Seoul Hotdog

2505 Hearst Ave D, Berkeley
(510) 766-8182

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David Ballot

Very interesting idea. These are definitely not plain corn dogs. Very tasty an slots of sauces and flavored powders

Michael Avilla

Excellent taste without being overly filling

Dani B.

I ordered over the phone around 7 minutes before I got there, and only had to wait an extra 2 minutes when arriving!! The employees were super nice and kind, and it's located in a nice little area. The prices are also reasonable, and they had good music playing. Overall, I had a great experience, and highly recommend Seoul Hotdog to anyone looking for Korean hotdogs!

Linna B.

Looooove them !!! Omg so far the mozza cheese one is my fav.Not really a fan of the sasuage The All beef one is good as wellI recomment sweet potato on the outside and sugar ! And then honey mustard omg and a little sirracha mayo

Dan B

This is the Dippin' Dots "Ice Cream of the Future" of corndog technology

Robin J.

So good!!! And it's super worth the hike up to northside. The corn dogs are incredibly satisfying and flavorful, and it's a fun, interactive experience because you get to customize the types of sauces and powders to add. I got a new flavor with pepper jack cheese and a spicy sausage and it was soooo so so yummy. I can't wait to go back to eat it again lol I even started watching korean hotdog mukbangs to live vicariously through them.

Christine C.

Once you try Seoul Hotdog, you will laugh at what you previously considered a corndog. Ha! For real, this is the most satisfying corndog I've ever eaten, and yes that includes the Little Red Wagon at Disneyland. I mean, OK, if you're looking for a *purely traditional* corndog, then perhaps this won't be your dog of choice. It's a little bit different than the State Fair style we all grew up on. But if you want a corndog for the pleasure of fried decadence, for savory/sweet crunchiness that gives way to juicy and/or cheesy gooyness, well... you will find this place a little piece of paradise. I finished my #4 (cheddar & sausage) in far too few bites and wanted another dog immediately, but practiced self control... I'm going to wait for my next cheat day, and my next, and then my next. I plan to try every dog on the menu. But wow was that #4 delicious! Do not, and I repeat DO NOT skip the sugar. You think it won't taste good, but I tell you it does, it kicks it into the stratosphere.A few details... you cannot dine in at this time, and the outdoor tables are taped off, so have a plan for where you're gonna eat-on-the-go. Post-Covid, however, this looks like it will be a nice little spot for dine-in, with mukbang on one flatscreen and kpop on another. The staff here are super friendly and helpful. The place is clean, and they have a nicely stocked beverage fridge (Pocari Sweat in cans - yessss!) and chips rack. Street parking on a Monday afternoon was ample, but I suspect when/if UC reopens, parking here is gonna be a bear (ahem).

ruben r.

MY FAVORITE PLACE I DRIVE 1 HOUR TO GET #11 PEPER JACK CHEESE BEST PLACE EVER I highly recommend especially #11 so good and tasty. They even waited for me 30 mins after they closed super nice!

Jenny L.

Have come here several times now. They are super friendly and gave me many recommendations on what is popular, how to eat, what new items they had, the sauce options, and so on. They are all wearing masks and gloves and there is a small table you can sit at inside but in general whenever I've been here it's been easy to social distance. The entire plaza that they are in seems to be closed so don't expect to be able to sit in the outdoor space (this may be different now but at the time everything was taped off)The hotdogs themselves are quite filling due to the breading and deep-fried-ness but gosh darnit they are delicious. I've tried all the non-meat options and the veggie dog is my favourite (because I'm not a huge cheese fan) and have heard good things about the meat ones as well. Not the healthiest option but during this difficult time I think it's ok to treat yo self every once in a while!

C D.

This place is so cute and the owners are so friendly. They even wait for you to take a pic of the hotdogs just for your IG or Yelp review! Lol!I've tried everything on the menu and my favorite is still the Mozza hotdog with the sweet potato crust. So cheesy and delicious!!! I'm always craving it! And you can't beat the price! Def one of my go to places in Berkeley!

Lauryn L.

If you're a huge fan of watching mukbangs and have always craved those crunchy cheese dogs, boy do I have a surprise for you. THIS is the place to get them. I've been coming here for a few weeks now and they NEVER disappoint. Crunchy batter, melty, stretchy ooey gooey cheese, and on a stick?! You bet I'm gonna keep coming here until I'm tired of these. They've got the option to add sugar if you want (which I recommend, along with Parmesan cheese, honey butter and Sriracha mayo). Now if only they made a hot Cheeto dreams would come true

Irene L.

Really tasty hot dogs and super affordable! This picture was awhile back but I had a delicious experience enjoying this. I remember that the service was super fast and the breading was also really great. Crunchy and moist but not greasy.

daniel chen

Not a fan of hotdogs but I am a fan of Seoul Hotdogs! Never would I have imagined that a hotdog could be made as a gourmet snack. Definitely coming back as a regular. Highly recommend.

Debbie S.

First time coming here & thought parking would suck but luckily there was street parking! Good bang for your buck! I've tried different korean hotdog places & this place had the best value. I got all mozza hotdog with potato bits! I also got the mozza sausage hotdog & the cheddar sausage hotdog for my sisters & they liked it! I personally like it with sugar but my sisters didnt. If its your first time I would recommend to get it with sugar so you know how it tastes!I like how theres a korean hot dog place in Berkeley now!! I can go whenever I am craving it. Would def come back again to try the other kinds~~

Qixiong Liao

Taste sogood. ! Special hotdog first time to try . should try more next time

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