Sliver Pizzeria

2174 Shattuck Ave, Berkeley
(510) 705-1988

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Stephanie V.

Sliver Pizza definitely lived up to its hype! Had the chance to try this place on a recent trip back to the Bay Area and boy it did not disappoint. It was delicious! It's kind of a take on Cheese Board which only has one kind of pizza per day, and each Sliver location also has a different one so you never get the same one sort of speak. We were able to try the Asparagus Tips, Cremini Mushrooms, Flash Roasted Calabrian Chili Peppers in Balsamic Vinaigrette pizza and it was amazing! Also plenty of ways to customize each pie to make it vegan. The best part was definitely the green sauce they give you with the pizza OMG that stuff is good! Do not and I mean, DO NOT leave that place without getting's the icing on the cake! Long story short- I was skeptical at first but glad we skipped the long lines at Cheese Board and tried Sliver pizza instead. Overall I am glad we listened to our fellow Yelpers, I would highly recommend!

Nikhil V.

I've been going to Sliver for years ever since they were at their original Center Street location. I love the business model (one pizza per day which is always vegetarian) and to quote a friend of mine: "even carnivores love it." The only issue I've noticed is they regularly do not seem to be adequately staffed. The cashier up front is always juggling three different jobs...

Craig G.

A take off from Cheese Board, this typically vegetarian pizza offering is great for folks right downtown or passing by by foot or bike. Frankly speaking due to traffic and lack of parking this location is not conducive to take out. Unless you have two passengers 2 cell phones and a bit of patience. Unlike CB ,these zahs have to be ordered and a wait of several minutes before you pie is ready. That translates to 7 times driving around the block. No assembly line of pies coming hot and now. I highly recommend ordering ahead or having your nibble footed co-pilot dash in and text you the progress. We came on Presidents' Day about 4 pm so foot and vehicle traffic as well delivery trucks double parked was minimal. They have the requisite accessories, gringo sauce etc ability to order a slice quarter half and whole pies. The zah is good don't get me wrong. And because CB is closed on Monday's if you simply can't wait an extra day your obsession can be quelled. That is assuming you don't have to walk to far to your car and it gets cold.

Brendan H.

Let me paint you a picture: it's an average night in the pandemic and you want a quick take out dinner for two that is delicious,is chock full of spontaneity, and is only ~$20. Enter stage: Sliver pizzeria! In all seriousness, we love blindly ordering the pizza of the day and getting home to open the box to new flavors. From corn to pesto to feta to potatoes, the only guarantee is that you're going to love the flavor combination.

Kenny W

The mushroom pizza were had was amazing - of course slathered in green sauce! Eat it fresh for maximum effect

Erich L.

Good fast and different pizza. This is the first time I had red cabbage on pizza and it was pretty good. They make one pizza a day. It's worth trying in the area. I would go back. It's a good place for a cheap pizza.

Nicole M

When my date said they make one kind of pizza per day and you get what they've made I was skeptical but when I got the pizza it was delicious. So there's no meat and they make one kind of pizza per day but it is good! Not a long wait, most people were buying whole pizzas but they have them by the slice and of course by the sliver for even cheaper. Great place for pizza!

Raeanna G

I wanted to try this place out so I went in when it wasn’t busy and waited in line for 15 minutes. There was an employee doing nothing in the back so I left and got Mcdonald’s. Definitely not coming here again.


Can have my firstborn this pizza that good ong

Jennifer L.

Really Good!! I got gluten-free, vegan cheese, pizza of the day. It Was satisfying like regular pizza. A little more expensive for the size, but worth it, fast delivery.

Jason S.

Hello Sliver Pizzeria, I know this pizzeria is a copy cat from the original cheese board pizza from north Berkeley. Today I went in to get a couple of slice but decided to get a whole hot pie, the pizza of the day was wild mushroom pizza. Sounded delicious thought it can hold up to cheese board pizza, no not what I expected please see the picture. I am disappointed in the chain they have started from cheese board, they were skimp not enough toppings the only mushrooms where Cremini mushrooms.please see picture. A wild mushroom pizza has chanterelle mushrooms, hedgehog, portobello, shiitake, Cremini, white bottom and porcini. I hope they can hold up to be as good as cheese board some day, I can also show how to make pizza from the dough to building pizza. The word sliver comes from the extra slices that are given from cheese board pizza as a thank you.

Andy N.

Happy 2021 my friends! Over the Christmas holidays while being at home in the Bay, I was really craving some vegan pizza. Since I normally cook at home now, it was a nice treat when I was able to pickup one of these amazing pizzas to go as a little "cheat meal" for myself from my usual diet. Sliver Pizzeria is really the best spot to get a creative and tasty vegan pizza in the Bay. I love this chain and being able to come try their pizza again through the lens of a plant-based lifestyle now. They have three locations around Berkeley and they offer a mad delicious vegetarian/vegan pizza. Each shop makes one kind of pizza a day and you can look online for their daily menu offerings. Ordering a vegan pizza ($22) means you must get a whole large size portion, which makes for leftovers later. For my pizza, it was a yukon potato, corn pizza with vegan cheese sprinkled on top. The cheese is optional and can be opted out for a less fattening pizza. But if you're gonna go out and enjoy a pizza, you might as well go all the way especially if you're mostly whole foods, plant based normally. I won't tell! I much prefer the vegan pizza over the vegetarian option. I love the crust here which seems like its made from rice flour - it's a lot chewier than traditional American pizza crusts and less thick. It's certainly not a bad thing though. Coupled with their house made Chimichurri sauce and you got a match made in heaven. Only thing I wish I could change about this location is the lack of parking and how small this shop is compared to their other locations. They're covid compliant but be sure to limit your time inside as it is a bit crowded.

David Coughlin

Great thin-crust pizza!

Derrick C.

In Berkeley, it's great that they have this Shattuck location in addition to the one on Telegraph. This Shattuck location is also very close to the Bart station. I remember when their only location used to be the one on Center street. When we last went to this location the service was fairly quick. The pizza of the day then was the one with Yukon Potatoes. That one is very good and one of my top favorites at Sliver. And it's especially so when you add their famous green sauce which is unnecessarily addictive. We also tried their cookie which is like a pizza cookie. It was surprisingly good too. The chocolate melts right when you bite it.

Nidhi P.

The pizza here is never a let down. We used to go here a lot when my sister went to school around here. But now it's quite a bit of drive for us so we are always making this our pit stop when we are passing by. The green sauce on the side taste like garlic cilantro chutney and it's to die for!

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