Sliver Pizzeria

2174 Shattuck Ave., Berkeley
(510) 705-1988

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Sayali M

Their daily pizza was really good. We had the corn, peppers, mozzarella, blue cheese and onion pizza. They've just 1 pizza per day so it's real fast and they customize in that pizza. They have vegan options as well. The location is good but need to look for parking a bit.Their sauce is really good, probably worth taking some home

Agustin Cruz

I love this spot. The pizza and salads are delicious and reliably excellent. Te service is always great; Luis in the evenings is always very pleasant and friendly, and he is efficient! I often see him working alone and he crushes it! P.S. it's all about the green sauce, don't sleep on the green sauce, kids.

Sai Sravanth

Ordered Sliver Slice of the day and it’s farm fresh with yummy taste. It’s reasonably priced at 3.5$ per slice, I recommend visiting this place…btw this is located diagonally to the Berkeley Bart Station. So it’s easy to locate.

Sha L.

Pizza was served undercooked. Slightly cold at first bite straight after receiving it from cashier. Also we were not given access to restroom even through my wife had to Go really bad. They said restroom was out of order when it was clearly not. they only have 1 restroom and employees must have a place Togo. Felt guy working at counter was rude and didn't give a s***. Was disappointed with this as I have enjoyed sliver to this day but am not sure I will return after this. Half cold mushy dough never fun straight out the box. Quality has gone down since they have become a franchise and have multiple locations. I much prefer cheese board pizza to be honest, They are the original creators of this style of pizza. Sliver copied their business to the T and even took the cheese boards sliver with every slice idea and called their pizzeria sliver. I was happy to eat at the first sliver location as quality was still on point but now it is a shame to see what has become.

Alex M.

Hands down the best place I've ever been to. They support the fight against human trafficking. They're pizzas rotate very day and so you can always get something new. They're very consistent on quality and their pizzas are thin crust, they're generous about adding cheese to the crust which makes nice and crispy and ads so much flavor. The ingredients are always very fresh and high quality, the lemon grass curried potato pizza is out of this world, at slit 11/10 and offers a unique flare, absolutely bursting with flavor. They also have salads which are amazing and pizza shaped brownies for dessert, which are moist, perfectly crunchy, and have a perfect valence flavor of rich chocolate and sweetness.

Zachary Zhu

Some of the flavors: phenomenal. When it's roasted potato day or corn + feta cheese day, you know that you're about to have a good slice. But when it's cremini mushroom or dried green pepper day, be prepared for a world of pain (and I sometimes do mean a world of stomach pain). The green sauce definitely enhances the pizza, but I don't think it's necessary for the right flavor. If you time it right, the service is unbelievably quick, but around 11:30AM or 6PM, be prepared to wait quite some time if you just want a quick slice.

Jane W (Menolly)

My partner went to UC Berkeley for his undergrad, so Sliver was a favourite of his. We took a side trip on the way to Monterey specifically for Sliver. Definitely NOT a waste of time! While the pizza itself rotates that crust itself is going to be a constant, and it is perfect. Thin without being too thin, the right amount of crispy with a bit of chew.To the toppings for this particular stretch of time, I wouldn't have thought to put potatoes on a pizza, or corn, for that matter, but it was super tasty. The feta they used was creamy and just the right amount of salty. Honestly, the best pizza I've had in a long time.

Emily S.

Delicious pizza of the day! I recommend checking the menu before going to make sure you like what they're serving that day. What we got wasn't exactly what they put on the menu (missing roma tomatoes and avocado sauce and added mushrooms), so I'm not sure if it's always accurate. Regardless, we enjoyed our pizza and it was close enough to what we expected.

Joey W.

Sliver has a few locations in Berkeley now and I walked by one so decided to get a slice. Sliver is unique because it only serves whatever is the pizza of the day in various sizes (slice, half, or full pizzas). If you order a slice, it comes with a sliver. Today I had the Curry Potato Yukon Gold Potato ($3.50 for a sale) which wasn't bad. However, I was hoping it wouldn't the be anything with potato since it feels heavier. The pizza was only lukewarm so the cheese wasn't melted. The curry flavor balanced well with the lemongrass and feta cheese. I topped the slice off with their signature green sauce which has a nice kick to it.

-Young- T.

Good sourdough style pizza. Love the complimentary green and red sauces. I like it! Lots of interesting veggie options.

Aaron S. Chen

Not my best picture, but corn on pizza?? It’s bold. It’s scandalous. It’s absolutely revolutionary. Can’t get enough!!

Jamie J.

This review is about Sliver's use of GrubHub as a delivery service. I placed a delivery order just after 6pm, and for the next 90 minutes the GrubHub app told me my order was delayed. I walked outside to check, and found my order had been left on the wall outside the front gate. The delivery driver didn't confirm that it had been delivered, it was completely cold and had probably been sitting there for at least 30 minutes.

Scott H.

The pizza of the day was excellent. The personal salad met expectations. But you do pay a price for eating in a restaurant on Shattuck avenue in berkeley. Their public restroom was closed therefore no place to wash your hands. The employee said the restroom was closed due to vandalism.


The pizza of the day was excellent. The personal salad met expectations. But you do pay a price for eating in a restaurant on Shattuck avenue in berkeley. Their public restroom was closed therefore no place to wash your hands. The employee said the restroom was closed due to vandalism.

Tobi Stein

Sliver is fantastic. No matter what the pizza of the day is, they don't miss. Their sauce is amazing, the portions are great, and the service is quick and professional. 100% recommend.

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