Sumo Roll

2173 Allston Way, Berkeley
(510) 841-9000

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Alex Merenkov

Bottom line I would have died of starvation if this place didn’t exist, seriously. Having IBS can make it extremely difficult to find food that won’t make me sick but there’s a lot on the menu that is ok for me here. It’s a safe retreat. Forget about Toss ,Thai Noodle, Kyoto or Momo’s Island(no comparison to Sumo roll btw the one time they were closed and I was forced to eat there). Sure I’m uninteresting and order more or less the same two things but this place is top notch. Rock bottom prices for sushi and bento and best presentation and value in all of Berkeley. Extreme or near perfect consistency every time I order! I’ve honestly never ever had an issue ordering here in the 75+ times I’ve ordered. Thank you Sumo roll lady and family. And I hope your back is recovered from the accident with the rice bag and we love you and your business so much and thanks for the literal years of feeding us and keeping us alive. Hoping for years and years more in business!

Franklin H.

Great unagi roll for less than 10 dollars. The perfect light lunch! I would, however, dock off half a point because the picture on the online order site shows some sashimi on top of the roll. When I received the food, it did not have that.

Celestino Bobadilla

great service and rolls were great!

Audrey S.

Loved our dragon and tiger rolls here!! Each one was so big and filling with lots of flavor at good prices. I'll definitely be comping back again and brining more friends :) The server here was so kind and quick to refill our glasses of water, thank you. There was a good amount of indoor seating and we were able to be fairly spread out.

Blair A.

Delicious food. Friendly and professional staff. Waitress took our order without writing anything down -- and got everything right! We walked in off the street with no reservations as a party of 3. We immediately sat at a table and were served water. We ordered the Gyoza, Vegetable Croquettes, and Vegetarian Rolls for appetizers. She told us she could change our Croquette order from 2 large to 3 small pieces so everyone at the table could have one. The vegetarian roll was amazing with LOTS of individual pieces (8). Each of us ordered different items -- Yashinoya Sumo Burrito, Sake Maki Rolls, and the Kakuni Ramen. Every dish was cooked well and assembled into an amazing presentation. We want to go back and order other dishes!

Waldo C.

The Mexico City and Lion King rolls were great! Really nice people working there and I wish I could've eaten more. Definitely encourage everyone to eat here!

Jeremy L.

Their food is amazing and is always ready on time when we order through snack pass. One of our favorite lunch spots in Berkeley. Absolutely recommend 100%

Makenna Brown

I ate here today and was quite impressed by both the outstanding service and fresh food. Sushi is hard, but this place has it nailed. Good flavors and fresh ingredients. I plan to return!

Kyra K.

I had such a wonderful dining experience at Sushi Roll today! My friend and I decided to meet in Berkeley to catch up and grab lunch. We were in the mood for sushi and luckily Sumo Roll was open on Fourth of July! When we entered, we were greeted by warm staff. We were seated immediately and were astonished by the extensive menu. Not only do they offer sushi, but also noodles, sushi burritos, and poke bowls--everything looked delicious and were reasonably priced. My friend, who's vegan, was amazed to see how many vegan options Sumo Roll had. For lunch, I ordered the Alaska Roll and Miso Soup. On the menu, it stated the Alaska Roll comes with Salmon, Avocado, and Cucumber. When I received my roll there wasn't any Cucumber, which wasn't a problem since I didn't want it anyway. The Miso Soup was light and savory, not overly salty nor scalding hot. The Alaska Roll came in eight giants pieces with generous portions of salmon. The roll was fresh and buttery. My friend created her own vegan Poke Bowl and loved the option of adding in so many toppings at a fixed price! Our server was so kind, she constantly filled our water, checked in on us, and gave great recommendations. She was friendly and talked to us about food, Fourth of July plans, and her favorite boba shops! Talking to her along with the tasty food was the highlight of my lunch. I can't wait to come back and try the rest of the items on their menu and support this awesome restaurant! Also, if you check in on Yelp you'll receive 10% off your bill which was a nice for them to offer!

Areli M.

Came here twice by default. As soon as I realized where I placed my order I was disappointed. My coworker and I still decided to give it a try. The gyoza was inconsistent in taste and texture and the rolls weren't good at all. Fish tasted old and it was slimy. It all got thrown away. Oh well lesson learned. Last time coming here.

James T.

Went here during lunch on a Saturday and was the only table. I'm thinking this place is usually bustling during non Covid when school is in session. Ordered the 3 in 1 sushi burrito, lion king and Alaska roll. The burrito is on a different level and I can see why they are known for it. There's different levels of flavors and textures. The lion king had a distinctive smokiness and huge (although it had too much rice. I don't like it when the center has rice rolled into it like a filling. The Alaskan Roll (Salmon/Avocado) had rice that tasted odd... almost like it was slightly underdone. I'm Chinese and have eaten it all my life and am very particular about it. Next time I will probably just go the burrito route. They are huge but not just because of rice. It's supplemented with cabbage and other goodness. The Alaskan and Lionking portions were large but partly because of added rice.

Tiffany F.

Get their sushi burritos! Large portions for reasonable prices. I usually save each half for 1.5-2 meals depending on the day. --takoyaki balls: also pretty good SERVICE: Nice & efficient

Hannah L.

Really yummy and fresh food! Got the gyudon which was huge and yummy and my friend got the 3 in 1 sushi burrito which looked really good. No indoor dining but we got takeout and sat on a picnic blanket nearby which was fun. Unfortunately the only downside is that it was really slow, ordered in person and it took over 25 minutes to get our food. I guess it was dinner time but I think they are a family run business and only one person cooking. The people there were super sweet nice and apologetic!

Tereza B.

Great place to grab some yummy sushi! Personally would recommend trying any of their bomb sushi burritos!!

Scott U.

Nice sushi: small place, made right there (not pre done) so it will take them time after you order, but great quality/good amount for the price: delicious!

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