Sconehenge Bakery & Cafe

2787 Shattuck Ave, Berkeley
(510) 845-5168

Recent Reviews

Alexandro O.

The only good thing you can order is the chorizo with eggs and a scone. Aside from that eating anything else feels like your in a twilight zone because nothing has flavor. Everything looks delicious and the presentation is great but as soon as you take a bite you taste nothing. I honestly was amazed to see how busy this place is after tasting the food. Its honestly like that one episode of spongebob where the burgers are made out of grey goop but look very presentable. I've never even written a yelp review before, I'm 21 and think this app is for boomers but this food was so bad I had to do it to them. I honestly want to kno if this place is a money laundering scheme, the food was that bad. Service is good though.

William M.

The special burrito plate of the day came out with meat that was cold. They brought it back out after just microwaving the whole plate. If the chef can't even be bothered to cook the special on the day they serve it... I can only imagine the rest of the menu. Probably should have stuck to a breakfast item but I'll never be back to find out.

Greta Cady

Standard diner breakfast food, but really exceptional tea scones and muffins! Very friendly staff, too.

bunky m

Utterly ordinary, flat hard old bacon and OK eggs with cold toastand pedestrian hash browns. for $15.50. I guess I'm old enough tohave eaten this breakfast at Denny's for $4.99. Service was someone takingmy order, and another plopping the plate on my table, did not get the lemon for my water, on one refilled my glass, on one ever came back at all even with the check. Skip this place

Emma Anthony

Delicious food. Quick service. Inside and outside spots.Good for sit down or take out.

Mitch K

This place always has a great breakfast and the wait staff is very nice.

Hayat D.

This place is amazing!!!! Not only is their food impeccable, the staff here are so friendly and the best!!! You cannot go wrong with anything you order from the menu, everything is made to perfection. If it's your first time visiting, you must try their buttermilk pancakes aka heaven and cappuccino. Ooooohhh and their omelets are so damnn good especially the one with feta cheese & spinach. Give this place a try, you won't regret it and will become a loyal customer

Ally Y.

Chill spot, friendly servers and decent prices with both indoor and outdoor seating. When I got there around noon the scone of the day was sold out but that was my own fault. Pro tip: go early to get your choice of scones!! I'll be back earlier during my next visit!

Aaron Atkins

this is a lovely neighborhood breakfast joint. delicious burritos, coffee, and obviously the scones. i have fond memories of coming here with my grandma and i’m sure most of the community shares these tender moments in this beautiful little restaurant that has become nothing short of an institution. if you’re in berkeley in the morning this is definitely the place to eat.

Kari B

Great for a solo ? date!


Delicious breakfast, decent coffee and excellent service. I had the tasty blueberry pancakes. Their orange juice is fresh-squeezed.

David Patrick Green

Not that these guys “need” another five star review, but as I got my huevos rancheros to go today, I was thinking how happy I was that they did not close during the pandemic like some other favorites did.I have lived a few blocks away for over 10 years, and taking many visiting friends here. It never fails to satisfy. Great food, fair prices, always friendly service. The quality and attention to detail shines through even in the to go orders, which is not always the case.Thank you Sconehenge!

Teddi Baggins

Yummy breakfast. Could use more shade.

Angela Y.

I came here because a lot of the bakeries I wanted to go to today were closed. Decided to give this place a chance since I was craving scones. I ordered the strawberry scone and it was a bit dry. Flavor was okay. Maybe if I put it in the air fryer it would be better? Not sure! I wouldn't drive from SF to get these though. I prefer the scones Sweet Passion Bakery in SF. I think those are more of a scone/biscuit hybrid though.

Scott J.

They make delicious, albeit pricey, scones. They sell them at Lunardis and Whole Foods. Decided to make the trek to Berkeley to get them fresh from the source. We got Orange, Ginger Lemon and Mixed berry. Never thought to check the expiration dates but boy I should have. The orange scones had a 6/10 date (today is 6/9). They would be yanked from the shelves at Whole Foods. I know because my son works there and sometimes brings a pack home that has been yanked. The other two were marked for 6/13 and 6/16, respectively. If you buy scones, don't trust them to give you fresh packs. Check before you leave the store. Now we just need to eat them in order of their freshness dates.

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