The Smokehouse

3115 Telegraph Ave, Berkeley
(510) 845-3640

Recent Reviews


The SmokeHouse isn't fancy, but it's solid. Your basic, classic burger and hot dog and shake joint that isn't a chain and is open late.

Ricardo Rafael Vargas

So glad to see them finally back in business!!! Same yummy burgers & fries, for the same low price!!! Simply the best around!!!

Julie Mead Sutton

This is one of our favorite places. Great bbq and friendly service. Fair prices.

Eddy Flores

Great customer service and outdoor seating available.

Glenn Albright

I always stop purchasing some food in here. I enjoy the speedy service and well made dishes. Fantastic work.

Azuah Melara

I really hope this place reopens! Friends and I talk about this place we miss it so much!

Bobby I.

Went to visit an old friend in Berkeley and noticed that the Smoke House was closed. I use to eat here a few times a week during college days. Seriously they have to re-open, I miss the charcoal burger and fries. Simple but delicious!!!

Diego Gamarra

This place closed down :(

Symphani Luna

I’m funny about my food, but here, they have some of the best chili cheese fries I’ve ever tasted. Simply irresistible. Definitely one of my favorite places to eat.

Anthony C.

I'd like to consider myself a pretty credible burger critic, I've traveled the states trying every local mom and pop burger joint I can. In search of the best burger in the nation. When I'm back home this isn't a bad choice, a quality charburger is always a go to. The fact they have been closed for so long is a little interesting. Good location, a good burger. Nothing super special, but it won't disappoint your burger craving. Burger Rating- 3.15/5

Tania R.

When are they going to reopen??? Been waiting on it.... i keep driving from Richmond just to see if its open and it only says soon

Eli B.

I love the Smokehouse and completely agree with Cameron, Rachel, and Kian. The Smokehouse has literally the best charbroiled burgers I've ever had, the fries are perfect and you can get a billion different kinds of shakes with malt! And the buns aren't too thick on the burger which is a point of style so often missed in the world. Thank you Smokehouse... you're #1.

Melissa K.

Oh my god. Reopen already! I don't know what to do with my late night burger cravings! Or my general burger cravings. Nowhere is as good or as cheap as Smokehouse! Plus, I could bring my dog with me to order, which was always a plus.

YrMama Y.

This place is no-frills, informal, super delicious, nice staff, and the outdoor area is great for families. We love the veggie burgers (substantial, and not trying to be replica meat, which I prefer!), huge portions of fries, and my kid's favorite milkshakes. I've been checking constantly to see when they will reopen after the fire they suffered...

Jacqueline F.

I can't tell you how many times I've been there late night, after getting out of La Pena or some other event. We always took the food to go. I loved my burgers and fries and honestly, I have a smile on my face as I type this. The prices are great, the food is fantastic, and after a night of drinking and dancing their food really hits the spot. I'm not in that area as much as I used to be. I think that when Whole Paycheck at Telegraph was the only game in town, it was natural to come by here on my way home, but now that the Gilman location has opened, I don't get by there. They aren't near a freeway onramp and the distance from the freeway to their location is daunting. However, I can't blame them for that! What kept me coming was the food! I can't wait until they reopen in December! I'll be the first in line for fries and a drink!

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