Southside Station

2504 Shattuck Ave., Berkeley
(510) 989-9835

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Rui Zhong

One of the better fried chicken sandwiches I’ve tried. Juicy, good flavor, sizable portion. Just a tad bit soggy but that’s expected given I had a deliver order. Chicken could have used a bit more seasoning but still had solid flavor. Depending on your preference, you might want it more crispy, but I found it satisfying. Definitely will go back when I’m craving a fried chicken sandwich.

Jeffery Allen Jr.

Absolutely delicious Thai food. I went with a friend, and we ordered the shared meal with the Thai chicken wings, garlic noodles, brussel sprouts, rice, and spicy basil pork. Everything was very well seasoned and served hot and fresh. I also ordered the Thai Palmer, which was surprisingly yummy.I went back tonight with another friend, and everything was just as delicious. He got the Thai chicken sandwich and said it was better than Popeyes and Chick-Fil-A.

Sean Adams

Color me shocked when I walked into this place on a Thursday night during dinner time, and was the only one there besides a guy (actually pretty good) jamming on an electric guitar.Proceeded to get one of the biggest and certainly best fried chicken sandwiches of my life. Come through, you won't be disappointed!

c w

Excellent food with excellent portions. Got the fried chicken sandwich combo + fried chicken thighs with garlic noodles. They gave 3 large chicken thighs which was very generous. Hope to come back. The only thing was that the ordering window is oddly placed so that you have to duck to order or else the staff inside can’t hear you properly.

Kyle Lutz

Best fried chicken sandwich in town. Also fried tofu bites are dank.

Erin S.

This small restaurant definitely looks like a whole in the wall from the outside, but it is so good. I tried this place for lunch with a few friends, and we were lucky to get a table. There aren't many tables inside, so I'd do take out if it's full. The food is made to order, so there was a little wait. If you're in a rush, just order ahead! The portions are very generous. We wanted to try a variety of things so we opted for the wings and things combo. The Asian flavors and spices were so good! It was too much food for the 3 of us but we enjoyed all the dishes. The chicken sandwiches sounded really good too, so we tried one. It was massive, super crispy, and not too greasy. For drinks we tried the Vietnamese coffee and taro milk tea. We liked that they weren't too sweet. I'd love to go back and try more items.

Julio Cruz

Had the pleasure of trying this place a couple days ago. Absolutely amazing. I ordered through their website and it was simple and easy.I got the fried chicken sandwich with curly fries and it was AMAZING. Perfectly cooked and seasoned. And its HUGE! Do yourself a favor and get the tamarind sauce as a dipping sauce for the fries! You won't regret it.

Quoc H.

Came around 7pm with street parking on cross streets of shattuck. About 3 other groups were waiting for orders but the place had ample seating and good for groups with their larger tables. Inside was clean, decently lit, and they have music playing on low. Staff was really nice and food came out in ~15min9/10 Spicy Thai Chicken Thigh with Garlic Noodle Combo $16 - comes with a soda or water. I got a root beer which was cold and went really well with the meal. Garlic noodles were on the bland side. Garlic flavor was there but noodles still need more seasoning in salt. Came with 3 big pieces of boneless chicken thigh with a light but crispy batter! Chicken is not seasoned but comes with dipping sauce that is sour and tiny but sweet. Overall portions were worth the price and taste really good!

H Y.

TLDR; Wings, garlic noodles, brussels good. No on the basil pork. Pricey.I really enjoy the food here but it's cost prohibited for me to order here often. Price isn't something I usually focus on in my reviews but $12 for 5 wings is $2.40 per wing. Delicious, juicy, crispy and well seasoned. The wings and garlic noodle combo is better priced at $17. But if the wings are $12 for 5 then the noodles would be $5 right? Nope a side of noodles is $12. So a $7 discount if getting the combo otherwise $24. So a $3.50 discount in each? The brussel sprouts are $12. The wings and things are probably the best deal with wings, garlic noodle, brussels and pork basil and rice at $42. Problem is i didn't like the pork basil. It tasted like italian basil and peppers were used instead of thai. Very torn as i enjoyed the food but too expesive for me to put into regular rotation.

Matt S.

Food looked bomb on yelp so we had to slide out and give it a try!Got the garlic noodles and fried chicken thighs with Thai Tea and Vietnamese Coffee.Everything was amazing!!Big garlic flavor out of the noodles and a real nice crisp and moist chicken thigh.10/10 recommend.Best part was the service from the gentlemen working the front, guessing he's the owner.Small seating arrangements but well worth it! Smells of garlic noodles fill the air!Gotta support local business

Tamara Periconi

Food, drinks, presentation, and service are 5 star. Everything Ive tried has been excellent. Tiny location with few tables inside and out.Food: 5/5

M.j. DeCaires

Great chicken sandwich...and the garlic noodles are also very tasty. Not a very inviting place to sit and eat...I saw many to go orders being picked up, soayne that is the key.Sign says bus your own table, which means it's most likely NOT cleaned. Two chicken sandwiches, 1 order of garlic noodles...$42!That's steep.

Jasmine L.

Yelp Bay Area brought me here, listing Southside Station as one of the top places to eat in the Bay. It's in an unassuming location in Downtown Berkeley. My bf and I decided to try the fried chicken sandwich $14 and the Combo fried chicken wing $15 comes with 5 wings, garlic noodles, and a drink (coke, etc). We ordered online, and didn't wait long to pick it up once we arrived.+ Fried chicken sandwich: Super juicy, hot, and filled with a slaw made from papaya, carrots, etc- adding a refreshing crunch. The brioche bun is fluffy and toasted as well. Definitely a massive piece of chicken, could not finish on my own. I typically like my fried chicken sandwiches on the spicier side, so while this was delicious, it's not my favorite. Comes with a creamy sriracha-based sauce on top.$14+ Chicken wings and garlic noodles: surprisingly, I liked this more than the fried chicken sandwich. If you've had thai chicken wings before, they typically have this more sour/lime/spicy/tang. I love that seasoning, so their wings hit the spot- super flavorful and juicy as well. The garlic noodles err on the side of too oily, but it was still good, a must-try if you're a garlic lover like me. The chicken wings come with the same sriracha-based sauce in the fried chicken sandwich, but personally, I like to use it to dip the wings more!$15The inside is on the smaller side, but there's a table or two right outside it. I've seen people sit there to have a meal, but personally I think it's a more grab and go kind of vibe.Overall, it's a solid spot for fried chicken and garlic noodles. Portions are large, service is fast and efficient, and it's good. Definitely will be back again.

Angelina L.

This has been my go-to when I don't know what to eat. Such a bank for the buck! I ordered the combo garlic noodle with fried chicken thigh to go and it smelled sooo good in my car. The portion was massive! Came with 3 huge fried chicken that were crunchy and a side of garlic noodle that honestly would fill me up for 2 meals. The chicken itself was the like seasoned, but it was juicy and it came with a sauce that was kinda fresh, limey, tamarind sweet, and just complement the chicken. The garlic noodle was garlicky, slightly oily, noodle cooked just right.

Sydney J.

I ordered a strawberry boba milk tea online for pickup a few months back. Although I think it was probably ready on time, it took a bit to get the drink since the worker was mostly doing things in the back and did not see/hear the first one or two times that I pressed the bell (not sure if that has changed since then). They did have a table outdoors for those who want to eat outside.The tea itself was pretty good - I like strawberry flavored things and it had a good balance between the fruit flavor and milk, and it was quite sweet. I don't think there was an option in the online ordering to specify a sugar level, unfortunately. It came packaging with plastic handles that make it easier to carry without spilling, which I appreciated.The main downside is just that it's a bit expensive for milk tea given the quantity, though I realize boba prices are on the rise everywhere in Berkeley.It seems Southside Station's main attraction is their fried chicken sandwiches, but they have a tofu option for vegetarians.

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