2224 Shattuck Ave, Berkeley
(510) 843-6806

Recent Reviews

Erich Flertzheim

Yummy iced coffee

Alan D.

This is one of the few Starbucks .Clean store, friendly and fast service. Made great latte!!.Love it !!!

Brent Ashton

Great service and of course the Americano rocks!

Emma W.

Oh dear, this Starbucks needs some help. I'm personally worried about the safety of its customers given that there are frequently potentially unstable and dangerous people inside. I know it comes with being in the area, but there must be something they can do to help its customers feel safer by asking people to leave who aren't paying customers. I've worked on my laptop in this location because all the surrounding coffee shops were too full and have felt uncomfortable and paranoid during my entire stay. On top of that, on my recent visit I ordered an iced matcha latte. 5 seconds after placing my order I realized I wanted almond milk instead of their regular milk and the barista had already started making it and rolled her eyes when she heard my adjustment. I really didn't appreciate that. The matcha latte itself tasted fine and it came out quick. Really just hoping this location can make some changes.

Daniel A.

Location opens at 5:30... Makes no fucking sense. What businesses open on the half hour? What is the harm in opening at 5am for all the people that start work around this time? They would get business. Looks like Starbucks just wants me to bring my own coffee and not spend $5 dollars. Contacted corporate as the opening time is bullshit.

Chris G.

Poor Customer Service. Wen't in today and there were three workers and nothing was being made so I assumed it was slow. The person helping me had me pay for the order and it wasn't going through. They then left before coming back to the counter and the other two didn't know what was going on. I was waiting to pay and one of the workers started to help the person behind me while I was still waiting to pay. Seeing that my drink wasn't being made I decided it was best to leave because they seemingly forgot I was there. Will start going to the location on Center st. even though it's farther from my work, at least the service there is consistent.

erika e.

When your snowman cake pop looks like it's been sat on, maybe don't sell it to a customer. Starbucks quality control, where were you????

Antonio Castro

It is an OK option. I prefer Peets though.

YeoJoo Lee

The man wearing black Starbucks t-shirt, wavy ponytail. Give him some customer service skills education. Because he’s not doing it right. He’s very rude as well.

KaTyris Byrd

O hadn't been to a Starbucks in at least six months but was pleasantly surprised. My coffee was hot and strong. Friendly staff.

Anthony Benjamin

Absolutely worst music ever. Do not go

Priyanka K.

Came to Starbucks for their happy hour on Thursday. I ordered the grande pumpkin cream cold brew with light ice, sugarfree vanilla, & almond milk. The drink was okay, but I wouldn't voluntarily opt for anything other than the regular cold brew from Starbucks in the future. The drink was too sweet, regardless of the no sugar I asked for. The service was fast, especially for a happy hour BOGO. The servers were kind and efficient and worked diligently. I'd still opt for a local coffee shop like Blue Door cafe or Romeo's, just because the prices at Starbucks are a bit higher than the local cafe's. I wouldn't recommend students to come to Starbucks for prolonged studying, as there are no outlets available, the restroom is frequently locked, and the shop is crowded at peak times. I'd highly recommend the regular cold brew with light ice for a quick pick me up if you find yourself in the area though!

Melinda S.

I just wanted to give a shout out to all the associates of this Starbucks. I spend a good amount of money here and not at they always plesant but they always make my drink to perfection. Villa, Natalie, and James are awesome and I am grateful for all of you holding it down. Thank you and I appreciate you.

Carolina E.

I usually don't ask to remake drinks, but I had to tell the barista in the gray beanie, striped shirt, today at 3, that the iced caramel latte was a little (a lot) too bitter. Instead of remaking it, he said that I should ask for 6 pumps of caramel next time, instead of owning up to his mistake. I know how it's supposed to taste, I get it every day. Out of no where he just says, "it's not your fault". Ummm, I know it's not! Anyway, he added two more pumps and it was just WEIRD. I just want to recommend to you guys to let go of some pride. Also bathroom is disgusting and the place smells bad.

Suzanne C.

The drinks are good, but they all fall short of customer service. The people at the registers are never in a hurry to make anyone's drink, and they just don't reflect an upbeat vibe. More like, bored, or lackluster. Disappointing none the less.

Thomas V

We were out and about, shopping, movies, so we took our lattes to go. Service was fast and pleasant. Other things for sale here.

Drama Queen

The worst Starbucks I have ever been, I ordered a dark roasted coffee it tasted like warm water. And while I was adding cream and sugar to my coffee a man just pushed me out of the way to digs into the trash can to get a left over drink from another customer and took the cream from the counter to add into his dirty cup from the trash. Will not be back.

Maxine Cohen

Dirty bathroom and weak Americano for decaf in the evening

Annie S.

Came here a few times since I got back on my feet and started working again. First time it was a breeze getting my venti green tea frap with 2 shots mixed in. Second time it took a very long time in line that I ended up leaving since I'd be late for work. Third time was also a breeze and I got my green tea espresso fix. I came in Friday morning at around 7:10ish. No line friendly good morning and I got my order in. I waited and waited. 4 customers after me got their drinks. I checked a hot beverage that was sitting there at around 7:20. Says "Anne" on it and not my name "Annie" so I didn't know it was my mistake drink for a while. I read the sticker and it was my green tea frap. It was made wrong and I was standing there waiting for my frap fix for a very long time without having the staff ask me what I was waiting for. It was made right away after informing the barista that this was made wrong. Didn't want to spend 20 minutes at Starbucks but it happened. No dealio but I wish I was asked what I was waiting for since my name was inputted wrong and my drink was made wrong. Still giving this Starbucks 3 stars because I understand it was busy and they had a lot of online orders to make. The Asian guy (manager I think?) is a great worker. I hope customer service improves with the others and at least still keep a smile on your face when making drinks and greeting guests. I work in restaurants since after high school and of course you have to fake a smile and happiness when working. I will still come to this Starbucks whenever I need my fix because i understand what they're going through and a tip from me would probably hopefully make their morning.

Rachel Cullimore Miyamoto

They make the drinks super fast. They are friendly and helpful.

Corey Y.

This Starbucks is quite normal. This Starbucks doesn't stand out much because it's somewhat pricey at $5.75 for the grande sized mocha cookie Frappuccino that I ordered. Since it was being advertised when I walked up to the register to order, it was the special for the season. My Starbucks did stand out though because it was very sweet and very tasty as I was expecting. I would only come to Starbucks once in awhile if you know what you want. There were a lot of places to sit though. After getting my drink, I took a picture of my drink but I do not usually get whip cream. I'm giving this place a 3 out of 5 because it was very basic service and when I went to use the bathroom after I ordered, the drink came out fairly quickly even though there was only one person in front of me who ordered something.

Ali Samii

Maybe I went to this Starbucks on a bad day, or this is really the worst Starbucks that I have ever been to. When you order in a regular Starbucks, they prepare your order and call your name. Here, you order and then you should go and stand in front of the reluctant dude to get what you ordered. Also, the bathroom was out the day that I was there !

Jason Sun

I order the drink that I frequently order. I said add less sugar but it tastes way too sweet. The drink from any other shop is not that sweet.

Stephen LIoyd

Love it and go here alot great place to get cafe and food before class

Stellar Phenotype

Love it and go here alot great place to get cafe and food before class

Ernesto L.

Always out of stock of one thing or another and at times they open late. Employees have attitudes and can never get orders correct. Starbucks should pull out of Targets completely. They are taking a huge hit quality in service and product by servicing targets.

Monica Martella

If you look houseless at this Starbucks, it doesn't even matter if you're a customer. You will not be allowed to use the restroom. You will be told that the restroom is being repaired and is not in service. Public restrooms are human right, which is not respected equitably at this location.

Afshin A.

Convenient Location! This location is near Downtown Berkeley BART station and it makes it so valuable to those of us who need a caffeine kick departing from or arriving in Downtown Berkeley. The place is busy, naturally, but the crew is fast and efficient, or was so during my couple of visits.

J. R. F.

Inadequately staffed. Went in for a plain cup of coffee. After five minutes I still have not received it even though there was only one person ahead of me in line. One employee was waiting on customers one was manning the espresso machine and several more we're standing in the back room apparently doing nothing

Catherine LaTrice A.

I'm giving this place a one star due to the past few days I've had to wait more than 10 minutes for my orders whether it was placed online or in person. I wish I had the option to give it a zero or a negative rate because it has been horrible here

Katie U.

Took over 15 minutes to take 2 lattes with one person in front of me. Sticky dirty floors. Poor service and can't trust cleanliness. Will never return. Avoid at all costs.

D D.

This place is really hot and they let all the homeless use the bathroom so it is a parade of insanity in and out. They just made my iced tea wrong twice and now they're out of iced tea so they wanted me to get back in a long line to get a refund. Save your time and go across the street to Peets.

Jack Fraser

Do yourself a favor and go to another nearby Starbucks. Slow service and over crowded.

Rebecca Johnson Your Elder Care Specialist

Very dissatisfied. I put in my order and when she read it back to me, it was wrong. I corrected the order with her and she read it back to me it was correct. I grabbed my drinks and went to my conference. BOTH drinks were undrinkable. My Vanilla Sweet Cream Cold brew was not sweet. Completely bitter. Husband's drinks was gross. He wanted extra cream and 4 splendas in his trenta iced coffee . No sweetner. Lables read correctly on the cups. Since I'm at a conference, I can not return and get them remade. I've never had such poor drinks from a Starbucks.

Anish Thakkar

This is a decent Starbucks. Could definitely benefit from better seating / plugs / more open restrooms, but can't blame them (definitely a university Starbucks). Has the standard Starbucks menu.

G Gordon Worley III

this Starbucks is fast and accurate, and their drinks taste better if you ask me!

Asian Finn

I love when they remember who there customer is by name Great as service always

Rebecca Johnson

Very dissatisfied. I put in my order and when she read it back to me, it was wrong. I corrected the order with her and she read it back to me it was correct. I grabbed my drinks and went to my conference. BOTH drinks were undrinkable. My Vanilla Sweet Cream Cold brew was not sweet. Completely bitter. Husband's drinks was gross. He wanted extra cream and 4 splendas in his trenta iced coffee . No sweetner. Lables read correctly on the cups. Since I'm at a conference, I can not return and get them remade. I've never had such poor drinks from a Starbucks.

Elias Acosta

Purchased a ham and cheese croissant, waited 15 minutes to be told they are out. There was a manager training new people, everything a mess, can't believe how unpleasant my experience was.

Jessica R.

Probably one of the slowest Starbucks. Order done at 8:09 and not made until 8:23 mean while people on line received their drinks before I did. Defeats the purpose of ordering online, doesn't it!