Sliver Pizzeria

2468 Telegraph Ave, Berkeley
(510) 356-4044

Recent Reviews

Dion M.

Used to come here all the time as an undergrad. Not sure what happened to this place but as soon as I came in the manager Gabby was incredibly rude. I got my pizza to go but when I asked for a plate she was very condescending and said I should not have gotten it to go if I planned on eating there and that I was wasting her boxes.

Joely R.

Hands down the best pizza place in Berkeley so far. They make one flavor of pizza for the whole day and serve it with their special green sauce (makes it taste even better). I would definitely recommend especially if you don't usually try pizzas other than the standard cheese or pepperoni. Expand ur pizza taste buds

Ruby R.

Awesome, fresh, delicious pizza every single time. Love the vibe of the place, the music and the food. Wish they had more locations in the Bay area...will definitely be back.

Emilee M.

The first time I came to eat at Sliver, I was in high school. Now returning 6 years later, and the food is just as delicious! The featured pizza changes daily but I swear you will love whatever selection they have. Some of the flavor combinations are so mouthwatering that I have tried to replicated it in my own kitchen! Nothing beats the original pizzas they offer here! Cannot wait for one to open up in Danville soon!

Celia D.

So they have different pizza everyday, and that's the only pizza they serve for the day. OMMGGGGGGGGGGG! So good! I went on Friday and had the pizza the consist of Yukon potatoes, feta cheese, corn, mozzarella, cilantro and let me tell ya it was DELICIOUS!!!! They have this green sauce you can eat with the pizza that is also really good. I really enjoyed it. i also had a watermelon agua Fresca and it was super good, and refreshing. I will be for sure returning.

Jonny C.

If I could give it zero stars I would. The pizza tasted terrible, was basically rubber and was dripping oil. Will absolutely never recommend this to anyone.

Eric Xiang

A great pizzeria for vegetarians, with interesting daily choices and great condiments.

Christina Vedar

Make sure to get the green sauce with your pizza!

Craig Day

Great pizza. They have the pizza of the day which is often quite good but are generally busy. I'd recommend ordering online.

KC Baltz

Very tasty pizza. Restaurant isn't fancy but seemed clean and we had a great dinner

Kevin Y.

It's basically just cheeseboard. Overall, the pizza isn't that great, maybe even kind of bad, but for the price, it's okay at least. Definitely don't think I'd come here unless I were a broke college student.


M a fan of this pizza. Time and cost efficient , super tasty and simple food.Yummy green sauce made of fresh coriander and garlic couples with the thin crust pizza perfectly. One type of pizza made every day. Menu displayed for upcoming week! No brainer at all. The best part is they are coming soon to Fremont too :) can't wait.

Mel Coleman

Great staff awe some pizza, chimmichurri is ??


Easy. Fast service. Decent pizza.

Adam L.

Sliver is great and always hits the spot. This is a solid pizza that has unique flavors - they never fail to make an awesome pie regardless of the day and the ingredients used. The green sauce is also perfect to drizzle over the pie and would highly recommend getting a large serving. The only reason I don't give this place 5/5 stars is because I think Cheeseboard does a slightly better job. Don't get me wrong this pizza is very good, it's just that it faces some tough competition in Berkeley.

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