Simply Bowl

2156 University Ave, Berkeley
(510) 647-9494

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Ashton Mason

The food is always well prepared and flavorful, employees gives good service. I really like how neat it is and vibes. Would recommend to others.

Elise deHart

The Salmon Mango bowl is the best Poke I have ever had!

Annabelle C.

Great Poké with big potions!!! They include so much in their bowls. The restaurant is small and tucked away but it's definitely an amazing find!

Lauren W.

Food was great. But unfortunately this place does not follow covid protocols. I went in there and a man in the kitchen was not wearing a mask At All. When I asked the cashier why the man was not wearing one, he said "He will put one on, he was just eating." But it made me think, why is a cook eating in the kitchen where the food is, and walking around without a mask during the covid pandemic? Oh well, I gave them the benefit of the doubt. The next time I came, 2 employees weren't wearing masks, until they saw me walking in and they put them on. I hate to do this, but if you are at heightened risk for covid, I would not come here.

Sherry G.

I loved dining here pre-COVID, and it has been a long time since I've eaten here. I ordered takeout recently, and the food still tasted great! We got a Shoyu Poke Bowl with tuna and a Desert Rose Bowl with salmon (and selected white rice for both bowls). Poke doesn't store well, so it's best to eat it fresh. The sauce adds flavor, and the other items, like seaweed salad, add variety to balance out the fish.

Eco notes: The poke came in red and black plastic bowls with clear plastic lids, which were placed in a brown paper bag. I put special instructions to have no utensils, and they obliged!

Vacado's World

The Lava bowl and salmon are so good and customer service is A1.

Di Qi

The food was okay. Maybe you guys could consider switching out the takeout bowls? I cut 4 fingers on the plastic.

Tiffany F.

3.5 stars for food/place overall...I couldn't justify a 4 for this place but this place isn't bad at all.

This time we ordered the takoyaki balls (5 pieces), gyoza (4 pieces), and potato croquettes (2 pieces). All were pretty good and had good/authentic flavor to them...just wished the portion sizes to be larger considering the price.

Been here a couple times including pre-COVID as a Cal undergrad and mainly got their chicken wings and bowls. Solid place overall for their prices (as it caters to the students too).


Awesome customer service and food is really good.

Julia Y.

As an avid fan of Poki Poke on down the road on University, I was hesitant to try this place (because why go elsewhere for poke when you can go to Poki Poke?), but I'm so glad I did.

Simply Bowl is different from Poki Poke (which feels more like Chipotle: Poke-bowl version. There, you can walk away with a bowl that is brimming with so much fish and all the toppings in the world.)

No, this place is a more elegant, tasteful (pun intended) version of Poki Poke. I got the Desert Rose, which is a smaller portion size, but contains very flavorful salt and pepper tofu, masago (fish eggs), and salmon. The salmon did not appear to be marinated or tossed in sauce, as poke bowl fish should be. Nevertheless, the fish was very fresh and the tofu cubes were pressed firmly and served in generous portions. I also fully enjoyed the fresh green onion and cilantro toppings. The selection of ingredients for Desert Rose is a job well done! I would love to come back and check out more of their other bowls.

Madeleine R.

I got the spicy porn and sweet potato fries. I love the mic of protein, salad, and rice!

Gwendolyn M.

Simply ripped off. I had less than a tablespoon of Tuna in my spicy tuna bowl. The tuna was cut by 1x1cm. And in the bowl they had put wayyy to much imitation crab, felt like I was eating a crab mayo salad with a little rice and a spec of fish. The octopus balls were disgusting. I opened all of them and one had no octopus and the octopus they put in was a hard chewy pea side cut of octopus. Mind you the octopus balls are an inch in side made of soggy doughnut dough. I also heard them microwave my food. This is junk not poke. Not simple natural tasting, covered in sauces and mayo and spices. If you're craving REAL poke, order from here.

Alan Kenyon

Food is always delicious! My go to is the Shrimp Surfer

Charles Bennett

This restaurant is awesome now called bay chefs kitchen indian food 2160 university

Hayley Ferreira

I love the bowls here. I would order them for my entire family once a week. Now they don't deliver, only pick up. You would think they would want business during this difficult time. Many people rely on delivery. It's too bad. I won't be having these until they deliver again.

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