It's fast and they make it within 5 minutes. You can even order online and just pick it up in 30 seconds on the way to class or work.

M Q.

Good ingredients and speedy service. Lunch hour can be hectic. Prices reasonable though there's lots of competition nearby. Recommend ordering online instead of waiting in line.

Harvey L.

Drove in the rain to arrive at 4:30, 30 minutes before closing time, to find the store closed and completely dark. Everything else on the street open. Inconsistency.

Andrea M.

Good basic sandwiches. They also have a flour wrap as an option if needed. I really dont have anything negative to say about this little sandwich shop. If you're looking for a quick basix sandwich with some options, a salad or a cookie, this is your place. Nothing to spectacular or special about the options at the same time. Solid sandwich place though.

Cassie Z.

One of my favorite sandwich shops in Berkeley! My favorite sandwich is the Chipotle dagwood sandwich, and I've also tried their other turkey and chicken sandwiches, which have all been solid. The price is fair for what you get, and they're always speedy and on top of the orders. This place definitely deserves more attention!

Jesse Gomez

The sandwiches are consistently delicious and a great price! I order online and pick it up 20 minutes later. Super convenient, and a friendly staff. I highly recommend this place for a tasty and quick lunch bite.

Serena J.

Was feeling a hot chicken pesto sandwich, and this one was good enough. The sourdough was pleasant, the chicken was chicken, and the sauce was yummy. There's a nice upstairs seating area. It's affordable. Not much to say. It seems like the cold avocado ish sandwiches here are more popular. Maybe I'll check them out later. My mocha was pretty terrible - very watery. That's what I deserve for getting cheap coffee at a sandwich shop though, so don't let this deter you.

Samantha S.

This is my favorite sandwich place in Berkeley. I always get a sandwich on the sourdough roll, which is has just the right amount of chewiness that I like in sourdough bread. They make it really easy to customize your sandwich with the little sheets at the beginning of the counter, which is what I always do so I can't comment on their named sandwiches. My standard veggie with Swiss cheese sandwich is $5.50 and it's definitely filling. They also have a nice selection of organic fruits and other treats (cookies, rice crispie treats, pastries) to satisfy your sweet tooth after lunch. Oh, and they stock Dirrty chips and I looooove the Salt & Vinegar flavor.

Makena M.

I had the worst Reuben sandwich of my life. The meat used for the Reuben is certainly not proper. It's my fault for ordering a Reuben from here when the other options on yelp look much better. Order a typical sandwich and I'm sure you will be pleased. The green giant sounded great.

Armando L.

Order the green giant. Its amazing. Nice and toasty, fresh veggies, and the perfect size. Their coffee is great too.

Owen Jackman

Very good food. Excellent sandwiches. Great value!

Kerry Alfred

Awesome coffee and breakfast.

William R.

I enter the sandwich zone pretty often. Very cheap for berkeley, and really good sandwiches and breakfast burritos. I've never had a problem getting a seat whenever and working here for a bit if I've got some time.

Gowri Dulanjalee Adhikari

Good sandwiches for lower prices.

Christina M.

Love love love the Green Giant sandwich here. That's basically the only reason I come to Sandwich Zone and the only reason I ordered the Green Giant is because of the it doesn't have sprouts?! The last two times I ordered it has been substituted with spinach. Bring back the sprouts!

john h.

There's not much atmosphere here - just a solid little deli with a good selection of sandwiches plus some premade salads, drinks and chips. There are lots of students from Cal, as you would expect, and the business is locally owned and operated. Grab a sandwich and then head over to Blue Bottle nearby to feast in style!

Michael S D.

I come to this place several times a week; the sandwiches are fantastic (especially the Dagwood, my personal favorite), the staff is friendly, and the service is fast and no-hassle. The price is also very reasonable for the amount and quality. For a sandwich shop just down the street from Ike's, the quality speaks for itself simply by the fact that they can compete (and beat, in my opinion). I will continue to be a regular, because this place is just too good to stay away.

Jesus S.

I go to this place frequently, and the workers are so courteous every time. Food is really affordable and you get full with the amount you get. I get a breakfast burrito and it's really good and filling.

Jack K.

Just found this spot and wow is delicious. There sandwiches, breakfast burritos, and even muffins (even tho they are just from Costco). Great spot for a quick bite any time of the day. Wish there was more seating but overall it's a prime spot.

Nick Cole

Cheap for the area, and fast, friendly service. Good deli-style sandwiches and pastries. They have upstairs seating, though it's not really a place to have important business meetings. Awesome for grabbing a bite! Definitely recommend the breakfast sandwiches.

Tamar D.

The grilling of the sourdough roll on both the inside AND out was a pleasant surprise! Delicious sandwich. Ordering and paying online was another bonus.

Erin Jarvis

Fast service, good sandwiches, cheaper prices.

Hossein Safavi

This is a great lunch spot with a nice variety of very affordable and tasty sandwiches. I tend to be here a couple of times a week simply because the of the consistently good experiences I have had.

Yuto K.

My favorite food spot in Berkeley! It's family owned, very affordable, and offers great food and services. I recommend the tuna sandwich and Richards dagwood sandwich.