Sichuan Style

1699 Solano Ave, Berkeley
(510) 525-9890

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Hannah L.

Got the toothpick lamb, eggplant, sichuan flatbread, and the sichuan fish in sauce. Everything was so yummy and we ate it for 3 meals. Happy Chinese New year to me!

Stephanie H.

Upon migrating to the EB from SF, this was the first Chinese place we tried, and we still haven't been to another! The only reason I'm giving 4 stars is because they use plastic to-go containers for hot food. But the food....the food is AMAZING. We absolutely *love* the braised pork shoulder, in fact I salivate just thinking about it!  We get that dish every time, as well as the Changsha Rice vermacelli noodles. We are gluten free so these are great, plus they are flavored differently than most Chinese style noodle dishes, I think it may be curry? So. Good. Plus you get a little helping of homemade kimchi with your order!

Serita B.

Placed a large take-out order via their website, received confirmation, drove an incredibly long way out of the way to pick it up and they said they didn't get the order. However, the two customers in front of me were getting "free" items out of a full box of food with a ticket/receipt in it (so clearly someone's order) and each item looked suspiciously like items that were included in my order. I was 15-20 minutes late and they have my phone number, but I'd bet my bottom dollar they were giving away our food. It's Chinese New Year and this was meant to be a special and celebratory dinner, but my family (and my stomach) are sorely disappointed. Moral of the story is call to confirm even if you get a confirmation email/text from them, and get there before your order is supposed to be ready before they give it away and lie to your face.

Erik B.

We got takeout during covid era. We live on the peninsula and have searched high and low for good Sichuan food and struck out (even in downtown SF).

So finally we branched out to the East bay and tried this place based on reviews and pictures of the food. This was some of the best Sichuan food we've ever had!

We have a traditional American culinary frame of reference but have tried Sichuan all over the country and this is seriously a major contender for the best, especially after so many disappointments.

The hunan eggplant, mapao tofu and assorted sautéed mushrooms were 10/10 delicious, each with a different incredible flavor profile. The ma and la were in perfect balance in the mapao.

We also got cold noodles and tan tan noodles, both were great (although the tan tan were served deconstructed in 2 containers and when we combined them it was a bit watery until it had time to sit. But the flavor was spot on.

Little nice touches like homemade hot sauce and homemade kimchi included on the orders and a very polite and nice owner and staff made this an incredible experience and we will go back (45 min drive and all!)!

D J.

Best Chinese food I've had in East Bay Area!  Generous portions.  Egg roles are crispy.  Hot and sour soup was so good and has lots of pork in it.  Black bean chicken delicious.  Braised tofu has lots of veg including bok choy.  Friendly staff and they are doing take out.  Highly recommend!  Can't wait to try more of their menu items!

Liz M.

We were hoping to order from our favorite restaurant but they were CLOSED!!! We decided to try Sichuan Style Restaurant and went crazy!!! The food was delivered quickly. It is beautifully prepared and everything is delicious! What a great choice. We have only had tastes waiting for our kids to get home. We are looking forward to digging in.

Carlin F.

Spicy, oily goodness

Upon recommendation from other reviews, we ordered the Mapo Tofu with pork, Chongqing 1000 Chili Pepper Chicken, and the Shredded Pork with Dry Bean Curd.

My favorite of the 3 was the chicken as it was the least oily of the bunch, but everything was great. The mapo tofu and chicken weren't super spicy so if you're looking for some heat they will do.

Maya D.

We've been here a couple times before and the food was always good, but last night was very frustrating. We ordered our food and were told it would be ready for pickup in 20-25 minutes. When we went to pick it up 25 mins later, they told us it still wasn't ready and to come back in 20 minutes. When we went back after another 20 minutes (now 45 minutes total) they AGAIN told us to come back in another 20 minutes. At that point we just cancelled the order and got food somewhere else because who knew how long they'd keep doing that. I get that places get backed up, but at least give us a real estimate or update and don't make us keep coming back and waiting in a line of people just to do it all over again.

Mei L.

Due to covid, this order was through doordash, this is a good place to order from since they also serve non-spicy dishes.

We ordered the broccoli beef (for my friend that doesn't do spicy), beef shank app and the hot spicy cumin lamb. This place is a little pricey, but the portions are huge. As former china village chef came here, there are a few dishes that taste the same. Everything was delicious, except at the end my cookie had no fortune. But I cant fault the restaurant for that...or can I?

I have ordered other stuff like the chicken chow mein (which my friend LOVED), the shredded pork with bean curd which is my favorite and some mapo tofu. Granted, I like my mapo tofu spicer and without Chinese black bean in it, but it was still good.

Tiffany F.

Been to this restaurant once before COVID and all I remember was having a positive experience with their dishes, especially their fish.

We ordered the mapo tofu w/ pork, chongqing spicy chicken, and Szechuan spicy fish fillet w/ tofu. Large portions although the dishes were on the slightly oily side (but it was fine). My absolute favorite was the chongqing spicy chicken--delicious, the perfect amount of spice, crispy, but it also just melts in your mouth. You have to eat the mapo tofu with rice because it's the perfect combo. The tofu (with the fish dish) is soft and compliments the spicy fish (not super spicy).

The menu is strikingly similar to that of China Village which is down the street, although the portions here are much larger. Will definitely order from here again.

Mario C.

I've ordered from this place a number of times since COVID, and I have to say, the food is fantastic. A tad on the oily side, but, OMG, so tasty.

Definite must dos: the pork shoulder, the chow mein, and the sesame bread. The Spicy Szechuan Water-Boiled Fish and dry cooked green beans are wonderful. And the cured meat eggplant and walnut prawns are delicious.

Just FYI: portions are generous!

Sen S.

Nom nom nom!We ordered szechuan spicy boiled fish fillet, hot spicy cumin lamb, vegetable deluxe and hot spicy prawns.WOW! it was sooo very. very delicious. It literally bursted a lot of flavor. The shrimp was tasty and I really liked how the flavors all blended well together, the red chili,peppercorn, garlic and some chili oil. For me the peppercorn flavor wasn't overwhelming nor was there too much chili oil. My fiance and I thoroughly enjoyed the dishes very much, even the vegetable deluxe was flavorful. Flavorful but not salty.This was definitely a winner! Reminded me of how much I missed the delicious food in nyc! Yes, this place is LEGIT gooooood! Will be ordering again and this is already bookmarked on Yelp!

A Y.

This is our go-to Sichuan restaurant that offers a range of satisfyingly spicy and umami-rich flavors. Nowadays we get takeout for which the portion size is usually generous. All of the various fish soups and boiled fish variants are great, and their harder to find offerings like Lotus root or pea shoot and garlic (when it's in season) are perfect complements to their main dishes. Also, they do a very respectable zha jiang mien / jjajangmyun, which is not Sichuan per se but delicious regardless.

James K.

This restaurant isn't far from me and it's been on my list to try for a while. I love spicy food but can't always take it, but I finally got to try it recently. I ordered for the boiled fish and beef stew to be delivered. They were both so yummy! The textures of both proteins were perfect - soft and melts in your mouth. The spice was a great kick and flavor but not overwhelming. There's also some sourness and umami. Both dishes went so well with rice, and I didn't want to stop eating as the sauces start spreading and permeating in the rice. I can't wait to order and try other dishes. I'm salivating just thinking about it.

Laurie L.

Decided to try this restaurant. I have missed shrimp fried rice during this pandemic. Paid $14.50 for my rice and within minutes threw it up and tossed it. What a waste of money. Never going back there.

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