Super Super Pho

1428 San Pablo Ave, Berkeley
(510) 559-7759

Recent Reviews

Thuy N.

One of my favorite pho places in the East Bay. I always get the #1 special and my partner always gets the Pho Tai Bo vien (the rare steak and meatballs). They have a good tasting broth and give a decent amount of meat (but of course I always want more).We've gotten the sandwiches a couple of times and they are good as well - although I wish the bread was a bit more crispy and flaky. The staff are super friendly and I always have a good experience with pick up and dining in (pre-Covid).

Jomel S.

The best Vietnamese cuisine in Berkeley forsure! Pho is amazing, the chicken sandwich is tasty, and overall the iconic super super man .. the old man at the register. Very jolly man, who brighten your day *beep beep* lol

Miren G.

Really good bahn mi! A little different and more saucy than most ive had but sooo good. People here are really nice and its super fast too. Really cute outdoor seating is a plus. Always parking infront and around the corner.

Catalina P.

Super Super friendly staff family owned and operated very good people they treat us like family every time we go & the pho is perfect for hangovers & the #11 is best plate ever highly recommend

Kevin L.

super super friendly owner. legit pho dac biet with on par broth. ice coffee was on point too. outdoor breezy comfortable seating. dac biet banh mi was untraditional but spicy type mayo but good meats and bread was warm and soft. will definitely be back.

Simone Nageon de Lestang

Awesome local spot! Good prices for good food - I'm all about the bahn mis. The family is so wonderful - very glad this is my neighborhood spot!

Emily X.

Love this Pho place! Prices are reasonable, service is fast, never crowded, and of course the food is delicious. Best for a quick grab !

Michael Pereira

Great pho place with a friendly staff. The pho is on the pricier side (about $13.50 w/ tax) but the portion is huge and the flavors are great.

Marcelino Moya

The super super pho own is my friend,very very good service and excellent food

Crystal M.

FAVORITE PHO SPOT IN THE BAY AREA!! It is really rare to find a pho spot that serves good veggie pho since I have been to several spots where the broth lacks flavor but not this one ! They provide a pretty large portion when ordering pho and lots of vegetables for the veggie pho. One of the best aspects of this spot is the owner and his family. They are always so sweet and welcoming to anyone who walks through their doors. They also provide free tea while you wait for your food.

alex m.

Decent Vietnamese/pho/bahn mi near my office. I wish these had more bahn mi options (bbq pork, for example), but the roast pork was pretty good. The pricing is maybe $1-2 more than you might find at a Vietnamese deli/restaurant in the South Bay, but still cheaper than SF. I partnered my Banh Mi with a spring shrimp roll which was too much food for lunch.

Michael P.

Great pho place with a friendly staff. The pho is on the pricier side (about $13.50 w/ tax) but the portion is huge and the flavors are great. The broth is rich and the beef is tasty. 8/10 highly recommended

Makena M.

Love this place. Glad it's close to me. I prefer Vietnamese over greasy Chinese food. Quality Banh Mi. There's parking.

Kristin N.

This place has the best bahn mi bread in the area. It's toasty and buttery, soft but not tough, its the best part of the sandwich. I enjoyed my sandwich but the meat was boring and didn't add much. I also wish it had more veggies on it. For just around $8 is was average. The bread really saved the day. It felt like a small lunch portion. With so many competing bahn mi shops with cheaper offerings, I was expecting a little bit more. I will deff go back and try the pho.

Emma W.

Giving it a 3.5... I first came to Super Super years ago when they first opened and was amazed by the affordable prices and delicious vermicelli. I visited for takeout recently and the prices have skyrocketed since then. All entrees are over $10 now and they did not give very much in my shrimp vermicelli dish. Yet they were more generous with my husband's grilled pork vermicelli. I would hope they've give the same portions for each of their bowls. In terms of flavor, it was solid. Well-cooked noodles and prawns. Takeout took about 15mins on a weekday evening at 7pm. They have a parking lot and free residential parking.

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