Seoul Hotdog

2505 Hearst Ave D, Berkeley
(510) 766-8182

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Sharon Guillen

My friend who has gone to Seoul Hotdog several times has been telling me to go. I was in the area today and decided to try it! I was happy to find a spot right in front of the building. I've never had a Korean Hotdog, so I asked the restaurant associate at the register for their opinion and she happily provided two suggestions. I was able to have my order ready in under 10 minutes. I was offered sugar to be coated on my hotdogs and I gladly accepted. The restaurant associate bagged them for me and I was on my way home which is in Walnut Creek. When I got home, my hotdogs were still very warm and I was able to enjoy them. They are so delicious and super filling. I finished one and saved the other one for later. I appreciate the variety of choices, price point, and overall customer service I received. I also want to mention that there are great safety precautions such as a barrier between cashier and customer, hand sanitizer, masks required for everyone inside the establishment, and space for social distancing. I will definitely be back!

Priyanka S.

Seoul Hotdog is perfection on a stick. After initially stumbling on this place after a class at Soda Hall, I have come here on numerous occasions because their hotdogs are like none other.

The food:
- Mozzarella hot dog *rolled in sugar* (5/5): although it sounds strange to roll a hot dog in sugar the sugar cheese combination is heavenly and a perfect blend of sweet to savory. The batter the hot dogs are rolled in are extremely crunchy and not too oily.
- Potato cheese hot dog *rolled in sugar* The potato cheese dog is quite similar to the mozzarella hot dog, however there are chunks of potato cubes on the outside of the crunchy batter making it feel like a sweet cheesy tater tot.

In addition, there are a plethora of sauces to top all the hotdogs with some of which include: spicy siracha mayo, ketchup, sweet chilli sauce, mustard, sweet mustard, japanese mayo, as well as sweet powdered seasonings such as honey butter!

The inside of the restaurant is also nice with Kpop playing in the background and small little white tables large enough to fit 2-3 people.

I cannot recommend this place highly enough for the fabulous fried Korean-style hotdogs - not to mention that all hot dog creations are less than $5!

Jenna T.

Checked this place out with my niece who's into Kdramas and figured we'd see what the hype is about. It definitely got busy as we waited for our order so the popularity is evident. We weren't sure how to order, so I just asked the cashier what is the most popular and went with that. They were so busy, it felt like the cashier was rushing me and anxiety took over as I hurried with my order.

Each order is freshly made and when it's ready, they ask if you want it coated in sugar. I did. Then they have a sauce station where you can pour to go containers with sweet chili, ketchup, mustard, and aioli. We tried all of them. The favorite sauce which surprised us, was the sweet chili. It complimented the hot dog well. The batter was light and crispy, not the same as the a regular corndog. The inside was a skewer of hot dog and mozzarella chunks. It was huge! We were amazed when we saw people ordering two to themselves as we found it challenging to even finish one (no judgement though).

Overall, it was a good experience and definitely unique in flavor, but it's not something I see myself craving and needing to go back. Not because it was bad, but because it just wasn't my cup of tea. Glad I got to finally try it though.

Cassidy C.

I am so happy that my housemate introduced me to this cute little place on Northside! The restaurant is small, but its open-concept and cute decor make it feel warm. I chose the Sweet Potato hot dog and added the sugar, which I was skeptical about because sugar AND hot dog? Honestly so glad I got the sugar because it makes it taste SO GOOD and I don't know how or why.

They also have a huge array of powders and sauces that you can add to your hot dog, and having it be my first time, I chose to only use honey butter and Parmesan powder. They were delicious and brought out the flavor of the sweet potato!

The hot dog itself is a good portion and made me full with just one. I LOVED the sweet potato and how crunchy it was. It made the hot dog taste so much better and added a nice texture. Overall, super happy with my visit and the food and will be back to try the hot dogs with the cheese pull

Lucy P.

If I was only allowed to go to 1 place to eat my way to a heart attack this would be it. I've been traumatized in the past by half-frozen Costco corn dogs but Seoul Hotdog offered such a creative spin on boring old corn dogs that I was willing to give them another shot.

And boy oh boy oh boy oh boyohboy was I glad I did. Beef franks and mozzarella coated in breading and deep-fried, smothered with more carbs of your choosing (hot cheetos dust, chopped french fries, sweet potato cubes), rolled in granulated cane sugar, drizzled with your sauce of choice (honey mustard, ketchup, sriracha mayo, sweet chili sauce), and dusted with parmesan or powdered white chocolate. Ohhhhhhhh my god. Sweet and savory, best of both worlds, Miley Stewart as Hannah Montana, better crossover than donuts and croissants.

Cardiovascular disease and high blood triglyceride levels be damned. I studied in nutrition in college -- can you tell??

The most basic hot dog is $2.99 while fancier hot dogs go up to $4.99. Super affordable, super tasty, super interesting Korean-American fusion. Seoul Hotdog definitely stands out in Berkeley and is a must-try for anyone in the area who's into food. Despite being on the north side of campus, opening right before the pandemic hit in 2020, and having to operate during COVID, this eatery is *popular*, with popular being an understatement. Students pack into the food court and line up for Seoul Hotdog right up until closing. There's a constant stream of order numbers being called and everyone I know who has eaten here wants to go again.

12/10 would eat again.

Things to love:
- Hot dogs range from approximately $3-5
- Wide variety of toppings, sauces, and powders
- The coating isn't cornmeal, but wheat flour, rice flour, and panko crumbs, which makes the coating chewier and softer than that of regular corn dogs
- Your choice of beef franks or mozzarella or both!
- Very fast turnaround time

Things to consider:
- $10 credit card minimum
- The squid ink dog tends to sell out early in the day

Kathy N.

I saw a viral food video of this place on Facebook a few months ago and knew that I had to try it the next time I was in Berkeley.

This place is located on the opposite side of Telegraph. I went on a Saturday around 1pm and easily found street parking. It's inside of this little plaza, if you see Subway, you're at the right place! Just walk all the way to the end and you should see "Seoul Hotdog"

I asked which 2 were their most popular hotdogs and they recommended me the #2 Mozza & Sausage with Hot Cheetos Crust and sugar and the #9 the Potato (Seoul with Potato Crust).

At first I thought it was strange to eat a hotdog with Hot Cheetos and sugar but it was not bad at all. You can hardly taste the Hot Cheetos and the sweetness added was soooo good. The Potato one was too Potato-y for me but I'm thinking maybe I should have added sugar to that one as well? Also, these were a good decent size, I thought they were going to be... I don't know small and over priced. But it's... pretty big. I split the 2 with my sister but I think we might have been able to eat 2 on our own or maybe eat 1.5 each? It also didn't take long to be made, definitely less than 5 minutes.

The only weird thing was that the Mozza & Sausage hotdog were kind of like 2 mini sausages in one? The top was filled with cheese, then a piece of sausage, then a cheese part and the bottom was another piece of sausage. I didn't know what I was ordering or paid attention to my receipt because I basically asked them to surprise me, so I thought the hotdog came with only cheese until I hit the sausage when I was halfway done.

There were about 2-3 groups when I got there but everyone was socially distancing there's enough space to stand in the back and outside where the benches are. Staff were so friendly and nice. Can't wait to come back to try different flavors.

Nancy C.

Honestly, I have probably tried all the korean hot dog shops in the bay area.. and Seoul Hotdog is #1 right now! I came here for the first time this week and left very satisfied (& stuffed).  I love how they make their cheese & sausage hotdogs. The cheese and sausage are alternated inside the hot dog instead of half sausage and half cheese like other places. The prices are also lower! It's a win-win.

Another plus is the good amount of outdoor seating available! I love being able to enjoy my hotdogs freshly made without making a mess in the car :D

PS: the sugar coating is a must

Walter Jackson

Great lots more choices then normal Korean Hotdog places.

Tiffany Y.

Wow I was way too ambitious trying to eat 2 by the time I ate 1.5 of these hotdogs, I was so full! To maximize fullness and satisfaction, I would recommend splitting 2 with someone else or just opting for 1 (unless you're super hungry!).

The place is set up well to allow lots of space while waiting during covid times. It was also easy to find parking nearby, probably because of covid times as well. The entire process took me less than 10 mins to park, order, receive my hotdogs, get sauces, and get back to my car.

When receiving the hotdogs, they'll ask you if you want them rolled in sugar. I was pretty curious about what it would taste like, and I ended up really enjoying the sugar. There's also so many sauces you can add and I opted for my go to which is sriracha mayo.

I got the pepper jack sausage hotdog with hot Cheetos crust and I loved the cheese in it. I realized I'm not too big of a fan of sausage and preferred the cheese. Unfortunately, the hot Cheetos crust didn't seem to add any additional flavor or spiciness. The potato hotdog had a super unique texture, which I enjoyed too, but I still wasn't into the sausage (maybe because I had already finished the other hotdog by this point and was super full lol). I would come back here again for a cheese hotdog and maybe bring someone else along to share :)

Cherylyn A.

First time trying and I was impressed! I love corndogs and love the concept behind this. I ordered the squid ink dog and added a potato crust. Inside the dog was some mozzarella. Overall the dog had the perfect balance of a little sweet and a little salty. The potato crust on the outside just added some extra carb action that got me full quick. So it was definitely filling. My only gripe was the cheese took up the first top half while the hotdog sat on the bottom half. I would have preferred to enjoy the cheese with the dog at the same time.

Sokopeti Lutu

I love this place so much, it was my first row trying this place out and their corn dogs are the best. Their food comes very quick & they also do catering. The corn dogs taste absolutely delicious and they’re big sized corn dogs.

Gina W.

When a place has a five star rating,
you have no choice but to try it.
Because it's fried food I was debating,
but I went! (And almost went right by it.)

It's in the back of a food court row,
at noon there wasn't a line.
Vegetarian options, so you know.
But I got mozzarella-sausage this time.

Based on what others said
I said yes to the sugar on the outside.
so much anticipation in my head
during my homeward bound car ride.

First bite WOW so crunchy and sweet!
Mouthful of mozzarella cheese.
Another bite, got some hot dog meat.
And it's JUICY, I want more please!

Honey mustard added even more flair,
I'd recommend it as a dip.
If you live nearby, you have to go there
and if you live far: worth a trip.

Jackie H.

YES !! SEOUL glad (ha ... ha) that Seoul Hotdog is nearby !! Now I can get my Korean cheese pull fixes whenever !

I've tried other Korean hotdog places in the South Bay and I have to say, Seoul Hotdog seems to have bigger proportions with equivalent prices.

I wish there was an option for rice cake + mozzarella, but since that wasn't available, I opted to try #12 (triple cheese) based on the employee's recommendation.

I LOVED the mozzarella part, but didn't care for the cheddar and pepper jack layer. Next time, I'll get straight mozzarella ! Love that there's so many options to customize your Seoul Hotdog like potato or sweet potato crust !

After you're handed your hotdog, there's a little condiment station where you can choose your sauces and/or toppings -- I liked the honey mustard ! I appreciate that they have some sauces ready to go small plastic containers :)

Cute shop, available street parking, and abides by COVID-19 restrictions with social distancing, masks, and gloves.

Would definitely recommend !! Can't wait to come back! I may just have to get two of these Seoul hotdogs since I want my mozzarella + rice cake combination, heh.

Ashley W.

Honestly super underrated spot in Berkeley. I've been to the Myungrang Hot Dog in LA and this is waaay better (and closer to home for me). The hot dogs are huge and they have a wide selection of add-ons. You can add hot Cheeto sprinkles and do a spicy batter! They have a nice toppings selection too (homemade spicy Mayo, ketchup, honey mustard, etc.). I got the spicy batter mozzarella dog and did a honey butter sprinkle with sriracha mayo. I wish I had a picture of the cheese pull but I was too busy inhaling my food. It's a cute spot to grab hot dogs and go have a picnic on campus. I will definitely be back for the hot cheeto sprinkles!

Angela W.

So happy there's a Korean Corn Dog spot close-ish to my house. I've been obsessed with Korean corn dogs after watching Start Up. I like this spot more than the super popular place down in Cupertino since their sausage-cheese dog is 1/4 cheese, 1/4 sausage, 1/4 cheese, 1/4 sausage. Much easier to get a bite of each vs the place in Cupertino with all cheese for the first 1/2 and then all sausage bottom half.

I typically call in with my order since I order 7+ dogs at a time: 1 to eat fresh and the rest to freeze. To reheat after freezing, pop it in the microwave for ~45 sec (don't overheat or the cheese will explode out!!!!!) and then air fryer at 350 for 5 minutes. Definitely cover the corn dog in sugar! Love their selection of sauce. I've only tried their sausage/cheese and the rice cake one so can't speak to the other combos.

Love this place. Very happy I found it during this pandemic.

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