Sesame Tiny Bakery

2969 Shattuck Ave., Berkeley

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Heike Woodward

Good Cookies, cakes , just a bit pricey for the small cake slices.

Bryce Hughes

So delicious and perfectly sweet! Can’t wait to go back ?

Karen L.

I originally learned about Sesame a tiny Bakery from their Instagram (@sesametinybakery). Their Instagram is super cute and the bakery itself is equally cute. The menu changes frequently and I always make a point to pick up a box of cookies from this bakery when I'm in the area. Their cookies are so buttery and delicious!

Nicole K.

Delicious made with fresh ingredients but the slices are way too small considering the price ($7)

Maya G.

Four stars for now but I'm sure I'll bump this up to 5 stars the more I visit. Sesame is truly a tiny bakery on Shattuck connected to the Kebabary. It's the cutest place with the most delectable desserts. You can also order your own cakes and pick them up. The menu is small and seemed to be painted in water color which shows the care and attention to detail they put into every part of this place. I also love small menus because it means the bakers are only focusing on a select few goods during that time instead of hustling to try and do everything. Anyways, so why the four star review only? Well I got the coconut butter mochi cake which was of course delicious but for $4 I was hoping for something unique and mind blowing. Im sure there are other items on the menu that would have given me the mind blowing experience so I'll have to go back. The service was great and parking on a Sunday afternoon wasn't too bad, though Shattuck is a busy street. Highly recommend you stop by!

Jamie B.

Normally when I go to a bakery I feel like I could make it better about 99% of the time. But not this time! So so so good!!! Tried the cherry tart and sesame cookie - insanely good!!!!

Bhaskar M.

Charming, fresh+unique flavors, consistent, delicious. I try to visit every weekend before heading out on errands. Of note! You can pre-order whole cakes for special events, typically with some notice. A week? Two weeks? We got two sesame buttercream and whip cream cakes with strawberry / rhubarb for a small wedding dinner, and they were just totally aces.

Ari N.

Stopped by on a whim, after a Doc appointment nearby because my partner is always on the look out for new bakeries/coffee roasters to try. Did not disappoint. Very tiny, the hours are limited but SO worth it. The edible items reflect the season and each pastry is a lovely, delicious work of art. If you have a chance and love yummy baked goods, this is a must stop! Ate our treats before we took a pic....

Darlene P.

Definitely a must try. I picked up 5 different type of cookies from this place and all of them were amazing. I live around the corner so I'm in deep trouble. Can't wait to try more of their pastries. Such a needed cute little gem for our neighborhood. They're only open from 10 am to 2 pm so check the website for any changes to their hours before you head out.

Stacy Farr

I just had my birthday cake from Sesame and it was so amazing. I love the way the menu changes to really reflect what's in season. Everything I've had from here has been just fantastic. It's a beautiful addition to the neighborhood.

Tino Perez

Sesame is a true gem! I live nearby so I make it a weekly ritual to stop by and treat myself to some delicious goodies. The coconut butter mochi is my favorite and the black sesame eclair comes in at a very, very close second. And you can never go wrong getting the cake!

Sayantan Mukhopadhyay

This place is a pure delight. The operation is small but mighty. Very innovative menu and goods are baked to perfection. Highly recommend. Also they take orders for birthday cakes etc which are unique and delicious.

M K.

This little bakery and its owner never disappoint. Always sure to find something a little more complex flavor wise and never too sweet. You will walk away with a smile on your face from the tasty treats and the sweet little spot that Sesame A Tiny Bakery has created!

Laura C.

Well worth a visit on a Saturday or Sunday for pastries and a pour-over coffee. The owner of Sesame A Tiny Bakery is a whiz with flour, butter, sugar and fresh fruit. Her seasonally-inspired treats are always inventive, never too sweet. I'm especially fond of the ginger cats, the sesame butter cookies (so flaky!) and pretty much anything found in a galette form at the shop.

Sloaths H.

The texture, flakiness and flavors of the cookies are superb! Subtle, delicate and tasty! I got the black sesame cookie, yuzu shortbread and buckwheat cookie. All delicious and perfect alone or with a cup of tea!

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